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but cable is faster than DSL

Posted By: no on 2007-09-03
In Reply to: Cable or DSL - ng


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not sure, but I was told that cable was faster sm
than DSL. Again, I am not real computer literate, but that is just what I was told. I did find it to be the truth in my case.
Cable is still faster, though there isn't a significant difference.
My DSL goes out frequently and for periods of time.  When my cable went out it was only for about 15 minutes at most.   I had cable through Time Warner and they suck big time, which is the only reason I don't still have cable.   It will take a little time adjusting because you will notice a difference, but it isn't significant and you'll get used to it. 
Your cable speed is faster than my DSL. You're fine.
The faster they grow, the faster then fall.....sm
Faster growing trees (soft wood) like pines, Leyland pines, Australian pines and,I would surmise, fast growing poplars -- I have trouble with regular poplars where I live -- are more susceptible to come down during a storm.

You may want to try a bush-like plant such as red tip,which does grow quite tall but stands up better than the above trees.
They think the faster they talk - the faster you type - LOL EOM

My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
Comcast cable has ULD that goes through their cable sm
and there are no limitations. I asked them. They said that you could use the phone 24/7 and it would make no difference. The cable modem has a telephone connection and backup battery in there, all in one unit. If you lose your power, the backup battery kicks in for 12 hours I think they said. I personally was reluctant but it is clearer than Verizon regular phone service. Clear as a bell! It is $39.95 a month. If you have any cable service, you might want to check and see if they have this. This is VOiP protocol but I just have never seen anything that was as clear as theirs.

If Comcast has this, it is my guess that the other cable internet services either have it or will have it in the future. This is fairly new with Comcast.
New one should be faster and okay (sm)
even though the number is lower.  Dual processor is faster.  You should be fine!
Just trying to get faster
I was given some instruction regarding that, but I don't see how someone can be listening very much ahead of where they are typing. I don't think my brain can do that. Is it just me? It seems that would lead to lots of mistakes.

Also, it seems I take my foot off the pedal a fair amount. Is that normal?

This seems to be one of those things that is hard to get a handle on because there are so many variables. I think it would be helpful to watch (and hear the dictation) someone who is really fast to get a better handle on how it's done, but I have never had that opportunity.

Any more info that can be verbalized will be very much appreciated.

It would be faster and easier to ask
which companies treat their MTs well than to go through the masses that haven't treated people well.
Faster typing
Well, my mother insisted I know how to type, so I took 2 years (yes 2 years) of typing in high school, so my typing speed was pretty fast to begin with (though I graduated high school over 20 years ago!) I have a friend who did the "Mavis Bacon" or whatever it is called typing software and that really helped her pick up speed.

I use Instant Text and try to put in everything. I have been an MT for just under 2 years. I do acute care, and I average 260 lph. On days I'm lucky enough to get a good run of ER reports - I can easily do 350+ plus per hour because most of it is canned, and I have jump codes in my expander, so I can whiz through a lot.

Good luck!
Have shorthand too. ESP is faster as far as (sm)
for example, physical exams for certain doctors, paragraphs, things like that that are pretty much standard.  ShortHand you have to wait for it to print out.  That's my only experience so far.  Have only been on ESP for a short time.  Plan to keep my shorthand too, though unless anyone can tell me why that's not a good idea.
Why? because I can type faster than you
CD - so much faster- love them!! nm
You may be able to edit faster than
transcribe, but you are still doing twice the amount of lines for the same pay. After some time, the VR will start to recognize more terms and require less input. At that time, you may not be needed at all on those accounts, or you will be asked to accept less money. Time will tell!
Same here...internet is faster...
and more updated.  I have spent a ton of money over the years on Stedman's electronic word books and you used to need them, but  now with google, MT-google,  and all of the MT resouce sites, don't think I'll be buying anymore.  But I can see perhaps someone just starting out... especially the Medical Phrase Index is a big help to new MT's.  Wish that reference was on a CD.
Factoid: Rabbits are faster than even this --- SM
An unspayed female cat, her mate, and all their offspring would produce 11,606,977 kittens in 9 years. LOL

I did for a few months. I can type faster.

It wasn't the thing for me.

Don't laugh... Some men type faster (sm)
than some women I know... They grasp the medical concept terms, etc. very quickly... So ladies...Watch out we may get more men in this field!!
Because DOS was much faster program to work in
and was easier to do everything. Windows based operations are much slower.
I once was told "type faster"
Does anyone have tips for typing faster?

Faster way to rerecord tapes
Is there a way I can rerecord tapes quicker to computer by playing tape double speed then slowing it down once finished?

Any suggestions on speeding this up will be appreciated. I have a lot of tapes to rerecord. BTW, my doctors do not want to use handheld units or a call-in system (for those of you who may suggest this).
so you have a platform that allows for faster editing but
not all are that way. In fact, I would venture to say most. Overall, most editors I talk to definitely make less money editing but are trying to stay alive in the MT world, i.e. segue into a job with a future?
cause is brain going faster than fingers
I don't think there's anything we can *do* about it - except perhaps proof better as we type and/or not type as fast as we are.....it's our own flaw..I think.....and every time I re-read - I find something omitted - so I'm re-reading it all :) 
Has anyone switched to Verizon isp for faster

I have dial up and that is all I can get.  Has anyone switched to Verizon and gotten a faster dial up speed than the ISP they had before switching?

How can I get a faster speed on dial up?


How do you make dial up faster?

I have Earthlink ISP and I have their accelerater, but I still need to have faster dial up as an MT for downloading and uploading so what do I do?  Is there a way to setup our computers to get a little more speed for our jobs?


Tips/tricks for getting FASTER
Hi all.... wondering if anyone would like to share some "trade secrets" for have better line counts, etc.  I have been a Transcriptionist for 12 years now and know there are ways of being more efficient and being quicker at this that hopefully I could take advantage of.  Thanks!  
Are some VR/ASR programs easier/faster to
Me, too. Can read faster than I can type.
I have BTDT and I am a spaz who's faster at QA (sm)
I'm kind of a jumpy person whose mind goes in all directions so I do best in situations where I'm either doing QA or doing lots of different and new stuff as opposed to sitting and trying to do repetitive work. Generally hourly QA works out better for me, at least it's steady pay.

Plus like someone else said, if you hate it, you should be able to go back to MT without any problem. I think most management people are aware that not everybody likes doing QA. And like someone else said, it definitely increases your marketability.

Congrats on your offer and good luck whatever you decide.
Clinic tends to type much faster...
so with your word Expander you could easily get up to 175 to 200 lines per hour, probably, a few months after starting work.  You may be able to get 2500 lines done in 15 hours or so.  Typically if you're working with a clinic you're going to have fewer docs to become familiar with and you're going to be able to create pretty decent templates for each one in your expander to save you lots of time.  Hard to say, though, exactly.  Good luck!
Do you type faster with music?
I love music (and rocking out!) but never have tried it while working. Does it help you to type faster?

Maybe I will try it!
I agree, faster by half, at least
My Expander has round about 6,000 entries and I add sometimes 20-30 more a day. I think I definitely type twice the amount I could without one.
Not going to make them grow up any faster sm
Sorry, but I have a duty to protect my child until they are an adult. When they are older, if they request that I leave the room during the exam, that is one thing, but no doctor is going to tell me I have to leave the room. My kids know about sex and that no one is to touch them except a doctor and only if necessary during an exam. But they are also still children, and while I don't baby them, I am in no hurry for them to lose their innocence. I absolutely love that my 11-y/o DD still loves her stuffed animals and plays Littlest Pet Shop games on her Nintendo DS. Kids these days are growing up too fast, and while I may be looked at as giving her a sheltered life, I would much rather have that than her trying to act like she is 16 already.
To make any computer run faster
Or invest in some CD-RWs.


For me, I felt I could type much faster than
the voice recognition.  It does take several weeks/a month for you to train your voice on the software, if you do it religiously, that is speaking and speaking to get it trained.  I found typing was much more efficient.  And yes, you can listen to files in Express Scribe and then "speak" the words and it will type them, but until it is fully trained, I don't think you will see much benefit.  Also, Word has speech tools that I used instead of buying Dragon, and it works just the same without spending all that money.  I would say give it a try and see if it works for you.  All of us are different and have different preferences.  You may end up liking it and it works well for you.  You just never know unless you try it out. 
I could have typed it faster and better using my word expanders.
This is the echo heard all over about ASR and companies have the nerve to want to cut salaries by 20% because ASR is supposed to increase production?!?!?
No, I mean physically type faster with my hands.
The lighter touch the keyboard the faster
you're likely to type.   A stiff keyboard tires your wrists and takes more energy, but it is you that need to learn to type faster/smarter.  Set your dictation speed up a little and try to keep up.  I have mine on 105 99.9% of the time, except when I get those dictators who are so fast that you hoping slowing down the speed will help.  You also need to use macros and get a word Expander and use it as much as possible.   As the saying goes you need to work smarter not harder. 
The faster person if accurate is justified
The slower people have absolutely nothing to complain about. That's like me saying it's not fair JLo makes money for singing because my voice isn't as good. I want a job with you also. I'm very fast. I would require 10 cents a line, FYI or 18 dollars an hour.
maybe a doctor would try it, but I type 10x faster than I write
Some who do ops tend to speak faster than lightening sm
I also see it as an excuse for a CYA for them. You have to watch them dictate to appreciate this, there's no need to talk that fast. You almost have to use their boiler plate op as they are unintelligible. They can always say, "That's not what I said." I don't trust those guys. Some ops are great, interesting, some are totally boring and monotonous, all have good and bad points. Psych reports are interesting but if you do them long enough you start to go "batty" - or perhaps it's just me. I like a mix.
I think they will see these newbies run faster and harder than we ever did if something doesnt suit.
It stinks. You can type it faster, it's tedious, it's tiring, and it's
I just use the * and the search and find feature; seems much faster than macros to me. nm
Can find Spheris, Precyse only if 37K or faster, & SoftScript so far. Sorry. nm
Sometimes flipping a book open is a lot faster than try to find
Nice tips, but to make any computer run faster
I get so frustrated when people tell me they need a new computer because theirs is to slow. The first question I ask is "how many pictures do you have on there?" Standard response "oh at least a couple hundred, but the guy at the store said it could hold Xamount" yes it can, and every picture/video you add is taking up space. Invest in a few flash drives!!
Repetative procedures you can template for faster lines..easy $$ nm
Here it is. when you call, you'll get an id number..that makes re-ordering faster. sm

Also, the custom sheet has to be specific..when we sent easter eggs..12 large eggs with jelly beans, 24 medium plastic eggs with jelly beans..etc. there are rules about what can be sent..for specific countrys..I'll look for that now.