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radiology transcription

Posted By: Janet on 2005-12-24
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Hi all - I am new to this board and am a radiology/cardiology Transcriptionist that would like to find a work from home job with benefits. I currently work in a clinic setting, and prior to that worked in an acute care hospital setting. I have been reading the job seekers and company boards and am so confused as to who is a good radiology company to work for and who is not. Can anyone tell me a place that they like to work for? I would love to hear some positive feedback on good companies if anyone is willing to share. You can also email me if you would like. Thank you very much.

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Radiology transcription, what type of reports are considered radiology
I have lot of experience with everything and I would like to know what exactly is considered radiology so I know if I qualify for that type of work?  I've had many types that I think qualify for radiology.
Radiology transcription

There is an advertisement in my local paper for an inhouse transcriptionist, radiology experience preferred.  I have about 6 years experience with family practice, also physical therapy, but very little radiology experience.  Is this a difficult speciality to learn?  Would I be wasting my time to apply?


Radiology Transcription
It is not a really difficult specialty to learn, but like anything else it does take time and experience to do it well.  You probably have a decent background for trying it, but I wouldn't do it unless you are paid by the hour, at least for the first year or two.  I have done radiology transcription for 15 years and love it, but another consideration is that it is usually one of the first specialties that is done by voice recognition technology, which limits the number of transcriptionists/editors needed.  It looks like in the very near future radiology transcription will be best done by those already quite experienced with it...just a few things to think about. 
radiology transcription
I have been doing radiology transcription for 19 years now and have radiology clients of my own - who do not intend to go with the voice recognition - some facilities do, will and have, but there are many radiologists who REFUSE to use the system.
How does one get into radiology transcription?
I've heard that it pays quite well.  Is that true?  Is there a crash or online course I can take to learn?  Is it terribly difficult to learn?  Also, if companies won't hire inexperienced rad MTs, how do you get the experience?
Radiology transcription

I have been an MT for 6 years doing only medical record transcription.  I would like some feedback from individuals who currently do radiology transcription.  Would it be difficult for me to learn if I've only done acute care?  I see that many comment on this board reflect that a lot of people prefer radiology. What is it that you like about it? Is it easier than acute care?

Also, what is a good internet site to get sample reports?

I have been doing radiology for 11 years. In my opinion, radiology is very easy to learn if you remember that they ususually repeat in the impression what they say in the body of the report, so you have a couple of chances to catch something if you are not sure. Radiology is like any modality, might be difficult at first cause the rads have their own lingo, but once you get it, it is very easy. Good luck to you!
radiology transcription?

Does this high income also pertain to radiology?

Radiology transcription??
I don't see any other board to put this on.  Hopefully this is the correct board.  I have a question for radiology transcriptionists.  I began transcription exclusively doing radiology and did it for 3 years, but that was almost 12 years ago.  I have been doing acute care since then.  My question is this.  Has radiology changed much and do you think it would be possible for me to go back to doing radiology?  I really enjoyed it a lot and hope the termininology hasn't changed too much in the last few years.  Also, from what I am hearing it seems to pay a little better than acute care.  Any comments and information will be greatly appreciated!  
Radiology transcription
It does not allow as much flexibility as some other specialties - unless it is a huge hospital or group. I find it boring, but that is just me.
Radiology Transcription
If they offer per page, be aware of their font and margins. Ariel 10, 0.5" margins, will not pay you much per page. Tell them you will count your lines in Courier 12, 1" margins regardless of their font/margins. Only fair per page if short chest/extremity x-ray reports where you do not get any line count and make MORE per page, not LESS.

10-12 cpl 65 character line for MRIs, CTs, PETs.

Gross lines = Courier 12 font, 1 " margins. Don't let them quote you gross lines and then give you Arial 10, 0.5" margins. You will loose money.

These are ways you will be cheated by the services.
Radiology Transcription
I currently work for a hospital in NYC area. I have 30 years radiology transcription experience. I have experience in all modalities of radiology and also other areas such as cardiology, nuclear medicine etc. I am currently looking for a part time position at home, and I would be willing to be paid per line. On most occasions, I charge by the page. Please email me if interested. Thanks
radiology transcription

I have an interview tomorrow with a local hospital for a radiology position that is in-house.  They outsource all of their other transcription.  The job was advertised as per diem.  I have about 10 years acute care experience, as well as some clinic work.  I have done a bit of cardiology, but not really any radiology.  Trying to get an idea if this is an easy transition, what to expect from per diem, any specific good questions to ask?  Thank you so much for any input! 

radiology transcription

Hi there:  I made the transition from Clinic to Radiology and loved it.  Have been typing radiology for 8 years now.  I wouldn't change it for the world.  Good luck.

Radiology transcription
If you don't mind I ask, who did you test for?  Where I am currently working, they will be Laying off in approximately 1 month.  (going to voice recognition).  I am looking for another job in Radiology or Pathology but need benefits. 
Radiology transcription for me
I dont know of any other field I could make the amount of money in a year that I make. I have tried acute care and clinic notes and find radiology the easiest. I rarely have to look up words.

I make over $80,000 a year working 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day and I dont think I could do that in any other type of transcription. I have several accounts that vary in pay range. I get .10/line on one account and 1.09/report for a VR account and two different accounts that pay by the report at $1.48 and 1.75 with the majority of the reports being x-rays.
there is a radiology transcription company in NY - but you
have to live in NY or NJ or even into CT or PA to work for them. But it has to be close to NYC.
PeachTree Radiology Transcription
I would like some information regarding Peachtree Transcription Associates that is based in metro Atlanta, Georgia.
Would someone who does radiology transcription be willing to answer--sm
a few questions for me and share some of their favorite web sites for research?  Thanks
Sourcerad for radiology transcription


  Just wondering if anyone out there has used this system for transcribing radiology reports and if you could tell me about it, such as ease of use, likes dislikes, line counts, etc.


No more radiology transcription at my hospital
The medical center I worked for did away with radiology transcriptionists a few years back. They came up with "canned" reports and VR and have ZERO radiology transcriptionists. They also cut back on their xray lab/medical record clerks by installing a PAC (sp?) system as well.
Question for radiology transcription
I have done orthopedic transcription for about 4 years now and was wanting to give radiology transcription a try. There is currently a position open at a local hospital for a a radiology transcriptionist. What references do any of you suggest I get to help me. TIA
Radiology Transcription Question

Hi. I've got an interview tomorrow for a radiology transcription position. I've been doing psychiatric, psychology, and some general medicine for the past 7 years. Anyone have any suggestions about what I should ask in the interview and how I can brush up speedily in this field if I'm tested on the spot. Any suggestions, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



$2.75 report good for radiology transcription?
Wondering if that is a good rate.  Thanks.
Acute care/radiology transcription
I have asked this question before but have never really gotten a response.  On one account (hospital), I type their basic 4 and all their radiology.  I get paid the same rate for both.  Radiology is about 1/3 or more of the work I do for this hospital.  Should I ask for more for radiology?  It just seems like from what I read here, if I got paid what some of you are saying you get paid for radiology, I would get paid about three times what I am currently getting for radiology.
Radiology Transcription vs Speech Recognition
I have been doing radiology transcription now for 20 years. They say Radiology is usually the first speciality to go over the speech recognition usually - as it tends to be repetitious with usually a lot of "normals". Even with that said, most companies that do have radiology transcription are paying "by the report" these days, with most of the normals going to an automatic transcription system of some sort and the long reports (MRIs, CTs, Nuclear Medicine, invasive studies, etc.) still going to the transcriptionists. I have heard it said that it "averages out", but I'd be leary about signing up for say 96 cents to 1.35 (that seems to be about the range) to transcribe a report - no matter what the length these days, because it seems like there are no guarantees that the normals and shorter reports will still be going to the Transcriptionist and not to SpeechQ, inhouse, or speech recognition programs. I'd say check it out well before you "jump ship". The grass sometimes just looks greener on the other side. Only my 2 cents... Best of luck - whatever you decide to do.
... Lady
Types of reports in radiology transcription
Can someone tell me the types of reports there are in radiology transcription.  I've transcribed for years and have experience transcribing so many things and I think I've got enough experience to transcribe radiology but not positive exactly what comes through to radiology transcriptions as I've always been considered acute care.  Just curious about the types that come through to radiology.
Radiology transcription/Dragon Natually Speaking
If there are any radiology transcriptionists out there that are successfully using Dragon Naturally Speaking would you please share which version you are using?  Thanks a bunch!
Local radiology company, not transcription company
who has only 5 transcriptionists and are not hiring at this moment. We all work at home and get great benefits, no insurance out of pocket and 22 days paid vacation in the first year, after that it goes up. I feel very fortunate to have found them, but again I chose them because they did not do production, so now that they are, I'm a little disappointed.
Agree, verbatim transcription equals poor quality transcription.
Know AIM transcription system, never heard of Hull transcription. Are you sure
you are not thinking about DHull who is a recruiter for MDI-FL?  They use the AIM system. 

I used to type radiology in-house for patients in nursing homes.  After I typed the report, I would fax them to the nursing homes and they would put that report in the patient's chart.  Then I would send original report to doc to get signature.  After those are signed, they are mailed out to the nursing homes.  I am not really too sure why you are asking but hope this helps some.  The doc's never read my reports because they trusted me but I am sure they would want to before they put their signature on anything. 

I currently am typing radiology and have for 27 years. I also have to type in patient information but not in the manner you do. Yor are right, it is extremely time consuming the way you have to do it. You should have some kind of patient log or the information should already put in the template. No, you will not have a high line count in the manner you have to do it. Radiology reports, as you know, can be very short and the time it takes for you to get the information overrides the length of the report.
Radiology Pay.
I was just wondering what other rad MT's are earning out there - and are U paid by report or by line? Which method do U think is better?
It is interesting although as mentioned already, it lends itself well to voice recognition (because it is very repetitive) and many of us are currently unemployed because of that technology. Wish I had your experience in today's workplace.
Go for Radiology...
It seems hard at first but after a while they say the same stuff over and over, and don't go into huge detail - many MT's who do it are paid per report (like me), so the bucks can really add up. I've been on the same account for 8 years, no secondary account, never run out of work and find it much more interesting than the usual discharge summaries, H & P's, etc...of course TAT is pretty short, which can be stressful, but overall I love it! At my company radiology accounts are considered the creme d'la creme (sp?) so we are treated with a tad more respect (since we have the cash cows)...try it, you'll like it!
I was called by a former client of an old job to work radiology again, but at home this time.  What is the going rate for radiology per hour and has anyone used RIS system?  Thanks in advance
$1.25 per rad report, and the report can be lengthy or a normal report pulled from a list.

Sadly, I just changed MT companies, and I'm only up to 30 reports per day. It's not the terminology or the program - it's because of the dictators! Their voices are are muffled (which may be due to their dictating equipment), they roll the viewer while dictating, bang films, and dictate over each other. I listen to them over and over, trying to hear the words! I've transcribed acute care, and over 15 years of radiology, but never had such a problem with hearing the dictator.

I have noticed too, that when I'm transcribing by myself, I get alot of normal reports pulled from the list. When there's others transcribing, I never get any normal reports at all - they're all really long. That could be one of my problems also.

There are no benefits, but I was told that they do withhold taxes.

I have read in the archives where some rad transcriptionists get paid between $2.00 and $3.00 per report, but I have never seen anywhere near that amount advertised.

Sorry if I got off topic a bit!
radiology job
I noticed on this board a few days ago that Keystrokes was hiring radiology MT. Good luck!
Do I do radiology?
Yes, and about everything except I am not very experienced with oncology, as we have a girl that does strictly that. Thanks
6-7 cpl is very low for Radiology if you
have any experience at all. I work 2 jobs as an IC and make $1.25/report and 1 job as an employee and make $1.25/report. It is best to be paid per report unless you do nothing but MRIs and CTs then per line but not for less than $.10 a line.

Good luck.
Could some of you who type only radiology tell me approximately how many reports you transcribe per 8-hour shift?  Thanks.
Thanks to all for your replies.
Do you mind my asking if you are you paid per report or by the line? Also, do you type for a wide variety of radiologists throughout the day? Thanks so much for the info.
no radiology

I do full med rec, acute care.  never did radiology, too boring.  mostly the big 4, but cardiac caths, EKGs, EEGs, etc. etc.  by the way, Earth.


In a perfect world where the doc dictates clear, has no marbles in his mouth, doesn''t talk away from the mic, doesn't run the alternator while he's dictating  and has no hard accent, you could say that radiology is easy.  I've been doing radiology for 30 years-believe me, I've had all kinds of characters dictating and I know what I'm talking about.

Radiology MT Job

My name is Jennifer Ruiz and I would love to hear more about any positions you have for radiology MT's working at home.. I currently work at home and have been for the past 9 years doing strictly radiology. Feel free to contact me at 419-534-5552 or jendavidson888@yahoo.com.

ICs who do radiology....can you help?

Anyone out there who does radiology as an IC......can you give me an idea what you make and is it per page or report?  I just want anonymous answers....no names needed....but I'm just trying to get some idea of what's fair for a radiology Transcriptionist as an IC.  Thanks so much in advance.

radiology pay
By the report in my experience.
Anybody do radiology out there??
Hi, I was just contacted by our local hospital.  They have an in-house opening for a Transcriptionist in radiology.  I have no experience in this and was wondering is it easy to learn?   Do you like it?   How much could I expect to be paid per hour?  Thank you for any advice.