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haiku for MTs

Posted By: steady eddie on 2009-05-12
In Reply to:

One's work is enjoyed
When compensation matches

The labor dispensed.


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Haiku for MTs
What is that clinking?
Are you playing with a top?
A very strange sound!

I cannot figure
What object on your desktop
you keep messing with

I cannot hear you
So please stop cranking that thing!
Toss it in the trash!

I want to stab out
my ears and then bang my head
Get rid of that thing!

More haiku...
As time goes by
Like Bejamin Buttons
Paycheck retrograde
Haiku time!
The doctor drones on
My eyelids won't stay open
Without espresso.
encore de haiku

Tapping and keying,

The sound of work escaping 

My fingers and mind.


Cool! Love haiku!

medical transcription

who wants that?

fix windmills instead.