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see enclosed sm.

Posted By: DeeAnn on 2008-12-08
In Reply to: WORD 2007 HELP WITH "JUMP CODE" - sm - greenie

Tools, Macro, Record new macro, box will come up to name macro, choose toolbar or keyboard. I use keyboard F12 since that is easy to get to. You will see a box somewhere on your screen that looks like a cassette. Do Ctrl F, in the find box, I use the ^ as my code, but enter whatever you want to be you code. Find next. Close. Stop record.

You will need to go through you document and insert you code where you want them. By pressing F12 or whatever you set as you key, it should go from one to the next.

If this does not work, e-mail me and I will try to help furtehr.

This is also a good site for Word help---http://textware.com/board/msword/index.html

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see enclosed

I recently signed up for a health insurance savings type program called Equal Access, where you are covered for prescriptions, get some sort of credit for doctor's visits, etc. for a reduced rate.  If you want additional information, let me know.  Apparently, participating doctors give reduction in rates for people using this plan.

seen enclosed-sm
site enclosed--sm
try enclosed site-sm
Link enclosed
dangerous abbreviations should be avoided.
Go to the enclosed web site.



This girl really knows here stuff!!  look up her shareware.  She has a radio program and gives lots of great free advice. 

Web site enclosed
try enclosed site--sm
The enclosed link will help you out - sm
check out the enclosed site--sm
Christmas link enclosed.
Here's a really great site that somebody shared with me.   Merry Christmas to all.
link enclosed for trial.




This is where I downloaded the free 30 day trial from.  It also says you can order a trial CD if you prefer.  So far, I am enjoying playing with this expander.  It seems like it offers a lot!  Wish me luck..

Enclosed cached link has
at the bottom.
I use the enclosed for my meetings with new clients. May be able to use some of them--sm
Spec Sheet

How many doctors? ________. Names and credentials exactly as wanted for signature line.
Clinic hours_______________________
Does office close for doctors vacation?
What is the estimated amount of dictation in minutes per day?
Turnaround time__________
Is there ever any STAT work needed? If so, what are the expectations for that work?

Pickup time___ if tape is not ready at this time, TAT is no longer in effect.


Micro cassette___________ C-phone______________
Return cassette unerased?
Will patient log sheet be provided for name spelling/acct #?
Will office sign for returned work? _________ POC ___________
What font?
How do they want you to flag blanks or questions? How to flag for any questions/inconsistencies

Samples provided?

How is transcribed data to be returned? Printed_______Floppy disk ____
If printed, client____ service _____will provide paper, letterhead, envelopes.
If I have to call the office to determine proper spelling of patient's names or doctors names the turnaround time is no longer guaranteed.
Typing letters and envelopes or just actual medical reports. If addresses are not provided for recipients of letters, there will be an added clerical service fee for my time of $0.25 per letter/envelope.

Faxing or mailing reports to third parties will not be done.


What kind of invoice is preferred?
Billing date: ___________ Payment date: _____________
Reprints for transcribed data delivered in the past and signed for by office staff will be charged at $0.75 per page.
ReprintsXreprints of reports with an error made by me will be provided at no charge. Reprints of reports with corrected errors by the doctor will be provided at $0.75 per page.

check out enclosed site--sm

Someone there may be able to help you. Other than copying the macros from WP document into Word document and then creating the macro again, I can not think of a way to do it, though there probably is a way.
yeah, my friend sent enclosed link...sm

and I had just posted this on the *other* board....to get their minds off of their problems.  I, too, feel like I have lost a family member, especially because I knew her nephew years ago, Perry....same last name as hers prior to her changing it......

very sad, indeed........she never made a movie that I didn't like........



Check the enclosed site. May be able to find what you need there--sm
Opinions/impressions, please, on wording enclosed.

Please help me with the wording of this letter that I am seriously considering sending to one of my offices:

Please inform Dr. XXX that in the future any dictations that are done in the swimming pool area, karate room, cafeteria or other public venues will not be transcribed by this service.  This decision has been made due to the fact that the dictation is difficult to hear and understand because of the amount of background noise.

Additionally, I believe this to be a breech of the confidentiality of patient records that are mandated by HIPAA and I do not agree to be a part of such violation.

Any future dictations that are submitted by this physician which have been done in the above-named situations will not be transcribed by this service and will be immediately discarded.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.



There is a new doctor in one of the practices with small children and she's one of those who is trying to be supermom. (That's a whole other issue.) I have transcribed for two other (male) doctors in this practice for over 15 years without anything like this. I have twice now asked the office manager to tell her about this situation and it improved for a short while but today I had 18 minutes of very loud swim practice in the background. Her solution appears to be talk louder and I've got one HUGE headache after listening to her. I don't understand why she has to be right there instead of even finding a quiet spot to do this while the kids are occupied but she apparently thinks they can't be out of her sight. (I know they're unsupervised, either; I can hear the coach shouting.) Among the reasons listed above, I really want to say that I think this is just flat out disrepectful of both patients and myself but I don't think it is wise to get that personal. I really don't want to lose this practice but I honestly am not willing to put up with this nonsense from her anymore, either.

Thanks in advance for any HELPFUL suggestions you might have. If you're not willing to help, that's fine, too, but please keep the mean stuff to yourself.

check the enclosed link to see if that hels you--sm
Get a Google Toolbar, description and link enclosed
I have a Google search toolbar at the top of my browser.  It's a small line like the address bar but it says Google beside it and I just type in my searches there instead of going to Google first, etc.  I've found it very easy to use.  Of course, as with anything there are extra parts to the program, I just added the basic tool bar and went to options and only kept the parts of it that I wanted on my toolbar.  It makes searching a whole lot easier, all I need to do is bring up the internet and my search is at the top.
I got the enclosed by accessing Help, typing in template. There are more options--sm
other than this one--

Create a memo
Show All
Hide All
On the File menu, click New.
In the New Document task pane (task pane: A window within an Office application that provides commonly used commands. Its location and small size allow you to use these commands while still working on your files.), under Templates, click On my computer.
Click the Memos tab.
Double-click Memo Wizard.
If you do not see this wizard (wizard: A feature that asks questions and then creates an item, such as a form or Web page, according to your answers.) in the Templates dialog box, you might need to install it.

Follow the steps in the wizard.

For more templates and wizards, visit the Microsoft Office Online Web site.
You can use the Memo Wizard to create a memo for printing, e-mail distribution, or faxing.

Hope this helps.
I'm just putting my clinics on digital too, check out enclosed links - sm




Enclosed are the steps involved, my point of view only. Very long post. sm
1. Make sure you have the qualifications. If you have EXCELLENT spelling and grammer skills, good typing skills, complete attention to the smallest details, and willingness to work HARD and learn constantly, you may have what it takes.

2. Realize that you will not learn this career in 1-2 years. That is a good beginning, but then you will have an "apprenticeship" period. This runs anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the job you get, the training available there, and your ability to branch out and absorb a constantly changing field.

3. Do your homework on the training schools. Some schools offer a program that will actually help you get a job when finished; others have a reputation that will allow you to hire with some companies as a "newbie." Don't waste money on a school that gives you a certificate and sends you out on your own. You may find it difficult to get a job without experience, and can't get experience without a job. I am not recommending a school. DO A LOT OF RESEARCH. Every school has "lucky" graduates, so get a consensus from MANY graduates.

4. If you expect to make a fortune, look elsewhere. You will find "exceptions" that make anywhere from $50 to $100 thousand a year. Most of us with a lot of experience make anywhere from $30 - $50, depending on your speed and stamina. Without stamina, you'll burn out or develop physical problems in a couple of years.

5. VR will never replace transcription. However, it takes a lot of knowledge to "proof" VR reports, and as the machines get smarter, we also must have more experience to catch their errors. I do not foresee us being replaced by machines. It is possible, though, that the wages will not go up because of this, and most MTs will stay on a plateau. Not easy, when cost of living keeps going up, but right now it is a reality, so consider it.

This is my view of the MT field, and its future. I have 18 years experience and have worked on the web for 9, since being outsourced from a hospital. It's a rough field, but not impossible, and I'm happy with it. I only have 10 years to go, though. I'm not sure I would start it now, if I were younger. You have to have a lot of determination. Good luck to you.