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thanks for the tip, but as stated, our specifics say double. nm

Posted By: roadrunner on 2006-08-17
In Reply to: don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated. - nm


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ask her specifics; she needs to tell you
if she asked you when you were getting DSL, it indicates she wants you to produce more lines, sounds like. Many of us employees of transcription companies pay our own DSL. Check with inhouse MTs. Maybe they are producing more.
Sorry - I forgot to mention I have the PostureFit Aeron chair by Herman Miller.  I checked out E-bay and took a couple of months to bid on a few until I could get one for the lowest price possible - which at the time was about $500.  I know it's pricey, and at first I was disappointed because I thought I paid too much (I have to admit I'm cheap), but now I believe it was worth it.  I'm just glad I didn't get rid of it right away without using it for a while!  Hope you find one that works for you!
Any specifics on how to do that?
Any way to re-learn to listen ahead? It all comes so automatic (the way I do it now). Also, it seems like I would have to slow the recording down too.
Specifics, please....
Do you use a lot of self-made normals? I've been lucky this week and have gotten a lot of ops. I managed to post 221 LPH my last shift worked, but I also got the you-know-what scared out of me awhile back (vicariously) when my CCM called a conference call to explain that using cut-and-paste Expanders from specific dictators previously dictated reports was not allowed, so I've never done that. In fact, the thought hadn't occurred to me to try that until the conference call, LOL! (Amazing what ideas you get from somebody ELSE getting in trouble....)

Anyway, I'm pretty fast at ops, and consider them my favorite work-type, but even on a complete night of them on a primary account, 221 LPH was the result.

specifics have not been announced yet.
You need to give more specifics for any really
helpful answers. Are you an IC? Is it a private client and some unknown person is changing your reports? Do you work inhouse and have some other processing of your reports? Do you work for a national, and think QA is altering your reports? I know lots of MTs accuse QA of removing sentences, etc., when, in reality, the MTs never heard what they thought they heard to start with! One error in mid sentence and then 3 sentences incorrect! QA often has to go in and retype sections, while the MT accuses QA of being lazy or some other such charge. Can't really think of why someone would want to change your reports - are you thinking you are being set up or something? Please provide more details if you need more help!
Don't know specifics about account.
The setup and all that is exactly what I am clueless about. I know nothing about what type of service physician would want yet, but he mentioned to my husband that he might be interested in getting me to do work for him or may try to get me on at hospital he primarily works in. He asked my husband what I charged and my husband told him he wasn't sure. The physician automatically said "15 to 20 cents a line". That is more than I am making now and is very tempting.
How come you provide no specifics?
Too busy to spend a few minutes typing information that would benefit other people, when obviously you benefit from this bulletin board by reading it and even responding? This website is criticized by people for being overly negative and when people make such harsh comments without having anything to base it on, it makes the poster look suspicious. If you have any facts (or even impressions) to support your claim, please give them. If you don't, why make such strong statements?

Our account specifics say
We have recently been told to type the patient's name if doctor dictates it in the report. I also thought that was against HIPPA.
Want specifics from posters
Let me clarify: I wanted to hear specifics from the experiences of those MTSOs that participate posting on this site.
I would do what you think looks the best if you're not given any specifics.
They will certainly tell you to make a change if they don't like it. In this case, no news is good news.
link to AMT specifics
Are there no "account specifics" in QA?-
First let me say this is not my being "sensitive" to having mistakes pointed out, if I make a mistake I want to know so I do not make it again. BUT, it is absolutely so frustrating when the QA people are not consistent with each other and make corrections on their personal preferences. For example, one tells you you made a mistake by formating this way, you change it, someone else QAs it and they say its wrong and to do it another way! You question this and are told to follow the account specifics, which is what you did to start with! I am truly curious to know if the QA people are brought together and given the same account specifics the MTs are. Honestly, from what I am seeing it is a "to each his/her own" and they are free to make whatever corrections they deem necessary and are given the freedom to change things we were told not to, then we get ganked for it! It also varies greatly between the day shift QAs and the night shift QAs. I have come across a few wonderful QAs in my time who were great and from who you could learn a lot. Unfortunately, there have only been a few.
If you are not given specifics for your test...sm
just type it as you learned it in school!


is right as you typed it, it is usually capitalized and always followed by a colon :

And it is


The newest form is to type 'at bedtime', as h.s. is a dangerous abbreviation.

True. Specifics, especially "different" ones
I have an account whose specifics break just about every style rule known to MT. Had they waited to break all this to me in hard copy after transcribing it the "right" way, I would be seriously confused.
I could see if she posted account specifics, etc., BUT
I definitely don't see the big deal about saying what hospital you will type on. Some people are way too sensitive and look for something to complain about, but that's just my personal opinion.
When account specifics does not cover

I usually refer to BOS and it states to add the year if not stated -  if you are sure of the year.  Also - interestingly enough - it says if you are doing long dictation and doc says labs done on April 4, 2006 are.........and then says additonal labs 4/5.... okay to used slashed date - this is on page 121 of BOS edition 2 if you are interested.   That being said don't think you would be WRONG to leave off the year if it is verbatim account :))

do you follow an Account Specifics?
I would read the specifics on that account and do it that way. sm
Sometimes QA gets things backwards, doesn't understand the rules, etc. Make sure you're doing it the way the account wants and ignore incorrect feedback.

If your account specifics don't address it, get a definitive answer from the account manager.

Once you get that definitive answer, it might be wise to have the account manager inform QA of the correct format.
It also depends on your account specifics too...
if it is verbatim, you type what they say...
I think that would just be preferential or maybe account specifics for the doc. sm
I think you are asking whether the "before" or "after" makes a difference. Not that I know of at all, I think it is all preferential in the way they are dictating unless his clinic/hospital requests it that way. The code is the code and is used for billing, makes no difference where in the diagnoses it is other than in order like primary diagnosis, secondary diagnosis, etc. Makes is so much easier on the coders when they give codes rather than second guessing them as some can be very confusing.
whatever the account specifics are, is how you to have type it...
regardless of whether or not you agree with it...just how some companies/accounts are...
and it is our responsibility to know the account specifics...
OK, I'll post specifics, even if they see it. I don't care any more.
Low work volume so shuffled from account to account with different specs in a short period of time. I used to complain about one former job putting me on three accounts in less than three weeks. Try three accounts in one week. Time-consuming setup of patient demographic information. Zero QA feedback, nothing, nada, zilcho. I don't know if I'm doing anything right or not. Ranting emails sent to everyone about "we're going to lose the account" unless you do this or that.
Your account specifics or the client should tell you which they prefer....
otherwise, I would use 2 spaces as that is the way it is normally done. I believe the AAMT recently has stated that only 1 space should be used, but I don't put a lot of stock in their rules. I go by what my client wants and account specifics.
crock pot. seach for recipe on google for specifics.
i'm not even thining about dinner.
Get some index card to write acct specifics on,


My account specifics require it typed out, so I can't really comment
I have been on accounts that did not require it. Unfortunately, you have to follow account specifics. I had all abbreviations in my Expander to type the full word or phrase because the account I worked on previously did not allow ANY abbreviations anywhere in the report. Needless to say, anytime you switch accounts, you likely have to adjust your expanders.
do you have Accounts Specifics written instructions to follow?
My account specifics state 2 spaces after a period, but when I get ASR..
it spits the report out with only 1 space after each period. I understand they are paying me less by making that minor adjustment, but is it worth my time to go put the extra space in. I would get paid for the spaces then. This will take extra time, obviously, but wondering if I would get thru the report quicker and make more money in the long run? Any suggestions?
OP also stated.....

"obviously upper middle class"....so that does definitely have a bearing on the response made.  There are so many variables here as well as trying to compare almost apples and oranges.  I'm very sorry that happened to the little girl, but they knew she had been already for for 14 hours; they don't even know where Holloway is; she was in a foreign country when she disappearing and said foreign country is not sharing any information.  There is a big difference between these two cases.

With all that being said, I do absolutely agree on one thing; there has been way too much coverage on Natalee Holloway.  I don't believe they will ever find her.  It was much too easy to throw her weighted body into the ocean or, maybe she was sent into South America to be used as "whatever they wish to make her do".  I haven't heard any reports on incoming or outgoing flights from Aruba during that night have you?  All it takes is a little single engine plane to do the job.  

What I stated before was---
I don't object to people breaking into food stores for water or food, but why do they need to steal TV sets, break into people's homes to steal jewelry, guns, etc. That is STEALING, folks, like it or not. Why do they need to steal TV sets now when there is no power to begin with??? If they were just taking items that they needed to survive, that's one thing, but to take advantage of a horrible situation is reverting to the law of the jungle. The fact that these IDIOTS are SHOOTING AT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO HELP THEM IS A CRIMINAL ACT! As I have said many times before on this board-- a situation like this brings out the best in some people and the worst in others! The ones who are doing all the looting, shooting, rapes, etc. already had that mentality and are just using this as an excuse. They are not helping anybody by doing this, including themselves.
Yes, it should be stated that 500 lph
Not many people can crank out 500 lph and if they do, it's because the account has many normals and templates. That's rare, especially in acute care.

Even if you could transcribe 500 lph, 6 cpl is still WAY TOO LOW. Do not accept that rate of pay unless you feel that's all your work is worth.
Who stated they took the AHP
I am actually a graduate from one of the top 3 schools, never had any problems finding a job after school. It is a disappointing field to get into, people expect you to work like a worker in a sweat shop. I especially feel bad for people who have been in this business for many, many years, have the CMT credential and don't get the pay they deserve. In all actuality, it doesn't matter where you got your training or your credientials, you still don't get paid what you are worth.

However, I am glad I researched the schools 3 years ago before getting sucked into one of the diploma mills.
As stated below...
...the pedal you currently have should be compatible to play .wav files.
I had one the other day that stated
Patient was given an insect at 150 mg per hour for 12 hours. Yuk!
Why was my post deleted when I gave specifics and mentioned no names?
My ASR accounts do 1 space after the periods, though the acct specifics want 2 spaces. sm
So does the company set up the VR specifics to include 1 space after the periods so they can pay just a little less? Does anyone take the time to put the extra spaces in, or do you just try to whip through the report just to keep going! Do the spaces after punctuation really amount to big difference in my pay? Just curious as to how all of you handle this situation. Let me know!
But my account specifics wants 2 spaces which takes precedence over BOS doesn't it? sm
So when I type on that account I put 2 spaces, and when I do ASR there is only 1. Maybe I am too detailed oriented, and I have to let the small things go. Been doing this 30 years, so I am stuck in my ways, I guess.
It's Transolutions, as stated above.
Excuse me, but as has been stated
very different. I'm happy that you have a good one, but we don't all get bonuses...even if we have excellent QA. So how 'bout gettin' off the high horse and jumping to conclusions when you may not have all the FACTS?
As I stated right at the beginning....

If it were ME, I would be blaming myself.  Each and everyone of us are responsible, one way or another, as to what happens in our lives.  Too many people over the past so many years find it much easier to place the blame elsewhere.  That is one of the problems with our society.  I was "accused" of being an over-protective parent as my child grew up, but guess what, he never, ever even came close to an incident such as that, or close to being kidnapped or any of the other things going on in the world; didn't fall down steps; wasn't involved as a passenger in a car accident, wasn't around drug users or "bad" people, because I PAID ATTENTION...I didn't allow accidents.  Accidents are only LACK OF ATTENTION and lack of common foresight! 

Also, my "over-protectiveness" did not in any way inhibit my child's growth.  He is a Gunnery Sargeant in the Marine Corps and handles great responsibility well and has the foresight and the attention needed to prevent accidents! 

As for the driver of that car, I'm not trying to "take their side"....I'm just saying we don't know what the circumstances were....my goodness, we have all run over something in the road at one time or another and when the weather is inclement or it is dark, sometimes you don't know what it is.  I would certainly hope that if they knew it was a child, of if they find out through newscoverage that they ran over a child, that they will come forward.  I'm sure that at least 99.9999% of people out there will not willfully run over anyone.  Perhaps he/she looked down at the dashboard or the left rear window for just that one second and felt a thump as he car moved on.  Probably wondered what it was but had no idea whatsoever that it was a child....why would any driver in their right mind think that a 2 year old was out on the highway at 2:00 AM or midnight or whenever it was????? 

as stated below, sounds like
office mangers padding their own pockets, NOT MQ policy... I would take it all the way to corporate
You have just stated my feelings exactly. nm
The letter I got clearly stated that you can opt out
of ASR and do strictly MT. I was told when I trained on DEP that at some point there would be a reduction for those doing ME. I see no reason to bail, as my office, at least, was up front with me. It's unfortunate if some offices were not.
It would be x3 or 3 times if stated
that way.
That was NOT how you stated, read
I am glad I don't do you line counts either, but I can bet they are not 2500 in 8 hours!!!
spaces are usually stated -- with or without
it's no trick at all

if they say just 65 characters, i would think spaces are not paid

yes, you could call them and that is what you should do

No I meant what I stated.
Taxes and other deductions come out of the $730/750 a week.

The monetary value of company provided health insurance, PTO, STD, LTD, life insurance, retirement, company matched income tax, etc., adds about another 30% plus value to my base pay.
not one name nor team name was stated....nm
I do believe as stated in this discussion
that we should care for them. I just want to respond to some things said. Yes, our parents have decades to prepare. But my parents worked very hard and were extremely smart with their money and had a good savings when my Dad became ill. However, to put him in a nursing home is thousands of dollars a month. His insurance paid 0 for it and Medicare only paid 20 days. For him to stay it would have drained every pain fast (and it did) and then he would get state aid of course. If you can at all help it, a nursing home is NOT where you want to put a loved one. Some are great if you can afford them, but even the ones you think are good can be very remiss in care. Trust me, I've seen it. They're grossly understaffed and some employees should not be in that field, enough said. I don't and didn't at ANY time feel caring for my Dad was a burden. I did feel it was my responsibility. He's a member of my family. If my brother or sister became ill and had no family to care for them, I would certainly feel it's my responsible to at the very least help them get care but for certain to make sure they're cared for. I can't say how a person should feel towards an abusive parent since thankfully I have no experience in that. No, I wouldn't want to 'burden' my children with caring for me when I'm old. But if I raise them right and I happen to need care, I would hope they would feel privileged and blessed like I did, to help make sure I get what I need.