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new job woes... :(

Posted By: luvescription on 2009-05-22
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UGH!  I just started a new job with a great company. The people are wonderful. The training is great...but... I am so frustrated!  I have typed for 6 years and thought I was ready to take on bigger and better challenges.  At my previous job, on eScription, my production was great! I could edit about 1500 lines in 4 hours.  I have not typed in years.  Now, I am typing again, and it took me 8 hours to type 51 minutes of ESL op notes.  My brain is fried and my body hurts.  How do ladies do this?  I am no where near 1000 lines for the day and I don't even know if that is doable with these docs and my fat fingers. Is it going to get easier or am I in way over my head here?  What do I do?  Just venting... thanks for reading. 

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new job woes
How long have you been on your new job and what does your new company say about productivity requirements and how long you have to meet them?  Even with  experience new accounts, docs and platforms take time to learn, especially the ESL's and mumblers of the world.  I know where you are coming from because I constantly change accounts, and bounce back and forth from VR, editing, and straight transcription not to mention they are all on different accounts...it isn't easy so don't be too hard on yourself. 
re: lawyer woes
He can in fact charge you for the phone calls (consult) about the car, but not the service he failed to perform regarding this.

As far as the car title goes, he can request in the divorce that your husband sign it over to you (possibly arguing that you paid for it, etc.), but I don't think unless a judge orders it, your ex has to even sign it over, unfortunately. In my case, the car wasn't yet paid for and was in my husband's name. He suggested that we go and get the title/loan transferred into my name if this is what we agreed on. Technically speaking, however, the loan was in his name and if he so chose, he could have taken the car. That's why I say a judge has to be the one to order the transfer should the ex refuse.

I'd definitely confront the lawyer and ask him why the charges when he failed to even act on your request. That's bull**** in my opinion. I'm quite sure he's made a good deal of money off this already. Good luck.
More Autotext woes.

So I started (or so I thought) building my Autotext back up because I LIKE using F3 and only having to remember 1 abbreviation to get 5 different expansions.  My line count went down 500 lines going from having it to not having it. 

BUT when I went to save it and copy it to my new file, it was the same size as when I started, and I checked the normal.dot several time while I was working and it was always the same exact size as when I started.  What do y'all think is going on? 

wave player woes
check your file type after you hit open on the wav player. Tell it to show you all files. Your first file may be a wav and the second a dvf or some other file type.
My Foot Pedal Woes
I am going to try that setting. Thanks much!!
Foot Pedal Woes
I had been using an IN-BMG foot pedal with an adapter while working using MT World software.  Well, all of a sudden, my foot pedal would not work.  The fastforward started playing garbled, and the play would not play.  The fastforward would just skip to the end.  I then tried to use an Infinity IN-BMG foot pedal.  It too did not work.  I ordered a new one thinking this one obviously had a problem.  Well, the new one does not work.  I have tried six different settings.  The pedal is not even recognized.  Can anyone please help me?  I would really be thankful!!  I really want to work for this company and do a good job.  They are going to get tired of my problems.         
My Foot Pedal Woes
I figured the pedal with the adapter is shot. What I want to know if anyone else works with MT World that has a solution. I would like to use the Infinity IN-USB pedal that I have. I don't know if it needs to be programmed or what, in order for me to use it. It will not work with MT World, but I think it can. Help, anyone!!
Foot Pedal Woes
No, it is not for Zylomed. I did work for this company for about three days, and then, I added some Escription software, and it has not worked since. I am wondering if other software is conflicting? Anyway, I really want to continue to work for this employer, as it is radiology, and I love it!! But, it doesn't look good.
Ugh More foot pedal woes. sm

Why is my curser arbitrarily jumping all over the page, especially if I have brackets in my text.  I switched to the foot pedal from using hot keys in order to speed up my production, but that just ain't happening with this annoying jumping curser.

Anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

Anyone else in Northeast have internet woes?

All weekend the connectivity has been absolutely awful.  I have Time-Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia).  Anyone else having problems or is it just because I had a mental meltdown Friday and this is a sick form of retribution from the gods? 

to carry on a long drawn out thread on supervisor's woes below

Why in the world if it is so awful, so stressful, so thankless and pay is not that much more (someone posted $3 dollars an hour below), why do you continue to supervise?  


Also the general tone of the supervisors is kind of like they don't really like or respect the MTs.  Is that healthy?