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Shortcuts to increase production

Posted By: MT on 2007-05-07
In Reply to:

Can anyone tell me what types of shortcuts, software, etc. I can use to increase my production?  I am looking for ways to cut time/increase production.  I have some macros, but what else?  Someone suggested I use the speech recognition software and I could repeat what was being dictated, as it may type faster? Has anyone tried this? I was thinking I would then have to spend my time cleaning up mistakes, but they said it was 99% accurate.  Sounds strange, but maybe it would work.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

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ASR production increase?!?!
Anyone want to know how MQ came up with the figures to say we have a PRODUCTION increase because of ASR?  It will surprise you!
Platform wants to monitor us to increase production
according to them. This is VR and there is nothing paywise in for the MTs, nothing else except we are supposed to use certain keys instead of mouse. I hit over 500 the other day for an hour  If the VR is good, no straight typing, I can bump up the audio to fast and can make it yo-yo.  Anyone else being monitored??
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. Huge difference. nm
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. nm
You have really seen an increase?
I am not on ASR, just curious - maybe I should ask to be.
ASR increase
I've been on ASR a year and have seen no increase. I practically have to type the entire report over and start from scratch. IN fact I think they take me longer since you really have to read them very closely because of the dumb words and grammar the computer puts in. I want everyone on ASR who got the "letter" to write back Ms. Barbato and give her your 2 cents on the matter. I'm not taking this lying down, have been kicked around enough by these jerks.
no increase - again!

Hi Ladies,


I work as an IC MT and I have to say I am getting pretty discouraged.  I have not had an increase in my cpl in two years.  I did ask recently for an increase but to no avail.  The answer was simply "no, we can't give you an increase at this time."  Wow - where do you go with that?  I feel I work very hard and I am a good transcriptionist.  I love my work but right now I'm down in the dumps about this line of work.  Unfortunately, it is all I know.  Just needed to vent a bit. 

Thanks for listening.

Let us know if you got the increase.
not EVERYONE can increase their pay
Don't take for granted that you have the opportunity. When my doctors don't dictate, there is nothing I can do... lets be serious.

I know this is a slow period so I will just wait it out, but don't assume that we are "lucky" to be able to increase our pay, some of you may be, but that is not always true for others.

Good luck to everyone though especially now during the Holidays
Help with rate increase, please
Good morning, everyone. May I have a little advice on a rate increase I am thinking about, please? I have been transcribing for a clinic here in South Florida for 4 years. I started out at 0.06/line and have never raised my rate for this client. However, I would like to raise my line rate to 0.08. Is this unreasonable? I work from home and feel very isolated when it comes to knowing if I am way too low on my rate. Any advice you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks!
IC Rate Increase

I would say work with them a little.  I would say try and increase to $2.50 per page in the hopes you get an increase of $2.00.  I had a physician do this where I wanted $2.50 from $1.50 (6 years ago), and he offered me $2.00.  I took it. 

I am now, same physician, looking for a way to increase as I get paid per page $2.00 (typing from handwritten forms/not dictation), but I think he may go for it.  I, however, am looking at whether I am making more with him per page as opposed to per line and with him it seems I do better per page.  I also make deliveries.  If I were you, I would not go 4 times a week if they are not willing to compensate you a little more for that time.  Production is production, but the time spent making the deliveries needs to be worked in. 

Is this a client that could possibly go digital?  You may want to stroll that avenue.  Just a thought.  E-mail me if you'd like and have more questions.  I am having the same dilemma.  No one wants to go digital, but they are flexible with pick-up/delivery. 

I read an article on www.mtworld.com about transcriptionists not making what they should because they do not want to "rock the boat", well my boat is sinking somewhat as everything has gone up but my income!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

Rate increase...

I just this done several months ago and what I did was put a little "blurb" at the bottom on the current invoice that said "Effective xx/xx/xx line rate will be $x.xx", with the effective date starting the next month.   I never heard anything back so have been billing at increased rate ever since.  I did make it large enough (same font size as rest of invoice) and put a couple of ******next to it.  When you get a bill from your water, electric, gas or whatever company, they don't even tell you,they just raise it, although sometimes the cable company will tell you in advance that rates have changed.  Anyway, that's what I did, didn't feel I needed to justify it, especially if your rates have been the same for a long time, like mine!!  Good luck.

Increase speed
Crank up the speed of the dictator as high as you can while still understanding it. Learn all the keyboard shortcuts and don't touch the mouse. If you hover your mouse over the buttons, you'll see the shortcut.
How to increase productivity

The more targeted your glossaries are, the faster you get to your words and phrases. Are you using doctor- or specialty-specific glossaries combined with your own base glossary?

Are you concentrating on phrases rather than on words? The big keystroke savings kick in when you concentrate on the phrases your doctors say all the time.

More about productivity at the link below. I hope it will give you some quick tips.


Where do you work where you can increase
I wanted to work all hours this week and make a good check for the holidays. I am actually getting half, because there is no work at any time of day. I am working 12-15 hours sitting and waiting for work. If you can share any where that has an abundance of work to get incentives it would be very appreciated. Glad you can make up for your loss, but I am sorry you are going through this.
Sorry. Got cut off. Nothing I do can increase the font size.
To the person asking whether to increase her rate sm

check this website out.  These are the vendors and what they are charging for New Jersey Medical Center.


To all of those MQ MTs,  check it out, they are charging up to $0.20 per 65 character line. 

Hope this helps.

Min wage in WA is 7.63 but they are proposing a $1 increase. nm
My plan to increase my income
Real estate. I just took a new MT job during second shift hours. I'm going to real estate school (doesn't take long). My plan is to do the real estate thing during the day.

They even have a program that is certified (Georgia) that I can take online. I know it will take time to start getting listings and closings once I get my license, but at least it's a ray of hope.
my plan to increase income
Hi - Unfortunately, you will have to have some money in your savings to pay your bills until you become established. I went to real estate school with "the dream of more money", almost easy money. I didn't survive long enough to make any money. It is another one of those "lure you in with lies" profession. Sorry - but no better than MT
my plan to increase income
Unless you are making major bucks at being an MT, you would still be better served saving your money. Real estate is a difficult business to "break into" and there are many hidden costs. As another poster stated, "you are on call always" while working in real estate. Good luck to you though!
I have noticed an significant increase
in the cost of living. I do not know whether to attribute this to the cost of gas rising or Hurricane Katrina and the gulf ports out of commission but items on the shelf seem about 15% higher in general than just 1-2 years ago save for paper products.

I do not know how a family can do it and not go into severe debt and I really do believe that is how many are making it, using their charge cards to pay day to day expenses.
But that's CMT. Nobody has made mention of a pay increase for RMT. nm
No, not take over. Increase international labor use? Yes.
owning a US company but using international labor.

well, the more you do ops, the more you'll increase productivity
Does anyone know how to increase the pedal backspace on a DVI? sm
I am having a problem that when I lift my foot off the pedal, it pauses but does not back up at all.  It is hard to work like that and I cannot figure for the life of me what to do to fix it!
It wouldn't increase the speed of someone who
is using a steno machine for sure. However, I am at least 30% faster on ASR. And I'm not a slow typist - I can do 90 to 100 words per minute. I am a fast reader, though, and I think that helps with ASR.

I'm curious though...I don't understand how you use a steno machine to type onto a computer screen. I thought it was a machine that just typed codes out on paper that court reporters later transcribed. I'm fascinated by this...that is a nice increase in production.

Do you think it's worth it for someone with no steno experience to learn how to use a steno machine?

When you use the steno machine, do you hook it up as if it were your keyboard? Does it type out full words? Any advice/info you could give would be very appreciated. :)
If we all refuse to do VR at low rates, we may see an increase in pay.

The OP said text not font, but it does increase
all that is on the page, most of which includes the font size.

Like I said, I found this out by accident. Glad it helped you, too. I know I like it.
MQ ROCKS??? Because a poster SAYS she was hired on for increase?
What about those of us who have been with MQ for YEARS and have seen revolving doors of bonused crooked CEOs come and go and have not been given an increase in pay for FIVE years?   MQ ROCKS or MQ is on the ROCKS?    If this is what it takes to please you, an anonymous poster and empty promises from the lastest CEO what lowered expectations from a company you must have.  As for me, I expect more and will MQ Rock when it affects the MAJORITY of the hardworking MQMTs.
What is the best short-cut program to use to increase you speed?


I just had to laugh - after 3+ years of no rate increase SM
I gave my MTSO 4 weeks notice of going up to 12.5 cents (IC) - they do no QA on my work (returned directly to clients) - only have to pay for call-in system. Accuracy rate is pretty near 100% according to my docs (and my own proofing) MTSO said my proposed rate was OUTRAGEOUSLY high and I was living in a dream world compared to area ICs (Chicago land area). Now I read I am not so far off after all. And MTSOs wonder why their ICs tend to believe what they are told with a big salt shaker! BTW, I got my line rate increase - my MTSO leaves me alone, my doctors love their accuracy, and I am happily typing while the kiddos are at school. Win-win for everyone! Just my thoughts FWIW. Nice to see I am still in the ballpark for ICs!
IC, do you write your own rate increase letters?

I'm working as IC with one physician, and I need to increase the rate. I'm working too much typing, printing,and driving 4 days a week at $1.50 per report (mostly one page). I average 25 reports per day.  PE is a given, but the rest of the document has to be typed.  He is ESL and a good one.

Can you share info on what and how to include in a rate increase letter? What would be my effective date, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days?

I thought I'd increase to $2 per report. What do you think?


Way to increase/decrease voice file.
Speed increase on digital dictation
I am switching over from tapes to digital.  I am using Express Scribe to play my files.  I am used to playing my tapes at a faster speed.  I find that on the digital dictations, some of the clarity is lost when I increase the speed.  Does anyone else have this problem and do you have any suggestions/solutions?  Thanks in advance! 
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If you can increase your work load with current company

that would be better than getting a second job.  It will take you a while to learn new dictators and/or new platform so you won't be making that much money initially for the time you are putting into a new job.  If you are able to pay bills with the debt currently I would just go on a strict budget and cut out any extras.   If you can get a home equity loan to consolidate bills.  Debt will still be there, but instead of several bills to keep up with, you can focus on one and pay debt off sooner.  


The owners of the companies I work for certainly could increase my cpl rate. nm
I didn't increase my line rate for over 10 years!
I am an IC and have one office of three physicians as well as work for a smaller MTSO and have to totally agree with what MTSO said. You have to take into consideration so many things. Do we deserve a raise, you betcha - I think most of us do. However, if you are making good money, love the accounts, and things are working well for both sides, are you willing to jeopardize them shopping elsewhere? I haven't been, but due to the increase in gas prices which are now going to be reflected in many other ways in our cost of living, I find I really need to increase my rate and I did. I sent a memo and simply stated that in 30 days the billing would reflect a 1 cent/line rate increase. Yes, I held my breath waiting for the phone to ring or the OM asking to speak to me in her office but so far I have not heard anything. I am not sure if this is good or bad but I think they have had a great deal for 10 years and I deserve a raise and I need to increase my rate just due to cost of living. 
Sorry - do not know what happened to my above post. I press 2 for decrease, 3 for increase. nm
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Stenograph machine increase productivity to 500 plus lines per hour
I have been using the stenomachine for a year now after I mastered the keyboard.  I have built my dictionary to include every word/phrase that I use to transcribe.  It is very easy to learn the keyboard, the challenge is developing speed.  Any questions, please respond at wordwarrier1yahoo.com.  PS: I love it.
Stenograph machine increase productivity to 500 plus lines per hour
I have been using the stenomachine for a year now after I mastered the keyboard.  I have built my dictionary to include every word/phrase that I use to transcribe.  It is very easy to learn the keyboard, the challenge is developing speed.  Any questions, please respond at wordwarrier1@yahoo.com.  PS: I love it.
Increasing the zoom view does not increase the font size.
I use ShortCuts and like it.
I use shortcuts
shortcuts for windows.  much faster and costs less.  if you put a whole report in it, it will take a few seconds too spill out, but still faster than shorthand.
I use shortcuts to the max but what do you do if the doctor dictates in abbreviations? For example continually says CHF for congestive heart failure, etc. Do you type the abbrev? or spell it out?
I, too, don't know what shortcuts for Windows are. Can someone help me?
I am a longtime MT but have just converted to employee status (am so sick of the tax thing). Anyway I have never really used a lot of shortcuts (just the Autocorrect in Word) but now that I have to do more lines to make the same amt of money I need some tips on creating shortcuts so I can produce more lines an hour. Thanks ladies (and gents!)
No, just using shortcuts
with Auto Correct.  We have a few doctors who have their own "normals", but 99% straight typing, proofing as I go.  
Ok, I can try. Tell me step-by-step how I would do this. Nothing ventured..... Thanks