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cc is for solids and mL for liquids

Posted By: sm on 2007-11-07
In Reply to:

as i understand it.  But cannot document in the BOS; is it there? Also wonder how this fits with the dangerous abbreviations...a 420-cc expander?

what do you do, mL for all?

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I.E. MILK, COCONUT MILK, ANY LIQUID WITH FAT IN IT! Also, you may not be getting true kava kava here in the States because of the laws varying from country to country on herbs being shipped into the US. Kava kava is a plant from Australia.

Also, TRUE valerian root will have the smell of dirty socks when it is ready to be harvested. So, again, be careful, as you may not be getting the true valerian root. If you want to get your own valerian, just go to your nearest creek or stream, and you can always find it near hops.