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thank me. i tried, but they dont do hawaii :(

Posted By: jackie on 2005-11-20
In Reply to: Transcend has an ad out for - me


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has anyone heard from frank regarding the hawaii giveaway from mq? is he still in hawaii?
i got the mail regarding MT lawsuit and other stuff from mq but no postcard or notification from frank who won the hawaii contest. think he's mad because of MTs suing him?
Why dont you stop coming in and agitating everyone under all your different names. Dont you work.
Dont you think MQ will just keep hiring new people who dont know they lost lines because they are

new. I betcha.

If you dont try to fill in blank or research, dont
The way I understand it if you dont keep below 10 to 15% QA you dont get the bonus even if your QA
score remains above 98% so you see as the other poster said you are between a rock and a hard place and I expect this is MQ way of getting out of paying a bonus to people. I see it this way anyhow. I plan to continue to send unclear things to QA and that is the way it is. I expect depending on the new pay scale on top of this they will be losing a lot of MTs anyhow as they continue to miser everyone out of money.
Do you honestly think they do. I dont. I dont think some of them can even understand some of the

 reports they listen to quite frankly.

If you dont want to read a thread, then dont.
Well, next time I see a St. Jude's ad with those sobbing parents and bald headed kids, I'll think of you and 2 MTs going to Hawaii on the money donate to your hospital.  
I am going to Hawaii and I am NOT an...sm
AAMT official. I just "plan ahead" and got airfare/hotel pkg early at discounted rate...simple. I am self-employed MT. Can't wait to see Hawaii!!
do you mean you are in Hawaii and they

won't hire you?  I thought Hawaii was part of the US??


Hawaii anyone?
Hey does anyone here want to move to Hawaii w me?  We could type all morning, then we could go be beach bunnies n then come back home and type some more---what do you think?
Not much advice other than to do your research first, obviously. Hawaii can be much more expensive to live depending on where you move. We lived in Honolulu and it is WAY overpriced, and it is near impossible to find apartments. That is the reason we moved away. We had our son and couldn't find a place to live and most of the places in our price range ($1000 a month) were just dumps. Every place had 20 or more people also applying for it. After 6 months of searching for a place to live, we decided to move back to the mainland.

Now we are moving back, but we are moving to the Big Island. Prices are cheaper and it is more laid back. We want away from the city. Since I have a family, we are getting our own place. We are going to start with a 1-bedroom apartment temporarily until we find out what area we want to live and then we will find a house. But if I were single again and moving, I would find someone that needs a roommate. This is what I did before. I moved with my sister, and then we she moved away, I moved in with some friends. We were able to get a nice house with all 3 of us sharing the rent. I also would not sign a full years' lease unless you are absolutely sure you want to stay. Many go over only to realize Hawaii is not paradise. Some love it, some hate it. It is a different culture and a different mindset there. But I love it and can't wait to return. Feel free to email me with any questions. : )
Hawaii trip
Do you know how we can find out?  I mean, today is July 11th, so its 10 days from when the winner was supposedly chosen!  I have to put in my vacation time doncha know!  LOL
MQ Hawaii trip
According to the MQ home page, it states that someone named Lori Gryttenholm is the winnder of the trip.  It didn't say which office she is from.
Hawaii - everything except sleep
warm hawaii
it will be my first time living in hawaii-any advice? are you getting your own place out there? I'm in the freeeezing cold smack in the middle of the country right now so I am also looking forward to escaping!
yes, that is true, but Hawaii is much different.
moving to a place where they are suddenly the minority. I have lived all over the United States, having moved to a new state just about every year since I was 19, but moving to Hawaii was definitely a culture shock to me at first. Luckily, because I have moved so much, I adapted quickly, but others do not do so well. That is why if you visit any forum regarding Hawaii, you will find many haoles (non-Hawaiian, usually refering to "white" people) complaining about the locals being racist. Many can't leave the mainland mentality behind on the mainland and those are the ones who end up hating Hawaii.
Hawaii trip for 2 winner?
Does anyone know if they have announced the winner for Hawaii trip offered by MedQuist?  When I filled out my entry form it said the winner would be announced on July 1, 2005.  I am so curious!  :)
Going to Hawaii while defending Spheris
Medquist Hawaii Prize
Anybody heard who won the trip to Hawaii?  Or did Frank and Greg go with their secretaries?
actually there was a hawaii vacation but he traded it in
yay us!
AAMT conf in Hawaii

Must be nice, but I sure don't know many MTs who could afford it.   Also, as an IC, if I take time off I simply don't get paid!

Interestingly, Kim Buchanan (the current president of AAMT) was formerly employed by Healthscribe. In fact, due to her AAMT status, she was a feather in their cap (so to speak). No conflict of interest there...

He often leads parades in Hawaii...
where he chants "No ice in paradise!" - referring to crystal meth - big problem there.
Moving to Hawaii in June!
I will be working from 4 am til about 10 or 11 and then going to have the rest of the day to enjoy the sun and surf! Lived there before and loved it and can't wait to get back.
Can't even afford a vacation on the mainland! Hawaii?!! No could do. nm
Tropical paradises. Hawaii cannot be beat.
frank went to hawaii to evaluate and study the accomodations.
Frank didn't think this Hawaii vacation would serve the purpose he had in mind so the CEOs are putting their heads together and doing a study and are sure that the new Hawaii vacation they come up with will please all involved but in the meantime please continue transcribing as they value all of our efforts and will get back to us on the Hawaii vacation in a year or so once the CEO and managers form committees to study the vacation and fair way of chosing a winnner while studying the effects of a vacation on work habits of the lowly MT.
frank is in hawaii and won't be back until he feels like it. or he is fired,
Ask Frank is still on MQ website. Greg is back. Can Greg help?
Ask Greg or Frank or whoever is the current CEO. They can check e-mails from Hawaii.
Hawaii, the place where Dr. Green died on ER. It looked like heaven there. nm
frank says aloha and wishes you were here but unfortunately funds for Hawaii vacation dried up.
Frank is now working on a vacation for lucky MT to home office in beautiful downtown New Jersey.
Most Dr. dont care and dont know how they get
Since dont know of any cars that dont use
I dont know. I didnt care then and I dont care now.
Just me

Hello....YOU dont get it!
She is 18.  She is an adult.  Her parents didn't "send" her there.  She went with her friends.  Her parents, I am sure, instilled values in her.  But she, like most peoples young teenage children, probably was acting like all the other young teenagers there and having fun.  No one said she had no values.  She made a bad decision.  Your children could do the same, no matter how you have raised them.  Should you be persecuted because of it?  I think you don't have a clue. 
I dont know
I do not carry it now with the company I am an IC for, but I am new in the field so I rely on asking you guys
I dont believe you
I really doubt you transcribe that many lines in an 8 hour day five days a week. You must do a single ESL dictator. You must be one of the lucky ones who gets to use all of those "normal" reports. Since I moved to DQS all I get is ESL dictators and NO use of normals or canned reports.
Still dont believe ya
If you are doing straight typing and not using normals, let us in on your secret. I concentrate! I have a positive attitude! I can also type 120 words a minute! You must type 300+ words a minute. Well, just stay happy because soon you will not be getting the same type of work and you will be in ESL h-e-double toothpicks! Enjoy it while you can.
No I dont. I am from the NE.
DONT go to SPI.
you dont' know.

This is why I think the old "page" and "half page" method of pay was better for everyone.  I think it forced everyone to be honest. 

Do you think they'll ever bring back 'per page' method of billing ?

usually dont pay anything in
and last year managed to get 1800.00 back.  Love the write-offs!
I dont know but sm
A couple of them work in the office and I dont know if they put two and two together when I went to the office a couple of times or what. Or maybe he was just lying. I think it has to be the most rotten thing to do to anyone. What if something would have happened to me on the Interstate on the way home all because he couldnt just save me the trouble and do it over the phone? I have a husband who was highly upset that I drove all the way there for that.
dont know about

your Word problem - would seem that if you change it once in your transcription platform, that should hold from day to day.

but to post a new message - if you look up at the first message, right above that the admin has a message about the santa house, then look above that and to the left a bit you will see a box that says * post a new message *, click on that and you will start a new thread.

I dont think there's much else I can add
to all the great posts below, but you MUST know that you DO indeed have a job(s) and are working very hard. Sometimes parents can be so harsh and thoughtless.  Give yourself a big pat on the back and affirm to yourself that you are doing a GREAT job with everything in your life!  You are home for your kids and husband after all, and what's more important than that?!
Why dont you

post this on the gab board

Just joking!!!  I have been following your posts and noticed you have been told where to go all weekend.  Poor guy.  But you seem to be taking it well!  Good for you.

and good luck to you!

You dont have to have a CMT to be an MT - (nm)
just dont know
I have been doing this for almost six years. I know that to some of you, this isnt long, but considering I am 25, to me it is a good chunk of my life. I have loved every minute of my career as a transcriptionist.

My first job out the gate, with no experience, I made about 18,000 the first year. I stayed with that company for almost five years. Contractor status, no benefits, yada yada yada. the income fluctuated a bit in either direction, but overall it was okay.

Now I am a single mom of two. I work for a different company now that does actually offer the option of employee status with benefits, PTO, et cetera..i turned that down..i know i am crazy.

just to give you an idea of the potential and possibilities, i made almost 250 in two days. 1600 lines one day, 1200 the other.

There is a but..I often work twelve or more hour days...That is my choice, and no one elses...my line committment to my company is between 500 and a 1000 a day, but i think i am on paper as 500...i worked for 5 months without a footpedal and without a medical spellcheck/expander..so i did EVERYTHING manually

But ya know what, I still love every minute of it.
I'm an IC so I dont know if it is the same...
I made the mistake of "asking" for a raise just last week. I have been with this same office (a three doctor practice) for seven years. Not only was their response not to give me a raise, they want to make it so I'm actually making LESS. So I'm not sure how it works with a big company, but I know in my situation, I'm disheartened and upset. I figured with a big company they would say no, or they dont care about you, but in a small practice that I have felt part of the "family" so to speak... it was a shock. So much for loyalty in this industry! The problem comes in that I don't make enough money anymore to cover the expenses of inflation over the past seven years. I understand the need to cut costs in times like these, but how bad could it really be by not giving me a minimal raise? It's quite a slap in the face. I laid out the points of why I should be receiving the raise...(like 7 years alone without one isn't enough) but that's what you would normally do when asking for a raise, show your dedicated work, your accuracy, etc. If you do ask, I'd really love to hear back from you how it went so I know in the future what to expect. Good luck!
i dont really want to know!!!
Dont know about anyone else...sm
What I do know is that if I pass the test, my company reimburses the cost of the exam, and then gives me an extra penny a line. Doing just the minimum lines they require, that works out to over 2000 a year pay increase.

I am planning on taking the exam the end of June, as said company also requires all QA personal to have or attain within three months and had thought about applying fot QA in the near future when there is another opening.