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Aw come one give her a break. She said she was sorry and is willing to refund. Give her a chance to

Posted By: no name on 2005-07-07
In Reply to: Tell me something honey - sm - duck

do what is right.  If she fails to do what is right, then go about this in an adult way and not act like such a child.  "you suck"  That is so immature.

She is responding to you and you are eating her alive.  Why would she put herself out there to be treated like this if she didnt mean it. 

I am really astonished at how people can act on here.  Would you treat people like this in person?  If you do, I cant imagine you having very many friends. 

Remember we are all "HUMAN." 


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    Give MQ a chance...
    Isn't it just possible that after all is said and done, and after all the changes, MQ may very well be a much better company to work for? Perhaps closing all these millions of branches (and the wildly different management styles, i.e. Columbus versus Amherst) will result in a more streamlined, consistent company where there is consistency across the board? Trimming the fat can be a good thing, U know. Personally I think Amherst is on borrowed time - a soon-to-be relic of the bad old days when nothing was done the same way from branch to branch. After all the dust settles, MQ just MIGHT be an excellent place to work again - but at least we should hear them out and give them the chance to prove it. Just my 2.5 cents...
    Give the kid a chance....

    she has to start somewhere. If you are as good as you say then you will be an excellent trainer for her and will be rewarded for teaching her the ropes. IMHO you sound kind of threatened by this and I have to wonder why. Be nice and help her along in becoming great transcriptionist.

    All he was saying was Give Peace A Chance...nm
    All we are saying is give peace a chance.

    Give yourself a break (sm)

    and do something else this year, it doesn't have to be forever.  Also, I think you should tell your mother the problem.

    You can join me, I have an evil stepmother and nobody would pick me up from the Amtrak and now the tickets are sold out and it's too late to go for the holidays.  On the other hand, I find dealing with it so draining that I'm off the hook this year and can do whatever I want, I won't be spending my holiday on the freeway.  Good luck!

    Give me a break!!

    If you are working that much and making $6000 to $7000 a month it's a good thing... the only way you will be able to spoil your kids is w/material things.. would rather work less and enjoy what little time they are little....
    I have read so many times about people who say they make all this money... I often wonder what else these people do with thier lives???
    Give her a break

    You sound like such a rightious person, hope you don't need help some day.  Again I would much rather have her collect some unemployment until she can find a job that truly suits her than just have to take any job.  You can say the employer pays it but it is a 'Undefined benefit" that we all have when we work enough hours and if someone lays you off or fires you for cause as long as you weren't stealing or doing something against the rules.   Much better than the welfare fraud, the illegals coming in and taking our tax dollars after having only been here for a few weeks/months.  At lease she has been in the workforce contributing to society and her taxes.  So get off her back, give her some space so she can find a job that suits her and doesn't have to take the first one that comes along.  And no, I am a MTSO and cannot collect unemployment so I am not personally involved in this.


    Give her a break!
    For crying out loud! You obviously have never taken time away from your own accounts (Yes, time = money!) to try to train someone only to have her turn around and quit on you. It is frustrating, time consuming and costs money to the person who is kind enough to try to give her a break. This person is totally within her rights to feel violated. Personally I wouldn't give out her name either, but I wouldn't bash the original poster for stating her frustration over the situation. Please walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you criticize them.
    That's good to hear. Maybe I should give it a chance and see if I like it.

    They should give Cirise from Survivor a chance at it.
    give us a break!!! She/he knew exactly....sm

    the MT knows exactly what the dictator was TRYING to say as far as his poor English.  Yes, verbatim is verbatim, but WRONG is just wrong, and what the MT would need to correct would not, in the least, affect the patient's care.

    You're dead wrong on this.

    Choke! Give me a break, would you?
    Ba-wah Walters is anything but classy. The way she announced that Star was going - well, one would have thought the president was assinated and it was the end of the world.

    What a joke.

    Ba-wah looks out for Ba-wah and Ba-wahs' pocketbook and public opinion. She's not interested in anyone or anything else. Much like Star, Rosie, Joy and the rest of those nit wits on The View.
    MT vs Bus driver? Give me a break

    For heaven's sakes.  Did it ever occur to you that if you can't decide, however rhetorically, whether to be an MT or drive a bus that you don't belong in this profession? 

    I'm SO TIRED OF LISTENING TO MTs complain.  If you don't have a passion for what you do, here's a tip:  DO SOMETHING ELSE! 

    You don't develop a passion for something just because it pays enough!  There are a lot of facets to passion.  And if you're doing something you don't have a passion for you're wasting your life.

    Why is the fact that you're not making enough money or you're underappreciated SOMEBODY ELSE'S FAULT!  It's YOUR fault. 

    Give the SH people a chance to fix it before you spend more money.
    Are you kidding. Give it a break, pulleeeas
    Oh to have such problems in life. Give me a break.
    How shallow can you get?
    Oh give me a break. If had watched the show..sm
    you would have known WHY they asked her to leave. She was arrogant, pushy, demanding, and interruptive to put it mildly. The show is WAY better off without her and her attitude of "better than thou."
    No set hours, no min/max amount of work, and give us newbies a chance.
    Give me a break! This is America, you want to be here, speak the language!

    Geez. give the girl a break already. For definition of racist, sm
    PER WIKIPEDIA: Racism is a belief system or doctrine which postulates a hierarchy among various human races or ethnic groups. It may be based on an assumption of inherent biological differences between different ethnic groups that purport to determine cultural or individual behaviour. ...

    I went back and read the OPs post about 3 times. Not once did she use the word hate and she said "most" not "all." We've all had bad days. I was cursing under my breath while working just today because one inconsiderate mumbling Primadonna ruined my entire morning. She just happened to be American.

    Face it. There is a stereotype that many doctors have God complexes, are arrogant, demanding, and have to have their way. Doctors are inconsiderate. These are intelligent people that just don't give a rats. I'll prove it by saying that I've been a medical Transcriptionist for 18 years and no other "professional" has ever belched, eaten, cursed, or urinated while on the phone with me.

    You don't have to be an MT to get frustrated over the language barrier either. I've owned my last Dell computer, not because I hate Indians, but because every single time I've had to call I wind up ending the call because there is a complete communication breakdown. I would expect that if I "chose" to live in another country, but this is my home. Americans are the ones having to learn a second language because so many foreigner just wont. Just look at how many job posting there are for bilingual receptionists and secretaries. It's just not like that anywhere else but here. If I "chose" to live in Japan, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, etc. you'd better believe I would be the one to learn "their" language. Why should they accommodate me? I'm on their soil. Why should it be any different here? No where else on the globe is it like this.

    Sorry if this is long and choppy. I got distracted.
    Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, so 'critical' thinking isn't in

    Give the crap a break. There is NO proof that MQ has sold, and while 'critical' thinking should be a part of the equation, sadly it isn't.  All some posters are doing here is stirring up trouble and they can go somewhere else, we don't want it here. 

    Dano, regarding Softscript, I've received a number of emails from people who work at the company who appear to have legitimate complaints.  I see no reason for posters to not be allowed to post for others to be watchful. 

    Because all threads referring to a so-called MQ sale were removed, some of the good comments went, too.  When a thread is removed in its entirety we are unable to pick and choose what stays.


    They steal your money and then send you a check and you are thrilled. Give me a break.
    Yeah, Dano, the poster I responded to was sure deserving of "kid gloves". Give me a break.
    Everyone hates editors, everyone hates QA - it makes no sense, but that's the way it is. Period. If you are sweet to them and helpful, they stab you behind the back and freak when they get called in their errors.  If you are calm and blunt, they freak. If you are abrupt and to the point, they freak. If you send the masses emails saying Howdy, they stab you behind the back and diss you. Yet, we won't mention that they write us sweetly back!! And if we don't send them Howdy emails, they stab us behind our backs and complain that we don't write them. We do write them, per their own wish, and they complain that we're harassing them.  NOT.  The intelligent MT is the one who recognizes we all make errors, recognizes that editors are to catch errors and that it is our JOB to point said errors out to them - not a personal power trip. As I said, intelligent MTs recognize such - however, on this board there are not many who will fall into the above category. You'll see more in a second - flaming away!!  And the same nasty MTs wonder why they never get anywhere? Why they always get the crap dictators? Why they never get raises? I wonder.
    The girl was 13, the rapist a distant relative they took in. Give money, give food and your time, b
    you don't put your family at risk by taking in strangers. That's just plain foolish. There were over 3300 registered sex offenders in NO. Where are they now. In your community? Perhaps in your house? Good luck.
    oh our lovely government does give illegals medicaid, foodstamps, and housing so in term we give tha
    i have been through some rough times lately and had to apply for some help. there are signs, big signs, all over our offices saying "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LEGAL TO GET HELP". so we and our government do give them our benefits whether they are legal here or not. now that is messed up. i am helping to support them so they can take away my jobs and i can't even support my kids and yes i get benefits, wow $75 a month in food stamps which lasts not even a week in a household of 6. don't get me wrong, i am thankful for any help at the moment, but i get penalized for trying to work my tail off and still can't survive.

    there was recently an article in our local newspaper where one of our local school districts tried to charge $1000 a year for each illegal student enrolled. it was bulked and the illegals got a lawyer to sue for discrimination. the school district merely stated that they had to HIRE extra teachers that could speak the foreign language just to teach these children and were trying to offset some of the expenses. ridicilous!! so again our taxpayers money is paying to educate illegals as well.
    Tax break, tax refund
    Yes, Bush is waiting on Congress to pass his emergency tactic to keep the economy from nose diving. He says this will stimulate the economy by us spending it. I say, it's another Bush tactic to try and stave off a recession while he is turning out his last days in office. I say, it is ridiculous. Take care of the infrastructure, the middle class, strength education, jobs, job retraining for older adults, etc., etc., etc.
    A simple google search will give you your answer...I'd give you the answer,
    but how would that help you learn to research on your own...and I'm in a rush to get to the next post. 
    Tell him you'll give him your macros if he'll give you his Lexus, his ski cabin, and (nm)
    Thanks, I will give that a try:) nm
    Give them whatever you
    would give them at the "fairy tale" wedding.  The honeymoon may be over by next year.
    hum, I might have to give it a try, then...

    Don't give it up
    I have been hurt severely on several occasions... and on occasion yes... a bit gun shy for the first period back in the saddle.  It does lessen and then goes away.  Just trust in your knowledge and your experience.  You have to trust your horse.  Just go slowly at first.  But do NOT give up.  That is the worst thing that you can do.  You have to face it and it slowly you will relax more.  Keep in mind that your horse will know/will feel your hesitancy and your fear.  In order for him/her to be relaxed, you must try to as well.  That is why going slowly at first will help regain your confidence.  Just around the ring maybe for a bit.... then a little more open.  Work yourself back up to your usual routine.  Good luck!
    Thank you, will give a try
    I would rather be alone than to give into it and you could , too.
    give it 5 min and this one
    Right. I think I am going to give that a
    don't give up

    There is no reason to give up just because you failed a test.  I have tested with a few companies and changed jobs a couple of times through my six years of transcribing.  I had no training either.  I had a very special family member who helped me out(she owned her own business).  I trained through the summer when I was in high school with her and by the time I was about 20 I was working part time with her.  Just because you are switching from tapes the computer based files doesn't mean that you can't do the work.  It may take a little time getting used to it, but there shouldn't be any reason to not be able to do the work.  Just like any other job, you may have to put in some applications at various places and go on interviews, and it may take some time, but you will eventually find a job.  As far as transcribing, I notice many places require either a c-phone or being able to install Express Scribe or a similar program on your computer.  If you don't have one, you can probably find a c-phone on ebay for around $200.  Just try to stay away from the larger MT companies and you should be okay.  I notice the smaller ones are easier to find a job with.

    One can't give up a job, even a bad one,
    that pays the bills, dead end or not. I think if this were me, I'd keep the job and take a better school that will mentor me into a job at the end of it. Nobody that I know would be able to give up a paying job to take on a mentored position for no pay. Another option would be to find a different job that is nights and do the free internship during the day. Either way you'd win in the end. Best of luck to you.
    They will give you everything
    When you order, they mail you the adapter that you need and since you have a router, you are good to go.
    Okay, I give up.
    It has no appeal. Just a job.
    Give this a try...sm
    Brown 1 pound hamburger and drain. Add 1 jar Prego spaghetti sauce, 1 8-oz can tomato sauce, 1/2 cup water. Simmer for 10 minutes or so.

    Cut a loaf of French or Italian bread into 1-inch slices. Place in 1 layer on the bottom of a 13 x 9 pan.

    Mix together 8 oz cream cheese (softened), 1/2 cup sour cream, and 2 tbsp of Hidden Valley Ranch dry dressing. Spread this over the bread. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese all over this. Sprinkle half of an 8 oz bag shredded mozarella over the parmesan.

    Pour the spaghetti sauce mix on top. Sprinkle some more parmesan and the rest of the mozarella cheese on top.

    Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
    Thanks, I'm going to give that a try
    when I'm working and for sleeping. The doctor tells me that it is important to keep everything moving to avoid getting too stiff; however, I do think I need to try a soft neck collar or rolled up towel as you suggested especially when working. I think that may really help take some of the stress off. I will be talking to my therapist about it when I go as well. Thanks so much for the tip!
    Did I ask you to give up ANYTHING!!??
    Nope!  If you want to ride all over town burning up expensive gasoline and putting wear and tear on your car, with your fingers on the steering wheel instead of on the keyboard making $$$, be my guest.  Now let me guess Patty - next you're going to tell us that you don't drive a car, you ride a bike or scoooter instead to and from your doctor's offices and you're so fast on the keyboard that it doesn't matter you spend four hours out of the day riding up and down the interstate weaving in and out of traffic picking up and delivering, you still make the same amount!  HAH!
    no, I don't give them that...*lol*...ya nut!!..nm

    I say also, don't give up sm
    Had a cat that went missing for about 2-3 weeks, we found him under the house.

    p.s. All my cats growing up used to drink from the toilet (my dogs too!!). Never hurt them.

    Thank you!...I shall give it a try..nm
    thanks! I will give it a try! :-)
    Oh, I give up! You know what I mean!
    I'd give anything just to have A doc like that

    practically ALL of my docs are like that and this has been my experience my entire MT career UGH it really makes me cranky

    Don't give up...sm
    not everybody on this board, or other boards, are that rude. It is VERY hard trying to break into this field as a newbie. I know that from personal experience, and so should every body here, as they were newbies once too. Some got lucky and basically had their jobs handed to them, but most sent resumes and tested until they were blue in the face, but eventually some company gave them a chance. Once that happens, just stick with it until you have a couple of years of experience. Try everything they throw at you, and believe me, it will be the worst of the worst, but it will make you a good MT. When you gain confidence, then move on, if you want to, to better pastures. If it is the rudeness that is bothering you, well, other than trying to have a lot of patience, I cannot really help with that. Some of these people can be downright vicious and it really gets my dander up sometimes. I get defensive and argue back, but then after I cool off some, I think about how my anger made me look and feel, and how the rude ones are SO NOT WORTH IT, and I get over it. It is hard sometimes, believe me, I know. I have been told that I have an anger problem, I am nuts, and I should seek psychiatric therapy just for stating my opinions. Some people just seem to get their jollies by seeing if they can push your buttons. Learning to deal with the criticism is all a part of growing up. When it gets to me too much, I stay away from this place for a couple of days, and then things get better. There really are A LOT of nice people on this board though, you just have to learn who they are and stay away from the rest. Good luck to you. Some of us DO care about the young'n's.
    How would you even give them to him?
    If you can print them, then I'd say sure.  Print them, charge him per line x3 or something like that.  Tell him though you must charge because you did (at one time) type them.  You need to charge him for what you typed...  That should lighten the blow...  I wouldn't hold a grudge.  He'll be calling you when the VR SUX!  Good luck...  believe me, he'll call ya' in about a month either to edit the VR for him or to say he wasted his money!