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curious for those using Bayscribe expander,

Posted By: sm on 2009-06-16
In Reply to:

I just noticed when the word Expander box is open, in tiny print underneath the bottom expansion box, it lists your number of entries and also the ratio of Keystrokes to expansions.  wondering how my expansions compare to yours in that ratio part -- mine is 5:1  --- funny how I can have brought up this box to add them so many times and never even noticed it!

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The shortcuts expander works with the Bayscribe expander as well.
All at the same time.
Bayscribe expander
Hi - Does anyone know how to incorporate an independent word Expander list into the Bayscribe Productivity Tools expander? Thanks!
bayscribe has an expander.
That's all I use, so am curious why you think you need another? I use periods in mine.
Yes to both ?? But you have to turn off Bayscribe expander.
ESP Word Expander and Bayscribe

I just started on the Bayscribe platform and the tech person could not transfer my ESP list, which is from EXText, a Word-based program.  Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer this?  I thought I heard of someone doing this in the past and I don't want to give up yet.


Instant Text expander..Does anyone know if it works with Bayscribe? sm
and how expensive it is?  I currently use ShortHand but reading some of the posts below feel I might be interested in trying Instant Text.  Do you know if I would be able to transfer my Shorthand abbreviations into Instant Text?  Thanks for your help!
Bayscribe expander entries/Instant Text question ...
Has anyone here had success in converting their Bayscribe Expander entries to Instant Text? If so, how did you go about it.

Thanks in advance.
For CURIOUS: You are not curious, you are paranoid and a sociopath
Are you referring to the sentence

'And HOW to you put a marker?'

where I typed a 't' instead of a 'd'?

It was just a TYPO!

I am an American MT!

It is so pitiful how PARANOID SOME American MTs have become, ESPECIALLY THE OLD ONES, fearing for their jobs and being afraid of getting the boot.

Trying to be 'expert linguists,' sniffing out various dialects, detecting some Indian hints, whereas they most probably live in rural areas or in cities with a population of 1,000 inhabitants.

So sad, so sad, what has become of the MTing profession?

Now, CURIOUS, start nitpicking my post.

POLL: Productivity gain using your expander and what expander you use.
Guess I need to make it work harder.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
I used to use Bayscribe....

I think there is actually a way to back your macros up to the server.  If you go to the README file in your Bayscribe folder, it should give you a list of shortcuts and one of them is how to back up to their server.  I must preface this by saying I tried this once because I was trying to use a laptop and transfer my macros from my desktop to the laptop, but it did not work for me. So, I would just suggest going to your Bayscribe folder, finding the abbv.txt (I believe that is the title), openning the file and either copying them to a disk or e-mail the file to yourself and keep it in you saved folder.  That way, you will always have them. 

Hope that helps.

Does anyone use Bayscribe

for dictation and another program, like Radnet, for the transcription.  I'm looking for a word Expander to use with RadNet and Bayscribe.  I've been using Shorthand, but having some problems and I'm wondering if the ShortHand interferes with Bayscribe since it has a built-in expander that I'm not using since the transcription is done in another program.  Any suggestions??


any one work with BayScribe software.. just wondering how the platform is. thanks

I can't log into Bayscribe at all...sm

 I have even been given a new account number. 

The tools will not come up when I am in IE at all when I hit ctrl F3.  When I go through Start button to program files and hit productivity tools it is just a link to the Bayscribe question and answer page.  They just plain are not on my system at all.  I am not on IE7.  I have tried everything I can think of.

Thanks for the ideas though!!


Absoltely rocks!!!  That is after a little quirking to the spellchecker!
Yes you can. I use Bayscribe and IT and...sm
it works like a charm.  I have never encountered any compatibility issues. 
I am having the same problem.  It just started recently.  Last week it happened on Monday, I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, but no luck.  Then, for some unknown reason it started working and I did not have a problem the rest of the week.  Today, I log on to work and get the same error again.  I checked with the company I work for and apparently no one else is having this problem.  They were checking with the programmer, but it started working before I got a response.  I don't know the reason for the error, but it is extremely frustrating. 
Anybody here ever use Bayscribe?
I will be using this for a new acct that my boss is accepting and I was just wondering if it is hard or easy to use?

I absolutely love it! It is very MT friendly.
I agree that you are not able to do a search for other reports in Bayscribe, but I have found you are able to look at reports you have previously typed by minimizing Bayscribe and then opening up another Bayscribe screen and bringing up the reports summary section.  I use this several times a day.  I wish you luck!!!!
I have worked on Bayscribe for almost 2 years and I use InstaText. It works beautifully with Bayscribe. Also, Bayscribe will automatically back up the entries to their server.
I use Bayscribe and PC Shorthand.  It works perfectly with Bayscribe.
Hit ignore on the word you're not sure of.  Let the spellcheck go completely through to the end.  Then instead of submit, hit return to document.  Look up the word you're trying to spell, then do spellcheck again.  This will bring up the word you "ignored" & you can correct it.
If you lose a report in Bayscribe for any reason, go back into a new template of the same type. You have to be in a template like you are getting ready to type a new report. If you lost a H&P, be in H&P template. Then hit alt/R. Bayscribe will bring up the last H&P in the system and give you a preview of the last H&P you typed. When you recognize the report, click on "okay" and it will restore the whole report including the demographics. You can never really "lose" a report in Bayscribe. Hope this helps.
It does...and in fact, it lets you know the number of lines, as well as what you will be paid for each and every report. I love that feature!!
Anyone use PC ShortHand with ith Bayscribe? I cannot get mine to work right. It skips expansions, puts half the expansion in and sometimes does not finish the word. Anyone else have this problem or is there another Expander that works well with Bayscribe? I am getting frustrated here. I tried doing everything the Shorthand web site said to do but to no avail. Appreciate any suggestions.

I imported my MSW AutoCorrect file into Bayscribe but a lot of it will not work.  For instance, in MSW I use YO as the expansion for -year-old, but this now will not work after a number nor will YO work after a number followed by a hyphen either.  Seems it only will work after a space.  Any idea how to design an expansion that will work after a number or hyphen without a space in between? 

Also, all the capitalizations I built in for headers get reversed to lower case when I follow them with a colon and I have resigned myself to having to re-enter all of those. Any Bayscribe experts who can shed some light?


Turn off the Expander in BayScribe and get InstantText!  :O)


What do you all think of this?  Want to know the good, bad, indifferent.  I am getting ready to train on this platform and just am wondering how it really is. 

Bayscribe help!!
I'm working on my daughter's computer today because I'm having tons of problems with mine.  So, I had to download the productivity tools and kind of start from scratch.  It's been so long since I've set up my tools that I cannot remember how to change my spellchecker options so that it doesn't automatically capitalize the next letter after a period.  Example:  Ecotrin 81 mg p.o. daily.  It keeps wanting to capitalize the d in daily.  Does anyone know how to change this? 
If you are in a report, click control F3, go to local configuration, uncheck the box that says enable capitalization after 2 spaces are typed.
Oh please! Please!!! Anyone on Bayscribe?


Suddenly, out of nowhere (maybe they just upgraded?) the "doctor roster" comes up in this little tiny box in the corner all of a sudden--not the big box in the center I'm used to.  OK fine..I find the doctor name I'm looking for in the list (to put in the ADT screen) and I have no idea how to do this!  Before you hit A or enter or whatever and the name would automatically go into the ADT screen (this after I hit the little DR box)...

What happened?? I have a whole night's work ahead of me and no one to call.  Please, anyone!!!!

Just close it out and log back in. I had this happen yesterday.
let me know if you haven't received an answer.
Bayscribe Help

I had to reload my Bayscribe tools and cannot remember for the life of me how to reset the settings so that the first letter after a period isn't always capitalized. 

Any Bayscribe wizards out there who can tell me where/how to do this? 


Does anyone know of a company that uses this platform and will accept an Internet satellite connection?
I am looking into buying a laptop and working while on vacation/visiting family. However, I was hoping not to have to drag my foot pedal along with me everywhere I go. Is it possible to use hot keys to start and stop the dictation instead of using the foot pedal? I work with Bayscribe.

If you maximize the player, you can use your mouse to move the arrow to certain points in the dictation until you find the spot in dictation you want. Other than that, I don't know.
I use Bayscribe

and I still use my Smartype.  It doesn't import to Bayscribe.  Instant Text does, but I hated that.  Anyhoo, what ended up working for me was to type the document in Word and then cut and paste into Bayscribe.  I created a macro that selects and copies the document for me so I just have to paste it.

It's not a solution that would work for everyone, but it works for me.

when you're in Bayscribe, in the player window, click on settings.   make sure that the radio button for VEC is checked and right below that there is a drop down menu.  Make sure that says USB.  You have to scroll down once you click on the arrow to get to USB - this is assuming that your foot pedal connects with a USB port. 
can anyone tell me why my Expander will not work.  I am fairly new and have not got the hang of this yet.  I tried ctrl alt T but nothing helped.
The Expander worked once but then would not work :* Not sure what happened.
I don't use Bayscribe, but when I first started

using my "wav" program my sound was muffled too.

Go into control panel and under multimedia go to playback and using the pull down menu change your device.   Try each device to see if it helps any.  You may need to reboot with each change.  


Can you use a different spellchecker with Bayscribe? nm
Shorthand with Bayscribe
I don't have any problems with it. Have to remember to do a Ctrl-Alt-T to turn off the Bayscribe Expander program. That may be the problem. I haven't found a way to turn it off permanently so you have to do it each time you start Bayscribe. Also, ShortHand tells you to load Shorthand after you have Bayscribe up--don't think this makes any difference, though. Hope this helps
Bayscribe spellchecker
I am an independent contractor with a company which utilizes Bayscribe for transcription. Recently, I have been receiving feedback that I have been sending reports with spelling/typo errors. It turns out that the spellchecker which is programmed as part of Bayscribe has a long list of words which are misspelled which will pass as correct! I spent a lot of time one day programming all the incorrect words in the spellchecker as "treat as misspelled." Unfortunately, once I log off Bayscribe the spellchecker cancels out my instructions and the words once again pass through as correct. This is extremely annoying to say the least! It is my understanding that the programmer refuses to fix this. I was wondering if anyone else had come across this problem and if so, what you did to fix it. Currently, I am copying my report into Word and running my Stedman's spellcheck on it.

Bayscribe spelling
Yep, I'm in the same boat.  I do not use their shortcut program; I use my own Shorthand.  I just could not make myself switch after I tried it out for a few days.  So I put her corrections in my ShortHand program.  I don't know how you permanently save them in Bayscribe--ask your supervisor??? 
If using IE7, Bayscribe take must be first on left....
Have you tried opening productivity tools while in Bayscribe (Ctrl-F3) and see what happens. It might prompt to ask you if you want to access this.
bayscribe tools
i'm no pro, but am using bayscribe. The Expander tools i think was done separate. Try www.bayscribe.com/expander and see if the instructions there help. Also, if you are using tabs -- for the stuff to all work right, bayscribe has to be in the first tab on the left.
Bayscribe productivity.....

For anyone who uses Bayscribe, do you do real well productivity wise on one account and then accomplish absolutely nothing on others?  The short notes, the in and out, in and out business; it takes up so much time, I have just spent over 2 hours with just under 200 lines.   Is anyone else's experience the same?

BayScribe productivity
I have 2 accounts that I work on, and I do seem faster on one of them which is the more difficult one oddly enough. I don't feel like I go in and out a lot. I love the fact that everything is done on 1 screen (demographics, transcription, and copies). Having to toggle through a ton of screens is one of the reasons I left my last company.