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of the Main Board here??? huh? hmmm....nm

Posted By: excuse us? who died and left you boss on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: Nobody cares who the MVP is.. - ...


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And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
What is the Main Board for? All general topics seem to get moved to the new gab board.
You put them on the company board, not the main board. They are still there.
Main board is for MT topics. Non-MT goes to the Gab board! nm
this should be on the main board, because
I thought we could gather as MTs at the main board and discuss pets, TV, etc. if we wanted to. This was more a comment on the show rather than an attempt to open up a discussion about sex change anyway.

FWIW, I thought the show was funny last night. I did feel a little squeamish when Zachary was on, though. He seemed to come away with the impression that he was being discriminated against because of his look, or the way he? is, and didn't seem to understand that he can't sing. What's new, though. I think my favorite so far, though, has been the "I shot the sheriff" guy.
What is the main board for?

A week or so ago, I responded to a post from someone who was asking about Files To Go. My message was wiped from the board after a very short time. This morning in my email box was a digest from MT Stars by a person asking where her post went...she was asking about keyboard trays. I can't find either one of her messages on the board.

Why are our messages being deleted from the system?

Main Board

I'd like to thank the administrator for helping me with my question about the main board. Being new here, I looked around for "instructions" but must have overlooked them. It's nice to see the administrative message at the top of the main board explaining how to use it -- I took the word "main" litearlly, as others new to this board possibly have.

I do have a question. When I signed up at Yahoo-Groups , I signed up to receive daily digests, which are digests of the main board. Is there a way to receive digests of the boards listed on the left?

Main Board

Does the active topics selection at the top of the page show all active topics for each category at left or just certain ones?  Thanks.l

why are you posting on the main board ??
Again, the Main board is for anything that would not be a topic that should

be posted on any of the boards in the left column.  If your post is about equipment questions, then that should be posted on either the Equipment or Technical boards.  If a new MT has questions, posts should be made on the New MT board.  Questions about a particular company?  Post is on the Company board. 

We receive well over 5 million hits to this site per month.  If everything was posted on the Main board we would have a major problem on our hands.  That is why posts are deleted. 

Main Message Board
This is the main message board. If you notice, not much on this page is directly related to MT. This is where we go to talk about anything else non-MT related.
Thank you. I moved it to this Main board. (nm)
do a search on Main Board
Moved to main board for more to see...sm
We are not endorsing nor advertising this product. This post was on the New MT/Student board and is a nice discount for all of our MTStars posters, so I thought I'd bring it out for everyone to see.

Thank you Danny!
What EXACTLY are we ALLOWED to post on the MAIN board?
Just about every other post has been saying post this on this board or that board....well what goes here?
The main board is used to discuss many different topics. sm
There are many posts on this board that if you were to be really technical about it, should be put on the company board, word board, productivity board, religion board, etc., but they're allowed to stay here and be discussed. If you don't like this topic, then feel free to skip it. But it really isn't a political discussion per se, so it shouldn't have to be taken somewhere else.
I think y'all should have to stay on the main board.
That way we youngsters can read your posts and go, "Wow, we're sure lucky we didn't have to put up with all that bunk." Thanks for paving the way for us!
The Main board is fine for this subject. (SM)
Non-MT topics are fine here.

If you would like to take this up with the Administrator, you can e-mail her at admin@mtstars.com.


In other words - the main board should not even exist then.
do a search on OFFSHORING on Main Board
I asked on main board, don't know why I didn't
think to ask you all!  We are still all a team, right? I am going to return to transcribing, I was an MT for 20 years and QA for 10.  I figured out financially that I would have to transcribe 1500 lines per shift to make out OK.  Of course, if I got paid 12 and 13 cpl like the old days, the requirement would be less! But I'm figuring a 9 cpl start. I would have to do 1500 to keep afloat until I get moving up or transcribing faster.  Anyway, is 1500 lines of work easy to get on a steady basis around the average MTSO anymore?  I used to work 2 jobs for years long ago, and found it was easier that way. When one ran low, I jumped on other one, and always had work. That's my biggest fear, quitting my hourly job, going back to MTing, and then finding no work. I don't know if 1500 lines per shift is out of the ballpark to expect these days? I used to type a lot more than that, but I'm a bit more fidgety these days! What do you think? Sound possible as far as the MTSO's side? Or is my goal too high? I just don't want to end up homeless trying to break away from this company.
Main Board is for any topic. Don't start the flaming. NM
you're welcome; use Main board for general MT questions
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
Post word questions on the Word board NOT the Main board.
We had problems with the Main board and some posts were removed. You did not offend

I am aware of the religion board, just thought main one would be more active...thanks anyway. nm
To the service who posted a job ad on the Main board, the reason your post
was removed is because all job ads are to be posted on the Job Seeker's board. Any "well-deserving MT" knows to look at that forum for that "chance to work for an excellent company and make an excellent line rate". Feel free to post your ad there.

Thank you.
MT Week prizes are posted on the Main board. Watch for them and then
follow the directions to enter. If you see a post that has a winner announced beneath it, that prize is no longer available.
You realize you are posting this on the main board, right? Not everyone at this site works for MQ.

If that comes to pass with the hospital that I work for (my full-time job) I sure hope they switch us back to being paid by the hour, or better yet, I hope I will still have a job!
Hmmm, well
the fact that you have to continue to state over and over that you will be making so much money leads me to believe that you won't be making that much money. You must really not have a life if you are working all day to get all of your lines in and then you are on here all night, as well. Sorry for you. If you really seriously aren't no whining, which I doubt, I hope you too don't have children because you obviously are neglecting them as well.
Hmmm, where is your
husband? Better check, I think he is calling me from his cell phone because you are soooooo frigid.
Soo much for college... I thought that I was wasting my money. I spent 40,000 on that thing to get a job.
What I truly want:
1) My retired parents to have more income and be able to travel more;
2) My oldest son to learn happiness is a choice, not just the result of whatever life hands him;
3) My youngest son to keep the same motivation he has now and add a little more self-discipline to his direction;
4) My sisters and extended family to be satisfied and content with their lives and the energy to change whatever it takes to get there.
5) A photographic memory for myself. Hahaha

The list could go on but those are my top 5 and it is a rather personally indulgent list. Hahaha
I don't understand that either.  Odd.
I wonder if I might just be use to stiffer keyboards though.
Yeah, I don't know if I can agree with "just be glad it's video games" either. I tried to think of it that way for a long time, but it has just gone too far. Oh, I forgot to add that once he got off his computer so I could unhook the internet, he just sat there in his chair with a mad look on his face and watched me until I got off.

No, we have our own computers. We share the internet connection through a router though.

I really wouldn't mind if he played the game if it didn't cause so much problems in our household. He really needs to be a father to our children. I cannot work with our child screaming because she isn't getting any attention. He should really help out because I work about 14 hour or more days now.
I thought Katherine looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress; after all she is not a child and that was mild compared to how they dress in Hollywood! Maybe some people who are not big rock fans don't connect with Chris
but he is a way better singer than Taylor and Elliot, hands down...he aced that song and was amazing. I do like Elliot too but think it will be down to Chris and Katherine. Can't stand Paris or Taylor (gives me the creeps with those jerking movements)and glad Pickler is gone who had absolutely no talent and as the other poster said only lasted as long as she did because of the vote-for-the-worst website! All JMO. ; )
hmmm but if it were to get too
expensive for them wouldn't they just find editors who would be happy to do work for 2 or 3cpl? I just don't see how this would "flush" their profits.
Hmmm - then I don't like her either.
Oh well "So you think you can dance" starts Thursday.
no thankx
Hmmm, let's see!
Helping them with homework; my aunt did that with her daughter for years. Now she's in college and on her own and not doing all that great on her own. Waking your kid up personally; my mom did all my childhood life and to this day I have an extremely hard time getting up and am not real punctual and often late because of that. Paying kids for chores; teaching them that all good deeds deserve payment. I agree with Inquiring Minds 100%! To each his/her own though! :)
hmmm... this may be it!! Thanks!
That's odd. I think it only works if you have microsoft office, not just the basic. I can't remember though. It is a great system once you get it to work. :-)
The only rudeness I have read is from you. If you thought the first post was rude, you need thicker skin.

People, for the most part, are trying to be helpful. People also make mistakes so instead of jumping all over someone who did make a mistake AND apologized, why don't you get over it and move on?
I read through your entire post, which was very long, and it left me thinking a few things.

First of all you really should invest in seeing a doctor. Most hospitals will treat you, and bill you later. At which point in time, you can make payment arrangements. Get yourself taken care of. You sound like you are at your wits end. Well, when you hit rock bottom there's no where to go but up, right?

Then...get a job. A real job that pays you regularly. You don't have to work there for the rest of your life, but you do need to survive. Is it not possible for you to suffer through a regular job to pull yourself out of this misery? Heck...they might even offer you health insurance!

Another thing, I am about your same age, and I have no pity for people that don't want to help themselves. See, life is hard, really hard at times. No one said it would be easy did they? I work full-time nights at a 'regular job,' go to school, and have a family to take care of. There comes a time when you have to grow up and learn to take care of yourself. Sometimes that entails hard work and some suffering. There is no growing or maturing without a little strife. You can get through this. There is life beyond where you are. You have to want it, though. You can't just sit cooped up in your apartment investing your time in something that is obviously not working.

The answer for you is very simple and easy: If you don't like what you are doing and how you are living then *change* it. Start doing something different...or you'll keep getting the same results.


I am running into the exact same thing actually.  I won't get paid for MARCH'S work until mid May!  I am an IC and even at that I don't even submit an invoice.  The company pays me for what their client pays them for.  If you ask me, I very much prefer working for companies that pay right on time based on the exact invoice you submit. 

Hmmm, that's odd...
that's not at all what you said in your post above.

Perhaps if posts didn't start out as insulting or trying to get a rise out of people, there wouldn't be attacks. I guess I'm confused, but I don't understand what kind of helpful advice, motivation, positivity or friendliness you were looking for by a post saying why does everyone on here complain, makes me feel like suicide, find a new job, etc.

Maybe if you tried starting a positive thread, one that promotes friendliness or positivity, you'd get positive responses.
Hmmm .... look at it this way
If by saying 2 units of Pitocin, it is referring to it as a single dose, it would be WAS. Whereas, if it were referring to multiple doses, then it would be WERE.

Am I making sense? :)