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You are so wonderful and helpful

Posted By: T from Ohio on 2005-09-01
In Reply to: Thought of something else! - HomeMT

I originally mailed my resumes. I was instructed to do this from the course I took. When I started online job searching I ran into websites with job boards and began e-mailing. I check alot of job boards on a daily basis.

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was that helpful? sm
what was the point in going off like that? She simply asked a question.  It's been a long week, huh?
Helpful QA
One of my QA people is very personable. She signs her name and adds helpful tips which have helped a lot. When I get snappy comments unsigned, I know its the other QA. Know your business. Don't overdo the punctuation. Concentrate on the medical report and its content. Nothing makes me madder than someone correcting what I know is right, especially if it is medical content that I know to be right.  I've gotten QA back so picky that I didn't even want to start work on my shift because they were SOOOOO picky, example breast-feed changed to breast feed and ; where a , works as good, etc. and send examples if you know someone is gonna need them! Bottom line to me... friendly, patient and helpful.. IMO
Just wanted to say, as a newbie, how wonderful this site is. It is really helpful and thanks to the person who gave me the tip on how to break into the entry level MT position.
hopefully somewhat helpful
I work full time for a company in NJ, so I cannot answer as an MTSO. I live in Santa Clara, CA, which is in the South Bay and I notice ads for MTs will offer $19-$20 an hour whereas in the Sacramento area I have seen ads where they are only paying around $14.
This is VERY helpful!

This is also very interesting...Gives me a lot to think about! THANKS A MILLION!

You all have been so helpful!!

Thank you so much.  I have learned a lot from all of you, and I have plenty of ideas to try out.  I also got some great tips about the nickel allergy, which is wonderful as well.  That one has been around for a long time.

I will be making an appointment to take him to see a dermatologist, but in the mean time, I will be trying out some of these things and see what happens.


Very Helpful
I believe I was one of the ones you helped. Thank you very much for the general information you gave me. I really appreciate it.
Thanks to both of you. Very helpful. (nm)
Thank you all! Very helpful. It seems there are sm
downsides to being paid by line and by minute. I am hoping I do better paid by the minute, only time will tell though.
What I think would be helpful is
taking some classes in terminology. Like I said, I thought it would be a breeze. Yeh, right. What kind of work are you going to be doing, all 4s or speciality group? How many doctors will you be working for. Sometimes, and I am sure other MTs will agree on this, your English speaking doctors are about as bad as your ESL physicians. How fast do you type? Working for an agency, they can throw you (perhaps) into a group of dictators different each day, the money dwindles if you donít know them. What kind of training will you get with the agency? I was just saying it is a lot of money to invest in and it is not that easy. A lot of the people on this chat board talk about possibly finding something else to do. I also had terminology class but then having that and actually typing the reports are a whole lot different. I consider the operative notes the easiest by the way, they are my favorite but I also have to type other things as well. Do you have any experience with listing lab reports, x-ray, medication dosages- would you be able to question and look up if you thought a dictator said 500 mg of Ativan when maybe it should be 5 that was typed. You need some knowledge about a variety of things in transcribing because I, and probably others, have to meet a strict accountability for our work - mine is 98% accuracy, not just type and make the money.
Very helpful, thank you all very much....but.....

I need very wide margins for the header, but if I change the margins for the body of the letter, it also changes the header.  How can you get separate margins for the header and the body of the letter?

Thanks again!

That's helpful, thank you...sm..

I didn't know the search key would pull up the desktop search.  Did you know Microsoft has a free update for their desktop search function?  It's nicer than the original, way faster with more features.  Not as many features as some others but it's fast and you can pull it up with one click, even though it pulls up the whole program instead of just the document. 

Thanks so much! VERY helpful!
Thanks for taking the time to post these. Looks they will be very helpful as I am just beginning to do some oncology transcription. Thanks again!
Thanks so much...most helpful
This is so helpful
Thank you so much. There are so many here that I never would have thought of. I definitely recommend this list
this was helpful..thanks!
Thanks to all! Very helpful!
Thank you ALL very much. VERY helpful! :-) NM
Of course, OP trying to be helpful but
That is quite helpful, thank you.
I was thinking a month or more, a week or two fits my budget mudh better.
Very helpful....
Thanks so much for responding. I am still a little nervous but will give it a try. It helps so much to know they will get my money back if the sell does not go well.

Well, that was helpful. NOT.
That's helpful to know. Thanks so much!! nm
thanks for being helpful
some people dont like to give leads to others for fear of having competition, so it is really nice of you to offer up these websites. I did a search for MT jobs and random sites will come up, and i NEVER know what is legit or not you know.

Thank you
thank you both, very helpful ;)
This is very helpful...
Thank you again - I'm going to experiment with all of it. It's good to know there may be hope for me and those bills yet!! :o)

Thanks for the helpful info. sm
I've never had this problem before, so I'm uninformed. It happened last night, so I have to wait to see plastic surgeon Monday and talk to home office then as well.
Extremely helpful - thank you!!! nm
That was intelligent AND helpful. Duh!
It's also helpful for another reason
If you have more than one item, you can offer the same thing to other bidders if you like, although if you have two listings available on the auction, you can't do this.
All of this information is so helpful!
You all have been SO helpful. Thank you for the responses! (sm)
I just needed to know if I was out of line or what, and you all have given me excellent feedback and suggestions.  Thanks so much, I appreciate your time! 
you can actually make some changes on your end that are helpful - sm
Go to start, programs, accessories - click on accessibility. You can set your computer for the visually impaired and make everythign larger, not just the font. I have found this very useful as my eyesight has gone from bad to poor over the years.
Thanks everyone! I will look into all of this information. Very helpful! nm
Thanks here too. It's helpful and interesting.


helpful hints
I've worked midnight to 4-5am for 13 yrs now.  It takes a bit getting used to but make sure you take a nap before you start.  If you plan to sleep after your shift, stop drinking any caffinated beverages 3 hrs before you end your shift.  That was my downfall, drinking coffee during my shift then I was way too wide awake to sleep when I needed to.  good luck!
Thanks all - you've been very helpful
Here's some helpful advice
1. Ask your state health insurance regulatory office to investigate why your insurance carrier did not pay more than they did for the medical bills. If you have problems finding out who that is, e-mail me and tell me what state you're in and I'll get that information for you.

2. Talk to your mortgage companies about working with you - often times they'll do this when there's a temporary hardship.

Good luck and remember to take care of yourself during this stressful time.
That was very helpful information

You sound like a really nice person.  Take care.


That should be quite helpful! Good for you.


Here is a very helpful web site...
What are some helpful websites?

I have found some very helpful websites by browsing the boards here.  Just wondering if some of you may have favorites you use. 

My most helpful for finding bacteria is listed below.


some helpful websites
Hope this is helpful ...
Thanks for that info! It was helpful...nm
Thank you all! These are all great and very helpful!
but it isn't helpful with proofreading as QA
was still finding errors in my reports.  I also found proofing like a boring book and found I kept nodding off. 
There's a ton of helpful information on there.
I don't think a lot of the MTSOs even realize it. :-)
Real helpful...
There are occasional posts on here for data entry.   Don't contribute if you don't have anyting constructive to say. 
For shame! Why not try to be helpful?
Most helpful. Thanks bunches.