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luv my sleep number bed!!!

Posted By: mrs. tim on 2006-03-25
In Reply to: Does anyone have a Comfort Select bed and if so...how do you like it? nm - sore bones

we have a king size, plenty of room and comfort for me, hubby, and our zoo of animals!

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Sleep Number Bed
We've had the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed for several years now and it definitely is the most comfortable bed. We had a water bed for years and years and love it too.  The one down side to the Sleep Number bed after having a water bed is that when you crawl into it on a cold nite it is COLD. We don't have an electric blanket. The water bed was always like climbing into a nest! But I would HIGHLY recommend a Select Comfort bed. Paul Harvey and Rush Limbash both advertise them on their shows. After having the bed for a couple years our house took a lightning strike and it blew out the air pump. We called them and they send another pump at no charge. That was very nice.
Does anyone own a sleep number bed and if so, do you like it? Thx
We have the Sleep Number Bed. BEST BED ON EARTH, especially
If I work when the kids sleep, when will I sleep?

I understand what you are saying about the kids will always bug me no matter what.  I just thought that if I had a job where I didn't have to hear dictation and type word for word that maybe it might be easier to block out the kids.  There are no babysitters to watch the kids around here, besides that is why I work at in home in the first place.  The kids are 2 and 5 so hopefully it will get easier.


I assume you are assigned number much like a license number that can be verified through the AAMT.

Beyond that, I have no idea.

Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
I didn't find an 800 number, but I did find this number...
1 650-253-0000

Thanks. Now I can sleep better.
Sad day, my mom had to put her little pom to sleep.

no sleep !
What's up with this insomnia?  Mine started year before last when my brother was very ill.  He passed away a few months later, and ever since, I have been depending on Ambien (which is NOT a good thing!).   A few weeks ago I went to Tylenol P.M. and it does help and does not give me any side effects, about 5 hours of good sleep.  Sometimes I think I transcribe in my sleep!   Don't know what's up but my daughter is encouraging Valerian; after reading these posts about it too, I am giving it a try! 
I used to use Ambien for years and it worked great, except that about 15 minutes after I took it I would begin hallucinating, calling people and telling them all sorts of things - some pretty good stories came out of my Ambien days. I would see things that weren't there and one time I saw 8 of my husband (wish there were 7 more of him - I would auction him off on ebay - He's a keeper - and then never work again for all the money I would make). I now take Wal-Som which is Walmart's sleep aid medication - it is not Benadryl, though, it is doxylamine succinate. It is about $4.00 for 24 pills (a lot cheaper than Ambien).

good luck - I can remember those days of racing thoughts - do you have an anxiety disorder? I did.
Job B. I could do in my sleep
why no sleep for that long?

meant to say there not their. Going to sleep now!!


Yes, I wish I could get them to sleep at night, too.
I had one kid wide awake until after midnight, and another one woke up at 4:30 this morning with a bad dream.  This was after one of their friends pestered me every five seconds yesterday so I had to get up early this morning to finish my work.  It was, "Hey, watch me.  Hey, look at this.  Hey, look what I can do.  Hey, look what I built.  Hey, hey, hey."  Tap, tap, tap on the shoulder.  How 'bout, "Hey, go bug your own Mom because I'm working"? 
sleep apnea
My sister had the test for sleep apnea.  She had to go to a sleep lab at a local hospital and spend the night there.  They hooked her up with EKG monitors and other monitors which she didnt know the names of but she said basically she had to sleep and they watched and monitored her breathing, heart rate, etc., while she slept. 
HAH!! I need some sleep - I looked right over it..
3 x 8 = 24 (hours) When do you sleep?!! (nm)
Maybe so. I cannot sleep on my stomach lately due to this. (nm)
Sleep Study
Get this: I had an appointment with the doctor this coming Wednesday to discuss a sleep study. Last Wednesday 2/1/06, his office calls me wanting to know if I was coming in because I was late for my appointment, and I reminded her that it was not that Wednesday but this coming Wednesday and she remembers and admits she got it wrong. This morning same girl calls to remind me of my Tuesday appointment!!!! Went through the same thing again and then she says, "Oh, yes. It is Wednesday. Can you come in Thursday? He's going to get called to the emergency department!!!" Uhhhhh did I miss something or is she clairvoyant on emergencies? This is why I do not go to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. I guess he has a golf game lined up.
I typed in my sleep once...sm
it was a late shift, about midnight (which is late for me) and I got up to go downstairs, move around, stay awake, came back and found I had typed something about a TV in a box...? So it can be done!
Hawaii - everything except sleep
Sleep Comfort Bed
We bought a Select Comfort bed. It is wonderful.  My husband had really bad back problems but since getting the Select Comfort he has not had any problems (except when we sleep away from home). He loves it and recommends it to everyone!
Serene sleep aid
This is an all natural product from a company called New Spirit Naturals. It works for me and other people I know who use it. I take 1 before bedtime and I sleep like a lump. I used to take Benadryl to help me sleep as I have terrible sleeplessness at 2 or 3 in the morning and then I worry about stuff. E-mail me for more info regarding this sleep aid if you're interested. Here's to your sleep!
sleep apnea
Sleep apnea will also cause morning headaches, and feeling like you want the cry in the morning because you are so tired.
Serene sleep aid
It is 29.95 for 30 capsules from New Spirit Naturals. My husband is a distributor for this company and it is awesome! I hope you get some sleep soon. I know it changed my outlook and I had no idea how grumpy I was due to lack of sleep until I had some awesome rest with Serene. My head hits the pillow and I don't wake up until about 5:30 a.m. and I wake rested! It's amazing. Good sleep to you.
Gosh, you really should get some sleep
I always fear I will make an error when I am feverish and sleepy. I think the boss would understand. The symptoms will subside more quickly more likely if you get plenty of rest. Also, less chance of secondary bacterial infection in the lungs. You may want an antibiotic with strep. But, you be the judge.
Sleep apnea
Excellent suggestion on the sleep apnea!  Husband was sick for a long time, first with high blood pressure, then memory problems, depression, headaches.  He got medications for all of the above symptoms, but it wasn't until I insisted and had a mini tantrum at the doctor's office that he got tested for sleep apnea, which is what was causing all of the other problems.   Now he takes no blood pressure meds and does not have trouble sleeping, but he cannot really remember anything that happened during the period of time when he was suffering from sleep apnea and was overmedicated with the wrong medications.
Sleep studies? sm
Can you make any money on sleep studies?  Any good reference websites or sample reports I can get.  Any info appreciated.  TIA
Sleep studies
Here is a good web site for sleep studies. When I did them, I found them to be pretty easy. I think I added the link below too. But here it is again:

Sorry should be -- Actoplus MET -- I need sleep bad - nm
Sleep issues
I have tried over the years so many things without success or with side effects. Melatonin puts me in a light phase of sleep, waking up frequently. Valarian root causes palpitations. Antihistamines do the same thing as the melantonin.

My godsend ... Tension Rx Nightime. You can buy in a healthfood store (though can be hard to find) or on-line. It is a mixture of a few herbs, aminio acids and GABA. It is very relaxing but not over sedating, and I am thrilled that if I get up in the middle of the night, it keeps me drowsy so I can go back to sleep. Only downside is your body builds a tolerance, so instructions state 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. It also improves concentration and focus the next day.

Happy sleeping!
sleep problems sm
Have suffered for years. Benadryl works but gives me restless legs for some reason and it only works for a few nights anyway. I find reading for awhile helps, although hard because husband hates the light being on. I am afraid of all these herbal supplements as I am highly allergic and have a rapid irregular heartbeat. A hot bath, boring book, try to keep problems off my mind until morning, not easy! I tried listening to CD's but if the music picks up the beat, I'm wide away again. Sometimes just nature sounds helps. Our brains are always working so very hard, it's hard to shut it all off, isn't it? Docs don't understand how hard we work, they should give us a little something mild but think we're drug seekers. Understand.
They take all the work while we sleep, therefore
there is none in the morning.
Get a Sleep Study
It could be sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Yes, you can be healthy as a horse and still have sleep apnea or narcolepsy!
I had the guy who was dictating in his sleep,
and he was ESL to boot. He dictated the physical exam 3 different times, and it was different each time. The patient's race also changed from white to black in the course of the report, and there were 3 different contradictory findings in one part of the exam.

I sent the whole mess to QA; they put blanks in the spots that needed them--and sent it on through to the client, discrepancies and duplicates and all. So I got paid for all the typing I did. I did not get paid for the head-shaped hole in the wall, though....

re: sleep apnea & cat waking you up

I find it so fascinating how our pets are so intuned to anything out of synch with their owners & it sounds like that is just what your kitty is doing, waking you to breath.

Just read an article to where they are now able to train dogs to detect when people (who have very hard to control diabetes) blood sugar gets to low! A mom who has a son with seizures AND juvenile diabetes noticed how their seizure trained lab would get nuts at times when her son was sleeping, but not go into the standard trained mode of keeping paws on both sides of the head.  He would frantically lick the kids mouth but mom noticed her kid did not wake with this and ...found him almost in diabetic shock. She talked to her doc and the training school and they realized they can train dogs now just by the scent of their socks (normal then when blood sugar is low).

The article was in my local news, a man whose wife was a doc, yet his diabetes was so uncontrollable that paramedics were frequent visitors, got one of these dogs and since then, they've not had to call the medics because the dog warns him in plenty of time to check his sugar.  Said one time, he was on a ladder cleaning gutters, the doc inside starting getting nuts and doc realized in time what was going on.  Just amazing


I just put my cat of 12 years to sleep today...sm
I know it was the best thing to do but it sure is hard to do things like this, isn't it?
Yes, but only if tells me to sleep all day or eat ice cream.
Speaking of talking in your sleep sm
I once had a doctor who fell asleep while dictating about an especially difficult wound patient. Needless to say, he dictated to put barbecue sauce on the leg at roast it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. It was a riot. I typed it and showed it to him. Nevertheless, he was forced to redictate. He will never live it down.
Are you seeing a sleep physician or just thinking
If you're having a rough time with sleep, make sure you see a sleep medicine doctor (if you already have, please excuse the following). Family docs are great but a sleep doc will know much, much more about it. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your sleep routine and they can do a sleep study or have you fill out a questionnaire that will tell them more about your sleep habits. Provigil should only be tried as last resort with a diagnoses of narcolepsy or when all else has failed. Plus, there are a lot of different wakefulness-promoting meds, such as Ritalin mentioned above, and Provigil may not even be the right one for you.

If you already are seeing a sleep doc, you can ask to try something else if you are leery of Provigil. Sorry for being presumptious, but I just want to be sure you are not jumping to medicine first because it's wise to try other methods before resoring to an Rx.
How about a doctor with sleep apnea sm
who falls asleep during his dictation?
Sleep study transcription...

I have been approached by a sleep study doc to do the transcription for them.  I have not done these before and I'm not sure what to charge.  Does anyone have any advice for what to charge them or any sample reports?


Thanks so much

Wow! Do you even get 3 hrs of sleep a night?!! Amazing! nm
Here is a sleep study website
I wonder how those shysters sleep at night. nm
Sleep disorder transcription
Does anyone know of any companies that do strictly sleep disorder transcription, that are looking for IC's?

Reminds me of having to sleep with the TV going all the time
Some time ago I slept in a room like that- even had a sleep study done because could not keep my eyes open during the day- I was not getting the good sleep I should have been getting, donít have to go through that anymore!
I ran into this system when I had a sleep study
Last winter outside of Orlando Florida. I waited to be set up for the initial sleep consultation, and the technician who takes vitals went into the template and asked me questions and filled it in. I told her what I did for a living. She smiled and said so does she, now... except it took under 3 minutes to do my whole history and physical etc. with better accuracy because she had drop down menus for just about every possible suggestion I had etc. She gets paid hourly as a tech and did not get a raise when this system came in. But she does it for the job security. I asked the doc and he said it is not only cost effective, but safer not to send work outside of the office or even out of the exam room because of HIPPA reasons. I can understand this. Knowing all of this, for some reason, I did not feel in the least intimidated or put out. I say the serenity prayer. If and when these systems are the norm rather than an oddity, another door will open for we transcriptionists which is better than what we have now. We have to believe as things evolve better for the medical record-keeping, indeed so will the jobs evolve better for us, even into a new career. To not believe that would be fatalistic. Somewhere in fate, IMHO we have to be willing to accept the times moving with or without us, and what our part will be in a positive way, rather than think it will be a negative thing.
Go back to sleep, Marge.
It's just another way of trying to buy us off, tossing letters at us instead of dollars.
Earplugs/muffs for sleep....

Anyone know of comfortable earplugs or soft earmuffs so I can sleep?  Neighbour above me runs her washing machine in the middle of the night, and I can't sleep.  (I've tried reporting her to property manager without success).

I've found most earplugs are uncomfortable, so maybe I have sensitive ears.  Anyone know of a soft foam type device that rests outside the ears rather than in?