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Posted By: romey on 2007-06-16
In Reply to: Can you find out about the software? - Misha

I believe I will be assigned to one of their clinics with the same dictators and the program they use is Winscribe, which I know nothing about.

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A simple google search will give you your answer...I'd give you the answer,
but how would that help you learn to research on your own...and I'm in a rush to get to the next post. 

Yes, of course I'm half afraid if I leave him I won't find someone else and half afraid that I will!!  I'm old enough and had enough good and bad times with men that I really don't think it would be the end of the world if I lived the rest of my life alone.  It's maybe what I would not choose but it might have some positives in the long run.  At least that's what I tell myself when I'm feeling good, during the middle of the night is another story....

Break-ups are tough.  How do you stay on course.  You get lonely, you miss him, you doubt your judgment, you want to try again, you tell yourself maybe you were too hard on him......

I think I should go to a counselor, it's just that it's quite expensive and as I said, I'll be paying for it out of pocket.  I think they will tell me pretty much what you have.

It sounds like things have worked out for you.  I thank you for your insight and help.

The payperiod I average 16,000 lines is a bimonthly payperiod. It runs 1st through the 15th and 16th through end of the month. It is WAY more than the minimum requirement. I am EXPECTED (with that employer) to do a minimum of 6000 lines per payperiod but the incentive is just too good to pass up.

See my post below if you want to know more. Or ask me. I'm not hiding anything. I'll tell you straight up what works for me.
Yea.. I used to think that. Now, for me, the answer is, no.

but again, you should go for it.  You might love the challenge and have a really great team that will help you not have to roast over the flames.  Its always possible! 

Godspeed my friend, do it if you want to.  It really might be the best thing you ever did!  Or not, but either way, you will know for sure! 

I can only answer for myself. sm
I never applied for a supervisor's job.  When the super quit because of stress I was asked (no begged) to take the job (in the office) until a qualified supervisor could be hired.  Time dragged on until I finally had to say either a supervisor was hired in 2 weeks or I would be quitting in two weeks.  I never enjoyed being "the boss," don't know why...I just didn't. Another thing.....I abolutely HATE being told lies.  I was told by an MT that she couldn't cover her 3rd shift assignment (guess who did cover it) because her grandmother had died...that was the 6th time AFTER I started counting, no telling how many grandmother's she had all told.  I guess some people enjoy being the boss for one reason or another.
my first answer is, of course, neither but (sm)
if I HAD to choose, I guess I'd say A...rather give it to some poor children than some rich b****.
a better answer would have been

leaving off the "jerk" comment, and recommend that people contact the MQ office they are affiliated with to see what that particular office wants them to do.

Anyone doing DQS...please answer this for me.

When I need to enter a NEW HEADING, I type it in, then it brings up a new box that says "type in new heading"...I finish typing it, hit OK or whatever, and it puts the new heading in my report.

BUT...it doesn't KEEP The new heading!  ARG!  It stays on the drop down list of headings for THAT REPORT ONLY but then when I do a new report, the new heading never shows up.

What am I doing wrong?  Help!! 

I don't quite understand what you mean by the style they prefer, I worked there 4+ years, it is either feast or famine, not a very honest bunch.  You can make money for short periods of time until they over hire and run the account out of work and make promises to you they won't keep.  They don't have very good communication and rarely return calls or emails.  Their platform is not too bad, seen better, but easy to use.  I would like clarification though by what you mean by the style they prefer?
the answer is
New blood who don't ask for much, job a low line rate and glad to have a job. They don't see that the experienced workers will soon all be gone.
Got my answer!!!
I have been asking for months, "WHERE ARE ALL THE DOCTORS I CAN UNDERSTAND, I CAN'T MAKE MINIMUM LINE COUNT ANY MORE". I do not do ASR but my account is on it and I have been screaming for months that I can't even use my expansions anymore, that I have used for years. They are going to hear from me again. They respond to me like I am crazy, well I know now that they know why!!!

Well, what is your answer, I'm
Where did O'Reilly get his stats?


Before President Bush took office, under Democratic leadership, income was on the rise, jobs were expanding, and the economy was booming. Today, the Census Bureau announced that real household income has decreased in 2004, falling for the fourth consecutive year. Since the beginning of the Bush Administration, household income has declined nearly $1,700. Over 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office. Despite this, Republicans still have no plan to help struggling middle class families. Democrats are fighting to create jobs and keep good paying jobs here at home.

Household Income Declined by Nearly $1,700 Under Bush. For the second consecutive year, median household income declined: income dropped last year by $93 -- down to $44,389. In real terms, median household income has declined by $1,669 since 2000. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

African Americans And Latino Household Incomes Have Declined by More Than $2,000 Under Bush. Real median household income did not increase between 2003 and 2004 for African Americans and Latinos. African American households had the lowest median income, at $30,134--down by $2,273 since Bush took office. Median income for Hispanic households was $34,241 in 2004--down by $2,141 since Bush took office. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

Average Earnings by Women Declined by About $330 in Real Dollars During the Past Year. The median earnings of women declined over the past year, from $31,550 to $31,223. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-2]

Number of People Living in Poverty Increased by 1.1 Million in 2004. Approximately 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office in 2001. The poverty rate has increased from 12.5 to 12.7 percent over the past year, increasing for the fourth consecutive year. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-1]

Nearly 1 in 5 American Children Lived in Poverty During 2004. 13 million children lived in poverty in 2004, an increase of about 1.4 million since the beginning of the Bush Administration. This comes on the heels of a 730,000 increase in the number of children living in poverty in 2003. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-2 ]

Disproportionately High Number of African Americans and Latinos Live in Poverty. Nearly 25 percent of all African Americans (9 million) lived in poverty in 2004, an increase of over 250,000 over the past two years. Nearly 22 percent (9.1 million) of Latinos lived in poverty, an increase of almost 500,000 over the past two years. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table 3]

1.9 Million More Americans Enrolled in Medicaid in 2004. As 1.1 million Americans dropped out of the middle class and into poverty in 2004, the enrollment rate in Medicaid increased from 12.4 percent of the population in 2003 to 12.9 percent in 2004. Without the safety net of Medicaid and SCHIP for people who dropped into poverty, the health insurance numbers would be even worse. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05, page 16 ]

Today, the Census Bureau announced that the number of people without health insurance nationwide increased to 45.8 million, the fourth consecutive annual increase. A total of 800,000 Americans became uninsured last year - many because fewer employers offer health insurance to their workers. As a consequence, American families are paying higher and higher health insurance premium - which are expected to double under Bush's tenure by 2006. Yet, Bush and Congressional Republicans lack a real plan to address the problem.

Nearly 46 Million Americans Are Uninsured--Increasing for the Fourth Year in a Row. The number of Americans lacking health insurance increased by 800,000 last year--and by 6 million since Bush took office in 2001. Today, a total of 45.8 million people are uninsured--roughly one in seven Americans. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table HI-4]

No, I don't work for that office. Mine is out of Baltimore and I have to admit that I have really really liked most of the folks I have had contact with. My current supervisor is wonderful!!! Pretty much always have lots of work available. My only complaint is my secondary account is not so hot (but LOVE my primary) and have never had a raise in 8 years (hmmmph), but other than that I'm quite happy.

We have a cabin up north where DSL is not available, only dial-up, so I work on a laptop and take it with me when we go up there. Very nice.
Yes, obviously if I am to purchase a home, all the expenses that come with home ownership are coming out of my income alone. I do not pay anything currently except the phone bill, some groceries, ins for car, and gas, and I have lots extra that I spend frivously that obviously needs to stop.
answer to ?
What type of exam, nuclear medicine or US?
My answer
I have heard a doctor say this like "subsonometer" and it is just the way they talk and they mean subcentimeter. This is what I have experienced anyways.
Here is the answer.
Where you have to fill in all of these numbers before you can even start typing.
Answer (SM)
I am not the only Moderator. I'm not sure why your "apology" post was deleted.

If a post is deleted and there are replies attached to it, all are deleted. We cannot stop attached posts from being deleted.

Answer me this...

Does your mortgage company - the telephone company - the phone company - the cable company, etc. discount your bill if you pay on time or do they add a late fee if they don't receive your payment on time?

I don't agree you should reward a company to do something they should normally do - something that's considered a basic in good business - paying on time.  


Answer (SM)
It will be best if you e-mail the Administrator directly; she can help you with the chat problem. Her e-mail is admin@mtstars.com.

These earphones do reduce a lot of the noise and seem to bring the doc's voice into focus. They'd be worth a shot I bet. I paid $50 at Transcription Gear. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. Good luck!
Answer : )
No, you don't. It is all run through your internet connection. You have to have either a cable or DSL internet connection in order to use it.
Boy oh boy, can I answer this one.

I am currently researching keyboards, too.  I got an Ergo Flex something.  It was three separate units mounted on a metal base.  I THOUGHT I would be able to take units off base and put back on if I wanted but once those things are off, they are off for good.  It didn't matter though. I had my brother rig up a dowel for each arm chair and then fix the keyboard pieces onto those dowels.  Then I ace wrapped dowels to arms ( and that was much steadier than I expected) and off I went.  The problem was the units were fixed on the end of the dowels and they need to be on a swivel of some sort to allow for fine tuning the positioning.  Also, the units are a faily smallish keyboard, smaller than what I am using and that was an issue.  I also found that kicked back in the chair and comfy, I was almost too comfy. It seemed to slow me down. True, all of these things alone wiill slow you down, but I think even with practice, I wouldn't be as fast. I finally put them away as it was taking up alot of time and line count.

Now for the second issue.  As far as keyboards that separate completely or are connected at the top.  If you have a bit of a protruberant belly (as my doctor so gently puts it, lol) as I do, the kind that separate completely would be better.  Also, I think being able to have the units at shoulder width would be better.  I am currently using a Gold Touch which I love because it does separate an okay amount for me and like that it tents up, keeping my hands in a more neutral, hand-shake position.  I think a big comfort issue is having your hands in a hand-shake position as opposed to having to turn them flat down as for a flat keyboard. 

Yes, I actually nursed my baby while typing...I just latched him on (he was a small infant at the time) and held him in my lap while I typed. It's really not that hard once you get the baby latched on and in a comfy position for you both. This was 7 years ago and thank goodness, no more of that! But, I did what I had to do to nurse my son and also make money!
Your answer sm
Thanks for answering my post. This is the first time I had the guts to tell anyone my story. I was worried I would talk someone out of a mastectomy who needed one but I think it's important to "question" and get other opinions. I hope I am doing the right thing. I think I am by at least promoting the fact that we do have "choices" and we should utilize them. I do hope those who can't afford a mammogram will use all the resources they have to push for the "right" to have one. I sure hope that day comes for everyone, instead of waiting until it's too late. Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes this board can be "unforgiving" and I really don't need or want that kind of feedback. Just sharing my story. Hope it helps someone one day.
ah, that is your answer then
It is definitely a compatibility issue where ST is not "handshaking" properly with Word.  Even if you use Word independently of ExText but have ExText on your computer, it can cause compatibility issues.  You may need to get ShortHand and pull all your abbreviations over into it. 
I know you probably won't want to answer this, but
could you let me know the company you are with? Thanks if you do.
Two reasons:
1. We have an Equipment board and Technical board for these types of posts.

2. The thread was instigating the promotion of competitive websites.

If you leave a Reply By E-Mail option available and I am removing your post, I will e-mail you why.


That was the best answer...
in response to this whole section that I have seen. I don't think it could have possibly been said better. Best of luck to you and your family
Thanks for the answer, but....

Even you see two possible boards. Isn't this some indication that there are so many ill-defined boards that it is easy to be confused. Virtually every question that is not general would have to be technical, and what is general vs. main? Isn't software equipment? If not, why not call the forum hardware? Couldn't put my question there. That's three possibilities. I could go on, but the point is too obvious.

It seems to me there should be a more polite response than just deleting a post so arbitrarily.
I don't know if it is steel mesh, but it is a mesh, that has not sagged over the 7 years I have used it. I bought mine off ebay sight unsean for about $400 cheaper. I did go to a store though looking for an office chair originally and of course they had the aeron at the front of the store and I tried it out, big mistage, as no other chair in the store compared, that is when I looked for it on Ebay and bought it that way. I can't say enough good about this chair, I really don't think you will be making a mistake to get one any way you can. Good luck.
I appreciate your answer. NM
Do you know answer, please. nm
Here is your answer....

If transcription is sent to the Phillippines (and yes it goes there too) at 6 cents/line (which is what I was quoted to have them do my work - though I won't send it to them - I was just curious about what they charge), and they have 3-tiers of editing; as an MTSO I get 12 cents/line, I would stand to profit 6 cents/line. Compare that rate to the rate MTs expect to get of 10-11 cents/line, and there is your answer. No matter who does the work (US versus offshore) MTSOs still need to have editing, right? So why not pay for the line rate as cheap as you can since the work has to be edited whether US or offshore MTs transcribe it? As a small MTSO, all the editing is done by me as nothing gets to my client without going through me first, so there would be my profit. I think these companies also truly believe that eventually India and Philippines will get MT down...makes you wonder, huh? Large Nationals are probably only having to pay 3-4 cents/line for offshore work, and they pay editors 3-4 cents/line, and suppose they are making at least 12 cents/line on their accounts (I expect they get more than that though), there is still a profit for them of 4-6 cents/line. It is a heck of a lot cheaper for them to outsource offshore than to pay US MTs 9-10-11 cents/line which is what we are worth, right?


Dear Unhappy Camper,

If you will email me at my email address, dove003@comcast.net, I would like to tell you the solution to your problem. 

First, please, can you tell me what part of the USA you live in? 

Linda ');>

Very sensible answer
best answer yet

That thought has been on my mind all day.  If she'd use us as an example of what a group of predominantly females could do to better their working situation .....  but it would have to have realistic results -- if there is nothing we can do, then she'd look like a failure and it would only hurt her reputation.

I was thinking just last night about writing to her with just such a request!   Stranger things have happened!

Appreciate your answer
How can anyone here answer that for you?
accurately? You have to ask this specific question of your supervisor and get clarification on when you can edit and when you can't...

It has gotten VERY confusing over the years, but now when I start a new account, I ask for specifics on this so I don't pull out so much hair trying to decide whether, and how much, to edit.
Answer please
You did not say how long you had worked on it, said awhile but months, years? I know ours was a complete salad when starting and I thought it would never understand some of our most difficult dictators. What amazes me is that the ESL doctors are nearly 100% on VR and I think even better picked up than some of our English speaking ones. I was told by a boss in the 90s that VR would never be in my lifetime as the ER room had tried and sent back; well here we are in 2007 and using it. My company could be a little more lenient than yours in the dings but I feel very confident with the product I use and would never want to turn back the hands of time. I make as much now with 4 day week with VR that I did full time before. If I could change anything would up the rate paid per line for it, that is really low but I have straight between that to sorta even it out.
answer is NO!
Thanks for your answer
Now I know I will have to look very closely. Thanks for taking the time to answer :-)
Let me answer that
Let me just answer that for her. It doesn't matter where her ancestors came from 100 or 200 years ago. I come from America and here we speak Enlish!!!! The fact that my ancestors came from Ireland or wherever is not the point. I did not come from Ireland so I don't speak Irish. THIS IS AMERICA AND WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE! When they immigrated here eventually they learned English or I wouldn't be speaking English today.
My answer to pay cut
While we are driving how much could we be typing? A lot for me. I do not mind finding something "lost" or reprinting (which I do for no charge if they do not mind having their work done on a page by page basis with identifiers (which makes it a few-second operation to find if needed for reprinting). As for pay cutting, look at all the money they save by NOT using sticky paper. It is expensive to buy and look at all the time it takes to mess with it and someone is getting paid for that cutting and pasting stuff. It is inefficient and archaic. I am always available to the staff at the office for training and they like being able to print their own reports. The office that does that has their copies and my copies for a backup. When a search is needed they usually call me beacuse I am faster. If it takes more than fifteen minutes for something they pay me hourly for this. It rarely happens and we are happy with it. Staff have no trouble printing because each document is saved separately and the filenames are coded so that they know if it is letterhead, second pages, etc. They just queue them up and go. What is hard about that?
I think I can answer that.
It will count it but it will count as edited text not straight transcribed text if you are in an editing note.
I'm just saying that I'm not here to debate what I am seeing or not seeing; I am just reporting it as I see it.
I can answer this - sm
I was offered a FT hospital job at home, night shift, - here is what they offered.

Base pay $14 per hour, plus 25% shift differential plus 35% weekend differential. Working Sun-Thurs shift, 11 pm to 7 am came out to $18.37 per hour.

You contribute to Health Benefits - $385 a month.

Line incentives - difficult to get, but were offered contingent on QA and other factors, so pretty much nonexistent.

Other facilities may offer more or less base pay and some may offer line incentives.

Hope this helps.
okay, but please answer this..sm
How in the world will someone who sporadically visits this board (let's say an U.S. physician or a U.S. MT)...maybe to just peruse resumes, consider a transcription service, or transcription job posting, know this is now a foreign-owned website. MTStars has been pretty well known and visited to many over the years. Due to vast transition to now being a foreign owned domain, I would think it is reasonable and fair to the public that this information be posted clearly on the home page. It should be nothing to be ashamed of, but it is more shameful to try to hide the information to the general public. So many will visit this site and be completely misled unless the information is presented honestly.
I don't know the answer unless

it is status post PE (pulmonary embolism) and something else.  Please don't feel like you have to explain that you've researched.  There are a select few here that like to get on a high horse instead of just helping someone with a question.  Just ignore the "all know its."  Some of us like to help new people and will "get our reward in heaven" as my mother used to say. 

Sometimes if it is mumbled that bad, you need to leave a blank.  Physicians will slur words and unless you get that dictator time and time again, it's hard to make out what they mean.  You have friends here!  No fear!!! 

TTM is your answer

Talk to Me, Inc. (TTM) offers a dial-up voice recording service for use by individual transcriptionists. Your providers can call the 800 number from anywhere and you can work from anywhere. There are basic services and more elaborate plans, including individual 800 numbers, vanity 800 numbers, and customized monthly billing or reporting. TTM allows transcriptionists to do what they do best…transcribe. TTM does not contact your clients. TTM believes that many providers want personal service from a Transcriptionist they know. TTM facilitates this type of working relationship by providing equipment and administrative services that are difficult for individuals to offer. For more information email Sue at info@Talk2MeInc.com

Good luck!


there is a brief instruction right on the Expander screen that a tech guy pointed out to me:  @b imbeds a backspace into the expansion.

So if you enter @byo into the expander it SHOULD mean that when you type 40-(space)yo it plays out the expansion -year-old, then backspaces to remove the space after the numeral. 

I say SHOULD because I don't work again until Monday and haven't had a chance to try it out.