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A simple google search will give you your answer...I'd give you the answer,

Posted By: wondering on 2005-09-06
In Reply to: perineal rhinitis???? - Can anyone document this? THANKS I'm in a rus

but how would that help you learn to research on your own...and I'm in a rush to get to the next post. 

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Impossible to give answer as it all depends
on voice recognition program, dictator, etc.    I am working in such a lousy program lucky to get in 800 lines a day - it's the software - I spend so much time deleting what is there it is not even funny.  I could type from scratch much faster. 
Since this is a test question no one can give you the answer. -sm
***Edited by Moderator*** You should not post test questions on forums. Besides the fact that others applying to that company could see them and look up the answers before hand, if someone from the company saw your post, they could consider it cheating and not hire you no matter how well you do. Admittedly, the odds are slim, but why take the risk?
You don't give enough information for ANYONE to answer this post intelligently.
Try including more information like what makes a line, TAT, georgraphic location. Otherwise, if you're truly an IC, only you should determine what your time is worth.
Simple answer:


Find someone you can just "unload on" - a sounding board - we can do it if you want. 

Hunker down.

Your first goal should be to GET HIM OUT.  You don't move.  You GET HIM OUT.  You may be able to get legal advice on how to do that from counselors at any abused wife shelters or community police officer.  (of course do that on the sly) 

Find out where you stand legally on getting him out with the least amount of hassle and start getting legitimate CHILD SUPPORT from him.  That means $$ to pay for day care.  None of this 50/50 stuff.  You are giving him an easy way out and you are still going to be in a bind.  DON'T DO IT.

Forget about buying the house.

More AND cheaper ones are on the horizon, trust me.

This way you will still have your "downpayment" that will be growing interest - and it will be tucked away and you will still have your IRA for emergencies.

One thing that bothers me - you said YOU WORK NIGHTS and HE WORKS DAYS.  So he gets to sleep/while the kids are sleeping- at night, right?  But you have to take care of the toddlers all day and try to grab naps, right?  Do you get this uneven picture here?

That's what "working from home" turns out to be - you get to work all night and odd times during the day, but never get to sleep.  Between doing housework, tending babies, dealing with angry men, there is no life.  And MTing is stressful.

Forget the house.

Get him out.

Get childsupport started.  You don't need him there to babysit - he's sleeping while he is "babysitting"!

Save your money.

There, is that a plan? 

All things will fall into place after that.  Who knows, maybe you can be director of medical records instead of MTing at the hospital with your schooling. 


simple answer to

They think that typing medical reports make them as smart as doctors.

I think the answer is simple
some people are just faster typists than others. I had 2 bosses that both typed circles around me and yet I average 130-140 wpm. I think you could have all kinds of macros, etc. and still if your speed is slower, well that says it all.
You can't-- simple answer-- I use my - sm
autotext for that.
Plain and simple answer: No.

That is ridiculously low pay. Even if you are the fastest Transcriptionist in the world and you work 16 hours a day, you still would barely be able to make ends meet. Do you really want to live like that?

If you can do this job part-time so that you will have the experience to put on your resume, go for it. But constantly be on the lookout for something that pays better and when you find it, grab it.

The girl was 13, the rapist a distant relative they took in. Give money, give food and your time, b
you don't put your family at risk by taking in strangers. That's just plain foolish. There were over 3300 registered sex offenders in NO. Where are they now. In your community? Perhaps in your house? Good luck.
oh our lovely government does give illegals medicaid, foodstamps, and housing so in term we give tha
i have been through some rough times lately and had to apply for some help. there are signs, big signs, all over our offices saying "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LEGAL TO GET HELP". so we and our government do give them our benefits whether they are legal here or not. now that is messed up. i am helping to support them so they can take away my jobs and i can't even support my kids and yes i get benefits, wow $75 a month in food stamps which lasts not even a week in a household of 6. don't get me wrong, i am thankful for any help at the moment, but i get penalized for trying to work my tail off and still can't survive.

there was recently an article in our local newspaper where one of our local school districts tried to charge $1000 a year for each illegal student enrolled. it was bulked and the illegals got a lawyer to sue for discrimination. the school district merely stated that they had to HIRE extra teachers that could speak the foreign language just to teach these children and were trying to offset some of the expenses. ridicilous!! so again our taxpayers money is paying to educate illegals as well.
Aw come one give her a break. She said she was sorry and is willing to refund. Give her a chance to

do what is right.  If she fails to do what is right, then go about this in an adult way and not act like such a child.  "you suck"  That is so immature.

She is responding to you and you are eating her alive.  Why would she put herself out there to be treated like this if she didnt mean it. 

I am really astonished at how people can act on here.  Would you treat people like this in person?  If you do, I cant imagine you having very many friends. 

Remember we are all "HUMAN." 


Tell him you'll give him your macros if he'll give you his Lexus, his ski cabin, and (nm)
And a simple Google said nothing
about the lung. End of comments.
Huh? A simple google would have brought you to this...sm
Did a search on google and saw the ads.
I will make some phone calls today. I don't wear my rings and have no heirs so it seems like the thing to do.

Thank you both for responding.
Try this in your Google search.
Type it exactly as it appears below and you will find that you have hits for Amazon and Tiger Direct on the first page, either 2007 or 2003 version alone.

Had you done a google search, you would have...
found this link which explains how to get rid of it.

Might be careful in the future clicking on anything without downloading to desktop first and checking for authenticity as well as virus problems or spam. Good luck!
If you do a google search you can
find some. When I left MQ, Cobra was going to be $900+ for me. I found insurance for less than $200 a month for me and the kids, just used it temporarily until I could qualify for it at my new job. There are some out there.
Found both on a Google Search
The reason I asked this is because the dictator spelled Tisseel, and I have always used Tisseal, and in doing a Google search, both of them are listed and both are used as tissue glue.  Just wondered if there was a difference.
Google search hints...sm

This is an interesting video about techniques for Google searching IF anyone needs help.

I have had problems with buffering on some of these sites (buffering...a few words...buffering ... a few words). I usually wait until it goes to the end and then hit play and it will play all the way through. There may be someone on here that can tell us how to do this part better! Any suggestions welcome!

You may have to copy and paste this...don't know.  Hope this helps some of you. It helped me!


A brief google search reveals several

hits about upgrading from XP Home to Pro by purchasing an upgrade and not a full installation. 

I don't see why you would have to reinstall anything after doing an upgrade either. 


I think there was a google icon by the search
Google custom search for MTs

Hi y'all,

Came across this customized search engine for MTs. Thought I'd share it with all of you. I've used it and it does work for sure. Search results are more focused and relevant. Definitely better than the general Google search that throws up all kinds of irrelevant results sometimes. Link below.



You can do a google search for list
of dangerous abbreviations.
If you know the county that he was divorced in, do a google search
for that county's public records website. Where I live, I can access the county's public records via web and lookup by last name and first name and these are free searches as they are public records. If he had any prior record of domestic violence, it will show up there.
It's mentioned in a few journals on a Google search. nm
Search Google for AVG free antivirus
Do a Google search for comments on other forums. Don't think they
go to Company Board, go to Search For: box (not google box),
Do a Google search for free medical dictionary NM
Here are two free market listings. You can google search for
freelance writing or editing market/job listings, too.

Writers Write market database

Writers Weekly market listing
Is there a way to do a ''wildcard'' search on Google for medical terms?nm
Macro to Search Google from Microsoft Word?
I found one on the net, but when I pasted it in, it would not work.

My version of Word is Word 97. Thanks.
Do a Google search for ABCZ for lots of sites.
Company Board, go down to MTstar Search Box (not Google)
do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
Google search shows TigerDirect and belkin.com both carry this. nm
Some rates were posted a few pages back. Search the Google
Something great-- Using Google-- set to use the automatic function of completing the search
For anyone like myself who never used the automatic completion function of Google, IT IS GREAT.

I just started using it, and when I typed in like the first 2 words of something I had never heard before, like say you were typing "sphincter of", then sphincter of Oddi would be one of the choices that Google would automatically bring up.

This is so great! What a time saver. Try it.

Someone with more tech expertise can maybe say how to set the settings so the Google automatic completion comes on. sometimes it would be there and sometimes not, but I downloaded some add-on for Firefox that makes it always there. It was the "Customize Google" add-on for Firefox.

So, if you are using Firefox (Mozilla) browser, go to the add-on page (Google it) and then download the "Customize Google" add-on and then set the settings. I think this was the most useful. There is a way to set it from Google, but it kept not working somehow, the settings would go away.

Other downloads I have used-- other Firefox add-ons that I found helpful: Adblock Plus. Google Toolbar for Firefox (different than Customize Google), and Auto Copy. -- Auto Copy will automatically put whatever you select on a Web sit onto your clipboard, so you can paste it right into the document.

Hope someone finds this all helpful. Thanks for all your gals' help over the years. I have learned a lot and got a lot of tips, and so wanted to post this.
Found google icon by search bar onGab board
Do google search for Switch Sound File Converter...
and follow instructions - VERY easy!
Blog about it on wordpress.com - it will show up in google/search engines. This really works.
Categorize each post with as many tags as you can type related to medical, any words you can think of that people would search for. Maybe someone with SEO experience can chime in here? :) :) :)
The categories show up as "tags" show up in search engines.

We need to blog-
Information about the issue.
A form letter peoople can print/sign/mail.
Contacts/Snail Mail of government officials where people can send the mail too.

We can also give information who they can contact at their local hosptial to find out if their records are going to India/Asia. Most people don't know to ask for the director of health information or operations manager.

Also ad the url to your blog to google:

We could also link to one another blog's.

Is there someone willing to post a form letter? We could copy and paste it in our our blogs. My writing skills are not good enough yet. ;)

I'm not a Transcriptionist yet but I know about wordpress categories and google. This works!

Yes, of course I'm half afraid if I leave him I won't find someone else and half afraid that I will!!  I'm old enough and had enough good and bad times with men that I really don't think it would be the end of the world if I lived the rest of my life alone.  It's maybe what I would not choose but it might have some positives in the long run.  At least that's what I tell myself when I'm feeling good, during the middle of the night is another story....

Break-ups are tough.  How do you stay on course.  You get lonely, you miss him, you doubt your judgment, you want to try again, you tell yourself maybe you were too hard on him......

I think I should go to a counselor, it's just that it's quite expensive and as I said, I'll be paying for it out of pocket.  I think they will tell me pretty much what you have.

It sounds like things have worked out for you.  I thank you for your insight and help.

The payperiod I average 16,000 lines is a bimonthly payperiod. It runs 1st through the 15th and 16th through end of the month. It is WAY more than the minimum requirement. I am EXPECTED (with that employer) to do a minimum of 6000 lines per payperiod but the incentive is just too good to pass up.

See my post below if you want to know more. Or ask me. I'm not hiding anything. I'll tell you straight up what works for me.
Yea.. I used to think that. Now, for me, the answer is, no.

but again, you should go for it.  You might love the challenge and have a really great team that will help you not have to roast over the flames.  Its always possible! 

Godspeed my friend, do it if you want to.  It really might be the best thing you ever did!  Or not, but either way, you will know for sure! 

I can only answer for myself. sm
I never applied for a supervisor's job.  When the super quit because of stress I was asked (no begged) to take the job (in the office) until a qualified supervisor could be hired.  Time dragged on until I finally had to say either a supervisor was hired in 2 weeks or I would be quitting in two weeks.  I never enjoyed being "the boss," don't know why...I just didn't. Another thing.....I abolutely HATE being told lies.  I was told by an MT that she couldn't cover her 3rd shift assignment (guess who did cover it) because her grandmother had died...that was the 6th time AFTER I started counting, no telling how many grandmother's she had all told.  I guess some people enjoy being the boss for one reason or another.
my first answer is, of course, neither but (sm)
if I HAD to choose, I guess I'd say A...rather give it to some poor children than some rich b****.
a better answer would have been

leaving off the "jerk" comment, and recommend that people contact the MQ office they are affiliated with to see what that particular office wants them to do.

Anyone doing DQS...please answer this for me.

When I need to enter a NEW HEADING, I type it in, then it brings up a new box that says "type in new heading"...I finish typing it, hit OK or whatever, and it puts the new heading in my report.

BUT...it doesn't KEEP The new heading!  ARG!  It stays on the drop down list of headings for THAT REPORT ONLY but then when I do a new report, the new heading never shows up.

What am I doing wrong?  Help!! 

I don't quite understand what you mean by the style they prefer, I worked there 4+ years, it is either feast or famine, not a very honest bunch.  You can make money for short periods of time until they over hire and run the account out of work and make promises to you they won't keep.  They don't have very good communication and rarely return calls or emails.  Their platform is not too bad, seen better, but easy to use.  I would like clarification though by what you mean by the style they prefer?
the answer is
New blood who don't ask for much, job a low line rate and glad to have a job. They don't see that the experienced workers will soon all be gone.