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seasonal allergies

Posted By: snuffy on 2006-04-14
In Reply to:

Has anyone who has hay fever ever tried any "natural" therapies which help?  I take Claritin and/or Allegra but hate the way they make me feel, plus cannot shake this headache !

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Actually, it sounds like you have seasonal allergies
and/or swimmer's ear that may have nothing to do with your headphones.  How is the roof of your mouth?  Itchy at all?  Do your tonsils itch or feel raw?  I take a loratadine/pseudoephedrine combo when my ears are full of fluid and itching.  Don't overclean with Q-tips no matter how itchy they get.  Allow the water to fully drain from your ears after swimming or bathing.  Also, can you work without your headphones for a while?  I sometimes listen through my speakers and send the kids out of the house when I need a break from headphones.
I suffer from seasonal depression
and am using light therapy.  This has been about two or three weeks now, and I cannot believe the difference in my mood.  It is wonderful.  I put in a fluorescent light fixture in my office that takes four 4-foot bulbs  I bought bulbs at Home Depot.  They had a large selection.  I bought ones that say they imitate sunlight.  Now working under them for my regular shift, I have felt a huge difference in my mood.  I thought I was going to have to go on medication, but now I feel so much better. 
Nope, it's seasonal. Aug. 31 through winter.
Don't know for sure, of course, but we had a cat who was about 15 at the time and started sneezing.  She had never done this before, so I took her to the vet, and they said it was allergies.  I guess just like people, they can develop allergies later in life.  Anyway, the vet gave me some antihistamines, but she said it probably wasn't really necessary and that the sneezing would probably go away in a few days  -- which it did.  It's a good thing, because that cat did not like  having pills shoved down her throat.  Good luck. 
I have to cap allergies, too.
CAP allergies.
It all depends on the company. I've had to do it both ways..
Not to MK, but BeautiControl. A rep gave me samples to try and I used the eye shadow--my eyelid puffed up and was so tender it hurt to blink. Have never reacted to any other makeup. Was disappointed because it was such a pretty shade.
Sometimes allergies to dust mites which live in your mattress and pillow can cause headaches. Also, if you hang your sheets outside to dry pollen can become trapped in your sheets. Hope this helps and you find some relief soon!
I too have environmental allergies
I would recommend that you see an allergist if you haven't already. I am extremely allergic to Aspen cologne where I believe it causes me to have an almost asthma attack, although I do not have asthma, but my lungs feel like they are being crushed, like they are on fire, and I cannot breathe! I am very sensitive to all kinds of smells and I smell things others cannot. Ink on newspapers is awful not to mention perfumed products of any kind. These are just things that may be treated though with the correct allergy med regimen. I take a few different things every day, some Rx, some not. I have to or I have a headache constantly so I cam empathize with you.

I have personally found an OTC nasal spray decongestant will normally stop an allergy-induced headache for me best.
Weird. Nobody has ever had me cap allergies anywhere. SM
I believe you guys, I really do o-- I've just never had to do it.
I started having eye allergies...
It was terrible, both eyes red and swollen and tearing terribly. Turned out to be my hypoallergenic eye cream I was using at night underneath my eyes. So it could very well be that. When I threw away the eye cream, my problem cleared up.
My son has terrible allergies and...sm

in past years has been on Singulair and Nasonex for them.  They have always worked well together in the past to keep him from ending up with an upper respiratory infection and eventually nausea and vomiting from all of the mucus.  This year; however, those two drugs do not seem to be doing the trick.  I took him to the doctor and they switched him to Flonase and an Azmacort inhaler.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these medications and what type of results you got.  I know Flonase is supposed to be wonderful for allergies, but I'm curious about the Azmacort.  His nasal congestion does seem to be a little better than yesterday but I have not been able to guage any benefit from the Azmacort yet (I know, it's still early to tell).  The doc said that if these meds do not work he will have to start getting allergy shots. 

He will be 8 on Sunday.  He has been suffering every year (this time of year is horrendous) since he was 3.  Just curious to hear any comments and/or suggestions.


I Hate Allergies!

I really hate this time of year because of my allergies.  It is really hard to transcribe when your eyes feel like they are on fire and are itching like crazy!  I look like I'm crying all the time...lol.  The constant sinus headache is just loads of fun too.  I've taken enough allergy meds for two people and used eyedrops galore.  Oh well, it happens every year.  I just needed to complain a little.  Now I feel better...lol.

Hope everyone is having a great day!  And Happy MT Week to all!

My son has terrible allergies
and will get to the point that he actually vomits up mucus. (I know not pretty). We have gone around and around over the past few years trying different medications. This year his doc put him on DuraTan PE. There is a pediatric formula and an adult formula. I have had a hard time finding info on this medication via the internet because it is realatively new, but it is a combination of phenlephrine HCl, Chlorpheniramine maleate, and Methscopolamine nitrate. It seems to work like a charm. Dried him right up. And my doc gave us free samples. You might ask your doc about it.
I had one account that we had to cap and bold allergies.

I am trying to find out why my eye keep watering (only on one side).   Has anyone been allergic to Mary Kay.  I have been using it for 20 years but for the last 5 months my eye won't stop watering.  Doctor said it must be allergy to something.  I do not wear mascara or eye shadow. 

No rx needed, they are OTC. Benadryl is for allergies but (sm)
it is also the same ingredient that is in many of the OTC sleep meds.

Actually Valerian root and melatonin might be a very good combination. I have tried them each individually but not together. I might try that!
skin care products and allergies

I used another product that is sold on QVC by a lady doctor in September.  Overnight I developed a horrible burn on my face that nearly closed both eyes.  My skin was so red under my eyes that I looked like I had two black eyes.  I believe it was a chemical burn caused by some ingredient in that product.  It is now December 12, and I still suffer from a burning sensation and very red cheeks and sensitive eyes.  I have not used this product since that first episode, but I have used other products from other companies, with the same result.  I believe most of the upscale cosmetic and skin care products must contain the same ingredient that is too harsh for sensitive skin (obviously) and that may cause an allergic reaction. 

I used bad judgment in not seeing a doctor with the first episode, thinking it would just go away.  Well it does go away and cycles and recycles again and again, with the same results.   I am not going through another cycle, and it is at the stage of just returning.  It will get increasingly worse over the next two or three days and then start to subside, leaving my skin feeling like leather, peeling slightly under my eyes.  I have bags under my eyes that I never had before. 

I guess sooner or later I'll just get sick of all this and finally get a referral to a dermatologist before I suffer permanent, irreversible damage, if that has not already occurred. 

I believe perhaps the ingredient is either salicylic, glycolic, or  lactic acid, which seems to be the hot ingredient in skin care these days.  I've used retinol products in the past without a problem, but I guess we can all develop allergies to anything.  I've also used glycolic acid cleansers in the past without a problem.  Again, allergies can certainly crop up in anything.

Incidentally, I have a friend who used Avon night cream recently who woke up with a face full of pimples, too! 


wow, hard to believe that Mary Kay products would cause allergies - sm
when they test on animals!!!! They have voiced to the public that they WILL NOT stop testing on animals.

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I am being sarcastic about my subject line. The point I'm trying to make is that Mary Kay tests ALL OF THEIR products NEW AND OLD on animals. Part of their reason was to "prevent allergies in humans" .... rrrrriiiiggghhttt
we are required to list meds and allergies if more than one. nm
Allergies would be the child's own medical history sm

Not the family medical history.

As far as juvenile diabetes or similar diseases, genetically transmitted or otherwise, if the child is being taken to the ER the parents should have already been notified and be on their way. If the child's family physician is on record with the school (a legitimate request), then medical records can be sent to the ER. I still do not see any necessity of the school having anything other than the child's OWN medical history - allergies, shot records, current state of health, etc.

This stuff causes allergies in some people, too, and problems sleeping! nm
mine sucks snot all the time...allergies I guess.