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Posted By: sm on 2006-02-12
In Reply to: Will Olympus foot pedal work with Express Scribe? TIA - tired of buying new pedals nm

I don't think Olympus will, but my Infinity 9-pin works with it.

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This would be just a "regular" 3-pedal pedal and not the Dictaphone pedal. nm
You can buy just the Start/Stop software w/o the pedal if you're able to use your pedal as a VEC
Bringing up ExpressScribe pedal question again. Does anyone have 9-pin Infinity pedal on a USB?


Is there ONE pedal I can buy that will work with ALL platforms? And where do I shop for a pedal?
A wave pedal is a foot pedal that connects to either
serial port, game port, or USB depending on the software needed with it.   You have to download the work via the internet and most companies still require high-speed internet, though some allow dial-up or satellite.   A pedal costs about $70, though can find on e-bay cheaper.  You can download ExpressScribe for free to use with the foot pedal unless the company requires a different software program. 
wav pedal is a foot pedal that plugs into your

computer so you can transcribe wav files.  There are many other formats such as DSS, but they are all digital voice files. 

I don't think brand of foot pedal is important, but need to know if it is game port, serial port, or USB and how many pins it has.   The majority of them are made by Infinity in some foreign country, but sold by many companies. 


WAV pedal vs. USB port foot pedal

PLEASE HELP! Are wav pedals and USB port foot pedals one in the same?  I've only transcribed from audio tapes, and all this is new to me.  Thank you for your help.

A wav pedal is just a generic term for a pedal used to

play voice files  you have on your computer.   You can get them on the equipment board here, e-bay, or you can Google and get lots of other places.  Some pedals are fairly generic and can play multiple "wav" types, but some only work with certain software.  You can have a serial port connection, a game port connection, or a USB connection.

If you do not already have a job that you need a pedal for I'd suggest waiting because you don't know which kind you will use.  If you need it for testing you can download ExpressScribe for free and use the function keys to test. 

I also have a USB foot pedal. Do most companies use the USB pedal or SM

will I need a 9-pin or a 15-pin.  Also, which transcription software for playing back audio files is the best?  I've used one that was a fee download, I think it was called Bytescribe or somethingl ike that.  Does that work for most all files or should I look into purchasing something like Start/Stop or GearPlayer?

Oh and does anyone know where I can get Microsoft Word or Office Suite for a reasonable (I'd say cheap, but cheap usually means bootleg) price? 

Sorry to ask so many questions, but it's been a while since I've worked for a national.  Before the hopsital job I'm being laid off from, I worked in the office at a hospital.  So I've been out of the loop so to speak.

Thanks guys.

Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input! 
INCRE pedal vs. wav pedal
anyone know if express scribe works with the INCRE pedal? I have an infinity pedal which I use for current job, but a possible second job says I need the INCRE, so I am wondering if my current job can be supported with this new pedal.  Any info appreciated
Is it the same pedal that MQ uses for DQS? If so
I have an extra.  Not sure if they're the same though.
I am slowly weaning my clients off tapes to digit, has anyone used the Gear Player pedal and is it compatible with most digital files.  I am going to be advertising for more digital accounts and so don't want to buy one that just works with Olympus, Sony, etc.  Have a friend who uses the Gear Player and loves it but would appreciate more info if anyone has it.   Thanks   Patti
WAV pedal
I have a brand new WAV pedal still in box that I just needed to take a test on for a certain company. I am looking to sell it, cheap. I used it for approximately 1 hour to transcribe 5 test exams. Let me know if you are interested.
Wav Pedal
I have an Infinity wav pedal and it has worked with multiple applications. DocQscribe, EMDAT, Express Scribe. As a matter of fact I have this 1 pedal for all 3 programs. It knows which program I have open and works. Anyway, very happy with Infinity and the price was under $100!!
wav pedal
Don't feel bad; I'm even DUMBER!! What is a wav pedal? I have used a C-phone with a pedal, and I am currently using a "dictation platform" or something to that affect (I don't understand some of the terminology when it comes to dictation equipment). So I would be interested in the answer to this question too.
I have the pedal
What else do I need?  He has finally sent me some files, but they're playing just like a regular audio file when I open them.  Geesh!  He has me so upset at this point.  I use a WAV files with another doc and we have none of these problems.  I download his files, push the foot pedal and transcribe, but the doc with his new toy is sending files nothing even remotely similar to those files. 
WAV pedal

I am curious about this Express SCribe you are all talking about.  My doctor asked me to check out WAV pedal so we can go tapeless so that is the program etc we are looking at through Medword.com.  My cost is $190 for pedal and software.  Is there a better and cheaper way of doing this?   Another question, I am not understanding how to post questions on these boards/website.  Can someone tell me how to do it?  TIA

You can get a pedal for under $70.00
WAV pedal
My doctor wanted to go online, so we researched WAV pedal. He bought it off ebay and sent me what I load onto my computer. I was fortunate to have someone that comes to visit periodically that new how to set things up for me.  However, I know nothing about what happens on his end.  Can someone tell me if he too has a special program to load on his computer or does he just get some type of recorder with memory card and put that card into his computer (like a digital camera, I assume - don't have one of those either), and then sends it to me by e-mail.  I do not have high speed, just regular dial up.  It takes time to download, but comes across sharp and clear. When I am done, I simply e-mail it back to him.  However, I have mentioned a couple of times about an encryption program, and he has ignored my questions about it, so am assuming he does not want to mess with it.  I understand they can be very confusing.  Any info on this, let me know as I would like to add another client, but don't know how it all works so that I can do that. 
WAV pedal know how


I just got the WAV pedal and cannot figure how to work it.  I got it hooked up right, just can't get it to play. The company wants me to pay for tech support.  I'm not ignorant,  I work presently for a doctor and soon to work for a company online, so I hope I get the info I need too.


Good luck,



wav pedal (sm)
i ended up purchasing the olympus wav pedal for $40.00 off transcriptiongear.com. no software to load. had a USB plug which was easy to just plug in and go. works great.
I use an IN-DB9 but it isn't a USB, is that what you have with a USB?  Where did you get it?  I would LOVE to use my laptop instead of my other PC.
wav pedal
Does anyone know where I can purchase a wav pedal? Also, what is the difference between that and a regular pedal?
USB pedal

I use my S/S 9-pin serial pedal with my laptop.  The USB cable I bought came from Radio Shack and had its own driver I had to install.

After installing the driver for the cable, you can plug in the foot pedal.  You will need to go in to S/S under tools and change the COM port to 6, I believe.  It could be COM 7....I cannot remember.

wav pedal

I am in the process of buying a wav pedal. Do you have to purchase software to go with the pedal?  I want to test with a company that requires a wav pedal and when I asked which type their response was any type of wav pedal.

I have an infinity USB port as well. Works for me. There are some company softwares that will only work with pins but it depends on which type. If it was me I would definitely go USB.
Does your pedal have
a place to hook your keyboard to it. I was under the impression that the Emdat pedals hooked to the computer and the keyboard hooked to the pedal. Maybe that is just the PS/2 models and the USB are just plug and play??? I am so confused!

I am going to call about the pedal in the morning and see what they say. I will email you if they say I can get a USB, as I may want to purchase yours.
wav pedal

I changed to a new computer and downloaded by wav pedal but it is not working.  i do believe i must have to change some settings but how?  Any ideas??

Wav pedal
Try add/delete hardware to make sure your computer is recognizing the pedal.

Click on icon, may be a a right click, for settings and options - I am just working from memory, but the pedal software will include a place to set which side of the pedal makes it reverse, fast forward, etc. Once you get into here, if the pedal has been added and recognized by your computer, you can tweak how it's working.

Finally, if it is not a new pedal, or the cord was all twisted tightly in the package, gently move the cord that connects the pedal to the computer - gently check it where it enters/exits the foot pedal itself - to see if it might have been bent - this has happened to me.
Wav Pedal
I just upgraded to Vista.  I had to upgrade my Bytescribe Wav pedal as well.  Needed the latest software version. 
Did you buy this used? Maybe it's not the pedal
You will probably need to buy a USB pedal.


Regarding the pedal, I had to purchase one recently and found a good deal on a refurbished one here:


Look at the bottom of the page on that website.

Now, there is also an adapter that is necessary.  Here is another link that includes foot pedals as well as adapters:



USB pedal
I believe the pedal I'm using now is a USB Infinity pedal. Will this work in Express Scribe with the 4.91 InScribe?
Infinity pedals usually work most places. Mine has worked with everything except Dictaphone platform. You should not need software just a USB pedal unless the company specifies a different kind. I just plug the headphones to the speakers. Good luck!
I have an infinity but on the wizard it says there is a switch on the bottom, so that you can program it, but I don't see one. Any idea where it is?
Seems like a software issue, so it doesn't sound like there's anything you can do on your own.
Pedal Might Be Going Bad?


I've had a Bytescribe pedal for about seven years now.  I think it might be "going bad."  I have two questions.  Has anyone experienced your pedal taking a few seconds to play after you've pressed play, like a lag?  It also seems to go back further than I have it set for rewind when I take my foot off.  These are new happenings with this pedal, so I'm wondering if this is a sign that it might be time to get a new one. 

Next question is can I use Express Scribe with this pedal that I have now, and does any have any opinions on Express Scribe?  If I do have to buy another pedal, I don't have to buy a specific pedal as long as I have the correct software to play the files, is this right?  There are so many software and pedal options out there, and money is tight, so I don't want to leap on something and it not be what I need.  I also don't want my pedal to break down in the middle of working.

Thank you in advance!

What is the best foot pedal?
What is the best foot pedal to have?  Which one is the easiest to set up and use and can be used with different files?  I already bought one but can not get it set up to be able to use.  Bought from Expresscribe to use with their program and have had no help.  Brought in a computer guy.  No help.  So I am stuck with this pedal and can't use it.  I am now looking to buy another one.  Any recommendations?
It is a USB port pedal.  It wasn't so much as they would not help me, I got aggravated waiting 2-3 days in between e-mails and trying things that did not work.  It has something to do with no driver.  So now I am looking for a universal foot pedal to make it easier for me to find a secondary account. 
Help getting wav pedal to work

I ordered a new Olympus RS25 pedal off of ebay, but am not sure how to get it to work with the express scribe program.  Please help if you have any clue.

The pedal did not come with any software and the lady said it should automatically work with Express scribe, maybe I am not doing something right



What kind of pedal is it?
USB or 15-pin?  If it's 15 pin, you'll probably have to set it up.  If not, you might try going to the Express Scribe website to see if there's a patch to play the certain file you're trying to play.  They'll probably have technical information regarding Olympus footpedals there as well.
Me too! Only wish I could work the pedal with my
Big fuzzy bunny slippers.
new to mt - need a spellchecker and wav pedal

i've heard spellex is good. anyone have any experience with this program. all my friends seem to love it.

i also need a good wav pedal. used is fine.

tia all!

foot pedal
I have a converter I bought from Radio Shack - I have one that converts USB to 9 pin and another one that converts 9 pin to USB
Infinity wav pedal
The Infinity wav pedal comes in three configurations, IN-USB-1, IN-BMG (15 pin) & IN-DB9 (9pin).

What wav player program are you using, Express Scribe?

Have you upgraded your operating system?

800 561 8106
New WAV Pedal for sale
I have a new GearPlayer PC Wave Player with USB foot control and all software for sale.  Got it from TranscriptionGear.Com.  Virtually brand new, still with box with all paperwork.  Used 1 hour to take a 5 exam test for a company I work for.  Was was 199.95, sell for 150.00.
Pedal question

With the Word window active, will the pedal control the sound file program, i.e., ExpressScribe?  If I'm listening to a file in ExpressScribe and typing in Word, will the pedal control the sound file without switching windows? 

Foot pedal
I am working for a company, renting a computer and foot pedal. I discovered I could use my own computer so want to send their equipment back. Their foot pedal is a 15 pin pedal. I have a 15 pin pedal of my own, looks identical to theirs. When I plug my foot pedal into the game port on their computer it does not work. I need to know what I need to do to my own foot pedal to make it work on the game  port on my own computer. I am so technologically challenged. Does anyone know what I need to do?
Foot Pedal
If you are using express scribe then change the port option inside change the port options. If you are using game port then click on the game port options inside. Hopefully it will work.