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i love my satellite/broadband!

Posted By: just me on 2007-06-17
In Reply to: Satellite internet connection - Lora

I too do not have DSL/cable available in the boondocks where I live...but a small local broadband company started up a year and half ago at good rates and I jumped on board. I love it! I have never in 18 months or so had an outage other than when we had severe weather with power outages. I have a neighbor who had satellite with one of the big companies (Hughes, I think) and said the service was fine but too expensive. I have been using satellite for at least three different accounts with no problems...the only problem is when a company doesn't "allow" satellite.

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I am going to return to working at home soon.  My husband has retired and we are going to be spending a portion of our time in Scotland in a private residence with a wireless connection.  In looking at the requirements of several of the company websites I have found, they apparently do not allow satellite or WiFi connections.  Do any of you travel and use your laptop for work?  If so, what sort of connection do you use?  When I was working for Medquist I worked from Scotland with a wireless connection, password protected, in two separate private homes, no direct computer to modem connection, and had no problems with this at all.  This was a couple years ago.  I am currently employed at a local hospital, so I cannot ask my current employer about this.  Many thanks to anyone who has an answer.
Love my satellite radio
I got my husband one for Christmas two years ago. We actually got the plan for life so we paid, I think $400 or so, and we'll never have to pay for it again. I also have it in my car (it came with it for free for one year). It has so many great stations, something for everyone. I highly recommend it.
Love satellite radio...well worth(SM)
well worth the money.  First I had it in the car with the home dock and boom box.  Then I heard about the Inno and bought oneof those.  However, I didn't get that good of reception in the house without using the antenna. I wanted to be able to walk from room to room without an antenna.  So I'm back to my boom box and radio/home dock now.  I love the 40s, 50s, 60s music and I like to listen to Bruce Williams and some of the other talk shows.  They also have Oprah and Gail, Howard Stern, CNN, MSNCB, all the new networks. Well worth the $13 a month. I love radio! And do I agree about their value on long road trips...makes them so much more enjoyable and cures the boredom factor.  I prefer XM Radio, but now Sirius and XM have merged, so you can pick some from each if you want. 
Would definitely not go satellite. Most use DSL or cable, some with reimburse partial $$, satellite
Transcend, although they said my satellite was too slow, they do allow satellite with some accts. nm
I use wireless because it's the only broadband I can get...sm

I  have a router on my main computer, which also speeds up the connection. Downloads .wav files in a flash. The router also allows The Boy to play his Xbox live in the basement.

I also have wireless broadband s/m

I don't have it because of the price ($55 a month), but because I cannot get DSL or cable.  I looked into satellite, but after explaining to them the work that I do, they said that I would easily exceed their limits in probably about three weeks, leaving me with week four totally down (they don't have an overage that you can buy).  I actually spent the time tallying one weeks' worth of voice files to give them an average of what my week looks like.

The weather doesn't really affect my wireless, I have had my satellite go out during bad weather, but my wireless is still up and going.

I would be interested in the cards mentioned, but I live in an area where cell phone reception is hit or miss, so that won't work for me either.

I use two different FTPs and also a WebTop platform for my hospital account.

I also have wireless broadband s/m

I don't have it because of the price ($55 a month), but because I cannot get DSL or cable.  I looked into satellite, but after explaining to them the work that I do, they said that I would easily exceed their limits in probably about three weeks, leaving me with week four totally down (they don't have an overage that you can buy).  I actually spent the time tallying one weeks' worth of voice files to give them an average of what my week looks like.

The weather doesn't really affect my wireless, I have had my satellite go out during bad weather, but my wireless is still up and going.

I would be interested in the cards mentioned, but I live in an area where cell phone reception is hit or miss, so that won't work for me either.

I use two different FTPs and also a WebTop platform for my hospital account.

UPS or broadband air card maybe ?
Thanks to the posters below. After more investigation it sounds like I could get a fairly good UPS battery backup for the money a generator would cost. Of course it would not last as long time wise. I just wish I knew for sure that our cable high-speed internet would still work w/o power. The customer service guy put me on hold, then came back and said yes, but I am leery. I guess I could test that by buying a battery backup...charging..hooking it up and cutting the power via the main switch and see if the cable works but that would only test if MY house is without power not if the power were cut to the area. Been thinking about cutting the cable internet and going with an "air card" (broadband off cell towers?) Then, with a laptop, I could take my work with me too ?? I am Soooooo low tech it is agonizing !!!
Broadband/Internet Phone - sm
Hi - I've been using USA DATANET (it's available in my area) without any problems on a Lanier and DVI (Like C-Phone). Mine is $24.95/mo for unlimited long distance. I can turn my Internet modem off at night, and therefore, can't use the phone if that is off. Otherise, no problems. Hope this helps.
Wireless Broadband/Sprint, etc.

Hi to everyone!


Is anyone out there using the wireless broadband, like Sprint or Verizon (not so unlimited)?  I am currently using Verizon and have now found out the unlimited is not so.  I have ordered Sprint and the USB modem will be here in a few days, but am now paranoid about 0ver-Use on that!


I just moved to a house in the country, with no DSL, no cable and am unsure about Wild Blue for satellite because of the start up cost and then not being satisfied.


Any country living transcriptionists out there with advice?  I am in northern CA.


Thanks for any help!

I just got fixed wireless broadband
And I love it! No lag like satellites. I thought I'd never get broadband since I'm a mile from the nearest house but this is a very nice connection.
Sprint Mobile Broadband sm
I have been using this service for the last 3 months or so and would never go back to dial-up. However, be aware that there is a 5GB limit per month with any of the $60/month data plans offered by Sprint (starting next month), AT&T, and Verizon. I have been checking my usage, and even with downloading a ton of songs for my son's MP3 player, work, and occasional youtube type stuff, I am averaging about 3.5GB for the month. Also, check what service has the best coverage for your area. I went with Sprint because of the unlimited package they had at the time, but since that is going away, there is no difference to me in carriers except their coverage area. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me, and I can give you the website where I purchased my equipment. They have incredible customer service and even helped me get my modem switched out when it broke (my fault but I had the total protection plan on it, only $7 per month and well worth it).
Anybody use verizon mobile broadband?
Can you tell me anything about it? My dad is thinking about getting it and I wondered if I could use it at the campground they go to, but wasn't sure how it worked. Is there a limit to how much you can be online? Any info is greatly appreciated! TIA!
Broadband/Internet Telephone Service
Does anyone use a broadband/internet telephone service for transcription, such as Vonage, Covad, Lingo, SpeakEasy? I have a local long distance account and am looking into this type of service for a monthly flat fee for unlimited minute usage. Otherwise, the long distance fees would eat me alive. Any info on any company, good or bad, would help me tremendously in making my decision. I am researching several via the internet, but once again, any info would help.

Have a save and sane 4th of July!
Have you looked into Verizon wireless broadband. sm
It might be available in your area.

Don't worry about the ESLs - just takes getting used to their voices, and practice makes perfect. I had a hard time at first, but over a few weeks, the clarity came as I got used to it. Ask your supervisor for samples, too. Samples really help - and they will help you master the voice, too.

verizon has broadband internet card
for laptops..  it is about 15 dollars/wk but you can write it off.. i do lots of stuff in the car and verizon works everywhere..
SuddenLink broadband service good ?
Would appreciate any input anyone can give me with this. Considering switching from phone line to cable broadband. Thanks.
I'm using a fixed wireless broadband connection
And so far, so good. The tower is just across the cow field, though. I haven't had any cutting in and out and I feel like a kid with a new toy since I'm able to watch You Tube, etc. now. My provider (SEIdata) came and did a site survey before installing it first and told me I had an excellent signal. They put a small box on my roof and ran cable to my office. I plug into an Ethernet modem and I can WIFI it with a router if I want to, too.

I've heard mixed reviews on the "cards," but I would recommend fixed wireless if you have a provider that does a site survey and installation.

Mobile broadband 5GB limit with ALL carriers
I signed up with Sprint last year when it was unlimited, and starting in July 2008, they put a cap of 5GB, which is what all the other carriers had done also. That said, if you are using the connection mainly for work, the cap should not be a problem. I downloaded a program that keeps track of my usage as well as use the Sprint site to check it occasionally. You can't be downloading tons of MP3s or watching a lot of youtube or other video things during each month, but it doesn't have to be completely avoided either.
I pay $40 a month unlimited wireless broadband...
And I work on Bayscribe for two different MTSOs. I never have a problem and have no limit to 5GB or anything. It's through a company called Cricket if there are any in your area. I also have dial-up as backup just in case weather conditions interfere with my wi-fi connection (Bayscribe works great with dial-up, too, BTW!).

I, too, can't at this time afford satellite or cable, so I'm making do with wi-fi and dial-up and saving myself about $25 a month. It doesn't sound like a lot but in this economy, every little bit I can put back in my pocket helps.

Good luck!!!
Anybody have any experience with Verizon Broadband Wireless (air card)...
Hello, I'm looking into buying as USB720 from Verizon Wireless.  It is for wireless broadband access and simply is a modem with an antenna that plugs right into your USB port which I could use with my PC.  It is $99.99 after a $50.00 mail-in rebate.  The service itself is $59.99 a month with a 2-year commitment.  I live out in the boonies with only satellite internet and dialup available to me.  Also, I believe that it is compatible with a VPN.  This certainly would be a nice alternative to pokey diaup and satellite.  It is cheaper than satellite (the initial cost anyway) and it is faster with speeds up to 700 kbps.  According to the map at Verizon, it is not yet available to me in the Las Cruces/El Paso area.  But according to two reps at Verizon, it is available.  I get a strong signal here at my house and there is a 30-day trial period.  Is there anybody in this region that has been able to get this service with success?  Also, any experience at all with the Verizon air card would be welcomed.  Thanks in advance!  Shelley
Questions - Working with Mobile Broadband Access

Hi ..

I need to set up to work away from home and am considering mobile broadband wireless. 

I would appreciate any information ya'll could give me - I know nothing about it, other than most service is 60.00/month ... specifically, what carriers and how much time does it get you? 

Thanks so much!  I have verified the major carriers provide coverage in the area I will need to be in. 

Merry Christmas!

Anybody seen how Time Warner is going to start charging "heavy broadband users?" sm
I use Verizon mobile and the rule of thumb with mobile broadband is...
Basically, it will work whereever your cell phone will work.  If your too remote, it may not work, but I do know a lot of campgrounds like KOA offer Wifi, which means you should be able to pick up that signal too. You can always call ahead to the campground etc. I use mine going down the road for the most part but every great while going through the mountains I lose reception.  
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Yep that's it, 4000. Love, love love the zoom
But I feel like a dork typing...every time I try to type But it is coming out as Nut!
You might want to look into satellite (sm)
Go to directv.com and there is a link there for DirecWay, I think it's called.

It is more expensive than DSL, but MQ pays up to $50 per month for high-speed and I think they pay up to $75 for installation of same.
Does anyone know if a person can work on DQS other than via high speed cable line? We have a recreational lot and it would be nice to be able to work from there during the summer but there is no cable there, no phone line either, although phone could be installed, but I don't think DQS works off of phone line.  Any suggestions?

I had that same problem and switched to a satellite company called Wild Blue.  Have had no problems since.

I did buy a satellite. Spent $500 on the dish, more on the service and $60 month on fees and couldn't use it. There is a 10 second lag from the time that you hit the letter on the keyboard to the time that it appears on the screen. Talk about infuriating. They told assured me that it would work fine at the dish company. Then they told me that possibly with the $120 a month business upgrade it MAY take care of that problem (but didn't). Works fine when surfing the web but definitely does NOT work fine for transcription!!
Do you know if DRC can use satellite?
We have high-speed, business-grade satellite which some companies can use but others cannot. That is how we came to be suddenly out of work when we moved.
Thanks, all!
DirecWay is the only one available where I live. So far, several trans services have said they won't accept satellite because they experiences they've had with it are very unreliable. Some even said they'd prefer dial-up! I live in a single-wide mobile home, so a large dish might not fit on roof along with my TV dish.
I can either pay $600-800 for the equipment & about $60 a month, or $99.99 a month without buying equipment. Don't want to buy due to moving out of area or DSL becoming available...whichever comes first.
Boy, I know exactly how you feel.  I work for a hospital and they are just switching to a new system which requires high speed internet.  I live in the middle of no where and cannot get high speed or DSL, so may have to drive back into the office an hour a way unless they can come up with a system that is compatible with satellite as that is all there is out here. :(  If you come up with any other options, let me know too.  Do you know anything about wave pedal?  I also do side work and this is what has been recommended to me by someone, but know nothing about it. 
I want to know too. What about wireless? Does anybody have that where they have an antenna on their house for wireless?
I have been using satellite for two years now since my company sent the transcriptionists home to work. Many say that if you are working with VPN, satelllite will not work, but this has not been the case for me. The satellite dish has been just fine for me for downloading voice files and file transfers, so I'm not sure why some companies don't allow it.
I have the personal 2-way DW6000. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by what version of software I'm running. To upgrade to the business edition, does it entail getting a different satellite?
My hospital does not allow satellite at all, and some other ads that I have looked at say the same thing.  If there is anyway of getting wireless, you are better off, as then you would be prepared if you change positions.  I am still working of dial up until the wirelss company that said he thinks he can get us wireless between the hills and trees can get here to do it.  Holding my breath, believe me.  Good luck.
Satellite sm
Are there a lot of you out there who use satellite and work at home? How does it work for you and what company allows it? Do you use an FTP site, what is the set up? Just trying to find out what exactly will work with satellite. They say a VPN will not work. Thanks!
I have used a satellite system called Wild Blue to work for over a year now. Both jobs I work use VPN, and while it isn't quite as fast as DSL or cable, I have had no problems connecting to VPN. The only thing I notice is about a half second lag time. One job I use an FTP and the other I use transnet. I am able to get my work and return it without any problems. You didn't state whether you were looking for employee status or IC, but one place I know you wouldn't have any problem working with satellite is Peoplesupport Rapid Text (IC). Hope this info helps!
Satellite & VPN
Yes - I have used satellite and VPN for the past 3 years - works fine. It does make upload times a bit slower, but I did finally upgrade- which works pretty well now. The only problem I have is the weather occasionally - otherwise works great. Yes - lots of companies don't want satellite - doesn't work with their system or something, but there are plenty others that don't mind the satellite.
Satellite & VPN
I have satellite with Hughes - used to be Direcway. I had the 6000 receiver, and just uploaded this last month to 7000. It has made quite a difference. I just did a test upload and download - here are the stats:
Without VPN on -
430 / 78 kbps

With VPN on -
477 / 40 kbps

It does vary from day to day and minute to minute though - because on December 20, I had 615 / 75 without VPN.

Hope this helps - I have been able to work using this (thank goodness because I don't have DSL or cable in my area yet), so if you have to use satellite - it can work. If I had the option, I still would go with cable or something just for the reliability - don't have to worry about storms or such coming through to interrupt the signal - or snow piling up on the dish, etc.
I have satellite and really like it.
It is all that is available in my area other than dial-up. I had one company tell me they could not work with satellite, and talked them into letting me try and it works just fine. One of the reasons some say they don't allow satellite is that some satellite systems are not compatible with VPNs. Just ask the satellite company you are considering if their service works w/ VPNs. They will know what you mean.
satellite ISP
I have Wild Blue and it is a lot better than dial up. However, beware that VPN will not work in most cases with any satellite provider. Found this out the hard way. Still have to use dial-up for my only account that is totally online because of this. I am getting ready to purchase a Verizon air card and hopefully can discontinue both the satellite and the dial up servers, so will be paying the same monthly fee. Otherwise, it works great. Hope it works out for you.
satellite ISP
Yes. Matter of fact, another girl that works the same accounts and uses the same services I do, got her Verizon air card today and it is working beautifully for her. I should get mine by Tuesday. I can't wait. She said the account we mainly needed it for is just like being at the hospital itself. As long as you are in a range of a cell phone tower, it should work. I believe Sprint offers one as well, but Verizon has one that you can use on either a desktop or laptop with a USB plug. Hope this helps.
I have no access to cable or DSL either.  I use a satellite.  I'm currently working for MedQuist, and the satellite works great.  However, with all the pay cuts I will be leaving soon.  There are only a few companies compatible with satellite.  Precyse has the same typing platform as MQ, which is satellite compatible.  I will be starting work for them on 08/06/2007.  I've seen it posted that TRS takes some satellite.  Keep your fingers crossed for cable or DSL!!
I recently did a search for reviews for satellite internet. The reviews were horrible. Some people paid out all that money and then their connection was not any faster than dial-up. Also, after you sign the contract and the equipment is installed, there is little that can be done. Apparently the fine print in the contract stated that no guarantees of speed could be made.
I am wondering about satellite as well, as I only have access to dialup.  I only pay tops $24.95 per month for dialup, but would pay $50 or more per month for satellite with Dishnet, after buying their equipment for $199.  Most companies require high speed so we folks with only dialup have a harder time to find jobs at home.
VPN and satellite
I used VPN and satellite(Wild Blue) up until about 2 weeks ago when DSL was finally made available at my boonies home. Other than a longer lag time between screens, it worked well for me.
Anyone working from home on satellite? Our in-house transcription departments are getting the boot. Need a job.
Debbie - I worked with satellite until I was able to get DSL. I live in a very rural area. Satellite is way better than dial up, but not all accounts are compatible. I have no idea why, but had to pass up a couple of hospitals due to that. As far as speed, the satellite worked fine for me, but of course, DSL is faster.