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enjoy it -

Posted By: while it lasts! on 2005-09-18
In Reply to: Pay is great. - kyradmt


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It's healthy to enjoy some alone time. You'll adjust and enjoy it soon.
enjoy these...thanks! (nm)
Same here. Enjoy.

I enjoy VR
I work on the eScription platform for MDI now, formerly for Transcend (the eScription VR work moved to MDI).  From what I understand, Transcend is continually adding new accounts and needs more people to staff them, for the most part.  I'm curious what company/platform you are doing VR for/on?  I have made more money using VR, personally, and, as you say, with much less wear and tear on my hands/wrists.
So far I enjoy it
I have worked outside the home and got tired of office politics and dealing with supervisors on power trips etc. I wanted more control over my life. I decided to become an MT which allowed me have that and have been working as an MT for 4 1/2 years now. I enjoy the work (except for those difficult dictations), enjoy working from home and enjoy the flexible hours. I have made more money working as an MT than I ever had before. I find the work challenging. I know there is a lot for me to learn and I am trying to build on my experience and hope to continue in this line of work for as long as I can.
I enjoy....sm

Psych and ER, because they are interesting.  Also like H&Ps, d/c summaries, and family practice.

Dislike neuro, especially with a thick accent


Then enjoy! sm
My favorite is microwave movie-theater butter popcorn and SnoCaps or M&Ms! Anything in moderation is not bad. I do this just about every month and am not overweight either. Plus, did you know your metabolism rises during *that* time of the month? Eat up :)
Yes - enjoy .12
I make much less than I did 10 years ago - due to Microsoft Word versus WordPerfect and the fact that you have to look up "every little thing" on the internet to complete a report.  No one wants blanks and because of the internet they think you should be able to find every doctor on God's green earth, their address and the number of children that they have - as well as business names and addresses, relatives, etc.  all done through Google or some other search engine which takes time out of your actual transcription.  There used to be people in the office who would take care of these things and now the Transcriptionist is expected to do it.  I can never get a good flow going anymore because of having to stop and look up names and addresses, etc. I would be happy with .12 and just wait for the day that your job goes to India - as they are all doing.
i enjoy it
went thru a rough time last summer when they went to VR, but i went out and sold myself and became an editor. they have since thrown in the towel and dictating again. i have too much work now, but i am not complaining. last paycheck i made $1100 so it is worth what i put into it.
I enjoy it too.

Does anyone here ENJOY their job?
Does anyone on this board actually enjoy doing med tran?  It seems like all everyone does on here is complain about how bad it has gotten and how they hate it.  I just want to know if anyone feels the opposite and still enjoys mt'ing?
I enjoy my JOB, just not how bad the pay has gotten.
Enjoy, eat up and be merry
Prostelysing bothers me.  Keep your god to you and everything is fine.  Start telling other people it is okay to do something cause *god* says so, then it isnt fine.  That kind of stuff belongs on the religion board.  Arguments for blacks in the back of the bus, blacks not being allowed to vote, nothing wrong with smoking, drinking, not letting women vote.  All of these were thought of as right years ago.  We, thankfully, evolved and realized they were wrong and changed them.  Same thing with killing animals.  IMHO and in millions of others opinions, it is wrong and one day, we will look back in horror.  Already so many young people are vegetarians, more so than when I went to school.  Im amazed.  I have three friends who each have sons.  All four of those sons are vegetarian and they are educating and enlightening their mothers about the healthful ways of eating and ethical and kind way of living.  Not to harm, tread on this earth softly.  So, once again, have a feast..enjoy. Actually, the animals are getting their revenge through disease spread by eating meat.  I talked to one thoracic surgeon I used to work with and he said meat eating, especially red meat, contributes to heart disease, plaquing, high cholesterol, gallstones, gallbladder disease and he said that was just the beginning, much more.  But, hey, this is America.  We can make our own choices.  So enjoy.  It is just a post about animal cruelty.  If it bothers you and your gods teaching, then dont read it.  
enjoy it while it lasts
i received letter from MQ stating all ASR work will now be paid at 80%. Yippee! Is the client paying less for ASR work? Is the cost of living going down 20%?

ready to retire
i enjoy your posts
you seem to have your head on straight
lol, im sure no one would condemn you for that, enjoy
Muy bueno! Enjoy some for me!
That sounds goooooood.
I'm a little ashamed to say....just I enjoy going to
I know this isn't as exciting as the other posters, but honestly...just going to the beach and relaxing is great for me!! :>
I enjoy going to them and hosting
but then again, I used to sell Homemade Gourmet, so I was one of those that counted on someone hosting a party. Never tried to make any feel like they had to though...
Glad you could use it. Enjoy!
Enjoy your cookout.
This is my third try with this message!  The bad language police told me I used a bad word twice and my message was dumped.  I did not .. repeat did not use any bad language at all .. what I have been trying to say is that there has to be some significance in shooting into the Sea of Japan and I wonder if we still have active bases there?  To get to us .. all they need is a bigger booster rocket and since we have cut back money for everything to fight hand to hand in Iraq .. I wonder if the silo situation with our rockets to take out their rockets still is in working order!!  Typing this makes me think of a bunch of little boys playing war and it is really not doing much to keep me in a celebratory mood .. God help us all.
I don't enjoy most of their dictation either, but
the one who did surgery on my foot must have been a genius. He totally fixed the bunion and pain I had, plus straightened my 2 littlest toes. I wasn't having trouble in the smaller toes, actually, but he said I would, and all he had to do was blah-blah-blah. So I let him do it. Sure enough, that whole foot is great now, and the other foot I haven't had done because the bunion wasn't quite bad enough has had pain in the bunion and those unfixed little toes off and on, so I think he was right to straighten the others, even though they were only a tiny bit curved.

I think they have to say all those words for documentation purposes so they will get full payment, but it makes for some very long, boring reports with a bunch of slurring MDs.
You are blessed, for sure! Enjoy it! nm
I don't enjoy watching my pay go

from a living wage in the 80s/90s with decent line counts and fairly decent dictators to horrendous ESLs, "creative" line counts to gyp the MT, and pay so low you can make more at McDonald's.

I do enjoy transcribing & editing.  Preaching to the choir here, as we all know MT isn't something anyone without training and skill can do.  The pay should be commensurate with knowledgel, but sadly it isn't.  That is why I only do MT on weekends now and have a FT job in a completely different field.  I simply can't afford to be an MT anymore.

When enough skilled transcriptionists leave the MT industry and US hospitals are fed up with offshore quality or get sued enough times and the message finally hits home, maybe there will be a demand again for MT, but I doubt it.  That is my hope though.

I enjoy doctors that like to mix it up
a little bit. When I worked in an office, our rectal/colon surgeon was always cracking jokes concerning his speciality, may have been a little off color, but he livened the place up. When they are singing, cracking jokes, etc., at least the dictation is not boring.
Actually, I enjoy doing MT work very much
most days. That has nothing to do with my vent. My vent was about ESLs who can't speak the English language coherently enough to be understood. The same goes for English-speaking physicians who haven't mastered the language either. If they don't know enough about the English to construct a proper sentence, then maybe they should hire someone else to do their dictating for them.
Goodnight, enjoy your milk
If you enjoy recaps and spoilers for the
and sign up for the newsletter

Me too, what is it? Craft or exercise? I enjoy
Anytime Felicia, I enjoy
telling people where to put things.
Nah - cheer up. It is only one day - enjoy it and laugh. sm
Don't take things so seriously. I learned, no matter what you think or say, your siblings are going to do what they want anyway. Just sit back and be lighthearted.

Happy Thanksgiving!
4 Beatles fans - enjoy!
I enjoy this time of year when
the time changes and we start having the long days.  Here in NC now it won't get dark until about 8:00, and on into the summer it will be closer to 9:00 before it gets completely dark outside.  I absolutely hate it in the winter when the time changes and it gets dark at 5:30.  It's depressing.  I wish the time could stay the same all year.
Hey, I never said I was a whore...I enjoy sex with my husband, not just any man! nm
You're welcome, we hope you enjoy it!
What about POLL? You seem to enjoy that word a lot.
Sorry, I don't eat greasy crap like that. Enjoy yours though
Congratulations!!! Welcome to my world!! Enjoy. nm
I concur!! 33 years and i still enjoy
my job and have been the sole money-earner and raised a family on it; am working from home, the envy of many. it may not be as lucrative as it once was, but still can be a good 'career'. Even with changes to the industry, yes i would recommend it to anyone with the right talents and inclinations.
I enjoy deenibeeni's posts...
She always offers a varying viewpoint, which is refreshing.  Not everyone is always going to agree... that's just the way it is. 
Enjoy your 15 cpl until the Indians underbid you at 3-4 cpl...
As much as I enjoy MTing, this is why I can't do it more than part-time. SM
Four, five hours tops for me, and that includes breaks in there too. After even an hour, I start feeing fidgety and nervous inside and have to take a break. I usually work for an hour, take a break and do a couple chores, work for another hour, go on a walk, work for another hour...and so on.

I do have another part-time job outside the home that gets me out and with other people for the afternoon. It's a good balance and works great for me.
The homeless enjoy their "free lifestyle
Many years ago when I worked at the sheriff's dept., we tried to get homeless people into shelters, etc. They don't want to because there are RULES. The have to be in at a certain time, no drugs, no alcohol, etc. They live the way they do because they can do exactly as they please, get drunk, do drugs, and nobody tells them what to do. They get freebies from all the missions, the food kitchens, etc., and it has become a way of life with them. They don't want to change.
Not me - love my 2 teens at home! Enjoy it while you can.
I realize my house doesn't have to be perfect all of the time, their rooms do not need to be clean all of the time, and I enjoy them so much. Soon, my son will go to college and I will be left with my one daughter, and then she will go to college and I will have an empty house with just me, hubby, and our golden. Boy, I dread those days. I am enjoying all the noise, fighting, messiness and laughter as much as possible. I love when they have friends over. They are so funny and a delight!

Really, don't wish it away too quickly.
You also can't enjoy the water parks in December. nm
people like her can't stay away..enjoy the respite.

I've done it basically all and ops most of the time now and I really enjoy doing ops.
DS and H&Ps can be very sedative LOL  You do need to have a wider grasp of medical terminology and like Hayseed said, at least know your anatomy basics, and have your own resources and know how to use that provided on the internet, and not referring to Google (but that comes in handy once in a while when all else fails).  You have to be able to visualize as the doc is cutting away.  For example, cardiac anastomoses are like little tubes that have to be hooked up some way, side-to-side, end-to-side and so on.  When they cut out a specimen, you have to think of it as a nugget or chunk of meat that someone else is going to be looking at, so they have to orient this with a clip or a stitch here and there to let the pathologist know which side is what, which one has cancer the top, the side or the botton and so on.  Everything in the body is a bag, hose, tube and so on, so using common sense in typing this also helps a lot.
You're very sweet and I enjoy your posts
I always read them no matter what board they are on. Keep posting, Ella, you're a breath of fresh air as well!!!
OMG this is insane....you guys need to get out and enjoy yourselves..reality tv taking over
The Band is awesome. Glad you bought the CD. Enjoy!!!!
Toot when you drive past Hooterville! :) Enjoy!
Also fondly kown as H2O-ville.   With all this rain, it's living up to its name. :)