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thanks, Cookie, your understanding reply to my

Posted By: fed up on 2006-12-25
In Reply to: Here's how I fixed that...not to say it will work for you. - cookie

(as another poster called it) "whining" what a great Christmas present. Empathy is a great gift.

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to all you pro cookie makers
How do I get my sugar cookies to look like the pictures?  Mine keep spreading out and the Christmas trees look like a big blob.  Thanks!
You are 1 smart cookie
No matter what your age, you have done all the right things in order to have things go smoothly and be a productive worker at home. I like your way of doing things!
Cookies! Uhm, well, now I do have some cookie dough in the fridge!
Perhaps I should dollop a few out and bake'em and eat'em while they are hot with some cold milk before bed?!?! Then, I can fall asleep as my blood sugar plummets to new lows! ROFL

No, don't read those posts. It's irritating! Who wants to be irritated?! NOT ME!! LOL
Chocolate Chip Cookie Craving!
Serving size: 1 cookie
120 calories
Cookie making for scoring new accounts
I think what Patti does is a creative, impressionable way to get the account that she is seeking out by winning over the doctors and nurses...and it works well for her and my guess is that either she makes really wonderful cookies or she is just a really great person who is friendly, ambitious and knows how to get work. (Probably a combination of all! :)

Whoever thought food giving is an unprofessional gesture????? Have you ever seen the "feast" that drug reps bring into the office for a quick meeting with a doctor??? They certainly know how to win over a doctor too.

The doctors certainly are not complaining and neither is Patti for breaking the sweat to bake the cookies...It's all worth the effort for her and I appreciate her sharing her effective method with us!

Posted on the Gab Board about name suggestions for my cookie business if anyone would like to help
I'm not sure how busy the Gab Board is compared to this board, so I thought I'd post here as an fyi. Thanks for any help :)
That was my understanding, too.
I appreciate the information. This is exactly what my friend says is deducted from her SE check at MQ.

it is my understanding

The long gas lines were only in the north, i.e. NY, where I was living at the time and remember things vividly.

It's fun to get out of your car, ready to deliver, and there are about 50 cars ahead of you. People are like, "Get her to the front of the line, fast!!!" 

my understanding is this

If you work exclusively for *one* service, the IRS classifies you as a statutory employee (services pays employers share of your SS tax). If you have your own account, even one (i.e. local doctor), you are an independent contractor.

But as an independent contractor ... you call the shots. You can work for 20 services if you want. You work on "contract" rather than production. You're not locked into, say, 1200 lines per day. But the service can say, "You are responsible for meeting the 24-hour turnaround for St Katrina Hospital."

You can't go by the 20 questions ... too many variable, especially as it pertains to who has the element of control.

Best solution ... talk to someone at the Small Business Administration. These people are former business owners, and some have been also been connected with the IRS.

thank you for understanding...
That sounds more like my way of doing things.  It would be the best way, rather than just closing down and shutting her off.  You're right, it would sever our relationship completely, or kill her inside, if I were completely up front.  She is  dependent on this man, and she is so afraid of being alone.    Its a delicate subject better handled the way you suggested. 
my understanding
for many, MANY years is that the state abbreviations are two capital letters. These abbreviations are for postal services, so having it written otherwise on a job application may be okay. Unless the job is with the post office ;-)
And thank you for understanding ; ) nm
Thanks for understanding
Wow! You have been on that long? I still have several hours to go. Thanks for understanding. I love your icons, I agree with the thud specifically. Not to pun, but maybe today the "turkeys" dictate LOL. I could say something about us not being chicken to transcribe today but that would be too much! OK so, I am going loony, with these dictators who wouldn't! LOL.
it is my understanding
that noise-blocking headphones can actually block out dictation, esp if there is noise up close (ie, xrays flapping) that makes the dictation comparable to background sound.
If I am understanding
your post correctly, you just have your keyboard sitting on your desk. If that is correct, I would say you need a keyboard tray. When your hands are on your keys, your arms should be bent at the elbows and straight to your keys ... your forearms should not angled up or down.

I use a keyboard tray and, in fact, had to add spacers to lower it even more, as I am tall and have long arms. Just over an inch extra (lower) made all the difference in the world! I was having a lot of trouble with my right hand being weak and extensor muscle soreness, causing me to have trouble gripping my mouse (also phone and various other things).

A little bit can go a long way!
My understanding...

is that you need to determine which 3 categories your expenses fall under:  Direct, indirect, or unrelated.  If the expense is indirect, which I would consider Internet since it is used for purposes besides MT, then it would be deducted as a percentage based upon what I posted above.  If your Internet is used solely for your business, then it should be deducted differently, 100%.  OP, I think your best bet is to speak to a tax professional regarding this.  No one on this site can give you 100% reliable tax information for your particular situation.

Understanding VR/SR

Google front-end speech recognition and/or back-end speech recognition and it'll help you understand how some of this stuff works.  The site below was interesting and helpful to me. I found it by Googling back-end speech recognition.  One is when the Dr doesn't even know he/she is on a VR system and one is where the Dr does most of the training/editing.  The site name doesn't seem to be coming up as a valid site on my message but you don't need to put www in front of the name.  http://speechrecognition.wordpress.com/

Email reply vs. Post Reply
Could someone tell me how to post a message and then have someone reply by email instead of just "Post Reply."  I'm pretty new to this "chat" board.  But I WOULD like to say it is VERY informative and helpful.  Too bad some of the companies we work for aren't as helpful as one MT is to another MT.  We'd have it made!!
Hunting Understanding II
Thank you to all ladies on this board that feed their families the OLD FASHION WAY! They don't just buy any old meat in the store with a label on it! HA!HA!HA!
totally not understanding
I am totally not understanding what you are looking for then. Avg line counts per hour depend on your own speed, but I know many places require 125-150 lines/hr.

MT work is ridiculous because there is no one standard for line counting - gross lines, 65 char w/sp, 65 char w/o sp, 55 char w/o sp, per report. Totally absurd!! So that all counts in factoring how many lines.
What are you not understanding about my post??....sm
I am not saying that all NM businesses are bad. For goodness sake, I'm talking about Quixtar and Quixtar ONLY, not the entire network marketing industry.
understanding jobs...
AMEN!!! Try telling that to my husband and family!! I work at home, but just because I am "at home" doesn't mean I am "home."

Understanding the basics.

First, it would help if you understood the basic terminology. Spend some time reading the Help file in Word. Simply put, you insert the information, give it a bookmark name, and then insert a reference to that bookmark in the correct location(s) throughout your document. Jumping between the fields is something that you do using a form; more info on that in the Word help files. There's just too much information to post here. Spend some time playing around with it before making your template. (There are a couple are other options that you may come across that may help to automate your work for you, like the ASK field.)

Also With A Non-Understanding Hubby
I understand completely! It took me a couple of years to start making good money, and it wasn't until recently when I jumped ship from the large MTSO that I was working for and joined a smaller, private company that I really started making the big $$. In first learning these new accounts, I was working 15- to 18-hour days, but now about 3 months later, I've got it down to an 8-hour day and I'm hitting right at $950 per week!

I think the key is finding the situation that works best for you. I have decided that the smaller companies work best for me. I started out with one and then went to a larger company for the increased benefits, but then I found that I actually worked less because of the 'motivation factor.' When there are 100 other people working on the same account as me, I tend to feel less important and I don't work as quickly. However, when I have my own accounts and I know that I'm the only one in charge of getting it done, then I find that I can sit here longer and work harder and faster, and I also don't get distracted as easily.

However, my husband does often complain about my hours. He's been used to me working from home for over 7 years now, and he doesn't like the idea of me working outside of the house. I know that may sound bad, but he's just used to knowing that I'm at home with the kids and we're all in one piece. (I think it's because he travels a lot and he likes to know that his family isn't also scattered around.)

He likes that I am able to work from home, but he would like it even better if I worked just from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then still have my mornings and evenings to cook and clean and sew buttons on shirts...or whatever it is that he has in his head that a housewife does. I have to keep reminding him that I am a 'wife who works from the house,' but I am not a 'housewife.'

And although his paycheck nearly doubles mine, I still have to remind him from time to time that my paycheck is equally as important. It gives me my own personal confidence AND it provides for vacations, shopping trips, etc. In addition to being able to provide for extras, Iím also flexible for when his job relocates him (which has happened 3 times in the last 5 years). Iím waiting on his promotion that will take us to Floridaóhopefully in about 3 more years. Iíve told him that if I didnít have the job that I have, then we wouldnít just be able to pick up and move whenever his job needed us to.

Anyway, donít let his insecurities and disbeliefs discourage you! It wonít be long before youíll be able to prove what youíre capable of. And even then, youíll probably still have to remind him what itís all for about once a year or so! I donít think that argument will ever go away! Happy Holidays!!

I am not understanding- is that including
our changing, adding, etc. to get the finished report? in other words - if a VR report starts at 87 before our editing, and we have to put in say 3 extra lines, does it still stay at 87 when all is finished? Thanks.
I may not be understanding correctly but
If you want to go backwards with the jump code I think that is shift+F11. I never have been able to get that to work correctly, but I can hit F11 and go forward in the document just fine.
My understanding is that some can do exceptional
line rates on certain platforms.  My understanding is that Escription has speech compression technology that will allow the speech to be played at a faster rate without resorting to chipmonk voices.  I have heard of people doing 600-800 lph consistently with that platform, even 1200 on occasion if you get a good streak going.  I've not used Escription, the only VR experience I have is with Dictaphone's Turbo speech product and there are some who use that and produce 500 lph over a 40-hour week; however, they are not able to do that consistently.  My issue with speech is that you tend to get on autopilot and you don't have the same brain control as far as hearing the words and having them flow through your fingertips, making you in control of what is coming out.  It is way to easy to "think" that you are reading what you are hearing.  Also, it's much easier to rely on the speech to have put out the correct spelling on something you're not sure about.  Transcriptionists are much more likely to look up something that they don't know when the word is not already staring at them on the screen.  It can make us more productive, but it also compromises the integrity of the finished product.  However, it's really hard to put the worms back in the can after they have already been opened up.  What troubles me the most is that the organization that is supposed to promote and support our industry and it's workers seems much more interested in jumping into bed with the MTSOs and the employers than their members.  I am so consciencious about my work.  My knowledge is worth something.  Accurately delivering a timely quality document is worth much more to the revenue cycle than it is given credit for.  I have absolutely no doubt that I could much more easily be taught to code the finished report than a coder could be taught to accurately transcribe the report, yet they are given much more respect because they are ultimately responsible for the revenue.  However, without me doing my job to the best of my ability....there is nothing their for them to work from.  Okay....I'm off topic now.  Sorry about that.  The whole ASR/EMR (point and click) stuff has me ready to pull out my hair.  If you want to really see an ugly, inaccurate, and highly unprofessional report....look for one that a doctor, NP, or PA has created for themselves.  Nothing is capitalized, spelled correctly, or punctuated as it should be.  The whole dern thing process needs to be looked at, analyzed, and the MTs who don't have the skills need to be weeded out or have some retraining.  The knowledge and the understanding of what we do (for those who take pride in what goes out with their initials on it) needs to be recognized for the value that it adds to the revenue process AND we need to be compensated accordingly. 
Not understanding why you are working
because you are surely not making any money with only 700+ lines a day. Just to be at home when the kids get home? Who pays for their upkeep? A platform, good acct and good paying jobs will exclude people who are not able to be on course with the others out there. You have to be fast if nothing else working in this profession. I think you might have missed your calling at some other profession.
I have Vonage and love it so far. My understanding is sm

that as long as you cable or DSL access, you can hook up your modem anywhere and use it for your phone service.  You might give them a call and verify that this is correct, though, or check out their website at www.vonage.com.


Good luck!


I have a hard time understanding if this was so
wrong then why wouldn't anyone not even your own husband be on your side?  I don't know about this one.  Something doesn't sound right.  JMO.
You'd think a doctor's office would be more understanding - DUH!
Ever tried to do your transcription with bilateral ear infections?  Can't hear, running a fever, dizzy-can hardly sit upright, but still expected to do work that requires HEARING and sitting at a computer!  And, I can't win, because as soon as I get this work done (which is taking 2x as long), there are going to be so many mistakes I am going to get ragged about that as well! 
Thanks for your positivity, understanding and compassion!
I'm having a hard time understanding why you
That doesn't make sense to me.  Just because you transcribe a report, that doesn't make you the only person who knows about it or even a significant person in the whole process. 
You know, I have a heck of a time understanding sm
music lyrics to rock songs or anything that has loud instrumentals playing with the vocals. Go figure.
only 2003 and above will work with it is my understanding
I don't think you could fairly penalize an MT for not understanding a word without (sm)
without also penalizing the dictator for not being able to speak the word. 
Can you call and discuss the situation? They may be understanding and helpful. nm
Totally understanding. Our kids grow up and we have no choices.
My dear friend just called me yesterday crying because her daughter is living with her partner and the partner is pregnant. The daughter is sooo happy, the mother cried. So what you're describing is happening more than where you are and it is saddening. What can she do, nothing. Our kids whether we like it or not grow up and jump out to make their own choices. Some of these choices are "you can't tell me what to do anymore!" And, we have no choice but to live with it. So the choices then become to be miserable OR focus on your own life and work on making yourself happy in spite of what your kids put you through. You have a life, don't let your kid drown it out because of his poor choices. You may think who am I to say such a thing, I'm the mom whose son made poor choices and went to jail, I'm the mom whose daughter chose to abort my first grandbaby, I'm the mom whose son left his wife and kids after almost 10 years of marriage. I really do know how you feel. Find some joy for yourself in your life, you won't find it when you're looking at his.
Here is my understanding of conversions of time dictated to transcribed

I was told once that the ratio of dictated to transcribed minutes was approximately 1:4 for an average MT for average dictation.  So, if you've been given 300 minutes of dictation it might take you 1200 minutes to finish it, divided by 60 minutes equals about 20 hours.  Obviously this is just an estimate and could very depending on a lot of factors, but this might give you some idea.

Another conversion I've heard is that one 65-character line equals 6 seconds of audio and so 1 minute of audio equals 10 lines.  So, if you are charging by 65-character line, you may be looking at 3000 lines or so, which when using the above formula would have you typing at about 150 lines per hour for 20 hours, giving you about 3000 lines.

Sounds like this is very doable, typing for 7-8 hours per day if you have until the end of Wednesday.  If it has to be back by Wednesday morning, you will have to work 10+ hours per day on it today and tomorrow.



Instead of clicking Post Quick Reply, go to the box further down on the left that says Post Reply to
thanks for your reply

and really sad too....

how's this for a reply
THE ARUBAN CASE INVOLVES AN AMERICAN, HELLO?  Comparing this and the Idaho case is just plain stupid! She is an American and deserves to have Americans looking for her.  God, give me a break!
Well I have only been working for 5 days now hard to say...
Oh you are kidding!!! I just tested and was offered an IC position.. did you work for them long and they didn't pay you or if I am being too nosey please tell me.. I hear so much on this and other boards about companies not paying, you just don't know anymore about any of them!!
I have to reply to this LOL
That is not always the case sweetheart (see being nice).  I have been sugary sweet to these people and it does not work.  I have found that if it is a woman on the phone..my husband gets where we need to be and if it is a man on the phone, i get where we need to be.  Sad but true!!

Please read my reply to Vanessa Satterwhite's post. If you are still interested in working for us, please contact me at smt_recruiter@yahoo.com
sm's reply
Give this newbie a break! Trust QA? You don't if you do all that research. What makes you think no research was done?

Thats what i said..we don't know.  So therefore, she needs to be aware that she should definitely do the research PRIOR to just leaving the job.  If she hasn't then a new job is not going to do her any good other than show that she changes jobs often, which does not look good on a resume.  As far as trusting QA...not ALL companies hire crappy QA.  We again do not know.  The QA COULD be right and COULD be very good at his/her job.  You simply don't know, but telling her to move on before you even know the facts is just silly.

Animal advocate, I really appreciate all your info you are putting out there, but I do take pause at your statement above that animals were meant to be consumed, I do not believe this. We are made to be vegitarians as our digestive tracts are not meant to digest meat, our intestines are too long thus the meat sits in our stomachs and rots before it is expelled. Yes there is a food chain, but I don't believe animal meat is part of that food chain for humans. Keeping on researching you will find the right answers for you, again thanks for your input.
reply to please help
Can you tell me what you were offered? If you don't mind.

Thank you! for your reply. Must tell you

When I got the email telling me I passed my test, I had tears rolling down my face. My 10-year-old daughter said, "Mama what is wrong?!"  I said, "I passed the test!"  She said, "Why are you crying?  You're happy aren't you?"  The combination of the stress of testing and finding out that I actually do have what it takes, hit me all at once.

I've been home for a year now after doing inhouse for over 15 years, and it is the best decision I have ever made.  I love it.  The flexibility is great for my kids, not to mention that I'm saving a small fortune on gasoline!

I get your message loud and clear about looking things up.  I have dozens of dogeared reference books and I am the queen of Google.  I took a medical terminology class to help with areas I wasn't too experienced with and the instructor's main focus was, "Don't guess. Look it up!"