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nm would you mind if I asked where you work and what type of work hosp, clinic ?

Posted By: LM on 2006-01-18
In Reply to: We got plenty and adding new accounts every day it seems - nm - Laura E.


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I type radiology, but have done some clinic work
I briefly tried acute care, but felt that was a little too hard to do working from home. I have done some clinic work, which worked out fine. The hardest part of that was learning lab values, specific tests, etc. I feel your pain, as it is very difficult to transition. I've done cardiology, internal medicine, and nephrology clinic notes and have done well with them. Things like wound care can get a little tricky because of all of the terminology with bandages, sutures, etc. My advice would be to get some reference books and maybe try to find a part time job, where your livelihood would not depend on the account, and give it a try! With this job, you won't know if you can do it until you try! I know it's hard with the national companies. They don't like to take time to help you learn. I learned my clinic stuff from local doctor's offices, where they gave me sample reports and I could take as much time as I needed to look stuff up. I wish you luck!
would you mind sharing how to get started with this type of work
typing insurance claims? Thanks
Hosp/Clinic - University teaching hosp

Also, I work a set schedule w/the hosp but the online co
hours are more flexible (because I'm IC status).  I took out my own health insurance, so I'm not bound to any company, just in case. 
Math whiz needed on hosp/clinic board
Anyone know what co has ad for clinic work - sm
on the job seekers board.  States you have to have a C phone or be able to re-record but no company name given.  Anyone know who this might be? 
I do clinic work for them
Might try clinic work ... seem to be less there. Otherwise
Why only work clinic
and not in acute care? Do you feel you cannot do the hospital work or ? If you start off in the 4s, it helps you to be able to work just about any job relating to transcription but you might fear, do you?
My work is clinic also

My work is clinic notes, psych reports, surgery letter and consults also and I have had the same doctors for 7 to 18 years.  But I still pay me IC's 8 to 9 cpl even though I can personally do 400 to 600 lines per hour and they can make $40 an hour on the psych reports.  I also will not boost my rates sky high to my docs because we make a decent living due to shortcuts, templates, etc.  But no way would I ever start anyone out at 6 cpl or even 7 cpl, though of course maybe I should and rake in the money myself.    And on the other hand, I pay well but I still have had to look deep and hard to find those that will work for that amount and be mainly depedable so I can keep the accounts.   They only wanted to work Tu, half of Weds and perhaps Thurs depends.  I used to have 3 IC's and now have one after a doctor died and one retired and I keep the majority of the accounts because I could not find anyone that was dependable and thought it didn't matter if a report was 24 hours late, or the report was just half done, etc.  And if the doctor requested things to be done  a certain way we did it, mom and dad capitalized we do it because he signs the checks.  So I can only imagine handling 10 IC's and trying to have enough work and yet have enough coverage when you needed it.  Too much for me.  

Need ER or Clinic Work

Does anyone know of a reputable company who is hiring for ER or clinic work and pays fairly well?  I've just about had it with Medquist and my 23 different accounts. 

Thanks much,


ER/Clinic Work
Check out Diskriter, they are hiring for ER. Check out www.mtjobs.com for a long list of companies hiring.
Clinic work
Why would you want to start over? Go through the job ads on this board and other boards and send resumes to all those companies that were offering clinic work in the past. You will probably need to send out lots of resumes to get any response at all. Many companies will not respond. By searching on Google you will find lots of companies and lists with companies, and then just send out your resume to a large number. Some of these will respond, even if it takes a few weeks. It might take several weeks to find a new job, but just hang in there and don't give up.
I do clinic work and what they do...sm
is the company I am an IC for individually assigns MTs work. It is not in a pool. I get work that comes in on Friday evenings, and I usually do it Sunday because since the clinic is closed through the weekend it isn't due until Monday. But the workload is usually much heavier on weekends because the doctors are trying to dictate things they didn't want to dictate during the week. So I would say I do more work on weekends.
She'll be lucky to get regular OT, never mind double. For big bucks, she should stick w/hosp. wor
I understand, I work in a clinic and

the doctors will tell me, "send a copy to her gynecologist", or "send a copy to whoever the surgeon that an appointment was set up with".... well, heck, I don't have any of that information. I don't even have a chart, and I'm supposed to "find it"..so I do understand what you mean..I also work for a national at night (at home) and have had the doctors spell the name John Smith, but not some long foreign name that they can't even pronounce!  I guess they ALL do that. Their time is more valuable than ours, is their thinking.

RIU is hiring MTs for clinic work
go to www.riunlimited.com to apply.
I work for a local clinic.
I've been doing the same doctors' dictation for over three years, so I have lots of normals and shortcuts for their standard stuff. For some of the docs, I can generate a whole page of dictation with a couple of Keystrokes and just edit for an individual patient's particulars. For all the docs, I can generate phrases, sentences, or paragraphs with a couple of keystrokes. This makes the work go very quickly. Also, a few of the docs I get regularly are VERY long-winded, so their dictation is very lucrative. These doctors are very set in their ways and have resisted all the blandishments from the nationals and VR salespeople. I think a lot of that resistance is that they don't want to spend money on the technology that would require. They're still using tapes. As long as they want to do it that way, I'll be happy to do their transcription. In the meantime, I'm investing every penny of my transcription money and not getting used to the extra income for day-to-day spending. I know the golden goose won't last forever, so I don't want to get used to it. Check with individual clinics in your area, you may be able to find a similar opportunity. Good luck to you.
I used to work in a clinic, and have friends who do now.

7 years ago I worked in a clinic and lost the job when the clinic joined a larger physician group who outsourced transcription.  I went to work for the company they were using then.  With that change I almost doubled my income.  That MTSO later went out of business.  Ironically, now I work for the MTSO who currently has that account.  Some of my coworkers with the first company have gone to work for a large clinic in the area who has brought some MT work back in-house.  They took a cut in pay but have better benefits and much better hours.  I have found that you pretty much have to be in the right place at the right time, or know somebody.  The first clinic job I got was when I went to apply at the local hospital and the director at the hospital sent me over to the clinic.  Almost all of the opportunities I have gotten over the years have come from knowing someone.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to ask around.  I know a lot of transcriptionists in the area, and several people who work in clinics in the area.  This is where I get most of my leads.

I work as an IC for a local clinic
I get 0.12 per gross line. Because of the format the clinic wants, the longest possible line is 55 characters (with spaces). To there.
Easy work, more like clinic, very low pay.
Clinic I MT for spent big $$, too, but I am still doing work
You might apply for some clinic work. sm
It can be a step towards acute care. At least you have experience with some transcription. You might learn to use the internet there, and then try for acute care without OPs, until you feel ready to handle them. Good luck with whatever you do.
clinic work vs basic 4.
Both are very different. One thing that I have found extremely helpful is a good word Expander program. When I used to train MTs when I worked outside my home, one rule of thumb was it the doctor says it twice, it goes into your word expander. I use Instant Text which is a little pricy, but it pays for itself in the long run. If I have to look up and medication or a specific work, it does into my word expander; I never have to type it again. Whatever expander you choose or buy, it is money well spent. Acute care is higher difficulty, but it can be done and a Word Expander can help you.
What other experiences have you had with clinic work.
I have worked for 3 local companies (including current)and this is how it is mostly done locally. The alternative was with no patient list and guessing at how the name is spelled because physician did not spell it. I do have all my addresses in a Word file, and if it used once it goes in there. For physician office accounts how do your experiences differ? The physicians are very resistent to investing in equipment on their end. It is difficult enough to get them to change from tapes to a digital recorder. I do agree that this system of doing things is awkward for the MT (me). I was just wondering what alternatives there are in dealing with clinic accounts, since is this is what constitutes the majority clients of companies I have worked for, and who I have worked for directly myself. I knew I was not making as much money as many of you. I guess this is one of the reasons.
anyone still work for hospital or clinic?
clinic to acute work
I so understand where you are coming from.  I did clinic work for 16+ years and could never break into the acute care but just recently someone gave me the chance.  I thought I would have a hard time but I have had no problem and made my line count within a week.  I am soooo grateful someone finally gave me the chance.  Keep trying! 
Clinic MT looking for part-time work
Clinic MT with 3+ years experience in family practice, internal medicine, ENT, and cardiology looking for part-time work.  Prefer to work in Word, 2000+ lines per week.
I know for certain that the gals doing clinic work for my co. are ALL y oung - below 30 and there
are hundreds of them!!!
As I was saying, I'd be slower on clinic work because docs
Docs doing OP notes have done procedures thousands of times and they fly.
all clinic work companies pay 6.5-8/line.
clinic work is way more than GERD and immunizations
you need to know all the lingo, from ENT to urology, plastic surgery, audiology, cardiology, orthopedic, endocrine, dermatology, you need to know it all, and they are all separate specialties with their own lingo; there is a lot to know with multispeciality clinic work.
Allergy/Asthma Clinic Work
I am hoping someone can give me some insight on Allergy/Asthma Clinic work.  How difficult is it and is it something that can be transitioned into easily?  I have the opportunity to pick up some work but I've not done any Allergy/Asthma Clinic work.  My experience has mostly been in Radiology/Ortho work but I have also done OB/GYN, Family Practice and ER reports.  Thanks!
What kind of clinic work are you needing help with??
I have a few specialties under my belt and could use an IC job as I quit my in-house job. I also have a C-phone. Thanks.
You disagree with a post saying clinic work different?
Basically I said the 4s are a lot different than clinic and harder. Was not telling her everyone made the numbers I do but just saying it took me a long time to get the terminology, etc. under my belt.
Do you do basic 4 for a hospital or clinic work?
I was contracted to do all clinic work, if someone else is typing it...
that's money out of my pocket.  Not too mention it is kind of irritating to waste the gas to deliver work when I all I have is like 10 notes to deliver because someone else typed the rest.  And if I don't deliver those 10 notes, then I'm going to hear about TAT!
Clinic work to acute care
You are on the right track but it's just that no one has given you the break. Most MTs start with clinic notes and then wait for a break into the Big 4 doing acute care. Don't get discouraged. Yes by all means, test away and you might just get lucky. Take any job you can doing acute care even if the pay and hours are bad just to get experience under your belt.

It's not easy making a go of it these days even with tons of experience. Ya gotta be a little clever and have a game plan. Look at it as a challenge and keep at it. Best of luck to you.
IC being asked to work OT weekends
I'm new to the IC business, always been a employee in the past.  Can a MTSO ask you as an IC to work overtime on the weekends if that was not what you signed up to do originally?  Do labor laws require an employer to pay overtime over 40 hours a week?  With the summer months and the other MTs obviously on vacation, we are backed up  at work but I don't want to work every weekend when I've put in a 40 hour week (my regular scheduled hours).  I have always volunteered but its getting old and since they cut our pay scale for ICs 6-7 months ago, I'm really not motivated to break my fingers as it were.  Does anyone know the legality issue of an IC being asked to work more hours?
I would work extra if it is not asked of me
too often. Would you rather they hire extra help and then there may not be enough work to go around?
That's the problem. I work for clinic in day... MTSO at night...
The doctors where I work love my work. They have no complaints and do come in from time to time, so why am I letting this MTSO thing get to me so?  I realize working in the office where I work, the scope of the transcription is not as vast as when I work for the MTSO at night, but it is still pretty intensive. I guess I'm just trying to do too much and I'm totally exhausted. Maybe time for a change, but just trying to make ends meet. Thanks again for your input!
Local clinic does it. There is a coordinator who distributes work to us
and deals with the blanks in reports, etc. I am not sure what she is paid but it seems she is content. This clinic had in-house MTs ten years ago and then sent everyone home to type. Now, they are over the internet. Radiology group in town does this too. They just hired someone from Georgia (we are in Calif) to type for them over the internet. I think they use PC AnyWhere. Clinic uses Citrix.
Clinic work or acute care question....sm
If you were offered a job by two different companies, the benefits were the same, line rate was the same, everything was the same except one was exclusively acute care and the other was clinic, which would you choose and why?  I have two offers and everything is even except for the type of work.  I would think clinic work you could get more lines, but then it is not as marketable later if I have to switch companies as staying acute care would be.  Any input? 
I have 3 jobs, 1 FT doing acute care, and 2 PT doing clinic work. sm
It can be a challenge juggling things, and I really do not have much of a social life, but for now it works.  It not only keeps the wolf away from the door but allows me to build up a little nest egg and save for a mega vacation I have planned in November to celebrate turning 50.  Having goals definitely helps me get through it all. 
I started on Acute care, then went to clinic work, - sm
and then back again. I found clinic work to be more challenging, plus it often included radiology. I think it's more a matter of just getting familiar with each institution's way of doing things, along with new doctors, and getting familiar with a few new terms (which don't we all do every single day, anyway?) than it is one being easier or harder than the other.
Well I don't know anything with all my years experience because I only transcribe clinic work ..
Other than that, I see quite a few replies to your original message so hmmm
After working 2 years, I average 220-250 lph for clinic work.
Has anyone asked for a raise lately? How do you go about it? Work for a national and have not
increase for five years.  Just pumped some gas and realize my cost of living is going up but my pay is stagnant.  How do you go about asking for a raise?
Volumes are high and we are asked to work
All MTs are asked to work a couple of hours
if they can to keep the clients covered. No one is "assigned" holidays. Normally, this takes care of everything.