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give us a break!!! She/he knew exactly....sm

Posted By: clean up his English in this report??? on 2006-04-27
In Reply to: If it is a verbatim report, she should leave it that way. nm - LOL

the MT knows exactly what the dictator was TRYING to say as far as his poor English.  Yes, verbatim is verbatim, but WRONG is just wrong, and what the MT would need to correct would not, in the least, affect the patient's care.

You're dead wrong on this.

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Aw come one give her a break. She said she was sorry and is willing to refund. Give her a chance to

do what is right.  If she fails to do what is right, then go about this in an adult way and not act like such a child.  "you suck"  That is so immature.

She is responding to you and you are eating her alive.  Why would she put herself out there to be treated like this if she didnt mean it. 

I am really astonished at how people can act on here.  Would you treat people like this in person?  If you do, I cant imagine you having very many friends. 

Remember we are all "HUMAN." 


Give yourself a break (sm)

and do something else this year, it doesn't have to be forever.  Also, I think you should tell your mother the problem.

You can join me, I have an evil stepmother and nobody would pick me up from the Amtrak and now the tickets are sold out and it's too late to go for the holidays.  On the other hand, I find dealing with it so draining that I'm off the hook this year and can do whatever I want, I won't be spending my holiday on the freeway.  Good luck!

Give me a break!!

If you are working that much and making $6000 to $7000 a month it's a good thing... the only way you will be able to spoil your kids is w/material things.. would rather work less and enjoy what little time they are little....
I have read so many times about people who say they make all this money... I often wonder what else these people do with thier lives???
Give her a break

You sound like such a rightious person, hope you don't need help some day.  Again I would much rather have her collect some unemployment until she can find a job that truly suits her than just have to take any job.  You can say the employer pays it but it is a 'Undefined benefit" that we all have when we work enough hours and if someone lays you off or fires you for cause as long as you weren't stealing or doing something against the rules.   Much better than the welfare fraud, the illegals coming in and taking our tax dollars after having only been here for a few weeks/months.  At lease she has been in the workforce contributing to society and her taxes.  So get off her back, give her some space so she can find a job that suits her and doesn't have to take the first one that comes along.  And no, I am a MTSO and cannot collect unemployment so I am not personally involved in this.


Give her a break!
For crying out loud! You obviously have never taken time away from your own accounts (Yes, time = money!) to try to train someone only to have her turn around and quit on you. It is frustrating, time consuming and costs money to the person who is kind enough to try to give her a break. This person is totally within her rights to feel violated. Personally I wouldn't give out her name either, but I wouldn't bash the original poster for stating her frustration over the situation. Please walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you criticize them.
Choke! Give me a break, would you?
Ba-wah Walters is anything but classy. The way she announced that Star was going - well, one would have thought the president was assinated and it was the end of the world.

What a joke.

Ba-wah looks out for Ba-wah and Ba-wahs' pocketbook and public opinion. She's not interested in anyone or anything else. Much like Star, Rosie, Joy and the rest of those nit wits on The View.
MT vs Bus driver? Give me a break

For heaven's sakes.  Did it ever occur to you that if you can't decide, however rhetorically, whether to be an MT or drive a bus that you don't belong in this profession? 

I'm SO TIRED OF LISTENING TO MTs complain.  If you don't have a passion for what you do, here's a tip:  DO SOMETHING ELSE! 

You don't develop a passion for something just because it pays enough!  There are a lot of facets to passion.  And if you're doing something you don't have a passion for you're wasting your life.

Why is the fact that you're not making enough money or you're underappreciated SOMEBODY ELSE'S FAULT!  It's YOUR fault. 

Are you kidding. Give it a break, pulleeeas
Oh to have such problems in life. Give me a break.
How shallow can you get?
Oh give me a break. If had watched the show..sm
you would have known WHY they asked her to leave. She was arrogant, pushy, demanding, and interruptive to put it mildly. The show is WAY better off without her and her attitude of "better than thou."
Give me a break! This is America, you want to be here, speak the language!

Geez. give the girl a break already. For definition of racist, sm
PER WIKIPEDIA: Racism is a belief system or doctrine which postulates a hierarchy among various human races or ethnic groups. It may be based on an assumption of inherent biological differences between different ethnic groups that purport to determine cultural or individual behaviour. ...

I went back and read the OPs post about 3 times. Not once did she use the word hate and she said "most" not "all." We've all had bad days. I was cursing under my breath while working just today because one inconsiderate mumbling Primadonna ruined my entire morning. She just happened to be American.

Face it. There is a stereotype that many doctors have God complexes, are arrogant, demanding, and have to have their way. Doctors are inconsiderate. These are intelligent people that just don't give a rats. I'll prove it by saying that I've been a medical Transcriptionist for 18 years and no other "professional" has ever belched, eaten, cursed, or urinated while on the phone with me.

You don't have to be an MT to get frustrated over the language barrier either. I've owned my last Dell computer, not because I hate Indians, but because every single time I've had to call I wind up ending the call because there is a complete communication breakdown. I would expect that if I "chose" to live in another country, but this is my home. Americans are the ones having to learn a second language because so many foreigner just wont. Just look at how many job posting there are for bilingual receptionists and secretaries. It's just not like that anywhere else but here. If I "chose" to live in Japan, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, etc. you'd better believe I would be the one to learn "their" language. Why should they accommodate me? I'm on their soil. Why should it be any different here? No where else on the globe is it like this.

Sorry if this is long and choppy. I got distracted.
Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, so 'critical' thinking isn't in

Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, and while 'critical' thinking should be a part of the equation, sadly it isn't.  All some posters are doing here is stirring up trouble and they can go somewhere else, we don't want it here. 

Dano, regarding Softscript, I've received a number of emails from people who work at the company who appear to have legitimate complaints.  I see no reason for posters to not be allowed to post for others to be watchful. 

Because all threads referring to a so-called MQ sale were removed, some of the good comments went, too.  When a thread is removed in its entirety we are unable to pick and choose what stays.


They steal your money and then send you a check and you are thrilled. Give me a break.
Yeah, Dano, the poster I responded to was sure deserving of "kid gloves". Give me a break.
Everyone hates editors, everyone hates QA - it makes no sense, but that's the way it is. Period. If you are sweet to them and helpful, they stab you behind the back and freak when they get called in their errors.  If you are calm and blunt, they freak. If you are abrupt and to the point, they freak. If you send the masses emails saying Howdy, they stab you behind the back and diss you. Yet, we won't mention that they write us sweetly back!! And if we don't send them Howdy emails, they stab us behind our backs and complain that we don't write them. We do write them, per their own wish, and they complain that we're harassing them.  NOT.  The intelligent MT is the one who recognizes we all make errors, recognizes that editors are to catch errors and that it is our JOB to point said errors out to them - not a personal power trip. As I said, intelligent MTs recognize such - however, on this board there are not many who will fall into the above category. You'll see more in a second - flaming away!!  And the same nasty MTs wonder why they never get anywhere? Why they always get the crap dictators? Why they never get raises? I wonder.
I knew him well before I asked him out, so I knew
a long time before our first date that he was the one for me. He didn't know it that soon, but I did.
The girl was 13, the rapist a distant relative they took in. Give money, give food and your time, b
you don't put your family at risk by taking in strangers. That's just plain foolish. There were over 3300 registered sex offenders in NO. Where are they now. In your community? Perhaps in your house? Good luck.
oh our lovely government does give illegals medicaid, foodstamps, and housing so in term we give tha
i have been through some rough times lately and had to apply for some help. there are signs, big signs, all over our offices saying "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LEGAL TO GET HELP". so we and our government do give them our benefits whether they are legal here or not. now that is messed up. i am helping to support them so they can take away my jobs and i can't even support my kids and yes i get benefits, wow $75 a month in food stamps which lasts not even a week in a household of 6. don't get me wrong, i am thankful for any help at the moment, but i get penalized for trying to work my tail off and still can't survive.

there was recently an article in our local newspaper where one of our local school districts tried to charge $1000 a year for each illegal student enrolled. it was bulked and the illegals got a lawyer to sue for discrimination. the school district merely stated that they had to HIRE extra teachers that could speak the foreign language just to teach these children and were trying to offset some of the expenses. ridicilous!! so again our taxpayers money is paying to educate illegals as well.
Take a break
I have felt this way many times while transcribing. I have actually taken a leave of absence to get over it. It does help.
a break...
You said that Hispanics did not gang rape and were not pedophiles - that it is always white men and of course, priests. You want to apologize to Catholics for accusing all priests for what a very few did? You honestly don't think other churches' religious leaders are pedophiles?

Give the rest of us a break and go educate yourself before you post on here.

BTW, how old are you? You sound like a 12-year-old with your puhleeez...........
It is definitely a better tax break
and you get flexible hours like an IC while having your employer share of SS tax paid by the company.
They can still break
They can still break while the doctor is dictating or rewinding or when you are playing to covert.  There is still that possibility.  Kind of like BCP's -- not 100% guarantee
5 a.m. and now time for a break

I've always said I'd rather break a leg....sm

than a hand... and sure enough I did.  A few years ago I fell off the top of a ladder and as I was falling, which only took about 5 seconds, my MT survival instincts took over and I stuck my foot out to protect my hands.  Three surgeries later I was back at work with a cast on my right leg from ankle to thigh.  Believe me, you'll adjust to using your left foot.  I did it for almost a year.

Do it anyway. I have not had a break either, but am taking off 18-23 - sm
my mental health is more important than $. Going up to my dad's for a few days to celebrate Jen's last chemo (8/17), have her rest by the pool at his house, visit the Herr's plant, go to Dutch Wonderland, Philly zoo, etc. Just me and my 2 girls to have a little fun together...and for me to see my dad and my friends up in PA. Shouldn't be doing it money-wise, but tough, I know I deserve it and my kids too. We couldn't take a formal vacation due to Jen's chemo and some restrictions, so this is the next best thing. -- If you feel you can't take 5+ days off then do 2-3 and go out and do something. It will make you feel better.
No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
How do you break into op reports?
Is there one specialty or type of report that's easier or faster or generates more lines?  Is it the platform?  Which platform is the best?  I really would like to have a half-decent MT income in 2006.  I have the SUM program ops tapes but no keys.  Thanks.
I know what you mean but I have been lucky this break - sm
First day of break we left for Disney on a Make-A-Wish trip for my daughter who has/had a Wilms tumor (03/2005). So we had 6 days of fun there at a wonderful place called Give the Kids the World Village....only children with cancer, recovering from cancer, etc., stay there, great place. So back from that, had Christmas at home then I took them to see my dad (saw their other grandparents on Christmas day) and we are leaving from his house this morning. So they have been kept pretty busy and have had a blast. Granted my paycheck will be pretty poor (took off for Disney of course) and worked very minimally while at my dads. Key is to keep them busy and not bored I guess. Of course I have to get until Tuesday now at home but with all the gifts from Christmas, etc. I think they will be able to entertain themselves for a while....plus they usually pester my DH before me....but I have a very light work schedule for the weekend ( a whole 30 minutes of work, I think--haven't checked yet though) and don't work again until Tuesday. So I am enjoying it since next week won't be so leisure filled. Try to enjoy some, just make a little less for 2 weeks, then jump back in the grind!
hate to break it to you
but the JC is just a company paid by the hospitals to rate them. They really really don't do anything other than that. Your email will be deleted faster than you can say "where'd it go?" Some of the Americans are worse than the foreigners, slurring, sounding like on a mixture of crack and or meth.
should be "planes" - Wow, I need a break! nm
How to break in to OPs or orthopedics?
Any companies willing to work with a very experienced radiology MT?  TIA
To get a break your in-laws might consider...
respite care for a week or two. It would cost about what they are paying the private nurse. They would not even have to really "get away." Just having a break from constant care would be a vacation. I know; been there and done that!
You might try to coordinate it with your break
instead of sitting there fuming while you're trying to hear Dr. Mushmouth. You could ask him to give you an idea of when he might be doing it and be ready to quit work for 20 minutes or so while he cuts the grass outside your window. But be real nice about it or he'll get all offended (if he's like my DH). :oD
First of all do quit, take a break - sm
since you don't have to have the money. Since you like MT then get another MT job on a PT basis. Do maybe 30 minutes a day, which should give you about $25-$50 a day, sure won't be a huge paycheck but enough to give you a little more time for yourself and your sanity. Why kill yourself when you don't have to. If you don't want to switch jobs for some reason then cut back on the amount of work. But from the sounds of it you need a new, easier, job. Get looking!
Hate to break it to you all but
try googling that how it sounds and see what comes up for teragoid. Used to take a lot more knowledge and skill but unfortunately because of all the tools that are now available, like the high-tech software, internet search engines and message boards, the speech rec 'editing' and verbatim accounts, the fact that cost and turnaround are more important than the finished product, and so the bulk of mistakes going unnoticed because, uh, who is checking?, any good typist with decent grammar and spelling skills will be able to do it.
Tax break, tax refund
Yes, Bush is waiting on Congress to pass his emergency tactic to keep the economy from nose diving. He says this will stimulate the economy by us spending it. I say, it's another Bush tactic to try and stave off a recession while he is turning out his last days in office. I say, it is ridiculous. Take care of the infrastructure, the middle class, strength education, jobs, job retraining for older adults, etc., etc., etc.
I break my macros down. There may be

a part that is always, always the same and that will be one macro.  The next sentence might be the same, except for right or left and I'll make that a separate macro. 

I used to do lots of cataract surgeries and 99.9% of the time the only thing that changed was the eye having the surgery and the diopter of the lens so in that case I could do the entire report, one for left, one for right, and then insert a stop for the diopter so I could fill it in.

The doctor's didn't even dictate a complete report so you didn't have to read through the report anyway to make sure they weren't changing something.  They would just dictate right, right, right, xx diopters.  

I am wondering how do you break into QA
I am looking for the steadiness of an hourly position. MT is fine but I am a single parent with one disabled child and tired of the fluctuation of production pay. I would love a steady salaried or hourly QA position from home or in office. Just don't know here to start. I have over 10 years MT experience. Excellent editing skills. Open to any suggestions. Email on board or privately.
The easiest way would be to break into...sm
acute care for the same company you do clinic for if they have acute care available. If not it is going to be hard. The company you are currently with would be more likely to train you to do acute care because they know what your capabilities are.
break in experience
A typewriter - don't even want to think of that. Did you have to take any courses or just did well on the test? I find I do well on the tests but the flub the interview kind of discouraging
time for a break?
I just was typing along, a circumcision and the dr said, we then removed the papoose, and I thought, that's kind of a cute thing to call it, and then later he said specimen: prepuce" adn I realized what I had done, and I'm glad I caught it but I still think papoose is kind of cute if you get my anatomical meaning. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Spring break
I guess I am paranoid, but am afraid to let my 6-year-old granddaughter go out and play unless I am with her or her parents. It is a rotten shame our world has become so unsafe for children. Sounds like you have a good support team for your 5-year-old.
Some funnies to break up the monotony.
I found this by accident while looking for something else. It's written by physicians and it's pretty cute. Check it out. I had a couple of good laughs.
Hehehe, hate to break it to you but
you're not going to change that company.

What kind of martyrdom do you subscribe to?

If that is really what you are intending to do, then shut up about the complaining.

You only have the right to complain if there is NOTHING you can do about it and you're getting a bad deal.

You CAN do something -- you can get out or, in your case, be blindingly hopeful that you can change the company and try to. So shut up.
1308 from 7 to 11 this morning. Need a break before
clanking on.
A break? Your arm, your neck or your leg? Your choice...
Tip on how to break into entry level...
Could you post the tip? I think I missed it. There's someone else above looking for tips, and it might help her too. Thanks!

I take a 5-10 min break every 2 hours I work ...
barring that, I try to have as close as possible productive hours during my shift.
From what I have heard, harder to break into than
take my lunch break and take a dip in the pool

Wow, I'm getting a huge break compared to others...sm
Through Cincinnati Bell, I have to have their broadband, which is also the ISP.  As part of the bundle, I get Complete Connections which includes call waiting, caller ID, call block, etc.  This whole package comes to around $44 and gives you 200 minutes of long distance.  I recently asked to have unlimited added to my phone line, but it automatically goes on both lines.  The additional charge for unlimited is $10.  So I basically pay $10 for unlimited!