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buzzing sound

Posted By: ER-MT on 2006-09-18
In Reply to:

Is anyone else hearing a buzzing sound when opening certain posts?  It sounds just like a bee buzzing - weird  ! 

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Buzzing Sound.

Change your computer sound settings for different actions while browsing sites.

Go to your:

Control Panels > Sounds & Audio Device > Sounds

See the image below.

MTStars Administration.

Regarding the buzzing. The ad that has a buzz sound file
attached to it has been queued for removal, however it usually takes a few days for Google to remove the ad.  We have no control over what appears, but we can remove ads.  Unfortunately, there is a wait time that is unavoidable. The buzzing only occurs when that particular banner appears.  When you hear the buzzing try refreshing the page or there are some instructions in the thread further down the page where you can set parameters regarding sound accordingly.
yes, I am hearing buzzing on certain posts; however, I do not see any associated blinking ads, etc.

I believe the buzzing issue has been resolved. If you
hear the buzzing again, please let me know. Thank you for your patience.
Administrator - is there hope for this buzzing on messages? sm
I'm getting the buzz on any message I click to read.  Good luck getting it to go away - it sounds like a bee buzz!!!
The buzzing accompanies some flashing ad near the bottom of the screen.
You are supposed to zap the mosquito. I have no idea what the product it, and refuse to look at those awful ads. The black and red flashing ones are just like a migraine symptom. I refuse to look at such annoying ads directly, so they sure aren't working on me.
Has anyone disconnected the internal sound card and replace with another sound card?

I am having problems with my sound on one of my computers.  Several different ExText program have been on it so I don't think it is the program and the sound is just now as clear as on my other computer.  Has anyone switched (disconnected the internal sound care and replaced) to a new sound card?  Did it make a difference. 

Everyone on this board is so knowledgeable, I really appreciate you.  You have helped me many times. 

You do sound FAT, but you don't sound RICh.
Go live in Iraq or something.
it does sound like a lot of
racil feelings are coming out in this thread...and that is a shame.
I know! You all sound like me
We might have to start our own MT group --the morning, noon, and night MTs or something like that.:)

I know your time is scarce so won't hold you. Just have to come here to give my ears a break from the dictation but back to work I go...
you sound like a 2 and 3 yr old
playing house
It does sound bad, but I think

We have these things going on all the time around us, but we just hear more about them now. And it seems since I have been watching Nancy Grace that there are many more unsolved murders and teens missing.

This may sound very odd...
but have you tried rubbing heated Castor Oil on your sore joints?

I know. It sounds strange. My mother has severe arthritis and she read that "somewhere" and tried it and now she swears by it.

Just trying to help.
Ohh, I like the sound of that lol Tell me more.
How do we find these hospitals?
You can still have that sound!...sm
You can download a free program and choose the sound you want your keys to make! They even have tap dance that my 11-year-old stepdaughter loves!
I think it's a trial program, but I like the clickity click so much that I may purchase it. This was posted under the production category because it seems to make you type faster. It helps me with my rhythm I think.

First, please don't think that I don't believe in helping others because I DO.  What I can't stand is for those you try to help to just take with no appreciation and then turn around and harm those in our community who try to help them.

Just before Christmas while watching the news the top story was of an elderly man who worked doing custodial work at a local hotel.  He was severely beaten and left for dead one night by 4 young males just because he asked them to quit tearing down the hotel's Christmas decorations.  Now when I say left for dead, I mean left for dead.  This man is still in the hospital and is still unrecognizable.  His doctors have said that he will need countless surgeries to rebuild his face ENTIRELY and will need 50 or more screws to hold it together.  Last night it broke that 2 of them were in custody (turned in by family members) and they picked the other 2 up today.  What is do disturbing is at least 1 of the 4 males is a Hurricane Katrina evacuee that had come to our city for shelter and assistance.

It is acts like this that make us weary about who we help and how we do it.  The beating of an elderly man is bad enough by itself but then to tell us it was someone who came to us for shelter and help responsible is just appauling.

I apologize for any typos but it is late and I am tired.  I just needed to sound off before I try to sleep.

They both sound better than
any doctor I've heard. "Living my life like it's golden..." :)
You sound exactly like me. My mom is
pretty much a workaholic, self image totally tied into her accomplishments, and I vowed I wouldn't do that to my kids either. I'm torn often though as of course I've got other personal ambitions, having some of my mom in me I guess, but I just can't imagine not being there for my kids.

That said, short of being some sort of consultant or having your own accounting business or something like that, I'm not sure what else a person could do to have this kind of flexibility.
Oh, my! You sound like me!!! . . .

I say it over and over again . . . VERIFY.  Do not transcribe what you THINK you hear.  If you don't know it with CERTAINTY, VERIFY it!!!!!

I try to be tactful and kind, but when the same things are done day after day, it isn't easy to be "nice."  I know sometimes I am rather short and to the point, but when some don't learn and don't change anything It becomes very, very frustrating. 

I could fill a book with the not-so-funny errors I see daily. 

Thanks! It does sound like fun. nm
You sound just like me, always know where everything is,
am the only one who can find things even if others look, and certainly don't ask, just do it myself. :)
How does this sound for QA?
I'll only be doing QA on each person for 2 weeks.  They offered $5.00 per MT and then a $25 bonus when they graduate from having to pend items to me.  I'm also training and get $10 per person, which is fine with me because I can train 10 people at once.   Any feedback is appreciated!
You don't sound old...
saying everything I was thinking...thank you! It's a job, plain and simple...go, do your work, go home, and forget about it...Life's way too short to stress over this...God bless!
Do you know that sound well?
you sound like me
my dog goes with me too, numerous places.  He is fun to have along and it all goes away until I come back to sit down and work again,but I feel a little relieved.  I always keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.
Can you provide more info. on Sound Medical Transcription? Do they have a website and/or how to contact them? Are they flexible? Thanks!
You sound like me...sm
I have been an MT for a year now. I do clinic but I did acute care for a couple of months and then the account got real slow and they put me back on clinic. I liked clinic a lot better. It is a lot easier. But it is good for you to do acute care because you are getting a wide variety of experience. My acute care account had tons of dictators on it. The only thing to do is keep at it. Or you may want to find another job with easier dictators. I am not the fastest typer either. But the only thing to do is hang in there and everyone says you will get faster and faster and you will learn more and more of the words you are having to look up. I do the clinic and only have 3 dictators and they are really good dictators. That is what I was offered and I have been doing that same clinic a year now. I really like it. But right now even on clinic I only do 100 or a little more than 100 an hour of lines. My friend told me she started out slow but she said you will keep picking up the speed.
What exactly are these? Is the sound better...sm
than regular headsets?
Sorry about your mom. You sound like
You know, you sound exactly...
like 'southernmt' above... the one who is trying to get the taxpayers to pay for her unplanned pregnancy.  Yeah, let everyone else work the crappy hours so you can take care of your kid.  Then you have the nerve to come on here and complain about your situation.  No wonder you can't find a good job.
You sound like me
I freak during typing tests and tend to ramble during job interviews.

I always say, some people can sound like they know what they are talking about when they have no clue, and I sound like I have no clue even when I know what I am talking about. Lol!
That doesn't sound right.
I had student loans and still did work study.  Also, contact the school's website and financial aid office for information about scholarships.  Local private scholarships are available through the National Guard, VFW, Elk's Club, BPW, etc.  They're for maybe $500-1,000, but there's very little competition for them.  You can find information about scholarships online, too, without having to pay or buy a subscription to anything.  The information's out there if you look for it.
Very sound advice...
and I appreciate the perspective - it can get you back on track...sometimes I get a little 'lazy' or just unmotivated...

Thank you for sharing.
Does sound yummy. I'm trying it.
You sound a bit jealous that you are too
stupid to do all that. Some people have the skills, some don't. No need to knock people who do. Sorry for your disability.
This may sound dumb, but..
where is the chat room?
Wow, it does sound as if you had a really bad experience.
One that was totally different than the rest of us had.  I'm sorry if I came across as if I was a know-it-all.  Just don't let one bad experience spoil it for you.  All nationals aren't like that.  You'll find your fit.
Thank you. It doesn't sound like it's for me then.
Can you tell us who this is with the bad sound quality? nm
You sound like MQ management...
I just now read your ridiculous post (I'm not on boards very often, just check occasionally to see what is going on or blow off steam).

MQ adjusted my compensation without telling me. Had they told me I would be making less per line, I would have sought employment elsewhere. I was hired with the verbal and written agreement that I would be paid on the basis of a 65-character line, i.e. space bar, commas, bolding, underline, headers, footers, cc lines, headings, etc. etc. Through manipulation of their counting software, and various platforms, (Im'on my fifth platform)they have systematically underpaid us for our work. In fact, they just admitted that recently and I have a check and letter from them stating those facts. The amount I received is not near the actual amount that they underpaid me. I have no idea how they came up with this bogus figure. Yes, our business is an exchange for skills and service, but they must uphold their end of the agreement which was to base our compensation on a 65 character line. If that changed, nobody told us. In fact they repeatedly told me that nothing had changed and we were still getting paid the same way. They could not account for the decline in my production except to say that I just wasn't producing the same amount as I was before. Duh!

There is no heartache here, just anger. I'm angry that I've been ripped off by a bunch of greedy bums who have become quite wealthy off our blood, sweat and tears. Yes blood, I recently had to have surgery which was job-related, and am still recovering. So, why do you even care if you don't work for MQ and this doesn't even concern you. Do you just enjoy beating up on posters, does it make you feel better than everyone?

I don't have sound on my computer.. However,
I'm sure there are many reasons for a "growing gap", not just your liberal agenda. 
Wow you sound like a big "tattletale"!
Go away!
You really sound like a jerk. I am trying
to help people and you want them to type their charts wrong. Reread your posts!
Anything I should know about sound cards.
They sound just like my doctors! (sm)

Something more fulfilling, most definitely.  At least I won't feel like a doormat.  I am starting to think I am really being stupid to make sacrifices like this.

After all, this is just a job.  We all need to have a life, not be irritated all the time. 

Like the sound of ur flexibility
Who is it that you work for? MQ but don't know who that is.
Sound files
I thought it was just me but my group sometimes uses hand held recorders and you are so right--it may be a simple word but it just doesn't always come through clear and I feel like a fool leaving a blank when I've done this job for 30+ years. The comment about a tin can is SO appropriate! I use Express Scribe and MOST of the time the dictation is fairly clear--although (guess I'm old fashioned) you can't beat the clarity of a Dictaphone tape player. It is always clear as a bell and I really HATE to sell mine; however, no one seems to use the tapes much anymore. Such is progress--even if it isn't really better at all!
Maybe I sound that way, but didn't know (sm)
picking me up from the train station was too much to ask.  I guess the joke is on me.  And as much as I hate to get into the stepmother thing, I could never in a million years picture someone's real mother giving a reply as she did.  I could also never imagine her saying that to one of her own kids or anyone else for that matter.  I think it's totally rude!  So I guess I just tell them I told you I was going to come and you couldn't pick me up from the train, end of story.
You sound like my best friend
She has all the tapes, trampoline, bike, Gizzele thingie and tons of weights, books, tapes and she gets more exercise moving all the stuff around to clean the cob webs off and expends more energy griping about not being able to lose weight than actually putting some effort into it, jeez
I had the same problem with the sound - sm
never had it resolved. It was not on my end as every other program was crystal clear. Needless to say, I quit the job using BayScribe. Can't transcribe accuratel it you can't hear; thus, can't make any money.

I, personally, do not like the BayScribe platform. I prefer Word with my own Stedman's Spellchecker and auto corrects.
lol it does sound like much! lolol
sometimes docs prescribe different mins and max tho - if they are watching over.