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if you are on XP, Shortcuts For Windows

Posted By: is a good one :)......google it *S*.......nm on 2006-08-24
In Reply to: Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn - Dixiegirl

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ShortCuts for Windows........

Is Shortcuts for Windows considered an expander? nm
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. Huge difference. nm
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. nm
Are you working in DOS or Windows? In Windows, it's Kilobytes.
I use ShortCuts and like it.
I use shortcuts
shortcuts for windows.  much faster and costs less.  if you put a whole report in it, it will take a few seconds too spill out, but still faster than shorthand.
I use shortcuts to the max but what do you do if the doctor dictates in abbreviations? For example continually says CHF for congestive heart failure, etc. Do you type the abbrev? or spell it out?
I, too, don't know what shortcuts for Windows are. Can someone help me?
I am a longtime MT but have just converted to employee status (am so sick of the tax thing). Anyway I have never really used a lot of shortcuts (just the Autocorrect in Word) but now that I have to do more lines to make the same amt of money I need some tips on creating shortcuts so I can produce more lines an hour. Thanks ladies (and gents!)
No, just using shortcuts
with Auto Correct.  We have a few doctors who have their own "normals", but 99% straight typing, proofing as I go.  
Ok, I can try. Tell me step-by-step how I would do this. Nothing ventured..... Thanks
Re: Shortcuts
Hi mt'er -

I am curious as to why you would need a book on shortcuts or macros. Everybody is different, thinks different, types certain keys with ease more than others, etc. You have to do what works for YOU. I've been an MT for 15 years or so and I add shortcuts to AutoCorrect daily. For me, if I type the first three letters or consonants of a word I remember it easily. For a phrsae such as "heart and mediastinal contours are within normal limits" I'd use "ham". "Please see discussion above" = "pda", etc. Some doctors dictate the same thing for normal exams. I use the doctor's first three letters of their last name then the first few letters of whatever exam they are dictating. Becoming proficient at using macros and shortcuts is seeing what works for the way you think and type. Make shortcuts for EVERYTHING! "There is" - "ths", "are" = "rr" (it's easier/quicker to type two identical letters rather than take your fingers off a key. For shortcuts that are pleurals, I use the last letter twice: "demonstrate" = "dem", "demonstrates" = "demm". The less you move your fingers off the keys, the faster you will go. The more you use your techniques, the easier it becomes for you to develop your own shortcuts with your own technique that is easy for you to remember. Macro every month of the year for dates, macro the year "2007", whatever can be turned into less Keystrokes is beneficial.

Save your hard-earned $$ and your time and work out a system for YOU!
shortcuts sm
I know how you feel, but unfortunately you must go by the rules of whomever is paying you or the client of theirs. I have had clients that marked my reports incorrect when using the BOS, they want it their way or the highway. Don't take it personally, just go along to get alone. Been there, done it, hate it!!
I use WP5.1 with XP and Shortcuts

and so I can use the expansions i saved in Shortcuts for DOS in WP5.1 with XP but I cannot access Shortcuts nor can I add things to Shortcuts via XP (unless I get the Shortcuts for XP) and I cannot access MACROS but can use the MACROS in WP5.1 that I saved for a long long time....

hope you all understand my post....I use WP5.1 with Shortcuts for DOS in WIN XP but cannot add anything to Shortcuts nor add anything to my WP5.1 macros but can use all I saved prior to going on XP last year.  It all works out....


I have my shortcuts set up
as 1y, 2y, 3y, all the way up to 100, where it expands to 1-year-old for 1y. I know most don't do that, but it got around the space problem you are talking about.
Anyone tried these shortcuts?
Has anyone ever set up a keyboard shortcut system like this one at this website http://medicaltranscriptionexpandproductive.blogspot.com/  ?   This person is using each key on the keyboard for commonly used words.  Is this productive? 
Tried using those shortcuts
gave up and I can make money with VR.
You can try ShortCuts for free....sm
Is there a way to transfer shortcuts...

from Word and Wordperfect to Shorthand.  I sure hope, it would save SO much time.

Thanks all!


build your shortcuts to the max

it's ALL about your shortcuts.  you have to shorten every word, phrase, not just medical ones, regular English too, assuming you transcribe for someone who SPEAKS English!! 

I have been using the same shortcut program for 10+ years and I STILL add things to it almost daily.  1st rule is if the shortcut doesn't just pop in your head, keep typing and don't think about it.  it has to come to you automatically.  then you have to be creative.  example - I have this one doc who constantly says "once this was done" so I have that in as OTWD.  "The patient tolerated the procedure well" is PATOL.  I have things like ADP for adenopathy, then you have to expand that on further to be LADP for lymphadenopathy, AADP for axillary adenopathy, etc.  if you have one doc who says some phrase constantly, even if it is only one doc, if you type him every day, make it a shortcut.  I have typed in "codes" for so long they are drilled in my brain.  I'll look at a license plate and it will say RSD456, my brain says "reflex sympathetic dystrophy."  the longer you use it the bigger it will get and pretty soon you're typing all shortcuts and not much else. 

Meditech shortcuts
Use Shorthand9, I think.... I used it with Meditech all of the time for all of my shortcut needs.
AutoCorrect shortcuts
I work at a hospital and my main doctor "Ah's" a lot and changes her mind and has no particular format.  She just dictates and I have to put where it belongs. We get along fantastic, but I am lucky is I get 120-150 lph.  With Psychiatry, I can get 200.  However, I have an account on the side in Psychiatry where he speaks very fast and I can keep up so it comes out to about 300.  I would be interested in getting some ideas on more shortcuts - as I am sure everyone would if someone would like to share them with us.  Do you have a printed list? Or where did you come up with these?  Any help is appreciated.  TIA.
funny shortcuts

I know there are so many different ways to save Keystrokes and then there are those that "just seem to make sense" but don't necessarily follow any particular rule.  One of my favorites is using the first two letters of each word.  It strikes me funny sometimes at some of the combinations that result this way.  I think two of my funniest are boob for bowel obstruction and pusy for pubic symphysis.  Any others that you have?  I'm looking for humor this Monday. 

Keyboard shortcuts in IT

Just be aware that Alt/ puts Instant Text into full layout and when you are in full layout, Instant Text expands in the Editor window of the IT program, and not in the word-processor you may be using.

Another keyboard shortcut like Alt- minimizes Instant Text and you don't see the advisories anymore. However, you stay linked and IT would still expand.

Also, make sure you don't have another Expander running at the same time.

making shortcuts. sm
click on START - ALL PROGRAMS - Right click on program you want on desktop (make sure it is the program, not just the folder - if it has an arrow, keep clicking until you get to the actual program)   After you right click on it, select SEND TO, then click on DESKTOP (create shortcut). 
Keyboard shortcuts
Google MSWord keyboard shortcuts and there you go. Save it to your desktop. There are shortcuts for Word 2002 and 2003.
You can do that with any keyboard if you know the shortcuts.
I love my Logitech cordless, but it's the keyboard shortcuts that keep you from using the mouse, not the keyboard itself. Am I misunderstanding your question?
Keyboard shortcuts

I am new to MT and am lucky enough to have a job where I can learn as I go.  I wanted to see if someone can tell me some of the keyboard shortcuts, like ctrl + B for bold, or function key information so that I can use the keyboard more and my mouse less.  

Thanks for your help!

New MT in Ohio  

ExText shortcuts
Does anyone know a shortcut to get to AutoCorrect?  So far, all I've been able to do is stop and point my mouse and click on the icon on the tool bar, which really slows me down.  I'm tring to put more abbreviations in there, as my word Expander is getting pretty full. 
Radnet F9 shortcuts

Does anyone know how to add to the shortcuts in RadNet F9. 

Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Does anyone use PRD or Shortcuts word expanders? .....nm
Books on shortcuts and macros...

Know of any books on shortcuts and macros other than "saving keystrokes?"  Thanks.:)

Shortcuts to increase production
Can anyone tell me what types of shortcuts, software, etc. I can use to increase my production?  I am looking for ways to cut time/increase production.  I have some macros, but what else?  Someone suggested I use the speech recognition software and I could repeat what was being dictated, as it may type faster? Has anyone tried this? I was thinking I would then have to spend my time cleaning up mistakes, but they said it was 99% accurate.  Sounds strange, but maybe it would work.  Any ideas would be appreciated!
shortcuts for hyperparathyroidism and hypo
If you run Spellcheck and have lots of shortcuts

that should cut down considerably on your need for proofing. Besides increasing your speed, shortcuts increase your accuracy, too, because the words are preprogrammed to be spelled correctly.

I don't work for one of the companies you describe but I have always proofed as I go and I don't go back and reread the report unless I am very tired, because I am particularly mistake-prone then.

Got in trouble for making shortcuts

I had a "talking to" by my asst manager, because I had mg listed as milligrams in my auto correct and she said that a docment should always be typed as mg, not the long way.  They were on my back so badly to produce, I decided that having things as milligrams instead of mg was a way to help my line count!  I don't feel badly about this fact, as they have threatend to fire me if I didn't keep a certain count. 

How does the people you work for look at this issue?  I know a hospital Transcriptionist who has EVERYTHING spelled out in her auto correct, such as CBC (complete blood count) etc...

I think that's a bit excessive, but I didn't think having milligrams typed out was a bid deal.  What do you think?


Shortcuts for commands and macros

>Anyone know if InstanText can handle "code" (like WordVBA >macros) in the Expanders like SH8 can?

Instant Text lets you add commands and macro keyboard shortcuts into a glossary entry. You can use easy-to-type short forms for these entries that execute a command or a macro. 

These command and macro entries are also very much used for editing.  See post below. 

Textware Solutions

I've never been told of any shortcuts to do this. Sure
Know any shortcuts for list re-organizations?

I have a physician referral list that is almost 300 pages long, that was not in any particular order when it was sent to me.  Needless to say, especially when I don't know the exact spelling of the doctor's name, an alphabetized list would sure help a lot.  Also, a specialty field would be nice, and I am sure there are other cross-references that I could come up with that would save me a lot of time and frustration.

Anyone know how to set this MS Word file up to organize it, or transfer it somewhere else to organize it without wasting tooooo much time entering every doctor's name and address?

Sure would appreciate any and all suggestions.  Thanks in advance!

SRT shortcuts that are easier on your fingers

If you have Instant Text you can create command entries in your glossary for all the editing shortcut combinations of your platform and create short forms that are easier to type.

If you are using marker keys to expand, you can even give these short forms a longer, descriptive name which will be easier on your memory, knowing that you don't have to type the whole short form. The command entry will show as soon as you type 2 letters, and then you can jump ahead within the short form and type the most relevant letters. Each command entry should end with an underscore to avoid adding a space.

You can always email me if you have any questions.

Textware Solutions

Word shortcuts to Shorthand -

I'm dreading if I need to start some 13 or 14,000 abbreviations all over again on another expander.  All you do is go in and out of a new Expander putting all your abbreviations in when you could be making money already. 

Know what I mean?

How to copy shortcuts in shorthand...
Let me know if anyone has done this.  My hard drive crashed and I had to download ShortHand from the website again to the new hard drive of course losing all my shortcuts.  I have my old shorthand on another computer and I can't for the life of me remember how I did that?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  TIA
Yes. I also have shortcuts and it is word based.
This is my Expander I have used for years, and I did not need to have it imported into Bayscribe. It works along with Bayscribe. I do leave the Bayscribe spell check on along with it too and they both work fine together. Hope this helps.
I found FREE shortcuts!

I just found a website with a huge list of free Expander shortcuts if anyone is interested.  here it is



Some good shortcuts on this list

You know these were posted for free for us to see and use if we can find them useful.  I appreciate MTs trying to help other MTs out without asking for money for it.  I wish there had been more MTs to me out a  100 years ago when I got started. 

Thanks for telling us about this website.



Are you using just word shortcuts, or phrases? sm
You should be able to type entire sentences with just a few keystrokes.
Building a list of shortcuts
Building an Expander list is a time-consuming undertaking, and as mentioned in your various posts there are different methods to do it. The question is what is the best method and is there a way to save time building a list of words and phrases.

If you do your list manually and assign dedicated short forms to each and every entry you definitely need a system, your system. Learning another person's system is like learning a new language unless it is based on basic rules.

To get more lines done in a day it is important to expand phrases rather than words as the keystroke savings are much greater.

As you point out, Cara, the problem is that the dictators have all their variations of phrases. To get all these variations into your list, Instant Text offers what is called glossary compilation where IT reads through your transcription and adds all these variations into your list automatically. It takes seconds.

For more about this you can visit instanttext.com

I know an expander program is a very personal choice. However, there are things Instant Text does that other Expanders don't do, and IT might be the answer to some of your concerns expressed in this thread. I just wanted to let you know.

Marianne Kleen
Textware Solutions

Can you use any of the other Word shortcuts to jump around? Such as...
Ctrl+Right Arrow jumps to the next word on the right
Ctrl+Down Arrow jumps to the next paragraph (or paragraph mark)
Ctrl+Up Arrow jumps to the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Delete deletes one word to the right
Ctrl+Backspace deletes one word to the left

There are a bunch more shortcuts.