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Enumerated lists and underlining for headings in exam

Posted By: Linda H on 2005-09-26
In Reply to:

I was wondering if any of you can help me, and possibly even give me a reference, regarding enumerated lists, specifially in an exam. Example is:

1. General Comments:

2. Response to Medication:

3. Medication Compliance:


What I am wondering is the clinic likes the section to be underscored (i.e., General Comments); however, should the underscore include the number or just the words titling that section? I have been doing the latter; however, the person I share the account with underlines both the number and title.

Thanks for your help.


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Yup, same for underlining and italics, too. nm
No, I doubt that a breast exam is included in the physical exam for a driver's licence..sm
Since when did they start to ask for a physical exanm to obtain a driver's licence?
This must be new, I never was subjected to a physical exam, only an eye exam.
That's weird.
control B.
Headings sm
Gosh, in the old days, I would have resorted to just putting this all under HEENT if you could. It really doesn't belong under ENT, everyone knows the eye does not belong here. Who knows anymore?
If your company uses templates where headings such as HPI and PE are already there, you may not get credit for those character lines. I had this issue at a former company so that may be part of it. Just a thought!
Just like an H&P, but sometimes without headings, sometimes use the SOAP designations. nm
Autocorrect Bolded Headings
I spent quite a bit of time yesterday entering bolded headings into Autocorrect using the Formatted Text button rather than the Plain Text button.  I go into WORD today and all my Formatted bolded entries are gone.  What did I do wrong or what can I do to make sure these entries are saved?  Would appreciate any help.  Thank you.
HEADERS....as in what? The things like HISTORY AND PHYSICAL headings?

or the heading at the top of the page that we don't type?

and do you find it a little offputting that they can't put in writing that they pay for spaces?  it makes me think all is not kosher. 




I see them all, too. Some people seem to be missing headings from the blue bar on the left. nm
Shorthand users - How can I keep headings bolded in PE. I want to make
a shortcut for parts of the PE and headings need to be bolded.  I cut and copied what I want into SH but when it pulls up they are not bold.  TYIA.
Basically formatting, how to type the headings, numbering, etc...sm
Are headings capitalized or followed with a colon?


Is it p.r.n., prn, h.s. or bedtime?

Just your basic formatting and styles. I may just download the ebook. Thanks!
It's something in Word, not ExText. Check your Format/Insert/Tools headings. nm
Underscoring lists......sm

I don't think there is any hard and fast rule regarding this.  Your client obviously isn't BOS obsessed as "any" underscoring in a list is a no no.  If underscoring is an account specific rule, I personally would underscore the title only.  The easiest solution is to check some previous reports and just follow suit, or better yet .. ask.

I am not sure about the waiting lists here yet,
but I do know that the program only takes so many students. That will probably be another thing I will have to factor in too. Great tip on taking the electives while waiting though. I am only going for the associate's degree as well. Are you interested in going into psych too?
Rad reports with dem info lists
My first remote job typing rad reports was for a local agency who provided such a great interface with the hospital, all I had to do was put in the job # from the dictaphone and all fields would fill in, then go right to typing in WP using all my short-cut keys. A lot of the reports were short, some long, and I wound up making really good $ that way for years. Then they went to VR (sigh). That's the way to go if you can get it; I won't put in multiple steps I'm not paid to to put in.   Good luck.
my stedmans lab book lists
it as alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency, both the older edition, and also the new edition
Turning numbering on and off for lists
Does anyone know the keystroke commands or if they even exist to turn numbering off and on for lists?  I hate having to use the mouse to point at the menu and going that route!
Multispeciality word lists
Expander that lists next to cursor
I would like to know if there is an Expander out there that will actually list the expansion next to our cursors while we type so we do not have to look down at the bottom of the monitor to see the expansion.  I know if the expansions popped up in front of me I would use them more.  Just curious
Numbered lists in MS Word... How do you
Make the list NOT indent? I want it to stay flush on the right with the rest of the paragraphs? I feel like this should be something easy and I am just spacing out!
Portability of short-cut lists

You may want to get an Expander program like ShortHand or Instant Text. They allow you to use your short-cut list(s) in any application you type in, and you will never have to redo your list(s) when you change accounts or company platforms.


Portability of abbreviation lists

Your question raises the portability of abbreviation lists when you use different trascription platforms.

Each platform offers a utility where you can create your list of abbreviations, but you don't want to start over and over each time you change platforms.
The solution to this problem is that EITHER these platforms provide you with another utility that lets you convert your list to their format OR you invest in an Expander software like ShortHand or Instant Text that let you use your list practically on all platforms.
With Instant Text you can import your AutoCorrect with a few clicks and then you can use it with EMDAT or any other platform.
Your time is worth money. You may want to evaluate how much it is worth by calculating how much time it takes to redo your list.

I always defer to Dorland's, which lists
curet as the preferred spelling.  Neither is incorrect.  Curette is more characters and I supposed over years and years that could add up.  Maybe I should switch to curette. 
Where did you find the lists for Autotext?
I did not see any lists for autotext for free or ones that could be ordered.  Where did you find them?  Can you give me a link?  Thanks
Word lists more than one .acl file so you want to be...
sure you find the correct one for your version of Word. Each version names that file differently. There are also different language .acl files.
How to quickly number med lists?
What is the quickest way to number a medication list? We have to number all of a patient's medications in a vertical list (voice recognition). - very time consuming - slowing me down. Any MT's found a fast way to number medications and put in a straight list on left margin QUICKLY? This is ridiculous. The voice recognition correctly or incorrectly gives the medications, but it is very slow numbering them and putting them in a vertical list -and we are required to do that. Any help would be appreciated!
Once you are real good, you can think about supper, lists,
I know that sounds nonproductive and error prone, but it's entirely doable. The work can take up your limbic system, and your upper cortex can solve the problems of the world. I can read notices on my cubby wall, and never falter typing, and get it perfectly right.
AOL lists today that MT is one of highest WAH jobs!!

Look at the model they used...that's sure what the average MT looks like!  LOL


Make your expander lists portable

The esp file can be saved as mentioned.
The next step is to make it work in Bayscribe. One solution is to use Instant Text and import your esp file. Once your Expander file is an Instant Text glossary, it is portable and you can use it on any MTSO transcription platform.

Textware Solutions

Yes, I bought it and you can either buy the lists for Instant Text

or ShortHand I believe, when you buy it, it gives you the option of what word Expander you want to use it with.  Unfortunately, I never did use it.  First of all, I couldn't get used to it and the rules with how to bring up a word.  I think it was something like if a word is 4 or more letters, use the first 2 letters to bring it up, and then another rule if the word is 5 or more letters, bring up the first and then last letter of the word...so on and so on.  I have found that I have my own way of shortcuts and can't use someone's else's method.  Now I just use Shorthand and auto text in Emdat, and that' s working for me.  It might work for you, just in order to get the full  benefit, you have to follow his rules for it, and that is where my mind couldn't go.

Yes, I bought it and you can either buy the lists for Instant Text

or ShortHand I believe, when you buy it, it gives you the option of what word Expander you want to use it with.  Unfortunately, I never did use it.  First of all, I couldn't get used to it and the rules with how to bring up a word.  I think it was something like if a word is 4 or more letters, use the first 2 letters to bring it up, and then another rule if the word is 5 or more letters, bring up the first and then last letter of the word...so on and so on.  I have found that I have my own way of shortcuts and can't use someone's else's method.  Now I just use Shorthand and auto text in Emdat, and that' s working for me.  It might work for you, just in order to get the full  benefit, you have to follow his rules for it, and that is where my mind couldn't go.

We don't have to SAVE lists of mistakes to refer back to. They are readily available at any given
Believe it or not, that's the kind of stuff we see all day long on a daily basis. Your resentment for QA is shining through. Perhaps you recognize some of these errors....
I'd quit! Too much busy work. So much of this is automated now, lists, names, etc. Move on and fi
ExtText by Dictaphone -- Word 2000 - won't capitalize when making a new paragraph or after lists?
Hi. I am new at a job. The Word 2000 running in ExtText (Dictaphone) will not capitalize at the beginning of a new paragraph (never had that happen before), nor after numbers in an automatic list, and sometimes even just after plain periods, not just periods used in numbers (like hemoglobin 7.5).

What is going on? It works fine in the Word version on my computer, but when it ties with ExtText, it "forgets" to capitalize. It is especially annoying with lists, and also at the first of paragraphs, I never had to babysit that before.

Any help? TX
Tools, AutoCorrect, Autoformat as you Type, uncheck Automatic numbered lists. nm

what is RMT exam? NM
yes, it went down from $400 to $275 for non-AAMT members. But is it the same difficulty level to pass it ?
CMT exam ? sm
The reply was (here's your moniker) not clear, no answer was provided. I would like to know more also about the requirements and how the test is performed. Thanks
CMT exam
I broke down and took the test last year because my employer reimbursed me for half of the fee, and I was curious what the big deal is and if it'd get me paid more (it didn't, as many have said), or maybe I could move up in the company (I didn't). I figured my acute care jobs were studying enough. If you work acute care, run acceptable QA ratings at work (in other words know your stuff), don't bother studying. I can't see how that would help, really--the test covered *everything* except ESLs. In my view, you either know it or you don't. I took the morning off, walked in cold, and passed it. It was a long test, separated into portions, and it was fair. I think the CMT Mystique is because so few are. About everybody I have ever worked with in acout care could pass the test.
my exam
My exam result says (at the top) Fail and at the bottom of the sheet it lists the score and then it is divided by six content areas and it shows the percentages. I hope this explains things better.
CMT exam (sm)
I am sorry to hear of your experience with the exam and that you missed passing by 1 point.  I am a CMT and have been now for almost 8 years.  Please don't give up.  I know it can be expensive to take this test over, but believe me when you pass it and get your certificate, you will feel very proud, of yourself, if nothing else.  Please give it another try.  Good luck next time.  I am very proud to let everyone know that I am a CMT.
CMT/RMT exam

First off - what is the difference between the CMT and the RMT exam listed on the AAMT site?

Second - I had passed my CMT exam about 7 years ago, but let it lapse.  I hear the test is harder now- do I need to study more?  I have continued in the field and have decided to retake the exam.


CMT exam
Can anyone give me info about this exam, what type questions, i.e., essay, multiple choice, how long it is.  I know they can tell me if I pass or fail as soon as finished, but if I fail, do I have to pay the entire fee to retake it?  I have years and years of experience, but have test phobia, so any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.
I had an exam done once (sm)
It was an echo in the doctor's office and as he was dictating the nurse was banging around making tons of noise.  I tried to ask her to be quiet, telling her I was a Transcriptionist and it's hard to hear with all that noise, but she just said "Oh, they can get it all" and kept on going.  I was so frustrated with both her and the doc, neither of them seemed to care.  I haven't gone back to him since. 
CMT exam
A couple of weeks ago someone posted under the name MT in Texas and was taking the CMT today, was wondering how you did, if you can share any info such as are all questions multiple choice, some essay, some fill in the blanks, getting ready to take mine and would like some info and also hope you passed with flying colors.  Know mentioning the CMT on this board creates a lot or havoc, those of you who have no desire to take it, please don't voice your opinions, we have all heard them.
EI exam?
I am hearing "EI" exam showed a tender liver? Heavy accent. Not sure what he is saying that sounds like EI
RMT exam
Can anyone suggest study guides or materials to help prepare for the RMT exam?
CMT Exam
Have any of you taken this recently?  If so, what did you find was the better study tool - the AHDI website online study prep or Stedmans CMT Review Guide?  Thanks in advance.
CMT exam

I took the CMT exam years ago and passed.  I kept it up for a long time but then decided it just wasn't worth it.  About a year ago, because of illness, I left my job of 23 years with the "big national service".  I am interested possibly going back into MT part-time but would like to be tested for CMT again.  I don't think it gets you anywhere but it seems people are impressed by the designation.

Years ago when I took my CMT, they did it by proctor who called when the test was started and called when it was done.  I noticed it was done on line now.  When I took mine you were allowed to use reference materials, now you are not.

Anyone have any advice about taking this examination?  Sometimes you just have to "play the game" to get the job. I don't  see any use in the CMT exam.  Experience and work history are enough as far as I am concerned.    Doesn't take long to figure out if an MT knows what they are doing.  After 28 years doing MT it seems people are hung up on the CMT exam so I think I will go ahead and take it.

Any advice?  I am 53 years old and have come to the conclusion, sometimes you just have to "play the game."  I have seen CMTs whose MT skills were horrid and most of the MTs I know with years of experience are not certified and are very good MTs.  When I was in supervision, I had a lot of CMTs who were "grandfathered" in when AAMT first started and they got their CMT designation and their skills were horrid.

All opinions are welcome.  What are all of your experiences?



CMT exam
Does anybody have the number to AAMT so that I can try to see about taking the CMT exam????
AAMT is no longer AAMT - it is AHDI..