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any suggestions ??? see inside. TY

Posted By: I am permitted to "fix" to make my md sound on 2005-09-16
In Reply to:

The patient has recently had a hard time controlling her bowels, most noticeably when she eats and she is out.  She had an accident in the past month and would like further evaluation.


Thanks in advance.

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Suggestions inside

This is a good article for all MTSOs to read:


thanks to both for suggestions
don't know why i didn't think of this one...it just might work.
Thanks for all the suggestions. sm

I'm not very adventurous so I don't know how I'd like stripes or room themes, but I'm looking for a splash of color here and there.  I did like the idea of the pale blue sponge roller over white walls for the living room and a tan color for the dining room to make it a little more formal.  I think we're going to give that a try.  The sponge roller will give a little hint of color without making me feel anxious with the too busy or loud.

Thanks again, all

Thanks for your suggestions
I appreciate your suggestions. I have no typos in my resume or cover letter, I have contacted the phone company and let them know that I need DSL for a job, and I have received feedback from my online tests. I did have a position offered to me recently but I didn't have DSL and had to turn it down. I'm sure something will come along eventually. It is just discouraging to be so excited about entering a new career only to find so many hurdles. I guess it will only make me stronger. Your encouragement helps.
suggestions, please!

I need to order a .wav pedal, player and a word expander.  Anyone with info on a good pedal/player reasonably priced? Files will be sent to me as dss files.  Is there a good web site for new/preowned MT software?



Thanks for all the suggestions.
The IRS check came through in the mail today, so my backside got saved big time.  I also got a second job offer today, so I'm going to work two jobs for a while.  At least until Christmas.  Then I'll decide which job is better or if I can handle both on a permanent basis.  I do have some stuff to sell on ebay, so that'll be some quick cash.

Here's my 2 cents for whatever it is or isn't worth.  Bear in mind that I'm my own worst critic.  The hours worked and dependability aside, the first thing I would do is honestly evaluate my own work.  In other words, what criteria did I use to determine that all the work, or at least that not QA'd by myself, was crappy work?  Was the work really crappy or am I a "comma freak" or did I send QA feedback in a constructive rather than a critical way.?  Sh*t runs both way, QA people can kill even a good MT; MTs can also kill a good QA person.

As for the other QA person,  I personally wouldn't give jealousy the time of day unless that QA person was in a position to QA my QA, in which case; yes, she could give you serious problems since many company's management do not have a clue about the work an MT does and wouldn't know quality from crap.  Thus, they listen to the employees they trust and jealousy just doesn't factor in.  The only thing one can do about that is hope they don't get cross-ways of a jealous type person.

After evaluating myself and finding I had done my best and that every aspect of my job had been above reproach; then I would tell this company to take their job and stick it where the sun doesn't shine and I'd move on down the road until I found a company that would appreciate my dedication and hard work.

Good luck to you and don't let this get you down.  While they're hard to find, there are still companies out there who appreciate hard work and dedication and whose management understands MTs because they have been there, done that themselves.


I don't know what Harry & David is, but.. over the years I have given/received flavored coffee, Godiva chocolate, gift cert for lunch at local restaurant, book of car washes,  package of CDs, certificate for massage at local health club (my favorite!), manicure certificates. 

Wow! THanks for these suggestions!

I am going to try the "propping" of the keyboard and see if that helps.  I think I will also order the Smartgloves and Handeze and give them a try.  I used to take glucosamine and chondroitin and I seemed to develop hip pain when I did.  When I stopped it, the pain went away.  Tried it again, the pain returned.  I can't imagine why that would happen.  Maybe I should give that another shot just in case! 

I have been tested for thyroid in the last year, and many years before that, and it is always negative.  I have so many of the low thyroid symptoms.  Oh well...

Thanks everyone so much!

Here's some suggestions for you...

First off go to the local library and look at the April 2005 issue of Consumer Reports.  Each year they rate new/used cars for reliability and it's a great way to see what vehicles have shown to be reliable in your price range and which ones you should run from.

Once you've narrowed down a car regardless of where it comes from you should pay to have a CarFax report run. This report will tell you if the car has been in any accidents. 

After CarFax clears the vehicle then you'll want to hire an independent mechanic to check out the vehicle.  While this will cost you around $100-150 it would be well worth it as they'll tell you if the vehicle is truly in the state the owner says.   Even if you get a car from a dealership with a supposed warranty always pay someone else to review the vehicle because you don't know for sure that the dealer's "checking people" will be honest in their claims on the quality of the vehicle.

Good luck on the search and let us know what you end up with!




More suggestions

If you're into sports how about giving yourself a Christmas present of some golf lessons?  That's one sport you can actually play alone or just go to the driving range...subtle advertising of your availability.  

Loew's and Home Depot sound good in theory but I wouldn't recommend it, more likely to meet someone else's honey-doer.  If you're interested in handy men, maybe volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?

If you are at or near senior status, either join or volunteer at, or join, your local Senior Center.  Lots of single, lonely old geezers there.  Membership starts at age 50 I believe, volunteering at any age.

If you like bingo, try your local American Legion, many of them around the country have weekly bingo games.  Lots of middle age singles go there.

Get active in joining and/or volunteering.  You need to be around people.

 My Christmas wish for you is that Santa will bring you your soul mate.


With accommodations for an extra dog being an issue for you, and since you have done everything within reason to try to locate the owner, I would say a week would be long enough.  You said yourself you have all fallen in love, and the longer you wait the harder it will be on her as well because she will start to think of you as her family.  I know most of us canít help but have fears about taking a dog to the pound, but most of them really do excellent work in placing as many animals as possible, and making sure they are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots.  If you have to take her there, you many want to consider a donation towards her adoption fee, as having part of the fee prepaid will go a long way in helping someone choose to adopt her.  Another option you may consider is contacting a lab rescue group, they will place them in foster homes and thoroughly screen potential new owners to try to find the best home possible.  You may want to visit someplace like petfinder.com to find a rescue group near you.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions! :) NM

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Maybe I can save my furniture and my sanity. LOL
Other suggestions for FTP

www.YouSendIt.com is another solution for e-delivery of large files, for low-volume users.

If you are looking for free FTP -client software, though, check out this link:



My suggestions
The poster above is right on it, for one. Slowly start adjusting the speed of your dictation and push yourself a bit, just so you have to work a little harder to keep up.

Learn as many keystroke combinations/shortcuts as possible -- avoid the mouse as much as possible.

Use your word expander: Put words, phrases, chunks of text in it. You should just be gliding along, rarely typing an entire word.

Don't eat/drink/smoke while you are typing - it takes your hands off the keyboard. Only do that during a break.

Most importantly for me is to set a specific goal for that 1 or 2-hour block and concentrate VERY hard on getting it. Push. Reward yourself with a short break when you're done. Then start again. Don't view your day as "8 hours" or "10 hours" ... look at it in 2-hour chunks of time.

Be well rested and eat lightly before you start typing.

Make sure you are comfortable and well supported in your desk and chair situation, lighting, even perhaps a little light music in the background.

Believe that you can do it. YOU CAN!!!
I need suggestions, please (sm)

ham, potato salad - used to always go with a hot dinner, but a few years ago started making potato salad instead and like this idea better  - BUT - can't think of a vegetable.  Okay to have a hot vegetable with potato salad??  If so, what?  Green beans seem like Christmas, corn, no.  Can't decide.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  thanks

Any suggestions . . .
for reasonably priced DSL?  Suggestions would be appreciated.  Verizon charged me 62.17 this month as my introductory offer is over.  Does this sound like too much?   With the price of gas I need to cut corners somewhere.  Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your suggestions . . .
I am going to call them. I thought my introductory offer ended the first 3 months. Now I reached the 6 month mark and it went up again. I think my bill should be the same every month by now.
Can anyone help with suggestions? sm

Hi!  I just began working for an online company this week full-time, which I *LOVE*, especially after coming from a prior management position that was very stressful.  My main problem, though, is with productivity.  I used to type 120 wpm and could roll through 1200 lines a day with no problem whatsoever, and now I'm really struggling to get this minimum line count in.  This company has a tremendous platform, lots of training help, etc., and it's not that - I think it's primarily due to my physical issues, so I'm hoping for advice here.

I have RA/mixed connective tissue disease and just started seeing an occupational therapist this week, who is going to work on increasing my strength in my arms, which she says have gotten extremely weak, and has also given me some compressive gloves to wear at night to reduce my hand swelling.  I look forward to seeing the changes there, but primarily now need help with some things that I thought my fellow MTs could help with:

1.)  Ergonomically, I've got a decent desk and chair, but am going to get something better in the future, after I move into a larger home.  Any suggestions on where to look for the best desk ergonomically?  My OT even suggested the articulating arms, but I like resting my arms on a desk - so perhaps an executive desk would be best for me.

2.)  Chairs.  This is always an issue with me.  I have a nice chair with massage, but still not very comfortable.  I also need a way to elevate my legs, as they are severely swollen and uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to use a reclining chair with a foot rest - but wonder if you have any ideas here, too?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.  I know it will get easier as time goes on, but for now I'm really struggling so am having a hard time getting going in the mornings b/c I'm up late the night before getting my minutes in, etc., so it's just a viscious cycle.  Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Any suggestions for
My feet tend to swell while I'm working. I alternate feet while I'm working and try to alternate propping them up, but they still tend to feel swollen, especially by the middle/end of the day.  I was thinking support hose, but I don't know, any suggestions? 
What about Italian sausage subs with onions and peppers? Or a "sub" night with all sorts of assorted deli meats and cheeses, with all the fixings?
What about making slow-cooked BBQ pork ribs in the crockpot?
What about a "breakfast" dinner with eggs and smoked sausage?
A salad night with chicken, tuna, potato, macaroni, and green salads? My husband loves those during the summer. Then we have leftover salads for lunches the next day.
What about shepherd's pie with ground meat, mashed potatoes, and some type of vegetable (peas, or green beans, or corn) layered?
What about an "assemble yourself" chef's salad with all the fixings including pieces of grilled chicken and assorted cheeses and dressings?
Hope these suggestions spark some new ideas for you. :)

Thanks for the suggestions....sm
Thanks everyone..there are some really good ideas on there..

Most of all, "thanks, KB" for sticking up for me! I agreed with everything you had to say and appreciate you!
My suggestions are...sm

I love exercise videos and have just about everything you can think of.

Some good beginner videos are Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, Tamilee Webb's I Want That Body, Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weight II, and Iron Yoga.

Also, beachbody.com has great videos.  I have done Slim in 6, Slim Series, P90, and I'm currently working on P90X.  For your situation, Slim in 6 and Slim Series would be great. 

I buy most of my videos on Ebay.  You might want to check there first before buying new. 

My local library also has exercise videos.  In fact, that's what got me interested in them.  I tried almost all of their videos and I purchased the ones that I loved.  Try checking with your library to see if you can get them there.

Thank you for the suggestions!
I appreciate all of your feedback and I look forward to trying out all of the new ideas!!! Thanks!
I don't have any suggestions...sm
because I have thankfully never had to go through anything like this, but I will keep your friend in my prayers.
I need suggestions please (sm)
I have been using an Expander for years now, and I am still typing out "thrombocytopenia."  Every time I make up a short form, I forget what it is, and waste time looking for it, so then I just type it out, but I am getting sick of it.  Any suggestions?

Believe it or not, use lop for thrombocytopenia...you know, lack of platelets. I know, I know, I'm different but it works for me!

2 but below were suggestions about how to maybe use on more than that.
Thanks for the suggestions. NM
Just some suggestions...
I would take a refresher course and study the AAMT book and then apply to lots of places.  If they are worried about the amount of time you have been away, then asked to be tested...  Good luck!
Looking for suggestions!! sm

I have had a small acount for the past 6 years.  They are very happy with my service, but they are really needing to scale back on cost.  They thought they were going to go with EMR, bought the computers, software, monthly fees etc.  Now, it has been 3 months since the original date they were supposed to start office training because this company has yet to have an "interface" for them to use.  Anyway, the OM called me today "pulling out her hair" and sick of the "jerking around" this other company is giving them.  She told me she wanted me to put in an offer or any ideas so that they could possibly keep my service, but they really need to cut cost. 


My only cost is a monthly FTP site of $55 and $10/monthly for Efax.  I type it and send it back via PcAnywhere.  Their billing averages between $1400 and $2000 every two weeks.  I charge them 12 cents per gross line.  I pay my one TX (my mom) 10 cents per 65 character.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do here or offer? 




I was looking into a FTP site and Bulletproof is one.  The fee for the server-on your side would be around 39.00 and they would use the Client-Dr. office on their end, fee, I think is around the same.  This is a one-time fee.  Check is out.


suggestions anyone

Okay, so I may be silly here, but just wondering other opinions on this.  If there is a mistake made on a note, for example an added dictated by at the bottom that was wrong, is this really a considered a critical error with all companies out there? 

I could be wrong, but I feel as though since the body of the report had no errors that this really would not be something critical and cause the company to lose this doctor's work.  Doesn't it seem like there would be other things going on here?  Let me know how you all feel!


No, but thanks for the suggestions
There were 12 core specimens sent in 6 bottles, so maybe the words I'm looking for have to do with pair.  I listened again, and it just really sounds like pair lies or paralyze.  Arghhh!!!!
Any suggestions....

I have a friend, who would like to start doing some data entry from home.  She is looking for a part-time job.  Does anyone know of any reputable companies where she can apply.  I am at a loss.  Thanks so much!


You have to convert the tapes to a digital format before you will be able to send them to an FTP site. If you would like to have further info on how to do that, please contact me via email. 

What has worked for me in the past is to create a professional-like flyer/letter and send it to doctors in your local phone book. 

Help and Suggestions Please

I just took a test with a company I really wanted to work for.  I was told I did well on the actual transcription part other than some AAMT errors.  I was told I did not do well on the written test due to AAMT errors as well, scoring an 80, when they were looking for a 92 to 95 percent.

I have transcribed only psych reports for the past 15 years, and I never had to adhere to AAMT.  As a matter of fact, I had never heard of it until coming on this board. 

I have purchased an AAMT Book of Styles, Second Edition to study.  Does anyone have any other ideas for me other than going back to school.  My hearing is excellent and I know, or am able to look up medical terminology, etc. with no problems.  I do not think school is the answer for me. 

Any ideas?




Suggestions please

I am a Transcriptionist at a local hospital.  For the last 6 years, the boss has been promising at-home transcription.  I think we are getting a little closer.  I received an e-mail asking me to participate on the committee for at-home transcription.  Whew!  But, let me fill you in on some background - we have a service that is doing our wound notes, psych notes, and occasionally some backlog.   I have read numerous times about going home and then slowly a service takes over.   We have recently gotten speech recognition and are currently training on that.  Of course, the service we have also has speech recognition, but our account is not - as of yet anyway!  So that makes me a little nervous!

I would like some input on guidelines that some of you may have working for a hospital at home -- if there are "red flags" that I should be aware of, what we are entitled to working at home (if any), and any other little thing that any of you have experienced.  I would like to be "educated" on this matter before I attend the meeting next week.  I don't really know what to ask. Is it a good idea to go home?  Would the hospital require us to work different shifts? All this for the "privilege" of working at home?  I do know she had mentioned that we need a specific line count per day for the ones working at home.  My question, of course, is why just us when we don't have a specific line count now.

Any suggestions and experiences would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks a bunch!!


Any suggestions on this?
My system is running slow as molasses.in have DSL, just had new ram installed to bring to 1.5 gb and my dictation is coming through in jerks, I am typing faster than the screen and having to wait on it. Oh, defragmented also. Any suggestions on what I can do, should do?? Thanks.
Looking for suggestions...

Hi everyone.  I'm looking for suggestions about how to acquire new accounts.  Right now I work for a small company as an independent contractor, which I happen to love, though they did recently lose an account and we have been low on work since the summertime.  I also have my own small account where I transcribe for two, sometimes three, doctors.  The problem is that, because my company has been low on work, I have not been making enough money to get me through.  I am interested in staying with the company and acquiring a couple of small accounts of my own so that I won't have this problem.  I have tried cold calling doctors' offices and even had postcards made that I have mailed to over 100 local practices, but I have not received even one response.  What do those of you suggested who have either started your own company or have acquired accounts of your own?  I thought it might be best to try to stick with smaller practices since maybe they would be less likely to go with voice recognition, though I have had one doctor who I was with for almost four years just recently go to VR, which is definitely putting many of us out of work. I have been a Transcriptionist for 18+ years, working out of my home, and I have found that I am not a very desirable candidate for jobs outside the home.  Employers seem to think that when you have worked at home for so long you have been out of the loop.  Not to toot my own horn, but I am very good at this.  I work long, hard hours and always do my best and, truthfully, I don't want to go back to work in an office.  Can some of you give me advice?  I have even asked the doctors from my own small practice to refer me to others, but they don't seem to know of anyone looking for a transcriptionist, and I can't really go to my company becuase that would be a conflict of interest and I really want to stay with them.  I just need to supplement my income.  Any ideas?  And thanks in advance to those of you who respond.

I do have some suggestions
How are you sleeping with your arms positioned at night?  If they are folded up, try to keep them straightened out and in a more natural position.  Try the MS split keyboard.  Look for a keyboard with a very easy soft touch - you may have to try quite a few - the split keyboard helps me with shoulder/neck pain and with the CTS.  Try some PT exercises with playdough and gently lifting 8 oz and 16 oz tomato cans doing a biceps curl type exercise.  Take some vitamin B.  I've had bilateral CTS for 20 years and I'm still functional without surgery.  I can no longer type for 8 hours a day though,4-6 is my limit.  Try not to rely on splints - they will only make you feel weaker in the long term, although if you have a great deal of inflammation they might be good for a brief period of rest. I would seek a sports med and OT/PT evaluation also.
I am going back to acute care having been doing strictly radiology for the past six years.  My reference books are old.  Any recommendations for me?  Am particularly interested in a good drug index.  Thanks!!
Some suggestions (SM)

Go to your local adult school and take computer courses, workshops, maybe eight 2-hour sessions.  Nothing in-depth, but at least learn Microsoft Office.  You'd be surprised how many non-people jobs require these skills. 

Do data entry for a banking center at night.

Enroll in a completely online college program for coding or for your Bachelor's degree (I've attended Baker College online - it was terrific, but hard work!)  My father got his Bachelor's degree in his 50's, while working full time and traveling, though retired 6-7 years later.  It can be done!!

Try to find MT/employee work at a local hospital who will eventually let you work from home.

Become an MT instructor for an entirely online course.  No direct people skills, at least.

Do you like physical activity/work?  Pick up some PT housecleaning or janitorial or yard work on the side.  Everyone I know who does this work turns down work and makes just as much if not more money than at-home MTs (seriously).  Just some thoughts.

Why not wait until you see what a future job wants for references? Most employers will ask for a list of past employers, whom they will contact. If they ask for "personal" references, you can supply the names of people who know you. Fewer employers do this, due to liability concerns.

Many applications ask if they can contact your current employer prior to offering you a job. They understand that you might lose your job because of an inquiry. Just explain that you have not yet given notice and ask them to wait until they're sure they want to hire you. They can make hiring you contingent upon verification from them after you take the job.

In the past, one would get letters of reference from an employer or individual. When you applied for a new job, you would show them the letters. That practice has fallen by the wayside--they're too easy to forge.

Today, they will check with past employers. Some employers only verify the dates of employment. Some even ban supervisors from providing any sort of reference due to liability concerns.

That isn't a problem, because your future employer is familiar with this. They know that it's difficult to get the old-style reference and they don't expect it. They know they need to get their information based on what they, themselves, see in you.

This is why job applications and interviews are so much more important today. They are often the ONLY thing that the employer considers. You have to present yourself well there because there is no past employer around to counter a weak impression formed by a poor presentation. There is no past employer to say "This person's work is excellent, so overlook the messy resume and the poor performance on the interview!"

Some suggestions

One of the things that I learned as a rookie 24 short years ago, was to keep a notebook for your "word book".  Index it alphabetically.  What I was taught to do was to enter words, drugs and other terms that I had to look up - the first time I had to look them up.  Make sure that when you make your entries that you use appropriate capitalization.   This was a life saver for me.  Everything is in one book.  You can also make notes next to your entries, for example if a particular dictator uses a particular word or phrase repeatedly I would not that next to the entry.  This came in very handy.  You don't have to keep your entries in strict alphabetical order, just by letter should be fine.  You will get to know which terms/drugs/phrases you are having to look up often.  It is a great way of reinforcing what you are hearing.   I also agree with the other MT who suggested you get a notebook.  When transcribing on a new or unfamiliar account I would always print sample reports and keep them in a notebook also in alpha order by dictator.  Of course if you do this you need to black out any identifying patient information. 

Expanders are also great.  Use your imagination when using Expander programs.  A book worth taking a look it is one about saving keystrokes. Sorry the name escapes me.  There are lots of hints for combining different shortcuts.  Time is money in transcription and the more shortcuts you can use will make you a more productive MT.  I use Instant Text and it's worth its weight in gold.  Plus, after 24 years, I need to take care of my hands!  

A comfortable chair is a necessity.  I have recently begun using a balance ball chair.  After years of sitting and transcribing and the back, bone and joint issues that go along with that, I have found this to be a tremendous relief!  I find that I am not as stiff and sore as I was when I was using a regular office chair. 



some suggestions
I would make sure everyone has a copy of the resignation letter just as a common courtesy. In regard to how much you like your supervisor.....I would only include an comment if it is positive. You never want to leave a negative remark in copy (not on phone) somewhere to remain in your employment file. You never know what the future holds, and you don't want a negative comment to come back and bite you.
Thanks for your suggestions....
Thanks for the suggestions.
I guess I have some homework to do!!! : )
Suggestions please
my computer is getting bogged down really bad, been running slower and slower for the past several weeks almost to the unbearable point now, have to wait forever for anything to open or download including email, also gets stuck when trying to switch between screens, does anyone know of any maintenance tools I can run to help this problem, desperate, feel like it might crash even though I have never had that happen.  Running AVG so I'm pretty sure I'm not infected, any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.