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testing my avatar

Posted By: Sunny on 2006-01-04
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testing the avatar...

Regarding testing. I have given in-depth testing but I have come to find that sm

no matter what a company wants, be it ESL specialist, etc., the best test to give ANY applicant is one that is not planned, one given right on the spot, verbal, one that has not been scheduled so the person has had no time to get nervous, but throw about 15-20 questions at them, general knowledge for their level of skill, and it can tell you wonders about their knowledge that is retained!! I actually find that the retention rate of folks hired this way is actually higher than intense testing given by some of these larger national companies.  We all know that it takes sometimes a couple of weeks for even the best MTs to understand (I am speaking of the ESLs or bad dictators).  There are some companies that give these as tests and what does that tell?  Tells nothing and means nothing!  Some of these that do well on these actually cannot do the work.  How do we know that these folks have not actually had someone else do the test for them?

I find the best way is to pull a pop test on the spot in the middle of the interview and it works!  Don't ever give the same questions to two separate applicants.  Have a database of questions to pull from.  Score from the ones you ask and move on from there.  If the person cannot do the work, you know it in a day. 

I believe it was the old EDiX that used to give over the phone questions, but they still scheduled this and people had time to get nervous.  This way there is no time and well, you would be surprised at what folks actually do know...and in some cases...what folks actually do not know when given multiple choice, but to me this is an excellent way of testing, takes very little time, which I personally consider to be too valuable to waste 3-4 hours on a test, which someone who is experienced and has worked for 10 to 15 years in the field should not be required to do anyhow, should not be asked to do.  When you have worked 12 hours during that day for a company (and some have), why should they have to take 4 hours to do a test?!

Think about it!!

I have recently spoken to other recruiters from other companies and they have agreed with me on this and I hope it catches on because it certainly is less time consuming and tells you all you need to know without giving them the actual work to do.





your avatar

I personally thought it was very funny.  The first time I saw it, I told my husband to come read it.  He thought it was great.  The F word is offensive, not the D word, to me.


Loved it!    

I don't find it offensive at all. You've had it for quite a while, as I remember commenting that I liked it before.

Don't worry, it seems pretty G-rated to me. We must keep a sense of humor when working with these machines. If we didn't, they'd likely be thrown out a window:-)
Cute avatar!

I've done that, too, unfortunately - when I was a kid.  Takes the hide right off!


test avatar
testing testing
Let me know what you think of it! Love the avatar!!
well, darn now my avatar went away

I love your avatar. LOL. (nm)
YES. it seems like your avatar hears it also!! nm
Luv your new avatar Luv2type
Can I join you under that beach umbrella?  Oh how I love the ocean.  My thoughts drift to a warm, sunny beach  . .  especially when it's -8 wind chill here in Upstate NY!  
Admin: Problem with Avatar SM

Hi!  I signed up, but need to edit it as I must have misunderstood and now my real first name is posting next to my avatar.  Guess it's no big deal, but would prefer that my board name post instead.  I keep trying to log in to change it, but it doesn't work.

Thanks for your advice,


Just wanted to see how my avatar looks...ignore.

Unless you want to see, too. 

oops - should be avatar, not avator NM
To make little pictures aka Avatar ID:

Hi Just Me!  To get yourself a little picture (avatar) you have to click on the "Post reply to this message" button below.  Then, where it says Profile ID, click on the [Create/Edit] Profile/Avatar ID.  From there, you can select one of their avatars from the boards avatar gallery by clicking on "Show Gallery."  Pick one, fill out the rest of the profile info, and your set.  OR if you want to use your own picture, you can use something from your own computer by finding the picture you want and going in and editing it to be 100 x 100 pixels or 12 kb, whichever is easiest/looks best.  Once you've resized the photo you want to be your avatar save it, remember the name you saved it as and where it's located, and click the BROWSE button to pull that file name back up.  Then, scroll down to the end and click on the "Click here to submit" button and you should be good to go.

Anytime you want your avatar to show up, you just have to fill in that Profile ID box with your profile name when you reply to a sponse.  You only ever have to go into it to edit it when you want to change your picture.  Hope that's not too confusing!   

I gotta quit this now. I changed my avatar again
only it doesn't go along with the statement that I made inside the last post, but this little gal is surely cute so I guess I'll keep it for awhile. :D
Shelly, I love your avatar! Cute!

How many posters feel that my avatar is offensive?
I would be interested in any and all feedback on the offensiveness of my avatar. Please feel free to express your honest opinion.

Thank you!
Love your avatar - hunka, hunka!
Testing for a new job

I am testing on Friday for a new job. I need this job very badly, because of the benefits. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find some practice tests(written exams), please let me know! Thanks.

When testing, is it better to - sm
When testing for a company is it better to type verbatim or can you change things like grammar to make it actually correct?
I humbly say that I have never tested for a company where I have not been offered a job and I've tested plenty.  I always type verbatim with the exception of changing grammar. If in doubt, I put (?), basically for anything I would send to QA if actually working.  IMO if you start "correcting" you'll likely flunk the test.  I've always tested for acute care so I have no idea what testing would be like for clinic work. 
Not testing
Has anyone every been hired without being tested first?  I was just asked to sign on with a company and start as soon as possible.  I've already got ID# and everything.  There was only one other company that did require testing but that fell through, could never get the information straight or help with it.  Should I be leary of this one too?
not testing
I also was hired on this past week without testing.  Like the other poster said it was a good feeling to have your experience do the talking...  Good luck
Testing sm
Anyone know a good testing site from a good company who doesn't require buying expensive equipment just to "test", sick of reading those who say "If you don't have.......don't bother testing." I am probably on the wrong board, but I want to test today, if possible. I only have Execuscribe and earphones, am totally clueless otherwise. Have "Word" but no medical dictionary in there either. "Sad" but true. Thanks for any info.
Pet testing
We once had an MD call our radiology office to see if we would MRI her beloved duck. Alas, the duck passed away before we could scan. I can only imagine what the report would have consisted of, LOL.
I tested with many companies without having to get *permission* to do so. The national I landed my job with right out of school said they required 2 years' experience, but I tested and passed, and they hired me. If you get discouraged and give up you will never get in. You have to keep plugging at it. I e-mailed my resume and applied and tested for many, many companies before I got hired. I actually started working for the company I am with now the day after I graduated my MT program. It really can be done. And you're right, it does seem to be a very impersonal business on many levels. Fortunately there are many companies out there that have very nice people that will give you a chance. It's just a matter of finding the one that is right for you.
yeah, just got done taking a test and nailed it, I know I did, but got an instant reply of not enough experience. I'm certainly not a quitter and will just keep trying. I am so ready to work!
just testing my validation

   Can anyone out there explain to me why when taking a test for a national company they would tell you, Note: The audio is bad and that is part of the test.  Why in the world would a company want to give you a bad audio tape to test on?  Is this a Joke?  I feel this is very humiliating to a transcriptionist.  Just give a decent test.  How is anyone supposed to pass it if the audio is bad?  I do not care who you are and how many years experience, if the audio is bad, then no one is going to pass.  This is totally ridiculous.  I am glad I am starting to look into coding for a new profession because these National companies are making a mockery of this field, which was once respected.



Just testing before posting anything.
I always try to get as much info as I can when a company is posting a test. If they cannot look at your resume and see how many years and what specialities you have transcribed and see that you either do or do not meet their qualifications - they have too much time on their hands. Who has time in the MT business to grade and pick over tests? to me that's just crazy. The only ones who might benefit from these tests are newbies trying to break into the fields - and they usually do not have the # of years of experience that any national is looking for - yes - perhaps it is time to get out and get a real job - but I can remember when this was a real job - it isn't what it used to be.
MT Testing

Should testing transcription be done verbatim or do you suppose it could be lightly edited? I was not sure about this. I have never had a company instruct me on what they prefer.


CMT testing
I have a question for anyone who has ever used the CMT Review Guide. There is a CD with the book that has snipets of dictation. I am getting so frustated. I don't think I've gotten 1 right yet. The punctuation is mostly what is killing me, but also they seem like they expect you to know what kind of format you should be using. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't seem to figure out when they want what, as far as set up goes, so consequently I get them marked wrong. So anyway, has anyone else had a problem with this, and if anyone has taken the test, is that the way the test is too?
Testing, etc.
I have only tested for one company, and I felt I aced the test with no problems. The only reason I tested with this particular company is because it was part of the application process from the very beginning. With most, I don't even get to testing. I can't figure this out! Resume is perfection. No, I am not using my current company as a reference.

I did ask the last one who turned me down for some elaboration as to what areas I need to strengthen. Not sure if I will get a reply, though.
Testing, testing 1-2-3

Which is what one of our bright and fab docs says everytime he starts a report...

LoL... I wonder if he comes back and says, Is this thing on?  

Yep.. It's one of THOSE days. 

I am currently testing for them too...sm
That is some long dictation to type for a test. I only listened to the SOAP notes file but it is long. Alot of reports in that one file. I don't like the fact that they are in Canada and noone knows nothing about them.
What would you do when testing?

***Edited by Moderator***

RE: Testing
I had trouble with some, some I didn't. I used Gearplayer foot pedal.
When testing have you ever

Had six or seven short notes to type and you got one that you just couldn't figure out and there would be blanks, would you finish it with the blanks, even if there were quite a few, or would you not do it and tell the person you're testing for that you weren't able to transcribe the note? 


I am trying to test (not medical) and they had me download something called DSS Lite, so I could transcribe what they e-mailed me.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I cannot get my foot pedal to work with it.  Thank you in advance.

One thing you might do and not sure if you did it (if with the "standardized testing") save your work after EVERY completed section -- then if you take a break you should be able to go right back into the section you just completed.  Hope this helped.

I agree.  And my foot pedal does not work with most of these companies for doing the test.  I have to use the F keys to start and stop.

I got my current job with transcriptionmatchmaker and had to take only one test and they contacted the companies looking for help.  But they are not doing that anymore right now, or at least the person that helped me is not there. 

RE: testing

I was recently laid off after 6 years doing transcription for a surgical/imaging center.  I had to transcribe all imaging and surgical procedures.  I would like to test my skills so I can be up on the recent changes.  Is there a web site for this.  I have 20 years experience in all modalities having worked in the hospital setting for 8 yrs, rehab etc..  Any ideas would help.





When testing for MT jobs I look EVERYTHING up even if I know it for sure (like during the multiple choice) i.e. "The plural of fibula is" type into Google "Plural fibula" and the first thing that comes up is like this: Fibula or Fibulae (plural) may mean: Fibula, the calf-bone of a mammal." So you know its fibulae. With the transcription tests, I type them in word with my spell check and my expander. After done with all the tests I read back starting with the first one, as if im doing QC work. It works for me. Hope it helps you.
They are testing to see what YOU know.
They are not testing us. They are testing you to see that you learned what you needed to through their course. Coming here and asking for the answer is equivalent to someone in class leaning over and asking their neighbor a question while testing. Would you do that?

This is really something that should have been discussed somewhere in your course. I am sorry you are having difficulty with this file, but that is just part of the testing process. Good luck!
Is the testing hard?
I hate testing

Why when you have experience why do these companies send long dictations, are we not educated, can you not read a resume... I understand that we need to test but some of these test are just well grrrrrrr..... If that is the test then I will not work for you I can't imagine what your like to work for