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Posted By: blondie_1147 on 2008-10-02
In Reply to: escprition - KSM

Editscript is I guess you would call it like a platform. Voice recognition editing is when the report comes up and you go through and listen to the doctor to catch any mistakes that are in there.

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EditScript help

I am about to start working for a company that uses EditScript.  I need to know if a USB foot pedal will work with it.  When I looked at the foot pedal they said I have to have, I have the same exact one except it is USB.  Does anybody know if this will work?  I really don't have the money to spend on a new foot pedal, and I use a laptop for work that doesn't even have a 9-pin serial port.

Thank you in advance!



Is anyone using this program.  I just started it and it seems to be good - the first voice recognition that I have used to date - just wondered what others thought since this seems to be the way of the future in MT.

I think it is slow but that is only my opinion.
When you are in editscript...
Click on the eyeball on the toolbar and select the pedal tab.  You can adjust the bounceback time from there.
EditScript...does KS use this? sm
It seems to me that is where I have seen it used, by KS. If so, then...ST works with it more or less. Not as well as it works with ExText or MedRiteXL, but it will run.

If you are not working for KS, then I don't happen to know one way or the other. Works a treat in ExText.

Has anyone had trouble downloading Editscript because of MS Works being on their PC?  I'm getting an error msg and I don't know how to get around this...Thanks

Does anyone know if you can use a game-port pedal on EditScript or if you have to have a serial pedal?
Does anyone use dialup? I am in a rural area and cannot get dialup at present. I have been trying to download EditScript and I am having mega problems. Anyone else in the same boat?
Editscript V8

With the account that I work on, they did something to the program to make it so that we could not copy and paste within a document.  Maybe this happened to your account.  The only copy and pasting that can be done, I have found, is after the job has been uploaded.  Then, I can search by dictation ID in the database.  Once in view function, I am able to copy and paste using the same Ctrl functions as in Word.

I don't use Editscript myself...sm
I can totally see where you wouldn't be able to afford to upgrade though. I have Windows XP but I need to upgrade to a newer Word. I am using 2002 Word. I am starting to have issues with Spantel using this version. I can do the work but I am having little issues. I can't afford to buy an upgrade though. I don't know, maybe I can get a used copy of Microsoft Office. It doesn't have to be 07 just a newer version than I have. I will have to check on it. You are not alone in not being able to afford upgrades though.
The line count SUCKS big time on this.....When I worked on it, did a compare in regular word, I got WAY MORE than what Editscript gave me. It is not Editscript, the company can configure it to NOT count headers, demo info, etc. The company is the one doing it!!! Any way to cheat us MTs out of anything, that is what they do...When I see ads for jobs stating they use Emdat or Escription. I just pass right on over it.

I have used EditScript now for 3 years and have noticed the same thing.  The software is missing simple words and a lot of reports are just a mess.  I agree with a previous post that part of it has to do with the skill level of the MTs working on the account.  I work for a company that likes to hire new grads, so I think that might explain some of the formatting issues and incorrect phrases I encounter daily.  It is very frustrating. 



AVG and EditScript
I am using  EditScript MT version 8 and have the paid version of AVG in my computer.  Works just fine.  
I am working with Version 8 and still have Version 6 on my computer. I just downloaded 8 when they sent me the instructions and left 6 there just in case. There have been a lot of problems so far with 8, but I imagine eventually it will all be worked out. Then maybe I will get rid of 6. It's kinda like when you hold onto something in your house forever; the minute you junk it, you will need it. I guess that is why I haven't gotten rid of it.

AVG & EditScript
I work for eScription, helped in the development of EditScript, and work on the platform daily. I use the free version of AVG and it works just fine with EditScript, so I can only assume that the paid version will work, too. In fact, I think it works much better with AVG than with the others (though the last time I tried Norton's was a few years ago).

Hope this helps!
Editscript Help


Just wondering if anyone out there knows how to get the expanded toolbar in Editscript in the work queue????

Thanks :)

Alt+= in EditScript

What happens when you highlight your word/phrase and then type Alt+=? Does the Add Entry window not show up? Or is it blank?

If it is blank, try doing Ctrl+C to add it to the clipboard before hitting Alt+=.

Editscript-Escription - Jay, sm

Jay, do I still use a foot pedal with this software? What is the difference between editscript and escription? Sorry for the questions, but I have never used this platform before...Thanks!


eScription is the name of the company. They make a dictation system which takes the doctors' dictation files and runs them through a voice recognition engine once they reach a certain level of accuracy. At any given time, there will be some dictations that have to be transcribed from scratch and others that need to be edited.

EditScript is the name of the TRANSCRIPTION component of the eScription system, the part that you as an MT would use. It does use a foot pedal, yes. It integrates with your MS Word program so you can still use your AutoCorrects, macros and expanders.

Problems with Editscript...sm
I work on Editscript and when I log on and click to download jobs nothing happens.  All it says is to please wait jobs are being downloaded.  I can't seem to get any help regarding this and I am going to pull my hair out!  Does anybody who works on this platform know what the problem is?
EditScript help needed.
One of my accounts is stalling out when I'm logging in when it gets to the downloading latest contacts.  The other two accounts are working fine.  I tried deleting all the TPL files and have reloaded it a couple times.  Any other ideas?
What are they paying for EditScript?
Just curious.
EditScript & eScription
eScription is the company with EditScript. They do not take over departments. The hospital will contract with them to use their software and servers, etc. EditScript is voice recognition software. They do not take over departments.

However, there are some transcription companies who are certified ES users and will try to bid for the department or hospital's work.

Please know that not every hospital or department who uses the EditScript platform outsources their transcription work to companies or anyone else for that matter. Recently, many have been keeping their transcription in-house and training their MTs on the new software.

I hope this answers your questions.

EMR is an electronic medical record. Most companies are trying to sell their software to the healthcare industry as EMR. Paperless records so you could be visitng in Alaska, have an accidnet, and the doc could pull your chart up from the hospital in your home town, like New Jersey, etc. instantly.

Hope this information helps.
oops, it is actually Editscript
Sorry, I am new to posting.
Question for MTs using EditScript (sm)
Anyone out there using a laptop compatible with EditScript MT?  I want to order a Vostro.   All opinions welcome.  Need to be sure the footpedal works along with an erogonomic keyboard to be able to work while traveling. 
My favorite platform.
EditScript & Smartype
Does anyone know if EditScript and Smartype are compatible? I just purchased Stedman's Smartype, but I don't want to install it if it isn't going to work with EditScript.


eScription EditScript
Does anyone know what the standarized definition of a line is when using the eScription platform (EditScript)? I understand bolding and underlining are not permitted, so that has been eliminated from the line count. How about two spaces after a sentence? Has that been eliminated from the line count also? How difficult is it to confirm your line count that the software is gathering for you? If you partially edit and partially transcribe a report, does it separate the two functions and provide individual counts? Thanks!
Another question -- EditScript
If you insert list of recipients into the report from the hospital directory, does the MT receive credit for this in the line count? Are any of the demographics included in the line count? Thanks for your reply.
Another eScription EditScript
If you had to transcribe a report on the eScription platform instead of edit, would you be able to use the AutoCorrect feature in your Word program, or another Expander program, or are you using the Word on the eScription server and would an expander program be available?
I was offered 2.5 cpl for editscript VR....sm
I have a year exp. I think it is kind of low. Said they give raises after 6 months if satisfactory. I need the job so bad I think I may have to take it. I have a part time already but not enough work. I need something to work on when no work in my other job. I can not get a job anywhere else because everyone wants 2 years exp.
EditScript (see inside)

You can use autocorrect while typing or editing.

Probs with Editscript

One of the companies I work for have recently switched over to Editscript.  I have been moving and have finally settled down and for the first time this week attempted to type.  The company says that you have to buy a special footpedal that goes with the software.  Instead you have to use hotkeys.  I could not even make my way through one dictation without giving up.  It is so hard not being able to use my footpedal.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

editscript works only ........
with DSL or Cable internet, satellite or dial up will not work....that's what companies tell.

editscript crashing
I just got a job using editscript with 2003 and it took out my whole computer!!! EVERYTHING. Did that happen to you? The tech guy at this company said it wasn't anything they did. I have had my computer for 3 years and never had anything like that happen before. I'm just curious if that is what happened to you.

Anybody ever having trouble downloading EditScript on initial setup?   I get so far and the templates will load but the next part that lists the providers won't and I get kicked off my provider (VZ wireless air card).  I have been told that they do use this for the laptops, so that shouldn't be an issue.  Just didn't know if anyone had any possible suggestions.  TIA!

Editscript problems
I have not had any work from the client since July but I bumped into someone who works in one of the departments at the facility and they sort of complained to me about the quality of the reports lately. I told them I hadn't done the work but they continued to rant about the poor quality. I told them it was now Editscript. So it looks like Escription/Editscript is lacking something. They said words left out and misspelled words were a big problem. Now you can say it is up to the Editor to fix it but if they don't hear it, it can't be fixed. Also I'm wondering if the corrections are holding after the report is closed out. Anyway they are not happy, just FYI.
Editscript/Escription ???
I have used Escription when I worked for TransTech.  Now I have been offered a position with a company that uses Dictaphone VR.  I thought Escription was a Dictaphone product.  Does Dictaphone have more than 1 platform for VR?
Editscript and footpedal
The company you work with should give you the instructions.
I only know that Editscript works together with the Escription software that you can download free from the internet.
I assume you have the 9-pin serial (Com) port footpedal.
You have also to set the right port on your computer:
Click on Control panel/footswitch/serial port/Com1 or Com2.

Is it possible to run more than one version of editscript on your PC?
i.e. v.6.1 and v.8? Just curious.
Has anyone tried using OpenOffice.org with EditScript?
Just wondering if it will work.
Footpedal and Editscript 8

My company is currently upgrading our accounts to Editscript 8.  Will my 9-pin Infinity pedal still work with the upgrade or do I need to look into getting a USB pedal?  Thanks! 

Footpedal and Editscript 8

My company is currently upgrading our accounts to Editscript 8.  Will my 9-pin Infinity pedal still work with the upgrade or do I need to look into getting a USB pedal?  Thanks! 

Question for those using EditScript MT (sm)
Lots of MTs use laptops to work.  How do you get rid of the footpedal lag when using EditScript MT?  I use an adapter from USB to serial port for the footpedal. Using ES 6.0. 
Editscript has some way to prevent that too.
I don't know how it works though.
EditScript users
I have a few questions about Editscript that I was hoping someone could help me with. The tech requirements state that USB infinity pedal version 14, and of course, I have the "non version 14" one. Does anyone know where I can get a version 14 one? The specs also state that Editscript is only compatible with Norton or McAfee, but I have a paid version of AVG and was hoping that I would not have to switch. Is there a free version of Mcafee? Geez..so many things to figure out. Any help would be appreciated!
Editscript and word
One more question about EditScript (yes, I am a newbie ;) ) Do you have to use MS Word 2003 or 2007? I have MS Word XP (which I think is 2002) and I really do not want to have to buy another version. Does anyone successfully use MS Word XP with EditScript? Thanks for all of your help, everyone. :)
EditScript 8 Fonts

Anyone know how to change fonts in EditScript 8?  I just upgrade from 6 and the toolbar options for Word no longer work.



EditScript on new computer
Anyone ever have troubles getting EditScript to work onto a new XP computer?  After getting Office 2003 and installing it, I thought I was all set, but I still can't get ES to work.  It downloaded okay (I think), but won't open up.  Waiting on tech support . . . but wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom.  Perhaps there is something on my new computer conflicting with it.  Any ideas?
Clipboard in EditScript
can be blocked, and that is why the Add window will not show your entry automatically.
Try to copy a word to the clipboard in EditScript and go to WordPad and paste it. Most likely it won't paste.
You can always give a call to our tech support, and we will be happy to help you.

Textware Solutions
EditScript macros?
I just started working with EditScript for a company a month ago.  I am new to editing and am very slow right now.  I am encouraged by these postings that my speed will increase.  I end up retyping large portions of the reports and don't see how I can ever make substantial $$.  I have been an MT for years and years (1979) and have used just about every type of equipment and done just about every type of report.  I know VR is the wave of the future, but I am worried I will never get the editing down.  Some of the shortcuts seem to be more cumbersome than just using my arrow key, but when I check my line count at the end of my shift, there are all kinds of notes about how I did.  I use autocorrect but don't know about macros.  I used macros years and years ago in WordPerfect but don't know how to do them now.  Can someone please give me some encouragement and tips on how you increased your speed?  Escription has tips on-line but I was wondering if there are any training classes for EditScript - I am willing to try anything.