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i have a couple favorites

Posted By: sm on 2006-07-30
In Reply to: What's your favorite zucchini recipe? - Need something new!

one is a zuchinni spice pie (mix it all in blender and pour into crust) -- the other is a casserole using mushroom soup.  e/m me if you'd like these.

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I have 2 middle age couple friends. One couple became pregnant from condom failure.
This is not just "irresponsible" behavior! Both couples are "fixed" now, because for them, reliable birth control was NOT. But it's an error to assume this stuff happens to people who are unmarried or irresponsible. Both these couples are raising 2nd families, now, but it wasn't "irresponsibility" that did them in!
My favorites are...sm
M&Ms and chips. Yup, need the salt to counteract the sugar!!
cut myself off. Do you have any favorites from there
My favorites
House, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Without A Trace, The Sopranos, Big Love, and I love that show on Discovery...Deadliest Catch!
My favorites......

1.  The Wedding Singer

2.  Independence Day

3.  Home Alone

If you have Windows XP - go into Microsoft Word and then under file click open - there should be a box on the left side that has the following History, My Documents, Desktop, Favorites. Click on the Favorites and see if they are there. If not check your recycle bin to see if you deleted your history and files of your favorites by mistake - there is probably an easier way but I just did this and found all my favorites. Hope this helps.
my 2 favorites are

(not that anyone really cares mind you)

ER notes and oncology. 

My favorites are...

1. Psych.

2. Ortho.

3. Cardiology.

4. Any discharge summaries.


My favorites are...

Control + backspace to delete words to the left.

Control + delete to delete words to the right.

Shift + arrows to highlight words and/or paragraphs.

Control + arrows to move between words.

Here is another nice tip:

Messed-up Typing

If you are a new Word user, you may have noticed that there are many ways you can mess up your document using Word. This comment isn't meant to be flippant or disparaging. The truth of the matter is that Word provides quite a bit of editing power. Along with that power goes the ability to mess up a document if the powerful tools are not used correctly.

A very simple example may be in order. Let's say you are typing along, and you look at your document. You notice that some text you previously entered is gone, and each character you type seems to also delete a character. What is going on?

If this happens to you, stop for just a moment. Take a look at the status bar at the bottom of the Word document window. If you see the letters OVR in bold type on the status bar, the problem is that you have inadvertently hit the INSERT key as you were typing. When you do, Word enters a special editing mode known as "overtype mode" (that's what the OVR characters stand for). While in overtype mode, everything you type replaces something else in your document. For instance, when you type a letter, it replaces the letter to the right of the insertion point. When overtype mode is not active, your text is inserted where the insertion point is located.

To undo your messed-up document, first turn off overtype mode by pressing the INSERT key again. (The OVR characters on the status bar should no longer be bold.) Then, press CTRL+Z to undo your last edit. You can continue to press CTRL+Z until all the characters you inadvertently overtyped are again within your document. Now you can go ahead and continue typing without overtyping your original text.

The otherwise is one of my favorites. How about a ...sm
small 1-cm incision? Is there a large 1-cm incision? Why is it I only hear a linear longitudinal incision but never a linear horizontal incision. Another one I hear frequently is the surgeon removed "all dead and devitalized tissue". Another one is "I put sutures in both the subcutaneous tissue, as well as the skin". Good grief! Of course I do edit, transcribe dead/devitalized, take out as well as, etc., but some you just have to leave as is.

one of my favorites did this

every time she said CBC she followed it with capital C, capital B, capital C.     She was a PA.

My favorites...sm



I use all three of these pretty much on a daily basis. If I can't locate on one, one of the others probably will find it. Good luck.
Retrieving Favorites
If you have WinXP, you can do a system restore by going down to the bottom left-hand corner and clicking on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.  There you can restore your computer to a time before the the folder was lost.  It's very simple and doesn't take very long, maybe 10 minutes or so.
Thanks. I put this in Favorites to try when I catch a
Buy new and copy your favorites.
Just buy a new computer and copy your favorites to it. It's very easy to do. If you cannot copy the file the favorites are in to a disk and transfer them that way, write down the URLs and re-enter them by hand on your new machine.

It is unlikely that anyone will allow you to buy the company machine. That, and their requirement that you not engage in personal entertainment or business with it, is not meant to treat you like a child or to make your life difficult.

This is an effort to comply with computer security requirements mandated by HIPAA. As a part of their business partner agreements, the company has to uphold the same privacy and security standards as the client. That will include restricting access to patient information contained on hard drives, as well as ensuring that information in computers is not affected by malware that can be picked up from visiting unauthorized sites on the net or personal email.

If this bothers you, imagine how much more it will bother you for transcription to cease being outsourced,which looks to be the security solution some large interests are looking at.

LOL, and the good accounts are all taken by favorites (sm)
but they are always looking for experienced MTs for the bad accounts.
A bag of jelly beans is one of my favorites.
Use a large clear bag (if you can't find a clear trash bag, a drycleaning bag will work but does tear easily), cut holes in the bottom of the bag for your feet to go through and fasten the top around your neck.  Fill with a variety of colors of small balloons.  The small ballooons used for water balloons (however just fill them with air) work great.  Take the label from a bag of jelly beans and enlarge it on the copy machine and either trace it onto the front of the costume or could even just adhere the copy to the costume.  Doesn't work well if you have to travel very far in a car or have to sit very much, however!
How do MTSOs pick favorites out of
I work as requested, I complete my work, I never complain about the work they send me, I've even been complimented on my quality. So what makes a favorite?... if ANYONE with this company is getting worse than I am, I'd hate to be them!
Cool! Thanks. I added it to my favorites!
Favorites - Chris and Mandisa!
Least favorite - Taylor. His seizures/tremors are getting old and I agree he needs another makeover!
Chris and Kellie are my favorites!
Lost is definitely one of my favorites this year...nm
Live one of my favorites too!! I was in my glory
when Chris was singing with Ed, the lead singer!! I really hope Chris goes far, what great talent!! He did give credit to them for the Walk The Line song, it just got edited out of his interview the night he sang it.
my Transcription favorites are gone! Is there a way to backup
the favorites in Internet Explorer? I had quite a few folders under my main "transcription folder" for directories and software programs, equipment, and yikes, I can't think of what else! I'm near tears here!! Is there a way to get them back?
I put things like that, web sites, in my Favorites
Because you werent on the Favorites List.
deleting bookmarks/favorites
Since I downloaded Windows SP3 I am unable to delete my bookmarks, just get a message that indicates bookmark error, failure to delete.  Searched Google but no good help.  Any ideas anyone?
In IE, just go to File, then Export to back up your favorites.
To restore, go back to File, then Import.
SM for a really awesome abbreviation website I have in my favorites.

You can look up expansions for abbreviations.  It also lists normal lab values, symbols and numbers definitions for the deciphering the ShortHand that nurses and other clinical personnel use on the chart.  It even has the JCAHO dangerous abbreviations list.  It just has a lot of little neat functions that I've found helpful.  Here it is:


hmmm, I have tons, but I'll list some favorites

pt=patient, hle=hyperlipidemia, hx=history, nd=and, nx=nontoxic, gm=gentleman, wsg=worsening, nt=nontender, fp=followup, fup=followup, otc=OTC, otcc=over-the-counter, gi=GI, gii=gastrointestinal, nvd=No nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.  The list goes on and on!

Those are just a few of many.  I have most brand name meds set up for auto capitalization.  I also have abbreviations for most headings, ie: alg=ALLERGIES:, pexn=PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, soh=SOCIAL HISTORY, laby=LABORATORY:.

I don't know what I would do without my expansions.  I highly recommend them.  Good luck gettin more set up.

yes -- I have a folder in favorites for my account specific references
and have for each that hospital's medical staff websites and frequently more

Most hospitals and MANY clinics and medical practices have their own web sites which helps a lot.

If you know the city and/or speciality, even plain Google searches can be an easier search than some of the "physician profile lists" -- just because half the time they seem to include every doctor in the state.

Also, fwiw, I keep a copy of state theagapecenter.com page (which is usually the first google hit if you ask for say "Indiana Hospitals")bookmarked as well. Very helpful in finding correct spelling of town and county names. it's worth the effort.
Saved this in my Favorites folder, thanks so much for posting, happy holidays!!! NM
My computer crashed and I lost ALL my bookmarks for researching, please share your favorites. Thx.
Favorites list , horizontal on the left hand side, IE, version 2002? NM
i take a couple but i too wonder if it's
the mind over matter thing working. i take flax oil capsules for my skin and i can definitely tell a difference if i stop taking it. grape seed plus (antioxidant), i can't tell one way or the other if it works. my neurosurgeon suggested glucosamine for the aches of joint surgery and the grape seed extract because he thought it was pretty good. i stopped the glucosamine because after 2 months i didn't feel any different.
i have been buying the least expensive or whatever is on sale so that might have a lot to do with the results. i would love to find a great energy source!!!
I use a couple..
I have two of the Olay Regenerist products. I like them. I especially like the thermal skin polisher, calls itself a "mini-peel treatment".
Also I have a couple of ESL
who spell things wrong all the time so I can't usually go by them spelling something. After they spell it and it come up when I do the spell check, I always end up having to look up the work anyway.
Yes, I do have a couple of ...
... jobs in mind and plan to put in applications for them tomorrow.  I'm single and I have been out of work in the last 2 years for 9-10 months; also have gone through my meager savings--that's gone.  I do want to work.  But as I've worked for several companies in the past (other than MT) and paid taxes for over 30 years, I feel I've earned some unemployment compensation.  Thanks for your input--
There are a couple out there.
I can't remember the name of the company but one of the owners was Tari. I think they were getting eScription work from Focus but weren't actually Focus.
here's a couple

No, there are a couple.
Just a couple
For one thing, with the ESL dictators, as you may have guessed the more you type the better you get. When you're new, and especially when your testing and not under production pressure, you might be better off listening to it all the way through once or twice. The cadence and the way sentences are formed, and their syllable accents, etc. will become more clear, especially as you hear them in phrases that you can catch. Then it will be easier to go through and say things like, "Oh, yeah, this guy's E's sound like A's and he says GULLBLUTTER instead of GALLBLADDER.

It gets easier in time, to the point where now I can type with a Hindi accent without thinking about it(and even learned a few cuss words to toss at the doc at appropriate intervals). Most of the companies that I have tested for have maybe had 1 out of 4 or 5 test dictations that were ESL. I would assume that if you did swimmingly on the English speakers and even just fair on the ESL, they would give you a chance, but then again I'm just a worker bee and not very corporate at all!
Here are a couple that I use. sm

Hope they help.
Try e-bay. There are a couple for --sm
Here are a couple lazy MTs now...

Its attitudes like this that give our line of work absolutely NO respect.  Take pride in your work girls, you'd get treated a LOT better. 

Couple of hints.
ANYBODY assigning work to MTs is a bad idea. Whenever human intervention is introduced there is the potential for mischief and abuse. Even if the person who starts the practice of assigning work is an honest broker, there are no guarantees that that person will be there next week doing it. People often tend to exercise what power they have, big or small, to advance themselves and/or stifle their rivals/least favorites. Nothing beats letting the machine assign jobs, oldest first.

The following does not address the issue of MTs finding a way to reject jobs they don't like. Most of the systems I have worked on have disabled that capability.

It may be obvious that there are two basic methods of large-scale cherrypicking/assigning work: 1) Assigning all the good dictators to "somebody", leaving all the bad dictators for "somebody else"; or 2) assigning all the bad dictators to "somebody else", leaving all the good dictators for "somebody".

The main indicators of cherrypicking that I look for are large gaps between job numbers and/or dictation times that don't seem to fit.

Example: Last 3 job numbers were 13605, 13610, 13618, and 13630, and were all decent or a mix of good and bad dictators, but current job number is 14221 and it is a crummy dictator. Especially suspicious if more crummy dictations follow.

Another example: Dictation time of last 3 jobs indicates they were dictated on 1st shift but then suddenly you start getting dictation times from 3rd shift and the dictator(s) is pretty bad. What happened to 2nd shift's dictations?

Basically it's about irregularities in the pattern of jobs you get.

As you suggested, it may be that the in-house MTs get an incentive bonus or just don't like doing all those crummy dictators so they casually assign themselves the good work.

My experience is that MTSOs typically do not want to deal with "crummy dictator" issues. I've never known of one--or anybody else in the medical field for that matter--that has shown any willingness at all to try to help a crummy dictator improve his/her dictation skills or to find any other solution to this enormous problem.

I have only been at it for a couple of weeks..
Having several years experience, I thought I could step right in and nail it.  There are a variety of issues/concerns most importantly the accents, getting use to the different accounts (I have several) and unrealistic expectations I have set before myself.  It is a good thing I get paid by the hour because if I got paid by the line, I would be starving!!!  Some files are easy to zip through, others are are a real dragon!!!!  I am going to give it more time though.  I have wanted this position for a while and I don't give up easy!  Thanks for letting me vent.
Just a couple of things I can think of...sm
You poor dear - we all remember being in your shoes. You will get your break. Keep up your confidence. Here's a couple of thoughts:

First, go through your resume and cover letter with a fine tooth comb (you definitely should send/e-mail a cover letter with your resume). Make sure there are no typos. Also, give to someone else to check for typos and look at format.

I think I have seen a few companies that say satellite is OK, but yeah, expensive! Keep looking for a company that will still allow dial-up. And, never fear! DSL came to me in the country, and I never would have dreamed that! You might call and tell them you need it for a job. If there are others near you requesting DSL, it helps alot.

Have you asked for any feedback on your online tests?

I hope these suggestions help. I'm sure other MTs will have good suggestions to give you too! Good luck to you. Keep us posted!
I always preferred a couple

bong hits while typing... it made the work a lot easier. Not sure I could type while doing alcohol.

A couple of ideas...SM
I would suggest you pick up a copy of your local area's business journal and see what terms other businesses for sale are offering. Then place an ad in it yourself once you decide what you want. If you don't have a business journal in your town or one nearby, check the classifieds in your local paper (you won't find as much there, though). You may even want to pick up the Wall Street Journal as a last option, just to see how the ads are worded and what terms/rates are out there.

To add value you need to be offering things like an established company name, any archived files you have, hardware and software used in the business, any "norms" you have set up, etc. You will also want to offer your services during the transition, as a liason between the new owner and the clients to train and troubleshoot.

Finally, be sure to get a well-written contract that spells out exactly what you are selling and what you are/are not liable for. Be sure your business is in compliance with all regulations and don't release any medical records without the knowledge and written consent of your clients, and then only to the new business owner who has a "business need to know".

Good luck!
I had that for a couple of months and it has
recently gone away.  I tried pillows, sitting up straighter, etc.  Nothing seemed to help.  It was to the point I could only sit for about an hour at a time.   I didn't realize it until I saw your post, but I'm not hurting anymore.  I haven't been as stressed lately and I wonder if that was causing it.   I tend to manifest stress with a physical ailment, used to be migraines, then back spasms when major sudden stress.