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Posted By: trish on 2009-02-17
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Patient has mucositis from chemotherapy. Doc says to rinse with "Shimmel" solution. Anyone ever hear of it?

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Yes, but I did not work for almost 6 months during my daughter's chemo -sm
my income drastically tanked from late March through Sept. (I made about $300 a month in that time period), plus I have never worked FT for them (i.e. 90 minutes a day). I am now doing about 75 minutes a day though + an account of my own on the side now, so doing about $2K a month now. So I expect this year to be a bit higher in the income level. Only 1 person works FT for them as far as I know, most people are PT, its all IC so it really does not matter. But there is always work left over every day that wasn't farmed out to somebody to do.....and they are getting new doctors every day which is great I think.
I have scheduled surgery/chemo/RT out of town.
I do not want the word spread too soon as to how I am doing if it is not good as I need to work. It is funny how vultures begin circling when this occurs. I did let my supervisor know as there may be times when I will need to lie down. She is understanding but I realize the bottom line is TAT and if necessary, she will need to bring in another MT to replace me. Though, I have been told it is against the law to fire anyone with a diagnosis of cancer.
Yeah, and 100 on Wednesday when I get to sit in an exam room for 4 hours for Jen's chemo so that
will be fun....the lobby/waiting/play room is always very hot normally, the exam rooms a bit stuffy but not as hot, and the large chemo/waiting room (when you don't need to see the doc) is always very comfortable and cool. I just hope the AC is cranking well throughout the office. I don't want us to roast the 4+ hours we will be there! ---luckily the heat wave is supposed to snap on Thursday and drop down to 85.