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opinion on schools

Posted By: Debbie on 2007-10-20
In Reply to:

Hi, I am very new here and would just like the opion of those of you who are more experienced.  I am now taking the At Home Proffesions course but after reading this board and others I am thinking that was a waste of my money.  I am considing switching to a school recognized by AAMT.  Any opinions on this?  Thanks in advance.

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It's both the schools and co.'s fault. Schools are trying to kick em' out as soon as they
"graduate" and companies are very willing to hire anyone who says "they went to this school or that." I know. I've been there as a former instructor.

I truly believe that not everyone has what it takes to become a good MT. And I mean good. You absolutely cannot guess on anything - and I would stress this over and over to my students at all times. You have to know how to spell, and you have to have basic, or beyond basic, grammar knowledge.

My classes would normally start out at 15 to 17. And by the end of the first week it would go down to about 10. And then after that I would graduate around 8 or so. I would tell them straightforward that this job entails - the skills you must have to do this work - and I probably did turn a few of them away. But when they had it, and I knew they could do this work (I could usually tell by the first 5 papers they turned in) then I would encourage them over and over. I would call them, meet with them, and tell them to stick it out, and that I thought they had found their "spot" in life....That's what my MT instructor did for me many years ago and I am so grateful for her.

I know these gals and guys want to be at home with their young ones - hey, I do too! But as an editor also, I believe that some are just not cut out for this.

Also, I find acute care a lot less challenging than actual clinic work! I have been editing clinic work here lately and boy have I found that to be challenging. It is very, very specific. If they can do clinic work no problem, then they should train on acute care too.

Just my humble opinion.

Oh, as for VR. No, newbies cannot do that right now. You need people with editing background who know thousands upon thousands of words to edit VR. I don't think schools care about training them for VR - just graduate them with the basic knowledge and get a job doing clinic work! Yeah, if it were that easy!
k, that is your opinion, i stated mine. poor quality in my opinion shows bad work ethics if they do
best schools
What are the best online schools that will guarantee a job? Are there any under $2000? Thanks.
top 3 schools
I know this has been posted, but doggone if I can find in the archives.  Friend looking into MT training.  What are the top 3 schools?  Thanks Karen
Top 3 MT schools
I just read about this and they are on the www.aamt.org web site--they are:
M-Tec, Andrews & CareerStep.
Some schools
I graduated from M-Tec. I am constantly getting e-mails for job opportunities from them even 2 years later. Andrews is also good and there is a third one that is mentioned here a lot that I always forget the name of. With any of these schools, you should be able to get an entry-level job with a national company. Whether your local doctors/hospitals feel the same way is questionable. My locals weren't impressed with my online education.

Rates: Avg for newbs is 6 to 7 cpl. Take that times 1200 lines for an average wage. Double it for an upper estimate. Even for experienced transcriptionists, it is really topping out at 8-9 cpl max. And this rate will probably continue to go down in the coming years, just as difficulty of the dictation goes up. (The easy stuff really is going to EMR/VR and overseas.

Remember you will probably be an IC so will have to pay all your own taxes and equipment. Just because you are considered an independent contractor, don't expect to be treated like one by a transcription service. Most want you to log in and log out during certain specified hours of the day, and they might not be the best hours for you. Most will expect you work at least 1 weekend day every week as well and probably even holidays (don't expect a higher rate either).
Top 3 schools
I agree with you.  I wished I had known about the top 3 schools.  My husband and I decided to go with a non-accredited school that promised a job.  Well, there were problems in the very beginning.  After 15 months, I quit.  Now, because I did not go to an accredited school, it is very hard to find a job. 
If you go to either of these schools you will be prepared and you will be able to get a job when you finish:


Otherwise, you're right; getting that first job is a bear.

I am looking for a school that provides refresher courses for medical transcriptionists who have not worked at this type work for long periods of time.  I do not feel that someone who has done this type work in the past for several years and is still working in a hospital doing administrative or clerical work should need to take a complete course.  Replies will be appreciated.



Andrews or M-TEC. I do QA (and graduated from Andrews). I just finished editing a newbie's work who took a different course. Had I done work like that when at Andrews, they never would have let me graduate, let alone have given a recommendation. The work was terrible. Obviously this newbie had not had much in the way of ear training, let alone any basic grammar. I could handle mistakes if it was a matter of simple style issues, i.e., learning specifics for an account, but mistaking "cranial" for "perineal" just did it for me. Sorry for the vent, but if you're going to spend big bucks, make sure you can do the job when you're done. JMHO.
I need help deciding which MT school to use?  I am debating Career Step, Mtecinc and Andrews?  I want to be sure I make the right decision. 
Schools and such...sm
OTJ training seems to be very rare these days, as I found out when researching this field.  A school with an excellent reputation is a must for a newbie wanting to work right away--Andrews School and M-Tec are the top 2 that national employers recognize.  Look around here on the New MT/Student board for some of the questions about those schools.  All I can say is make sure she does her research extremely well before starting on this path; talk to the directors at the above schools; ask a lot of questions--it will save a lot of frustration and money in the end.  Good luck!
Top schools, etc...sm
The top 2 schools that potential national at-home employers will recognize are Andrews School and M-TEC. It was a difficult choice between the 2, but I went with M-TEC. I believe that both have payment plans, and I was able to get a Sallie Mae (SLM) loan for M-TEC. Talk to all the schools that make your short list. They can give you an idea about the job market, their placement rates after graduation, average length of coursework, and any other questions you can think of. Don't be afraid to pester them! :)
Best Schools
If you want solid training with companies standing in line to hire you after completion, then check out Andrews School and M-TEC. Both have a solid, well-rounded education and will open doors to companies that generally require 2 years of experience. There are many good companies and smaller MTSOs who will hire these new grads. You will take your chances going anywhere else. Do your research of all schools to find the right one for you, but in my opinion, you won't find any better than those 2 schools. An expensive school isn't so expensive if you can get a job right away and have the tools necessary to do the job.
Like you said, the school has a vested interest in telling her a lie. After hearing the truth from you, she must take a considerable amount of the responsibility for her decision to ignore your advise.
transcription schools


I just graduated from M-TEC and was extremely happy with the course-I took the Premier Course which is tougher but will help you when you go to look for work. Their website is www.mtecinc.com and it should answer any questions you have. I have also heard good things about Andrews and Career Step. These three schools partner with companies making it a little easier when the time comes to apply for jobs. There was a good article in choosing a school in the HPI online journal. Let me know if you want more info. And yes, I think you really do need to invest the money in a good school or else it's a waste of time. As far as how much money you can make, I haven't started working yet!

Good luck.



Need advice on schools
Hi - I am currently a chemist interested in becoming an MT and working from home.  What online schools would you recommend and which ones should be avoided at all costs?  I would hate to waste time on a course not worth its salt.  Thanks!
Not allowed at our schools either. sm

You can volunteer and go in and do reading with the kids, etc., but all visitors need to check in with the office and any "in class" volunteering needs to be approved by the teacher and the principal.

I have found this a good thing in light of the world changing.  Fathers have shown up in the past to get their child when a protection order had been filed and they were not allowed to have unsupervised visitation. Of course the mom would forget to inform the school and the kids would always run to daddy.

I have one child left in the elementary school, my older two have graduated and one will be a freshman in high school starting day after tomorrow. (Yay! can't wait to see that bus! :)) I have seen a lot of changes, both with parents and with policies.  The staff at the elementary school know me by name, but I would never dream of picking up my child without checking with the office first.  Every time I check in, the office staff says, "Oh hi!  Go on up to the classroom."  I still check in after 18 years. 

These parents that interfere should be told to sign up for when volunteer help is needed in the classroom or other areas of the school. And only then.  They need to stay out of it.  If they're so worried about "little Bobby" and have so much time on their hands, they should home school and leave the teachers to do what they do best. I've been through 25 elementary school teachers and only had a problem with one who was finally fired. 

I think in most USA public schools....nm
What MT schools can you recommend?

I am about to see my voc rehab counselor.  I have some information about schools for MT, but would like some input.

What schools would you recommend?  I would like to hear from people who have worked as MT's for more than 5 years and are successful and satisfied with their work.


MT schools questions. (m)

What are your thoughts on them? I have a friend who just started Career Step and says they have 98% placement in at-home positions upon completing the course.  Does anyone have expeirence w/them or know if this is true?  I've never had a client ask about my education, only my experience.  This is why I ask about the validity and usefulness of the courses.  I appreciate any thoughts!

Recommendations on schools
I am looking at the online schools and am getting overwhelmed. Can anyone tell me your thoughts on the best schools for training and support? I have looked at VLC, Career Steps, Allied, MTec, and Andrews plus a few others, one offered by IHA as well.  They all seem ok......some offer more actual transcribing hours, not as much text material, tuitions vary vastly, and they all seem to follow the recommended critera.
There are a few good schools. sm
My top vote would be for the MT Advantage advanced program. There are only a couple other schools that even come close.
Med Trans Schools?
Hello!  Hoping that someone may be able to provide some guidance.  I am looking at starting school in about 1 month, but trying to determine if distance or class room learning would be best.  And how difficult is it to get started in the field?  Any assistance that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Med Trans Schools?
I did distance learning through a community college for all of my courses, it was the only way I could even go to college with a job and family to tend to. I got just as good an education as some one who sat in class three times a week. However, you must be self disiplined to be able to set aside your own time to work and study. You also have to have a Proctor site, somewhere to go take test. You local community college should be where you go through for that. I also heard some libraries and schools participate too.
Online Schools
How can you knock what you don't know? How do you know that Andrews and M-Tec aren't graduating qualified MTs? No one said that a graduate knows everything straight out of the gate. I'll bet the grads from the vo-tech school didn't either. But, Andrew and M-TEC teach how to research (major plus!), fine tune grammar that should have already been learned, and teach how to take constructive criticism with a positive attitude-all in order to teach how not to make the same mistake over and over. As an Andrews grad (and current Editor for a mid-sized MTSO), I have seen grads from the other schools, and they require a huge amount of "schooling" on the job as compared to the top 2 schools. JMO.

transcription schools
I was manager for hospital transcription department and our absolute best MT's were "home grown" - they came out of any and every transcription course very inexpert and worked with experienced, seasoned hospital transcriptionists. They did three months as unpaid interns and then the best were hired on at bottom of the wage scale. I told them in two years they could work on their own from home.
Do the MT schools lie to their students?

On another unrelated board someone asked about medical transcription.  I mentioned that pay goes down instead of up because of offshoring reports and isn't the most secure job.  She came back and said she asked her teacher about offshoring and she said:  "They used to do that but they are sending it back to us now because what the clinics would have to do, is hire someone to edit them and then redo them so it wasn't working out.  They talk about it at every advisory board meeting apparently."  Hmmmm, okay.   


Just wondering.

MT schools and expectations. sm
What do you say to people who believe the hype the MT schools push?  I'm having an exchange on another board with someone who absolutely believes that after a 4-month course she will immediately be making $60,000 a year while working at home with 5 kids one of whom is a special needs child.  I tried to tell her to be realistic, but she won't listen.  She basically insinuates I don't know what I'm talking about even though I've been in the field for 30+ years.  I have nothing to gain by telling her the truth, however, the schools have a lot to gain by propagating these unrealistic expectations.  What do you tell someone like this?    I really have my doubts this person will even make it through the course even after paying $2500.
Online schools....
Well, I don't know about any online for LPN or RN, but if you Google your state and BSN/MSN, you should pull up quite a few. I actually found a few within 30 minutes of me that have the BSN and MSN programs online. Not all MSN programs will be online because if you specialize, you will have clinicals.
Scam schools

I am posting this in the hopes of locating other students/grads who attended the same school in Wisconsin that I did. Thank you for your help.

you said it! The schools just turned sm
into a money making scheme all their own. It does take 10-15 years and then you find out you are barely experienced. Some of the "newbies" here if not most of them will not work the years it takes to find that out because they really don't want to be in this business anyway. It was just an easy work at home job to some (not all) of them.

When I think about it, I blame some of the large MT companies, especially MQ for some of this. They hired these people right out of school, they have worked several years but not gotten the experience they need. They really are not "experienced" but they think they are and that is sad.

I wish MT would ALL go back in house and these companies were just to pick up the slack in the hospitals and not take over their accounts totally. That way MTs could get their experience before they ever venture out into the MT working at home thing.

I started at 23.
You mean MTACC don't you? MTEC is one of the best schools out there.
MTACC is very different story and one to stay as far away from as possible.
can't pronouce words -- why don't these schools


proximal atrial fib -- meaning paroxysmal AF

ortho-knee-a -- meaning orthopnea

al-faze-ian -- meaning Alphagan  or how do ya like:

e. freakum -- meaning E. faecium or

intraseptal -- meaning interictal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PAs are the worst -- but some MDs just as ignorant....makes me crazy!!  How come some of them graduated is beyond me.

Yeppers, hit our schools today!
No word on how many, but they were being flown into CR as of Tuesday, sure that is just the start of it.
Ck the New MT/Student board for schools. nm
You don't need to check out those schools. I am a certified
medical assistant who fell into transcription after only 5 years of doing clinical work.  I started doing transcription at home for the same physicians I was working for as an MA.  I had the ability to type fast and obviously the knowledge and terminology because of my experience as an MA.  After that, I had no trouble whatsoever finding a position with a national.  I have since had NO problems AT ALL finding positions without going to a school to learn how to be an MT because of my experience in the field as a medical assistant and the ability to type.  If you have 30 years of nursing experience and can type, I would think you shouldn't have a problem finding a position if I didn't. 
Are there really schools out there for medical transcription
that mentor you and help you find a job when you complete their course?  I don't want to pay the money that these places charge without knowing that in the end I will have a job.  Do any of them have internships where they place you with a company?  I need accurate info as I don't have money to throw away and want an MT career.  Thanks.
There are schools that teach you the business in about...
6 or 8 weeks, not quite sure.  But the idea of expressing anal glands on the dog just sickens me.  I love dogs, but I couldn't do that nasty little detail.  no way, no how.
The schools are pushing it BIG TIME, and of
I am using public and private schools
My two youngest are in the local public elementary school, and I've had no problems with it. In fact, it's a terrific school, but I have a feeling it's probably much better than the average public school.

My eldest, who's in high school, goes to a private creative arts boarding school because I feel the local public high school doesn't give the kids enough one-on-one attention and doesn't offer as many educational opportunities as my son's school. Also, he is big into music and drama, and our local school has a weak creative arts department.
I'm sure they all are great schools, but I chose CS.
I am also working right now typing acute care.  I was hired before I graduated, so now I'm trying to finish the course in my spare time.  Andrews and M-Tec are great schools, I am sure, and any school you choose would be a good choice.  Good luck!    
The big 3 are the first three AAMT approved schools. SM
These are: M-TEC, Andrews and Career Step (in chronological order of approval). Your daughter will not go wrong with any of the 3. I suggest that she visit the schools' website. She can register and post questions at both the Career Step and M-Tec forums, but the Andrews forum is for its students only.
Gotta go to the AAMT schools...

I do agree that you should go to one of the AAMT approved, more well known schools. I get sort of perturbed when everyone talks about how the other schools are crap. Some are, some aren't. I went to my local community college, and the training I received was excellent. I could pass tests left and right. However, it took me 5 months to find a job because I was totally on my own. The only help I got from my school was a "Good Luck" email. I should have done more research, and I probably would have chosen Andrews or M-Tec because of the name recognition that they carry with potential employers.

Your exactly correct, schools are teaching (sm)
My 8th grader has to do 1 space after periods in all typed reports for school, that is what they teach for formatting typed documents now.

Also, I am in nursing school and we follow APA format, which also specifies 1 space after a period.

2 is definitely not the way things will be soon, so hold onto it if you can for now.

I still do 2 spaces for work because I get paid for spaces and those spaces do add up to $$.
Academically, the schools here are graded
very well and my kids are doing very well. It's a small town, very little crime but lots of gossiping.

The apathetic attitude of the school board and super when it comes to things like this is the biggest problem. I guess, when you look at it at that way, it's not a bad school.

What I do think is the board and super's office needs new blood! Through the "gossiping" I have heard a lot of grumbling about the board lately so I think those sitting in the positions wont be there much longer.
I am not 'certified', but got better OJT than most schools give
and don't see that it matters. My mentor trained me for 3 months, literally right by my side, then for 2 YEARS I did not turn in work unless she proofread it. My formal training consists of a high school terminology class 20 years ago and a continuing ed class at the CC - 8 weeks of terminology and transcription that I took late in the 2-year period my mentor had me work for her. After working as an MT for eight years, I feel I've 'paid my dues' same as any other, and can hold my own with the best. Quality training does not have to come from a college, and a piece of paper does not make an MT an MT. Hard work, willingness to learn and excel, and pride in one's work does.
Formerly International Correspondence Schools...sm
...which did not have a stellar reputation.

The College is "accredited" by the Distance Education and Training Council, which is recognized as an accrediting agency by the US Dept of Education but NOT by many traditional colleges and universities.

Note that their high school is accredited by something called the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools, which people often confuse with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

If you're planning on a program that will involve either licensing or transfer to a "traditional" school, graduate work, etc., you should check with the licensing agency in your state or the school you would be transferring to in order to be sure that the Penn Foster credential or degree will be acceptable.
Any For Real Good MT Schools in Houston?

I'm looking for a real good MT school or some sort of MT on the job training or willing to train a person to work out of home. Have been LVN since 1984 but now disable, need something to do out of home. Please reply, disability not enough income. Thanks!


I can't find the old thread on schools that mentor into a job
can anyone help me?
Check out the Schools board at this website.
Excellent on-line schools include M-Tec, Andrews, and CareerStep, and you'll find the Schools board right under the Medquist board.