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Yup, same for underlining and italics, too. nm

Posted By: been there on 2005-11-28
In Reply to: How to unbold, control +B again? - me


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Enumerated lists and underlining for headings in exam
I was wondering if any of you can help me, and possibly even give me a reference, regarding enumerated lists, specifially in an exam. Example is:

1. General Comments:

2. Response to Medication:

3. Medication Compliance:


What I am wondering is the clinic likes the section to be underscored (i.e., General Comments); however, should the underscore include the number or just the words titling that section? I have been doing the latter; however, the person I share the account with underlines both the number and title.

Thanks for your help.

This was discussed recently. Would be chars. + spaces, but no indents, bold, italics, etc. nm