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Posted By: Is there a way to....? on 2006-05-03
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Is there a way to be notified by email when further posts are added to topics we have responded to? 

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Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

There has been a lot of posts about them
over the past couple of months, few good.  If searching with TRS isn't bringing up anything, search using the full name. 
regarding most of the posts below
I just have to say that "redneck grit", I think is how one poster described it, does not only live in trailer parks! I know, for a fact, a used-to-be-nice neighborhood full of new homes--houses--where there are a bunch of rednecks.  I'd rather live in a nice trailer park than in that neighborhood full of houses.  Regardless of where or what you live in, there is always gonna be the not-so-desirables in the neighborhood-regardless! And most of the time, they live right on the main road or right at the entrance..go figure!
not ALL posts are MQ...this is not..I am not..
you are just a slammer to slam...maybe YOU are the MQ person and that is why you are so mean and slam...afterall...not every post on this board is for or about or beause of MQ there are lots of other companies out there..good and bad
To below posts about MT pay and such
Just wanted to say my piece.  Sure an MT can make money at 7.5 cpl.  Sure many MTs can type 14,000 lines in a week and bring home 4K or more a month.  SURE.  The point is, however, WHY should we have to work that much?  If we are not newbies and have all this experience under our belts, and not to mention a high standard of quality, WHY should we have to take a job paying 7.5 cpl?  WHY.  Am I  not worth more than the MT who has just graduated from school?  Yes!  WHY should I not make more money?  So, the attitude of most MTs these days is simply because we are not valued for the experience and quality that we bring to our companies.
You can't please everyone, don't let the posts get to you....
Most of us here are happy.

MAP - are you on AIM?
Thanks, everyone, for your posts. I just
don't know what to do, and I probably should just wait til the holidays are over before making a decision. Yes, I wish MTs would understand that we HAVE to mark their errors. We get QA'd, too, down the line in the food chain! I honestly don't ever mark the small stuff - that's depressing to me, too. Just an endless blurb of really horrible quality work - major errors, and not blanks! And yet I'm supposed to not stop and "really proof the work - just the blanks and push it thru. Its horrible. Occasionally I get some nice work, and I have faith again in the MTs, but more often its pure garbage, and American garbage, I might add. Not trying to start anything, but I seriously wish the quality of MTs in the USA could pick up a bit. Not to mention the attitude of some - not all - some newer MTs - they are vicious when you try to mentor. So there is no mentoring - just fix the work for them and push it thru. Drugs spelled phonetically, wrong body parts, you name it! Oh well. I think I have left myself no choice but to transcribe again! I miss it so! And it really doesn't save on the arms, as 1 poster felt. I am using the foot pedal and keyboard just as much, but all sporadically, not a smooth flow of typing. Its not all that great a job, that's for sure. Oh well Thanks, my fellow MTs!
Old posts say bad. nm
your posts
The above poster was correct - you could have and IMO should have just not posted. When there is a post about something I'm not interested in, I just skip it.

But people like you have to be nasty and spread your venom everywhere. What about a little common courtesy and just leave the Soprano fans alone?
OMG - Best 2 posts on here EVER!!
Thanks EVERYONE for your posts! I
really appreciate it. Guess I have a lot of soul-searching and financial planning to do this weekend!! Now, if only I was off...
They were replying to posts from quite a while back and just seemed to be stirring up trouble, for example the post with subject of "BLINDED".
Most of the posts are ... sm
because people don't have work.  I wonder if you should switch jobs.  What if you didn't have any work at all and could not feed your sick child (grandchild), whatever...  It is a shame you can't work for a company that allows you flexible hours and can understand that you need a day off, too.  Next time, make your coworker do the electives on holidays.  JMO  Cheer up!!!!
Cannot believe these posts
A post like yours reenforces people's attitudes about MTs not being a professional job. It is a JOB. It is not something you do so you can stay at home and do housework, take care of the children, tea etc. I wish each and every 1 of you who wrote posts like this would have to drive back and forth to your job, have a supervisor hanging around, make sure you dress appropriately and play the game of office politics. You might learn then to grow up some. My gosh!!!! From in the 70s until 1992 I worked out of the house and learned good skills and work ethics. I never have a problem then nor do I now keeping myself on a schedule. It is supposed to be a job, remember????
Thanks for all your posts...

Just to clarify, this is straight transcribing, no VR.  I've been with the company only a week now and have not actually started doing "live" jobs, still in training and getting used to the program which is MedRite XL.  I was previously with MQ using DocQScribe which I found EXTREMELY easy, pretty straight forward typing.  Hadn't been on ASR there yet either as I left before the required training.  MRXL seems to be a bit more complicated, but then again I've been on the system for only a few days and am still learning.  As with anything, practice makes perfect!

I am not required to use the function keys and I have not been threatened if I do use the mouse.  My trainer highly suggests I use the function keys instead of the mouse as she says it will increase my speed and my productivity.  That may be so, but I still feel much more comfortable with the mouse and I usually produce 200-250 lph.  There again, I could probably do more lph but I don't use Expanders a whole heck of a lot.  I know if I could get comfortable with the function keys and expanders my productivity would probably increase dramatically, but I am of the mindset I don't want to take the time for a learning curve. I just want to sign on and start transcribing according to my comfort level.  I know I could constantly look at my cheat sheet, but then that would slow me down at first and I would probably get very frustrated.  Maybe if I could think in terms of what type of command the CTRL key does, what type of command the shift key does, what type of command the ALT key does, that might help.  But there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what key does what and it seems to be just all memorizing, which at my age is kind of hard to do.  Have too many other things swimming around in my head!  Anyway, I just wanted to get an idea of how many MTs use the function keys vs the mouse, and if I was still back in the dinosaur age.  Thank you all

Look about 3-4 posts below yours at the -sm
person asking for ortho sites. The reply has a web address that is pretty awesome. May help you-can never have too many reference sites. Good luck.
where's my posts???
Posted twice in the last 24 hours...but none of them are showing up!!!
Thank you both for the posts so much!
I appreciate your input because I also was feeling paranoid...it is kind of an awkward thing to talk about as was mentioned because you do not want to seem like you are complaining to get the easier work, but why does it get taken away when you get used to it, plan somewhat on how much you think you are going to make, and get into a real rhythm and do a great job with no errors.

I was hoping I was not the only one yet am also sad to see I am not also because it must be a deliberate practice.

It really is a dilemma because you do not know if you should or could speak up, whether it would change anything or not, or like I have had happen - as soon as I mentioned it my fate was sealed the last 2 jobs.

Again, I thank you for sharing, and if any consolation we are not alone anyway...

If you find a way around it, please share!
MT...most of your posts are
rude and heartless.  You have your own opinion of course but it is a proven fact that depression is a disease.  How can you say to this person....get up, take a shower and get a job.  You are not helping this person but probably making it worse for him.  Do research before you give such advice on depression.  Glad I'm not your friend - you make me depressed with your posts.
two posts from me?
Sorry if there ends up being two...I thought I lost one. It shows in my posts, but not here. ???
many posts on top 3
I'd look at all the posts here of
and then count your lucky stars you're being paid by the hour.  If you're getting all this work in without OT than I don't think it would rise to the level of "extra" pay.  If you're getting OT, there's your bonus. 
From my posts on here I probably don't...sm
seem the best MT. I don't watch things on here. I just vent usually.

I would like to get in to acute care. I did do it for a couple of months with my company, but when the opportunity came for my cinic account back, I jumped on it cause I made more money on the clinic account because it had good dictators and most of the dictators on the acute care were TERRIBLE. They ended up not keeping that acute care account too long anyway for whatever reason.

I do need to get into acute care though. I know that is where the work lies.
Thanks to the posts below
I was going to look into Intant Text myself to see if it would improve my productivity better than AutoCorrect, but it seems to be too much trouble getting started and sounds complicated to use. I find AutoCorrect very easy to use and was up and running with it from day one without any problems.

Does Instant Text automatically expand from a few letters typed like AutoCorrect or do you have to choose from a list every time from a few letters typed?
For the below posts...
I have been searching for info on the laptop question for a while. Would any of you be willing to email me about what kind of setup you have with the laptop? I get so many conflicting views on what you need and don't need. I would love to hear from you about the things you have learned doing this.
Which was exactly what was said in posts above.
exactly. But I have seen posts sm
lately on the word board that had the DTR thing and one that didn't know about rales and wheezes, normal stuff that you learn at the beginning. These people should not be transcribing at home by themselves!

I too prefer my books unless I can get to a Stedmans website for a word check once in awhile. MTs nowadays are not willing to invest what it takes to get going in this business and don't understand that it takes years and years to get the experience needed to be able to do this independently.
I see your posts all the time on here
I like your posts and I think that you sound like a nice person.  You always seem to manage to stay in a debate w/o being cruel.
Which posts? Mine?
I wrote the my take on single mom whatever whatever.  That was my post. its not bad really.  I didnt mean it bad.  I just felt compelled to say something about single moms because of my mom and how hard i know it was.  thats all.  i promise.  I wasnt flaming anyone. 
I'm not an MQ mgr and all the posts are not mine
I think you're irritated that there ARE people who get a good deal with MQ, get good lines, good pay, and are happy.
Regarding the posts about procrastination....sm

What works for me is setting up tasks or meetings in Outlook. It works for both procrastination and forgetfulness. I have everything in there, so the reminders pop up all the time.  If you find yourself wandering on the net, etc., while trying to transcribe, set up a reminders for yourself that say something like "how's your line count?". When it comes up snooze it for 2 more hours or an hour, so you can't get too sidetracked. I also put everything on my tasks list, chores, phone calls, bills to mail, etc., with reminders. It helps. I try too keep the number of tasks on my list down to a certain number. If I'm really busy, I might increase the number of allowed tasks for a few days. I can go through the tasks and reminders and reorganize them by making the due date/time for high priority stuff sooner and lower-priority stuff later.  When I'm done for the day at the computer, I print the task list and knock off the non-computer related tasks like phone calls, bills, etc. It's always nice to delete some of the tasks, and very little slips by undone anymore.

My posts have vanished sm please
I searched archives but they are gone.  I had asked for input on two companies - Golden Isles Transcription and WordZXpressed....got two answers so far...anyone else.  Good or bad experiences with either company.  Thank you!
someone posts on the board
does not mean they are doing it during working hours.
Where in all these posts do you see what you just accused?
No one blamed George Bush for causing the hurricane, please stay on track.  But then again maybe your track is to divert the attention from the issue at hand, which is what needs to be done to change things for the future.  After all, if you don't accept that there is a problem, the problem will never get fixed.
i enjoy your posts
you seem to have your head on straight
I have read your posts
I for one did read your posts.  Fine, you want to stay for the insurance.  Then get a second job that will pay your bills.  And taking your discussing (read whining) to a blog.
I don't think I have ever laughed so much about posts
on this board.  Craps me up more than my Walmart list.
Why have all the posts been deleted that said they
didn't see anything wrong with this?
Geez, come on. I saw all of the OSi posts,
Yes, somebody is sticking up for OSi all over the place. However, I don't know what is so "transparent."  Somebody asked a question directly related to Smartype.  I use Smartype and I work for OSi, and my Smartype works fine in Extext.  For what it's worth, I post here on these boards about 5 times a week, sometimes on the word board, sometimes on the company board.  I check in when I'm eating lunch or taking a break.  I don't waste my time reading and posting all day long.  I just get tired of never even being able to answer someone's question.  What's with that?
I have not read the other posts (below) but...
If you have health insurance with counselor coverage, I would book an appointment. Maybe ask around as to who is a good counselor. I understand how you feel as I am now seeing a psychologist about a family situation similar, but not the same, as yours.

It is so devastating when you cannot talk to anyone for fear of the word getting out. Maybe even pick a counselor in another town. You need to talk this over with someone that can maybe give you some ideas on how to deal with the situation without x-ing out your whole family.

I did just that (x-ed out family), and, believe me, the holidays are the hardest. Your mother will probably not see the light until she is clubbed over the head with it, so that is probably not an option. Have you had a out-and-out discussion with him? Don't listen to me, though. I urge you to see a counselor. Best of luck to you...and we are always here to talk to!
I agree with posts below that

it may be hard getting a job with a company with no experience in actual transcription.  My suggestion is to approach your local doctors and see where that leads.  Actually, there is more money in having your own accounts.  

My story is similar to Michigan MT.  I had medical schooling, but not for MT.  I worked for a group of physicians and started doing their transcription on the side.  When I left that office, I got a job at the local hospital as a transcriptionist.  Now I am working at home for a different hospital.  

If you can find a company that will give you a chance and let you take their test, you may get lucky, but most require several years experience in actual transcribing.  I think the best chance you have (without going to school) is to try to get a local account first to get the experience.   Good Luck!  

P.S.  You may want to get a copy of AAMT Book of Style, which contains many standard rules for transcription.      



I saw a warning on another one of your posts (SM)
and I think it is because your initials have MQ in them and they are going through and deleting anything related to that company that is posted here, even though you say nothing about the company. I don't think that is right, because you are answering other things and not bringing your company name into this.
Thank You!!! I read all the posts and this is what I
I have been an MT for a very, very long time.  I have been on both ends (editor and MT).  I think MTs do have a lot they have to remember; however, I don't think it has to be as big a deal as some make it.  Back when I first started working from home, I worked for MQ.  I had 3 teaching hospitals and can't even remember how many docs now, so I had an office lined with post it notes.  As someone put above, writing it down makes them remember.  Me, personally, I have a binder with all my account specs printed and can pull a tab to get to each one. They are well lined out and I have taken time to make certain notes on the first page to make it easier.  I agree with another post about take whatever work you can get. Make yourself very valuable to the company and you will always have work.  I just get really upset to see the ones griping about jumping around and then you will also see posts later that they are out of work.  Maybe they should ask themselves why they are out of work.  Just on a further note, editing is easier on the hands, but I have to know the account specifics just as well as the MTs because if an error is sent through, it will come back on me too.
Don't put people down like you did in your posts, eh? sm
"MS in BS" ring any bells?

You have issues.
previous posts
I did read all the previous posts, as you indicated. You did give a lot of information. I will let you know in a week or two what I think.

yep and while it *looks* like 1000s neg posts...sm
while it may *look* like thousands of negative posts, it's hardly thousands of posters making those same negative posts.  Mainly sock puppets, posting as hundreds of different people....maybe only 10% of MQ-MTs are truly posting here.
Please delete the below posts

Thank you.

Imagine. And I really liked your posts.

Sorry to see you go. I must admit I was shocked at some of the stuff that was thrown at you in this female dominated environment.

So sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm very close to my uncles (my mom's brother and brother-in-law). Just lost my mom in April. It's been really rough on all of us.

I actually heard Ringo across the airwaves in our teeny tiny local supermarket today. I'm pushing my cart and singing, "Let me help, if your child needs a daddy, let me help. . . ." :)

I asked the fresh faced clerk if she knew who it was singing and she rolled her eyes and said, "I have no idea."

I did tell her that it was Ringo Starr, one of the last 2 remaining Beatles and though she obviously was not the least bit interested, the woman behind me said, "You got that right! These kids need to take music appreciation classes."

God we're getting old. :)

For what it is worth, we have 2-year-old twin granddaughters and their favorite song is "Love Me Do."

My husband and I married with matching Lennon rings engraved with "Imagine" and he does the candle thing every year on the anniversary of John's death. This year was hard, marking #25.

All John was saying, was give peace a chance.

Too bad about the people on this board that will never see beyond the scope of their own insecurities.

Godspeed RadGuy.



Lots of posts about them nt
It always kills me when I see posts like these... (sm)

Especially when it involves children, but also any family member. 

Our insurance has a 24-hour 1-800 number for questions like these. We have had three different insurance carriers in the past five years.  ALL THREE have had this service. 

Our primary care physician has an after-hours number you can call to page a doctor or nurse.  I have NEVER had a physician in my adult life who did not have an answering service who could page him or her. 

Our pediatrician has a 24-hour number to call to page a doctor or nurse.  I have NEVER had a pediatrician for our children who did not have this service. 

Our local hospital has a 24-hour number you can call to discuss symptoms like these with staff. 

WHY would someone come onto a message board with a question about acute family health issues when there are other more obviously appropriate places to go for advice?  Go to the ER.  That's what the ER is for.  If you have to pay it off, you have to pay it off.  But coming to a transcription message board just seems so silly.   

(And, for those of you with no life but to go around correcting typos, any typos made by a previous poster does not change the veracity of her statements.  To come here looking for advice on what appears to be an acute allergic reaction is just plain stupid.  And, quite frankly, the attention I pay to my typos when I am typing a report is very different than when I am posting on a message board, and while I have yet to be corrected personally, it is so annoying to see you people who seem to feel like you have to correct typos.  Grow up.)