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figure an average at 1.20 and 1.50 and charge double..we charged 2.50 and 3.95

Posted By: go ahead on 2006-01-07
In Reply to: What is rate to charge per report not as MT...sm - DCMT

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I'd figure out an average I make per hour, and charge that. -nm
You need to charge for this extra service. Stat reports should be charged at a higher rate or per r
Never lose money. I have unlimited long distance and when my docs what things faxed, etc, I charge them per report to fax the document as well as charging them to transcribe it.
Figure out what you average sm
hourly now.  Do you have any idea what the clinic's pay scale is?  Unfortunately, clothing and gas is not going to be a consideration on their end, but overhead (providing your space to work, etc. will be).  Figure your hourly rate now and try to work off of that in determining your negotiation point.
average charge per line

Just starting out on my own and have been asked by a local chiropractor to handle his transcription.  I don't want to undercut other sub-contractors charges but don't want to quote too high either, especially being new.  How can I find out the average charge per line for chiro transcription?

What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

Charge what the credit card companies charge when they don't get paid on time!!!!
Audio hour charge - what is fair rate to charge company?

how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
Doubt you can charge 15 cpl for VR work to the docs - you can't even charge them 12 for straight
you don't have to charge $60/HR - all you have to do is charge a good rate and then..
work smart, not hard. If you have a great dictator, charge him 14 cpl on a 65 char gross line, then set up your templates and word expanders, you can make $80/hr. But you need all three to work together, otherwise you might only be making $60/hr. Some people are just really good at what they do - shouldn't they make more if they are more productive?
I'd still charge by line, just charge a lower
rate, like maybe 8 cpl.  Do you have to pickup and deliver work?    You could also setup a one-month contract until you see how it goes and then you can figure out the best way to charge and go from there.  You could also charge a flat rate per page and keep it fairly low.  
One office I charge .12, another I charge $2.25 page--nm
$14.97 is what I was charged
They did not have these on the shelf (I wonder why). I had to ask for the model number. See my post above and they had to go get them in the back. You could call your local Radio Shack (what I did). They looked in the computer and saw them in inventory (they had only 3). I would ask them to pull a pair for you and hold them at the front register with your name on them until you can get there. Hope this helps. Happy holidays.
I think you should have charged them

the first time.  Tell them if you have to spend time to listen, then that's at a rate of $20.00 an hour in addition to the transcribed lines minus the reports they think are already transcribed.  This way, you are paid to listen.

How much more of this are you going to take Lisa?  My dear, you are letting them walk on you.

Are you being paid for the "meeting" in the morning? 

I can thank C-Bay for losing my job, too. 

Look, you are going to need to draft a contract to bring along in the morning.  Otherwise, you will be working for free, and this practice will drive you insane. 

You need to figure out what works best for you and set the ground rules.  You simply explain to the office manager that this is how you will be doing the work and what you will charge, etc. 

At some point, you will have to hold this office accountable for the work they give you and stop working for free.

If you are picking up flash drives, then they should not expect you to report back on patients, etc., which is time consuming unless they would agree to a flat hourly rate for listening and sorting out dictations and then a lower line rate. 

I know, I have a big mouth, but please, don't let them take advantage of you.  As I said in your last posting, they will continue to abuse you if you allow it. 

There are plenty of companies online hiring right now.  www.mtjobs.com - have you checked there?

when I asked for return. Thanks you for the post above. I think the people on here are mostly English speaking, are they not? Maybe some speaking broken-English. They are not seeming to understand. I do not think most would like to be stolen from. I would put this in several languages as I am thinking the posts coming in are maybe not comprehending what we are saying but I only speak English.
I charged per line
I charged per line because then they had no question with regards to hours.  It was gross line, top to bottom of page using Microsoft word.  Did all the uh's, yea, okay as they wanted it verbatim.  For a little over 2 hours dictation made $400 but it was very hard to do and I think that they got a deal.  It was a land use county meeting and people would not identify themselves and talk over each other, interrupt, could not tell who was talking, etc.  I think I averaged about $25 an hour but kept going over it and over it.  Had someone else helping me and we kind of relistened to each other's parts of the tape.  But again, they got a deal as between the two of us we put 10 hours typing and 5-6 hours reviewing.  But I charged .125 cpl.  Then told him that there would be review time and so we just settled on $400 and made sure that he paid me before I returned the tapes.  He had to review them to see who was saying what and I did eventually get an apology saying he now could see why I had the trouble that I did.  It was 7 men and 1 woman and all the men sounded alike.  But good luck.  I have done seminars, medical and building a computer chip and those were easier than this.  But the only way I would bid on this type of job again is to say I need to listen to part of the tape before I can name my price.   Good luck.
I used to do that and charged by the page. nm
They charged me almost $400 last year.
It goes up every year. I overhold on all my employee jobs so I'm not worried about that. I just can't stand paying someone that much for something I can do myself.
Forgot to say, doctor charged $79

for DH to come in and find out the results of the MRI, doctor never touched him.   It could be worse, we could have not had insurance at all.   DH and I weren't exactly thrilled with the doctor anyway (can you imagine an MT going to support their spouse and not being allowed to ask questions until the doctor gives you permission - LOL). 

The doc charged $500 I don't see that as a rip off - the hospital bill though - sm
for $5K is a bit outragous and has nothing to do with the doctor actually. I hope she has insurance.
I got charged $75 for a copy of my old MRs, even though I transcribed it!!! n/m
Cigna may be charged with manslaughter in
Guilty as charged! It is very difficult.

My biggest and best suggestions are to type a specialty that interests you and try to keep up with the report.  In other words make it a challenge to diagnose and treat the patient before you're through with the report.  I use an online timer set for 45 minutes.  I'm not allowed to do anything but type during those 45 minutes.  If I'm feeling a compulsion to research something that I found while checking on a word, I write it down and give myself 5-10 minutes between 45 minute sessions to do exactly that.  I also take medication (adderall) without it I would be completely lost.  I also have to make myself use the interest as little as possible.....too many shiny things to take my attention away.  The good thing is that usually ADD people are exceptionally bright and innovative, so I can accurately produce in 4 distracted hours what most can produce in 6-8 diligently working.  However, can you imagine what your line count would be like if you stuck to it the whole time??

So, to summarize:

1.  Try to find an MT job that interests you.

2.  Use a timer to limit your distractions.

3.  Take medication.

4.  Avoid the internet for reseach if at all possible. 

has anyone ever charged insurance companies for doing their work - SM
I have a lot of medical issues with my family and so see a lot of doctors and pay a lot of copays.  Each and every time I see a doctor or facility I have to pay a copay, which I always ALWAYS charge on my credit card.  No exception.  Do not pay, do not see the doctor or have the test.  Yet time and time again I get letters from the doctor's billing or facility saying I owe a copay to them.  When I call them up, explain that I paid my copay at the time of services rendered and do not owe anything further, I am told they don't have a record of it.  I must find the receipt and send them a copy for proof of payment.  In short, I must do their job because they are either too lazy or inefficient to do it.  Earlier this month I got a statement from the x-ray facility saying that I owed a copay.  The customer (dis)service person was very unhelpful when I explained that I always made my copay first and it showed up on my credit card statement.  Finally I told him I would call the facility myself and get things straightened out, which I did (they had put my copay into a different account by mistake).  But I ended up doing his job and got treated rudely to boot.  Then yesterday, I got yet another doctor's billing statement saying I owed my copay.  I called and left a message saying that it had already gone through on my credit card bill and would not be paying.  They want proof.  Am I out of line saying, fine, I will photocopy the receipt (and this is an NCR receipt so the office has a copy of it) and my credit card bill (with everything else blanked out) and send it to you as proof of my payment, but it will require my invoicing you a $10 processing fee.  If you are not willing to reimburse me for my time to straighten out your mistake, then I will not provide proof of payment.  This takes time out of my day to hunt through my receipts, make a photocopy, document it in writing (LOL I learned that VERY early on), then postage, etc.  Why must I do this without being reimbursed for it.  IS ANYONE ELSE FED UP WITH PEOPLE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?????  Arrrrghhh.  I feel every so much better.
An MTSO that I worked for charged $6 a page. NM
Some of my accounts are charged for blank lines..nm
Wow! Thanks for the info. I didn't know the nationals charged THAT much!! I'm going for it! n
Agree, but geezzo, my acct only charged 150 to
line rates charged to clients
I know that 10 years ago, Medquist charged one of their big hospitals in St. Louis 24 cents per line!!! Yet of course they pay their employees peanuts, since they pay by the WORD. (MQ is more concerned with paying Wall Street.) But there's your upper ceiling of what you might dare think of charging!
Very impressive. Reading this really charged me up, and I hope it does him also. nm
Yep, my son's doc charged 111.00 for a 3 minute visit to tell him he had a kidney stone.
And to think the insurance paid it. Hmmm.
I've never heard of sales tax being charged for a service, only
for a tangible product.  
I charged by the gross line and made more money that way.

I had to have a bowel resection for a Meckels diverticulum and the surgeon charged 2500 and got 1500
and the hospital bill was 27,000. Until that surgeon gets done paying malpractice, his office costs, taxes, etc. I bet he doesnt get one third of that money plus all the visits I had while in the hospital for 9 days and fu visits. I did have insurance thank God.
Double Wow sm
Could you please e-mail me that recipe, I promise I won't disclose it to anyone!
Double what you'd pay an IC
probably. I'd say the MTSO I work for probably makes double what I do in order to pay me. Makes sense.
Double applause! nm
double space

Geez, I thought I asked a simple question, but I guess not.  I could care less what Medquist or AAMT say.  I get paid hourly so I didn't ask the question because I was worried about money.  I was asking in general style terms - are newspapers, magazines, i.e., anything in print spacing this way now?  I just wanted to know if I was behind the times.    

double (sm) I mean triple for me

Double standard
So we expect MDs to always have their complete attention on every word out of their mouths, which would be nice, but some of them put in 70 or more hours a week at the office/hospital, and have mountains of dictation to complete each week. But we expect them to never make a misspeak, even though on these boards we have a heart attack if one poster points out another poster's spelling or grammar error. Never mind that we are supposed to be better at English than the MDs, but we don't have to use our skills in writing posts (which is MUCH easier to do well than never making a misspeak), even if the post has to do with getting a job. That's quite a double standard, if you ask me.
thanks for that - but I need help with double spacing - sm
not with spacing between sentences. Its when a doctor dictates a paper for a journal and he wants the whole thing double spaced so that he can write between the lines or make corrections or for easier reading for him.
double ditto!
My hands feel great at the end of the day. Will never be without one of these keyboards! :-)
I use double ?? and have alt+R set to jump to them. nm
Double bind for an MT
You know, spouses tend to undervalue what we do when we are trying to do it. We put up with a lot to work at home (I know I did when I was married). He had no trouble spending the money, despite is constantly berating my efforts and undermining my contracts by calling the companies I worked for and pitching a fit about my not being paid enough, or I was working too much or he couldn't figure out why I could not take any old time off I wanted...again not respecting that this is a REAL JOB that has to be DONE ON A TIMELY BASIS. I could rant all day, but I won't, you get the idea.

Then, when we divorced he wanted to know what it is was worth. Ummm nil since you managed to lose most of my work for me? I was holding only one contract my own for about $3000 a year when they bothered to get me paid.

Just an observation because some men seem to think they can have it both ways.

I am joyfully single now, and have been single for as long as I was married. The single time has flown by in a flurry of doing my own thing, working when I want to, sleeping when I want to, eating what I like, when I like. So much nicer than doing everything on HIS terms.
Double spacing in an H&P

Where and when, if anywhere, is it acceptable to double space between anything in an H&P or any other report?  We have a double-spacing queen in our department getting paid by the line like the rest of us so I feel cheated on both line count and paydays. 

Thanks and hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine Day!

I double space

My docs want double spacing between their headings in their consults/H&P and paragraphs in letters, guess you count that double spacing when you leave a blank line.  Also in chart notes, my GI's want me to double space between paragraphs even in their SOAP notes.  Up to the account. 

double hmmm? What gives?
Double aargh!!
I just finished one doc who must have had something horrific for lunch ... a normally terrible-to-listen-to ESL who burped and belched his way through a 10-minute report without ever even thinking to say "excuse me".  Sure glad he does not treat me.  Very rude and disgusting.
I always double space...sm
I saw that rule in the new BOS as well.  I tried it, but the document looked too cluttered and hard to read.  I also put two spaces after a colon, regardless of what the BOS says.  It had always been proper to it that way, and it is what I was taught in typing class, clerical practice class, and when I started in MT over 17 years ago.  The BOS seems to try to make up its own grammar and punctuation rules regardless of what has been done nearly forever.
Double GRRRR
Been there, done that. It's awful isn't it? Tomorrow will be better maybe? Hope so.
Do I hate VR yup and double yup! nm