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internet timing out

Posted By: sienna on 2005-10-22
In Reply to: Is there a setting on the computer that causes your internet connect to time out - I cannot stay - your internet connection to time out - I cannot st

Try running your Spyware and virus software - I had virus on my computer that shut the internet down, ran the above software and that deleted the virus. good luck.

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Timing is just great
Right before Christmas.  Gas prices are sky high.  Company hires far too many MTs in the first place.  On and on.  Where do they find these people  (management).  How do they sleep at night.  What kind of drug do they take that makes them completely dead to any morals at all.  Has to be a drug. Definitely an epidemic.  Maybe that's is, maybe it is a disease that literally eat away all sense of right and wrong.
Wow - Talk about timing! I just saw a clip from - (sm)
Michael Moore's latest movie, "Sicko".  This time he takes in the inequity and outright greed in the healthcare industry in the U.S.  Sure, some of it is bound to be a bit sensational, like when he takes a bunch of U.S. 911-first-responders down to Guantanamo, but I'm sure there will be many aspects of this movie that will bring other aspects of healthcare besides just going to see a doctor into the public eye.  He had some insiders talking in the movie, too.  That's one I'm going to have to see!  If ever there were a time to state our case, this just might be it.   
One year anniversary is perfect timing. I think the
amount depends on the company and/or your experience, QA scoring, etc. I have never been with a company that gives 1 cpl raises, though. More like quarter cent to half cent per line, but I'm sure there are exceptions! Not saying you don't deserve it, but I think the companies like to streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch it out!!
Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
If you want to work on the internet from home, take an internet course
But only from Andrews School or M-TEC. Many companies will waive the 2-years' experience requirement and will test and hire you if you go to either of those schools. Do NOT bother with At Home Professions, Penn Foster, US Career Institute, or ESPECIALLY Trans-Am, which is also known as Trans-SCAM and is a total ripoff. You will have a VERY difficult time getting hired without experience unless you choose Andrews School or M-TEC. Yes, they cost more, but that's because they are excellent training programs, not "correspondence courses."
Look it up on the internet
There is all kinds of information for dealing with bipolar people. One thing you probably shouldn't do is inform someone, ANYone, that "there is something wrong in their thinking." How do you know? Are they a friend, acquaintance, coworker? Are you concerned or are they merely interfering with YOUR life?

Much depends on where this person fits into your reality.
I'm tired - it should say internet.  My bad.
If you have DSL internet - please
Please be sure and tell them when then install you!! This is very important because sometimes the DSL can interfere if not connected properly and you will be without protection.

I would not pay the home office internet price unless they offer something incredible, for example, guaranteedd 24/7 service.  My cable internet company wanted me to switch over to business and when I asked what the difference in services was between paying 39.99 per month and 80.00 per month, I was told I would get first priority on service visits.  Really, I just kind of laughed at the guy...they wanted me to pay twice as much for a quicker service call (BTW, an average wait for a service call is 24 hours or so anyway). 

Anyway, I would not even mention the office use; residential use is the same thing. 

Good luck.. Jamie

Funny you should say that. I have Roadrunner and I was down totally for about 3 hours. I had to reboot my modem in order to get back on.
My husband works for Sprint. They are starting up wireless internet where are you do is plug in the card and you get fast speed internet connection. Some areas have it incorporated already.
I have att&t internet
I can't really complain about the service. I have lost internet service with them twice since last June. It takes maybe a half day to whole day to get it back up. So you lose a day's work pretty much. I was not happy at all the two times I lost service. When the service was down they did not answer phone calls just put on a recording so I couldn't find out when the service would be back on. That made me angry. You set it up yourself. I think they will come set it up for you but I believe they charge. I did mine myself and it really is simple. They send you a disc that walks you through the setup. Basically like installing software on your computer. Besides those two instances I have been very happy with my service. I have actually had less problems with them than any other previous service providers. And when the service was down the next day they emailed an apology saying how very sorry they were for the inconvenience. All in all I am happy.

I was put on an ophthamology account; I figured I'd need a book...  Nope, I've been using Google and getting by just fine.  There are plenty of sites. 

Try this site:  http://www.mtdownloads.com/

Books are so costly, and yet we can get just as much information from the internet if we search the right sites.  I wouldn't buy any books until you start the accounts. 

Hmm, really?. Anyone can say anything on the internet...nm
No internet?
How does she look up terms she can not hear clearly or does not understand?
Lie on the Internet?
Anything you see or read on the internet is about to have a 30% chance of being true. In a chat room, that percentage may be even smaller. You can't take to heart.
If I can't work without it, which I can't, then it's getting a full deduction.
Welcome to the Internet! :D sm
There is at least one troll on every message board. I said, at least. It's how they get their petty little jollies, often behind the curtain of anonymity. Yeah, quite sad, but for them, not for us.

Unfortunately, if I get dissed by a troll, I don't have the grace to just ignore it, but have to give a snappy retort.

So the term "snarking" has replaced the word "flaming" now. I'll have to remember that! Thanx!
Cable vs DSL internet?
I have cable internet service and will be relocating soon to an area that has DSL.  Just wondering, since DSL goes through the phone line, is there any electrical involved; or should I say, if the electricity goes out does the DSL stop working.  I am wondering, if I invest in a laptop and have DSL also, if electricity goes out, would hardly miss any downtown, with the laptop having battery and all.   Is this correct?
Internet Explorer
Thanks very much! I'll check that out.
I have Internet Explorer
I have never had a problem before like this with it. I just sent tech support an E-mail and I will see what they might say.

Sorry to tell you but that's an internet hoax. sm
I was excited about it too and then found it was a hoax.
I was looking for internet, but thank you for the help and guidance!!!

Internet address
Hello.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete internet addresses that are seen when you hit the drop down box.  I have a bunch of them that aren't valid anymore, and I want to get rid of them.  Sorry, I don't know the technical wording, but hopefully you know what I mean.  Thanks.
You go to other internet boards and think everyone
OT Regarding kids and Internet
I just got my old computer all fixed and set up for DH and the kids to use.  HOWEVER, I was wondering if there were settings in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox so the kids couldn't delete the cookies and history?  Only DH or I could do it with a password?  Also, does anyone use censoring software, like GuardDog, CyberSitter, or CleanNet, for their kids?  I'd like something to block offensive content, but I'd also like to be able to see what they're doing out there IF the need comes up.  The younger kids aren't a problem because they only know DisneyChannel or CartoonNetwork.  However, my niece had problems with using the Internet too much and meeting older guys.  I don't want to resort to keylogging software because I trust my kids and I know they're not doing anything they're not supposed to.  It's the "other guy" I worry about with the Internet stalking, peer pressure and that type of thing.  The kids aren't allowed in chatrooms, instant messaging or message boards.  I do have all their passwords.
Yes, there is on dialup internet. Is that what you use?

Call waiting can also affect it if you don't turn it off in your dialup settings.  Before I get technical, do you use dialup, DSL, cable or something else?

Internet shopping
I have to rank in the top ten of Internet shoppers. I have bought more at Amazon.com than most people buy at Wal-Mart.  My credit card company sends an end-of-year statement that looks like a booklet!  I have never had any problems with Amazon.com.  I've bought, books, DVDs, videos, appliances, toys, furniture, you name it.   I've never had a shipping problem, and if I had to return anything there were no problems.  The only things I haven't bought at Amazon is clothes and perishable items.  I have bought clothing and things from Eddie Bauer with no problems.... And then there's all those specialty shops!  Bath and Body Works has finally gone to internet shopping!  Anyway, you get the idea.  Happy clicking!
It's from the internet you idiot


Dial-up internet
Does anybody know of companies who will hire those of us who only have dial-up.  We live so far out and cannot get high-speed internet.  Every place I have applied says I cannot use satellite or wireless.  What's the deal?  I was able to get 1000 to 1400 lines without all that.  Now I'm aced out.  I could use some help.
Lisette: Which internet site do you prefer? Thanks
I use both.. Book first, then Internet
if not in book. Book is sometimes faster, and Internet has SO MANY misspellings so you have to be careful of source. But books are sometimes obsolete right off the press. I find Saunder's Pharm. Work Book (Drake & Drake) the best all around, especially because it gives hospital "solutions" and anesthetics, etc, enteral feeding products.... stuff you won't find in a regular "drug book."
Internet connection

Does anybody use ATT/SBC DSL?  If so, how is it?

I have Insight (cable), and I have a problem with no internet connections at least once every 2 weeks and thinking about switching.



internet connection
I have Insight, too, and I'm having a terrible time keeping connected. They have somehow, with their high-tech capabilities, discovered that I use a VPN, and now they are locking me up every document or at least every othe document! The only solution is that I'm going to have to pay business rate as opposed to consumer rate. I don't own a business, just work for an online company out of my home, but Insight doesn't care. They consider it "my" business and now I'm going to have to pay a whole lot more to keep them from locking me up.
Internet connection
Ive been using ATT/SBC DSL for a long time, long before they were bought out by AT&T and were just SBC. I love it! Wouldn't have it any other way. I RARELY have any trouble with it.
Need Internet fax info

I need to fax my cable bill to my company.  Anyone know if there is a site which I can do this?  I'm using XP, does it have a program.  I can't seem to make heads or tails of this and thought someone could lead me in the right direction.  I already have my scanner hooked up.


cable Internet.
Cable Internet just recently became available to my area.  I was excited because most the MTSOs require cable.  I am currently on satellite.  I called about the cable internet and they said for a home office it is $80 per month and you only get 10 gigabytes or megabytes (donít remember which) per month for downloading stuff off the internet. Then you get charged extra.  Is this normal for cable Internet?  It sounds strange to me but I am not very savvy on these sorts of things.
Anyone use EVDO for Internet or know anything about it?
I purchased my first laptop a couple months ago and have been looking at Internet service for it. I have used dial-up for years with my regular PC. (I only have dial-up available to me where I live.) I called a nearby Sprint store and they put my address in and said I do have coverage in my home/area. I know nothing of this type of connection to the Internet so am wondering what the pros/cons might be.

I will be using it for my on-line job using Emdat's InScribe and I contacted their technical support and they said I can connect to them using this.

We do have a huge cell phone tower within walking distance of our house so I am hoping that Sprint is a part of it as then I should have a great connection where I live. I realize I will not have coverage everywhere I go with my laptop.

The sales person told me I can purchase the card for my ExpressCard Slot for $49.99 and then my unlimited service will cost me $39.99/month for 40 MB. He said I could go higher if I found it necessary but he said he hasn't had anyone but a DJ (who downloaded a ton of music he said) find that they needed more MB than that. Since I currently only use dial-up for my on-line job, I would assume connecting with an ExpressCard up to this rate would work just as well if not better ???

Is there anything I should know/be aware of before doing this??? I will be keeping my dial-up service until the first of the month to be sure this all works out.

Sure would appreciate any feedback as I know nothing of this type of thing. Thanks so much. 
I use Stedman's as well as the Internet. nm
You have to be careful on the internet, but...
I have a myspace account, and I have the greatest circle of friends that I met through that site. You have to pick your friends/significant others closely...either on here or out in the real world. You just have to be smart about it.
kids and internet
My kids are 6 and 9, and they are only allowed on certain kids sites for about an hour. I do not even let them check their emails. Nick Jr, Disney, and stuff like that is it, but they are still young right now so its easy to watch where they go.
Kids and internet

My kids are 14, 16 and 19.  The 19 year old comes home on the weekends from school with his laundry and laptop.  I figure at his age, he has seen more than I want to know about and what happens at school stays at school.

My daughter is 16 and chats constantly and has a my space account.  She doesn't do much surfing, just chatting and I know most of her friends personally and if I ask who she's talking to, she tells me.

My son is 14 and has little or no interest in the computer except for the occasional game, but likes to look at ebay for 4-wheelers, scooters and cars he will never own until he gets a good job. 

We used to have to limit the time for the 2 oldest ones when my son still lived at home fulltime because it sometimes came to blows. 


Dialup Internet (sm)

Any MTs left that only have dialup internet available to them?  Bellsouth said we would get it in 2-3 years (big wow).  I would like to change MT companies but cannot find anyone who accepts dialup internet.  I could probably get satellite but I notice many companies won't accept this either.  What's a girl to do?

Satellite Internet
Yes, I do successfully work using satellite internet. I don't have the option of DSL or cable where I live so satellite was my only option if I wanted/needed high-speed internet. I have HughesNet and have had no problems with them at all so far.
Thank you! I looked him up on the internet, and ... SM
I'm pretty far away from either of his offices, but if he's very good and would help me, it would be worth it.  Thanks again.  :)
I hate to say this, but I think the internet maybe ate
the email. :) I am not showing anything in my inbox or my junk folder. ???
No, you don't need their internet service, just
some internet service - cable type. I got all the equipment I needed from Vonage. Also their equipment is a Linksys - that's it. You just plug it into your cable modem, and my Vonage Linksys had ports allowing me to network all 6 of my computers at home. Prior to Vonage, I was only able to network 3 off of my cable modem. Its very, very easy to figure out. The only old down side used to be that you could not get all the usual features of 911 in an emergency. You would have to dial 911 and say your address. That has been rectified now in all areas, as far as I know. I also have a cell phone anyway, 24/7, so on the rare occasions that power has gone out, I use my cell phone if need be. I have never been so happy with a phone company - been with Vonage about a year now. I had tried them all, and been burned by all - Verizon, MCI, Sprint. I lasted with Verizon the longest, but again, I paid about $80 a month for their biggest plan - Freedom plan, with all unlimited LD, call waiting, voice mail - every bell and whistle one could get, and the bill always was $50 to $100 or more higher than promised. They would tack on all sorts of garbage every month. Finally got sick of them and switched to Vonage. It was scary at first, but so worth it. Again, when I work, they have a feature where you can set your phone to not even ring - just go to instant voice mail. You get an email that you have a new message, or your phone blinks and lets you know. You can go right in your email and look and see who the # is that called, so you know whether to listen to the message or leave for later. You also can access all your phone stuff thru Vonage.com. You can listen to your voice mail via your work headphones, or you can listen to the messages via your phone. Online, all your calls are saved permanently. I am just so pleased with them, though was very skeptical at first. They even have a new neat thing called a virtual phone or something, and its a screen you can bring up on your computer which is a big phone. You use your mouse to dial the numbers and just talk thru a computer microphone or headset. Its really cool. I don't need it, but it sounds like a fun toy!
Satellite internet and VPN
Is there anyone out there who has Satellite internet and is doing transcription work? I just finished my training and am searching for a job. Testing is going well, but I am being told by companies who use a VPN that it cannot be used with satellite. My research is telling me that they can be used together, just that it will be slower. Does anyone have any info on this? Also, I assume there are companies that don't use a VPN so it wouldn't be a problem. Is there any way I could weed out companies that use one before I test with them?

if you can access the internet, you can
work. Not a problem.
Internet faxing
Is internet faxing HIPPA compliant?
Does anyone who uses internet to transcribe,
It fades in and out.  It is one or more radio stations. Im pretty sure not local though because they speak a different language sometimes.  Dont laugh, sometimes it is so loud, I cant hear my dictator.  The weird thing is that when I unplug my headphones and just have the speaker turned up, I cant heart it.  It is also there through my headphones when I am not working.  So, its either my DLS or my headphones.  I do use the metal stethoscope type.  Just wondered if anyone else has this or just lucky me?