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Footpedal and Editscript 8

Posted By: USMT on 2009-01-05
In Reply to:

My company is currently upgrading our accounts to Editscript 8.  Will my 9-pin Infinity pedal still work with the upgrade or do I need to look into getting a USB pedal?  Thanks! 

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Editscript and footpedal
The company you work with should give you the instructions.
I only know that Editscript works together with the Escription software that you can download free from the internet.
I assume you have the 9-pin serial (Com) port footpedal.
You have also to set the right port on your computer:
Click on Control panel/footswitch/serial port/Com1 or Com2.

Footpedal and Editscript 8

My company is currently upgrading our accounts to Editscript 8.  Will my 9-pin Infinity pedal still work with the upgrade or do I need to look into getting a USB pedal?  Thanks! 

editscript/infinity footpedal

Has anyone been successful in using the Infinity USB footpedal with editscript? If so, could you outline the steps to do it?

Thanks a ton!

Editscript Version 8 and footpedal
Does Editscript 8 let you use a USB footpedal instead of the 9 pin footpedal?  I heard this somewhere and am trying to verify if it is true.
USB footpedal

Where do I purchase a USB footpedal?


You wouldn't be working for Zylomed would you? I was to start work with them - they sent the foot pedal and it was nothing but problems. We (meaning me and their IT people) could never get the foot pedal with the adapter to work. Needless to say, I never did any work for them.
I had to buy a 9-pin pedal and go to RadioShack to buy an adaptor. I haven't had any problems.
MT without footpedal
I am an MT with Cerebral Palsy and it is virtually impossible for me to use a footpedal so I use hot keys on my keyboard to control my dictation. It is wonderful. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Once you get used to what keys control what, it doesn't slow you down at all. It is definitely something I couldn't live without and I enjoy having at my disposal.
No way to do it other than with the footpedal,
but you can adjust the speed of the forward and rewind arrows...click on the "more" button.  I really do not care for this player either. 
Can anybody tell me if the Olympus footpedal with serial (COM) port works with escription (EditScript) ?  TIA  
I would think you should ask the company you will be working for which one they would be using.   They may actually provide all that equipment anyway.
so..... how IS that footpedal, anyway?? NM
Yes, you have a footpedal and headphones

are connected to your computer, the foot pedal into the USB port and the headphones into the headphone jack on the computer.  In my case I have a laptop that runs for quite a while on the battery, so I can either run it on the battery or I can plug it into an electrical outlet on the deck.  I have wireless cable internet, so I don't have to be connected to the router or anything.  I also have wireless keyboard and mass, and the little reception unit for that plugs into the USB port, it is about the size of a mouse.

So all I have to do is take my laptop, my keyboard, mouse, foot pedal and earphones on the deck and I'm all set.  All of it is very lightweight and not cumbersome like a C-phone would be to drag out and hook up.

I took tests with footpedal. If using

Windows Media Player, have to keep hitting the play and rewind buttons with the mouse.  Very time consuming but doable.  Good Luck on your test!! 

oops, that's WITHOUT footpedal, sorry...

How does the footpedal work???
OK. This may be strange. But, I listen to a lot of audio programming online through iTunes. My son is doing research for school and asked if I could transcribe a news report for him. I can do it the old fashioned slow way, without a foot pedal, but I have a footpedal. I've never before used it for anything other than work, so I just don't question how it's set up. Can I "point" it to work with something like iTunes, as well?
Escription with a USB footpedal?
Can it work or do I have to get a adapter to change it to a serial port?  I am not getting the clearest of answers from the MTSO on this one.
USB footpedal and Incribe
I am getting ready to start on Inscribe and my pedal did not work. What type of pedal will work.
Where to get a DB9 serial footpedal?

I'm needing a serial DB9 foot pedal ASAP but can't afford to spend $70+ on it right now.  I have an ad on the Classifieds board but I don't think I can wait for someone to reply to me. 

Anyone have any ideas where to get one reasonably priced and quick?  I already tried ebay and I found one for $54 but that means waiting for the auction to expire, then shipping.

Incompatible footpedal

Try to put the 9 pin into the serial port on the back of the modem instead of the USB port, hopefully you have one.  I had the same problem and it worked for me.  You have also to click on control panel, then footpedals, then serial port to change the setting.

Footpedal : Hotkeys...........
What is your problem with the hot keys? They are very easy if you get used to it, it is actualy easier on your body than the footpedal.
Footpedal question
I want to get others' opinions on this.  With your footpedal, do you have to hold down the play pedal the entire time to make it play?  With every single other application I have used, I just tap the play button to make it play and then tap it again to make it stop.  With this new company I just got a job with, I started to do my first job and in order to make the dictation play, I had to hold down the footpedal the whole time.  I thought something was wrong and contacted tech suppport and they said they "weren't sure" but they think you have to hold it down and nothing was wrong.  I guess I am just spoiled, but I do not want to have to keep my foot held down the entire time.  My leg will get tired out quickly.  Where some of you guys work, is it this same way with holding down the pedal?  If so, I guess I will just have to get used to it or somehow open the voicefiles in express scribe and do it my way. 
What type of footpedal
is compatible with express scribe software?
Footpedal question please

Can anyone help me with this?  I am starting to transcribe off sound files that I can retrieve on Windows Media Player.  How do I get the foot pedal to work with this?  I have a foot pedal that I use on another platform that it in a USB port on my computer.  I'm very limited in my tech abilities so if you can help, please be patient with me and speak s-l-o-w-l-y.  The foot pedal I have is enabled through the transcription program I use for another job.

Thanks in advance~!

Anyone has a 9-pin footpedal you'd like to sale?
This company I was offered a job with requires a 9-pin serial port footpedal.  Thanks in advance.
footpedal type

okay, if this posts twice, i apologize.

I just wondered why you assumed it was a 9-pin. I have the basic USB plug. Not sure what a 9 pin is. All i know is that the one test he did on my pedal in training didn't work, so he said 'We'll figure that out later.'  Not sure when later is.

My company is veeeeery slow in communicating. Going on a month here to get me started. I just figured any answers i could get from you guys and gals here would be quicker! Thanks again for any help!

Footpedal Question
I am working for 2 companies with 2 different foot pedals; one is a Dictaphone and the other just a regular one. I am wondering if it is possible to keep both foot pedals connected to the computer and switch between them? The problem is that I currently need to log out of each transcription program and then plug in the correct foot pedal to switch between programs. I would like to be able to just switch them on the computer when work is low at one job. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Help/advice please re: MQ, laptop, footpedal, etc.

I have a painful sprain on my ankle and need to sit in my recliner with my feet up while I transcribe for the next few days. 

I have MQ's computer that I rent but I have downloaded DQS onto my laptop so I can sit in the recliner (MQ system in my bedroom). 

Any advice about how to use the footpedal in this awkward position? 

Appreciate any response.

Actually, I don't know if your model of footpedal is going to work or not.

Link to foot pedal setup.


Link to pedal info


Link to support article that Olympus RS23 and RS24 pedals do NOT work with Express Scribe.  It says nothing about RS25.  Contact Express Scribe to see if it will work or not.


How do I take test without footpedal capability?

Just curious how others do this and if they find it difficult?

Can a footpedal be set up with Real Player?

I have always used Express Scribe to play my doctors dictation.   I have a new laptop with Vista and have been having problems getting my audio to load.  Anyways, I heard that some people have used Real Player.  If so, how would you set up a Start Stop footpedal to work with it? 

Does anyone else have any free or fairly cheap player programs to suggest that can get used with the Stop Start footpedal.

Isn't USB one type of plug for the footpedal?
When I was getting set up, I remember it was important my computer could take the right plug for the footpedal. It wasn't the flat USB (?) type, but the phone plug type, so my computer had to have openings shaped for a phone jack type.

But I'm still not sure if DLS is okay to use or not. Sorry!
Have you tried the Footpedal Setup Wizard?

I had a similar problem, went through the wizard and then it worked. It's worth a try.

My huge 19-pound cat lies on my footpedal
and I constantly have to chase him off of it. :)
Yes, I keep a spare of things, footpedal, computer (have my old one and
so I have 2 computer backups, and spare footpedal. Use the spare and laptop for travel when necessary. I also recently bought a battery backup for my main computer for power outages/flickers, etc. Lot my work 1 too many times and got sick of it! Best investment I have made this year.
positioning footpedal; leg and back pain
Does anyone else have problems with back or leg tingling they feel is due to using a foot pedal?  I switch feet but have low back pain and leg tingling I feel is due to depressing and letting up on the footpedal, etc.  I have read some use a foot rest but I assume one would have to be custom built so that you could place the foot pedal on it plus your other foot.  I wonder if sitting all day with your feet on a foot rest since they are built at an angle would cause problems, too.  I read somewhere about an MT using a recliner which sounded comfortable but I wonder how in the world you could use a foot pedal placed on the foot rest of a recliner.  If anyone has any suggestions for me I would truly appreciate it.  If I don't find something soon, I am afraid I am going to have to go part-time or maybe even find a different profession. 
does anyone know the lifespan for a footpedal. Mine seems to be seeing its last day after 5 years.

Semi-related tip: use the canned air on your footpedal too
mine went nuts one day not long after I started with a new job, I requested another footpedal and got it mailed out, and then that one didn't work, either. I got to looking and there was fur in both of them! So I keep the canned air close by and keep it blown out!
You may have to change the port setting for the footpedal.
Under Settings, Control tab. Try different ones to see if you can find one that will work with your pedal.
Susan Youngblood of Pensacola, FL you won the USB Footpedal.
Email admin@mtstars.com with your full address and we will ship your USB Footpedal out to you.
You can use a footpedal with express scribe. I do when I test
You have to go up into settings. I have never figured out the adjust rate backing up but the footpedal will stop the dictation. Hope this helps.
To determine what kind of port the footpedal
has, look at it. If the wire at the end is flat, then it is a USB. If it is round and has 9 little holes, then it is a serial port.

The newest computers have in the back a USB- and a serial-port. If you have only the USB port and the footpedal has a serial, then you have to buy an adapter and vice versa.
In addition you have then to access your footpedal setting in the computer and set them right:

Click control panel/footswitch setting and choose the right port, USB or serial.
OMG! Footpedal will not operate. Winscribe. I can hear dictation

when I click on the arrow for "play" but my pedal is not registering.  Tried a different pedal and the same thing!  Have a call into the Help desk but I am panicking! 

Anyone have any idea would could possibly be wrong????  I have very rarely had foot pedal problems. 

Help please!!! Is there anything that would make my c-phone footpedal stop working?
Maybe it got deprogrammed?  It was unplugged for a couple of months. Any suggestions please?
Does Dictaphone footpedal work with DocQScribe platform?
If not, know where I can find a reasonable universal footpedal?
Is your footpedal recognized on your Control Panel? Let Tech Support help you. nm
The voice clip doesn't offer footpedal capability
It is like the audio clips that music come on. There is only stop and go.

The test is for a company called Teletrak. I asked her and she said you used the mouse to stop and start but geeeesh, that will take all day, especially with the ESL (Tried already), and I am not a bad MT, just used to stopping and typing and you know, rewinding and relistening...

Anywho, thanks! I will try to take it. Figure I will through it all several times times.
Just as a note, Windows Media player will NOT work with a footpedal.

Unless there's some voodoo magic out there that I'm not aware of.

If I remember correctly, check your footpedal settings in Winscribe. Don't need to panick.
EditScript help

I am about to start working for a company that uses EditScript.  I need to know if a USB foot pedal will work with it.  When I looked at the foot pedal they said I have to have, I have the same exact one except it is USB.  Does anybody know if this will work?  I really don't have the money to spend on a new foot pedal, and I use a laptop for work that doesn't even have a 9-pin serial port.

Thank you in advance!



Is anyone using this program.  I just started it and it seems to be good - the first voice recognition that I have used to date - just wondered what others thought since this seems to be the way of the future in MT.