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medigrafix in NE

Posted By: mt-1 on 2006-04-21
In Reply to:

anyone heard of medigrafix in Omaha?

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Medigrafix in Omaha, NE is a small company.  The pay is not as high as the BIG ones, but I have never ran out of work. Today I have over 1900 lines in and still not done.  The people are great to work for. 
I do not agree with this posting.  I have been working for Medigrafix for a number of years now, and I have never been talked down to or treated inferior.  If I ever have a problem the office staff is very responsive and they always do the best they can to make things right.  The person that this post is referring to has always been very helpful.  I feel that I can go to her with anything and she always does whatever she can to help.  If you are looking into a job with Medigrafix, don't read too much into the negative stuff you see out here.  You should just try it out for yourself. 
beware of medigrafix, inc.
I see my old very temporary employer Medigrafix has posted an ad for help on here and I wanted to let all you MT's know that the person you send the email to you is not a nice person to work for from day one she was negative to me and talked down to me!  Don't bother plus they expect perfection on day one.  The software/platform is impossible to work with also!  don't bother working for them unless you want to be treated badly from day one on.  Trust me it is not the way to work and it will make you not want to work when treated badly like this!