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You could send letters of your feelings

Posted By: sm on 2009-01-07
In Reply to:

before this judgment came down. However, it is basically a "plea deal" and nothing can be done about it.

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    Please send me your letters!

    I have received only a few letters to the President about transcription.  I want to send a packet full of letters is my goal!  Now I know a few of my friends are still working on their letters.  I want to address outsourcing, voice recognition & offshoring with the President.  So please join me to help get our voices heard!  Email me & I'll give you my address so that you may get your letter in to me by the deadline of 1/28/09.



    MTStars does not accept any responsibility for your privacy nor personal information in contacting any individual on this board. Sending your information to this person provides direct contact information to an unknown person. 

    MTStars Team


    I'll send out letters
    I write letters all the time to different government bodies, politicians, school districts, you name it and I'll write. I think this is a wonderful idea. My letters and/or phone calls always get public attention in my area - I have even put in for a presidential pardon for a relative who is in the federal prison system. I've exposed a principal who was abusing special ed kids, problems with taxation in Texas, and many other issues. My motto is - if things aren't being done properly, you can always write a letter. My pen is poised over pad and paper......
    why not give us the address to send our own letters??
    Perhaps this will pack more of a whallop. We could synchronize what day we will mail them and it would look better, IMHO. Calm down, okay? You're doing a good thing.
    Send letters to local offices marketing yourself. sm
    Watch the want ads, and offer yourself as IC backup instead of FTs. It works!

    As you pick up your accounts and back-up accounts, just do a good job and meet expectations or better.

    The only drawback about your own accounts, it leaves little time to clock out and have your own life. If you can find someone else to work the accounts while you rake in the money, that is all the better.

    My feelings are they are probably...
    Shock, disbelief, anger, fear... I'm sure they are feeling all those things...plus uncertainty and full of questions. I know that is how I felt on 9-11. I am praying for them. America is not in this alone.
    I'm having those same feelings

    I was feeling sorry for myself, because as the storm was approaching my area yesterday, I had 3 contractors working on my house repairing damage inside from a roof leak. Then when I got home from work yesterday, the leak started again in the exact same spot and ruined all they had done. The roof was supposedly fixed before the inside repair started. Then as I was leaving for work this a.m., I saw a man from MS (where I live) interviewed on Fox News who had been holding his wife's hand and she was swept away. He was crying and the lady interviewing was crying and it was pitiful. The interviewer asked him where he was going next. He replied that he didn't have ANYWHERE TO go, that everything he had was gone.  I just sat down and cried. At least I still have a roof!  Praise God! May he watch over these poor people!

    my feelings exactly (sm)

    Just can't put them as eloquently (sp?) as you just did, but anyways, thanks!   for saying what I didn't.  I too am SICK TO DEATH of hearing these people whine and cry, blaming Bush for everything! 

    Anyways, very very well said...Bravo to you!

    Absolutely, positively put an end to it. Say, "Honey, this makes me feel uncomfortable. I am sure you are not doing anything wrong, but it does make ME feel uncomfortable, and since you are not doing anything wrong, you won't mind stopping this practice so that I will be more comfortable." If he balks, you can put him on the spot why he is having such a fit over a simple request. You can bet your booties the Child Protection Agency would frown HIGHLY on this practice. Good luck. And no, it may be all innocent, but why take the chance.
    It's par for the course for this business, that's the nature of the beast. Even if you work for yourself, it's just as bad. They don't think you're human with a life. Spent many years in this profession and it's "thankless" but then there are those with no work at all. Know how you feel. Just take it a half day at a time. I always try to get over things by thinking of those less fortunate and count my blessings. It's hard, makes you feel bad not to have all the spare time others seem to have, but if you ask them, they probably are not happy either. Try to treat yourself to something nice a make a "grateful list". Works for me.
    I have those same feelings
    to our family gatherings. I always feel that it's an invasion in some way. I'm not sure why. She doesn't invite them because they don't have anywhere else to go, but it is as if she can't be with the rest of the family without these people with her. We are a fun and loving family, so I'm not sure what's is about, but I do resent these people being at our family gatherings. I'm praying hard that I will not feel this way this year.
    You are not alone in your feelings at all! sm
    I have been an MT for 9 years now and am worn out from the uneven workloads that result in feast or famine paychecks, overhiring, system issues, and endless just-off-the-boat ESLs who cannot not speak a real sentence to save their life.  Then there are the nasty generic e-mails, conference calls that accomplish nothing but more confusion for everyone, and well, I am just tired of working like a dog on garbage accounts for the past 4 years and wearing myself out.  It was much better for the first few years of my career but quickly went downhill.  I have only been at 2 companies in 9 years.  Thankfully my husband makes a good income and we do not really need mine at this point, but it makes me sad that I busted my buns at it this long, all the time thinking the industry just might turn around.  I am just about over the at-home MT thing! 
    You said it!! Exactly my feelings! ...sm
    You train and train and do interns and then the MTSOs don't want to compensate you what you feel you are worth.
    You have just stated my feelings exactly. nm
    I can understand your feelings ....
    I'm a West Texan (lots of sun and heat) and moved to Everett for about 6 months, I was SO depressed up there and starved for sunlight. What's really sad is ... the natives said "this is such a sunny year" *thud*. While I was up there, a report came out that Tacoma is the place with the highest suicide rate, lack of sunshine was one cause behind that.

    Good luck, if you need sun, come see me! LOL
    I have mixed feelings.
    My knee-jerk reaction is to boycott any company offshoring. It feels like a personal insult at times, toward American workers. This is a reaction, though.

    My response (using the brain, not the heart) tells me that globalization of this and every other industry is here. It is not going away. I want the U.S. to be able to trade with other companies; I don't think it is in this country's best interest to be withdrawn from the world. While I would like to take it personally, from an intellectual perspective this was going to happen one way or another. The MT job as it is today would eventually be outdated by advancements in technology. So it is not like offshoring alone has caused these changes. All industries evolve. It is what allows us to have better products, cheaper prices, and more affordable living choices. This field is no different. This is a response.

    I do not plan to martyr myself in vain for something that is following its natural path of progression. Taking such an obstinant position against change would be the greatest catalyst to my financial demise -- the world will go on changing, so I had better learn to change, adapt, and evolve with it!

    never ignore your gut feelings
    Every time I have ever ignored mine, I have regretted it. This is especially true when it comes to being a mom. Maybe it is mother's intuition or whatever. Kinda like when a kid wants to know why they can't do something...."Because I said so" sounds so lame when you don't really have a reason. However, I've learned the hard way if I feel something is wrong to listen to my inner instinct--it has never been wrong.
    Feelings... nothing more than feelllnngsssss
    So, I wanted to say, I came into this world 3 years ago after other hospital work..and thought the same thing, geeeeez what a load of whiners!!  But, then I started sending off  my great ideas that were continually ignored, worked loads of hours and was asked for more, was a major team player, etc etc.  It is my nature to do so.  But....THESE people.. have been pounded on.  The industry's businesses have, for the most part, dodged every law and manipulated every scenario possible to their advantage, having not looked out for their people.  I, personally, am working on something very significant with an attorney to align some of the compensation laws. I'm dumbfounded at what they are pulling off.  I've had jobs with way more responsiblity than this, and this one is beating me up big time.  There is every scenario available as there are MTs, so we can't compare each others'.  It can be hard to be cheery (in fact, it would be inappropriate) if you poured your soul into a career that wasn't feeling right, but were stuck with it to meet financial demands.  There isn't an ounce of anything objective and consistent in the world of medical transcription; decisions about everything are guesswork, and if you are in a good situation, consider thyself fortunate and help those who feel stuck to find find something better.  I just left a miserable situation, and was shocked at the gagillions of people that wanted to bring me on having barely breathed hello into the telephone..  The people who need to improve are guided in no way...so I'm going to say it is great people have good experiences, but there's nothing cheery about losing your pay year by year and watching your benefits get yanked.. and and and.  People won't quit whining until they feel understood and validated.  My happiness and good fortune does not mean others are not entitled to the other.  The real test comes in standing up for "that" and lending a friendly ear (and i'm not implying i'm good at that/lol. I say that in one side of my head while the other side is wishing everyone would quit whining right along with you, but heck, people are frazzled.  I am not diminishing your happy days, really..How can we spread the love? Okay, I've now officially gone over the edge.  Off to work!  LaterLadies!
    No Hard Feelings
    I am giving you an internet hug. I hope it works out for you!!
    my feelings and actions exactly!!! nm
    Honestly, and no bad feelings, but ....
    Some MTSOs send dictations to India, where they are straight typed, then the reports are sent back to the US to the QA.

    What happens next?
    I assume that the QA corrects them and sends them to the client.

    How does this affect the US MTs? In no way do US MTs correct the mistakes Indians make in their reports.
    And in what way do MTs 'train' the Indian MTs?

    The only ones who can rightly complain are the QAs.
    Or do you think that the Indians type the reports straight, the reports are sent back to the US office, and the QA sends them as VR to an US MT for correction?

    Wouldn't this be rather expensive?

    4 cpl for Indian straight typing
    4 cpl for US MTs correcting the Indian VR, plus possible QAing.

    This would be 8 cpl, at least.
    They might as well keep the whole thing in the US.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    BTW no Indian can sneak into this forum, when the US MTs are so paranoid that they suspect even a US MT working on US soil to be an Indian working in India.

    aer soparanoid tht they even suspect US MTs working an UDS soil to be Indian MTs workign uin India.

    You've really hurt my feelings - NOT
    If you really don't want to cause hard feelings, just delete it
    and if they ask always say that you just haven't had the time to check e-mails lately.
    I agree with your feelings, but there is such a thing as --sm
    going overboard. as much as minorities should be considered equally for jobs, education, etc., so should it be for all...not just minorities. ESLs are not the only ones that help keep MTs busy. transcription work can come from ALL dictationists, not just ESLs. Standards should be the same for all. Either lower them for the *white americans* or raise them for all others. I am not a racist and I do not defend one against the other, but it should be equal...across the board. That used to be the *American Way*, INCLUDING diversity.
    Then stopping trying to negate her feelings
    Bully for you that you wouldn't feel slighted. How wonderful that you don't mind the benign neglect of your husband regarding your anniversary. At least, one would assume, that your husband does something that contributes to making your life pleasant, happy, and easier on a regular basis or does something that nurtures your soul in a romantic or loving way. However, other than signing my paycheck, while at the same time finding ways to get more work and more hours for less pay, my company does very little to foster the warm fuzzy feeling necessary to be able to overlook a cheap slight. As someone pointed out earlier, a 1 penny tip to a waitress is designed as an insult. I've gotten coupons worth more than $5 out of the Sunday paper, and I didn't have to risk carpal tunnel or sacrifice family time to get it.
    I love reading your posts..and having my own feelings
    You are so right
    Yup, you have to say you're busy, and No, and I can't...and then stick to it, bad feelings or
    poster is wrong - snakes do have feelings...N/M
    MTs put too much personal feelings and angst into job. MTSO
    The key words "feel like I have been had". There are no feelings in business..sm
    Unfortunately, there is no place for emotional feelings when doing business. I too learned the hard way, just as you have.

    Sorry for your experience, but it will make you stronger and smarter for future dealings.

    Good luck to you!
    Not all have the warm and fuzzy feelings about mentors
    I learned transcription inhouse in a hospital when I found out about a person being able to make more than just their salary each week by being fast and that I was. I thought it would be a piece of cake, hey I had worked in hospitals, both adult and children, doctor offices and the like. It took me a year of her training before I was put on incentive. My boss (mentor?) got upset with me 1 time and put me on 3 days work a week when I had been working full so then got a parttime job for those 2 days until the boss lady HAD to ask me to return. Their work was heavy in the first place, but that was what she did. Another time she told me after a person typed over 50 minutes a day (I was the only 1 doing this out of about 6 or 7 transcriptions)that then that person would stop and do paper work. I told her that would not work as it would only apply to me and I would have to go further up about that. Lastly when I left after 7 years working in transcription I had an outgoing evaluation and she put down average (instead of outstanding, superior) for attendance and told her I had not missed 1 single day of the last 3 years and she would have to give me the best mark on that if nothing else. She said she really had not checked her records. I am glad I learned but warm and fuzzy, not here. Reading above noticed you said only 2 more years until retirement. What is that? I am past retirement age now but this Friday am due to start drawing full social security payments. I am so excited and hope to continue working as the money will be twice of what I am making now. Sooooooooo excited.
    I hope I didn't hurt your feelings - I'm sure

    you'll be able to clean it up - I do that sometimes, too - I have my own way of working where I sometimes leave a s/l in a spot so I can go back and listen - I've even had the report accidentally go to the client like that because I hit the wrong key before I fixed the report!

    Anyway, did you listen for the "cranial nerves" part?

    Actually, you are incorrect. People post their feelings on this site
    to having to register and give their personal information, IP address, etc. Be pro-AAMT. I choose not to and that is my right. No whining, no complaining...I am just one of those American MTs who doesn't see AAMT as glorious as you do. Also an Old MT.
    Follow you "gut" feelings - they usually never steer you wrong!. nm
    Regarding letters
    We have an account with our national where all the consults are dictated in letter format.  So for every single consult we get we have to look up the correct names, spelling, and addresses for the referring physicians because the dictators never give them. Once we get them we can save them in autotext, but it's still a pain to have to look them all up.
    No letters
    My daughter could not use my computer because of no letters left on the keyboard.
    three letters: CTS
    some of us CAN'T do much else at this point. I can't even write anymore!! And we blessed, fortunate ICs don't qualify for disability pay or unemployment... so yes, it's upsides and downsides, but in the end, right now I'm facing having to quit MT and I have NO idea what to do for a living, at the tender age of 36, and, with the pay cuts and such, no money to invest in an education. So please try to have some compassion... not all bellyaching is unfounded.
    Think again - big letters at top saying
    Not to post there unless you work for MQ
    letters sm
    The written word can come back to bite you. Be careful what you say. If they care enough, they'll ask and then you can verbalize. Otherwise, it will become part of your permanent record. Don't say anything to make them angry, One never knows down the road when you will have to list them in your past employment history. Sometimes we would like to pour our hearts out but it would depend on what you have to say. I once wrote a note which was not really that bad but everyone in the company said I left a scathing letter which was totally untrue. The less you put in writing, the better, IMHO.
    for me, the only ones that letters don't rub off....
    and on the back of mine it does say Key Tronics.......
    Use a name that is 4 letters or more and you get the... sm
    AutoComplete tip box showing your entry, then you can press F3 or enter to expand it. Make sure the first 4 letters of the name are not the same as the first 4 in another entry or Word won't know which one you want and no tip will appear. You can use less than 4 letters in the name but no tip appears. You'd have to remember it and hit F3.

    Just remember that AutoText only works in Word and you might want to think about a true text Expander that works in all of your programs. You can also bog down your normal.dot file if that is where you choose to save AutoText and you will be at high risk of corrupting the file. Make sure you keep a backup.
    As soon as I started doing letters...
    I would fly like the wind. That is what hourly paid secretaries are for! Good luck in finding something else, but do like I do... let them know from the gitgo I WILL NOT DO CORRESPONDANCE!
    Despise letters! UGH...nm
    DS, H&P, CONS, letters
    are the basics. Doing OPs is another level up
    letters for keyboard
    there's a place called Gold Violin (1-877-648-8400) or www.goldviolin.com that has a set of letters (1-black letters and the other one white) that you can buy for about $10. they're enlarged too which makes it easier as well to see, if you've got that problem. i got a set and just haven't taken the time yet to clean up my keyboard to put them on. i love my cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse as well. i like the touch on my keyboard as well so don't want to buy another one just because the keys wore off, so this fit the bill for me.
    Consult Letters
    Hello, does anybody know how consult letters are like?  Are they long and difficult?
    i enter the first 4 letters...sm
    Every time I come to a drug I enter the first four letters of the drug in Autocorrect, capping it if needed.  I think this is quicker than sitting down and entering a bunch at once. 
    It's like the chain letters you may have
    received where there is a numbered list of people included and you add your name to the list, subtract a name from the list, all names on the list now are shifted and thus have a different number on the list that you create than on the list that you received, and then you send a dollar (or other amount . . . in this case, a pair of flip-flops) to each person that was on the list that you received. The people that you send your letter to are instructed to do the same, and so you wind up receiving (if the "chain" is not broken) money/items from each person that receives the letter that has your name on it (before you are "bumped" from the list).
    These are a pain. I worked an account like this and I hated it. What kind of lines can you get typing letters all day, especially when you have to worry about looking up addresses and if you do not live in the area of the hospital/clinic - forget it. The co. I was ICing for lost the account that was like this - and now I am on a much better account - love it - and doing editing.
    Do you have to see the letters to type? Should

    Can someone tell my how to format a letter so that the Dr.s address in the letter will automatically show up in the envelope box without having to add the envelope to the document?

    Right now I have 10 keys without letters
    on them and it works fine. I don't seen need to replace unless the keys are sticking or not working.