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Posted By: Arcogal716 on 2006-06-16
In Reply to: Are you paid by the line, word, hour? - nm

Hourly charge.

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Workers'/Worker's Compensation or Workmen's Compensation
Editing Compensation
I'm an Editor located in the Midwest. I edit radiology as well as most other specialties. I am paid by the line and average well over $20/hour depending on the day and the difficulty of the account; however, I am an IC, so therefore have no benefits. I also provide extensive feedback and assist with training and testing of transcription applicants. I am paid separately for the training and testing responsibilities. I personally believe that paying by the hour is the best way to compensate an editor. Paying by the line rewards speed, not accuracy.
I think your compensation would be based on the...sm.
following:  Your level of experience, the time that you are able to commit to transcribing each day, your use of expanders, your baseline typing skills, your ability to utilize the software package utilized by the company, your ability to adapt, and you ability to negotiate your line rate.
I would ask for some compensation for the "try
Unemployment compensation?
Is is possible to apply for unemployment, at least a partial check, since we are supposed to "produce" so many lines a pay period and the work is never ever there.  We promise them so why should they not pay?  Anyone ever done this and is it possible? 
Workers Compensation
Have any of you who are employees of a national company ever had to file for WC due to hands that just won't work anymore?  I need to get carpal tunnel surgery but can't afford to make zero dollars while I'm off.  I don't want to start accumulating medical bills or alert my company until I've done my research.
Workers Compensation
I did workers' compensation claims in my pre MT life.  If MD says it is work related, should be no problem being covered.  Depending on what state you live in, there is probably a waiting period that you would not be paid for until you are off for a certain number of days.  State laws dictates the % you are paid of your average weekly wage based on a minimum and maximum rate.  Do not wait too long to get your CTS taken care of.  You could cause more problems with your hands if you wait too long. 
Workers' Compensation and the ER
I thought the correct order of things would be for him to be seen regardless of where or how it happened, and the Workers' Compensation part handled after the fact. What would they have done if he'd been hurt more severely? I thought they'd (WC) reimburse whatever out-of-pocket expenses you have once the insurance claim is settled. The boss was definitely trying to set him up, which is disgusting. The funny part is that he actually gave your husband ammunition for an even more complicated lawsuit, should it come to that.
Pathology Compensation
Can anyone tell me what the average compensation is for transcribing the gross only for pathology, by report, not lines?  Thanks so much for your assistance.
If you really are an IC, you set your rate of compensation.

The prospective client can then either pay what you're asking or find someone who is more in line with what they can afford or are willing to pay.

As long as I'm an IC and setting my own rate, VBC is not my line standard and I would not agree with any statement that it is the standard of the future.

IC Workers Compensation
Having come from being a workers compensation claim represenatative in my prior life, unfortunately you do need to carry your own coverage as an IC. 
VR compensation/2 wk period
It seems that we have to make that high productivity in voice recognition for two weeks straight. If for even ONE day in the two weeks, your productivity was not as high, it bumps your average back down to making way less money. For example, let's say you work hard to edit 350 lines (voice recog.) per hour for 6 or 7 days, but one day your productivity was only their minimum of 150 lines per hour- that reduces your two-week average. What am I missing? What are you doing to keep productivity really high for that two week average?
VR compensation/2 wk period
No, I have not been able to achieve 350 lines per hour with voice recognition, or anywhere near it. But at 150 lines per hour at 4 cents per line for editing voice recognition, that is $6.00 a hour pay, and so the minimum wage requirement kicks in, as I am an employee, and I make $6.55 per hour for 150 lines per hour. So, how do I double or triple my voice recognition editing production per 2-week period, to at LEAST 300 lines average per hour (or even more if possible) so I can make more money?
Thanks for clarifying the compensation plan. sm.

If it is just a matter of maintaining 98% accuracy with QA, then there is no problem.  My concerns were with changes in the structure of the payment method to the MT, MedQuist's interpretation of a line count, what constitutes a line, as MedQuist is no longer adhering AAMT's line count standard, etc. All of this would directly affect the MT.  Thanks again for all of your responses.

Geee compensation is wonderful!!

You should be eligible for unemployment compensation.
Compensation for Medical Transcriptionists

I just came across this on the AHDI site, what used to be AAMT, in an article with the above title: "It is a concern of AHDI that medical transcription professionals are often viewed by their employers and the clients they serve as keyboard specialists who have a familiarity with medical terminology which enables them to transcribe dictated reports for an originator's signature.  In contrast, it is the view of AHDI that keyboarding and transcription should not be confused. Medical transcription involves translation from oral to written in order to generate a record of a patient's healthcare documentation. AHDI views medical transcription as a medical language specialty which requires medical knowledge and understanding, sound judgment, deductive reasoning, and the ability to detect inconsistencies in medical dictation." You can read the rest here:


Are they actually going to fight for better wages, or is this just a ploy to get people to join?

Just sounds like more rules, what about compensation, PTO, raises across

does workman's compensation cover us for carpal tunnel? nm
On-call requires on-call compensation by law
This field gets more disgustingly grotesque daily.