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that's just rumors, as persistent as they are unfounded

Posted By: Shemah on 2005-11-03
In Reply to: I had heard that women cannot go out unaccompanyied, and it has to be a male - relative - sm

You can go out anytime you want.  You do have to wear the abiyya (the black cloak, very thin, go find it in silk!) to cover your clothes, it's a matter of modesty.  Non-Muslim women don't have to cover their hair, but the Embassy tells you to carry a scarf with you in your purse, just in case.  The hospital sent two buses out every evening to various destinations: Safeway and Pizza Hut, or the open-air bazaar, or the enclosed mall with red carpet, a/c, fountains, escalators and chandeliers, or to the open air fruit/vegetable market.  There are amusement parks that are separated into men's side and women's side, complete with log flume.  The zoo has women's days.  The restaurants are divided into men's and family section, and usually the family sections are MUCH nicer, with mashrabiyya screens for privacy, your own waiter, etc.  There are taxi's all over (called limos), that you can call from the hospital to take you anywhere you want to go, or you can catch them on the street of course.  Far from, being hostile, the Arab women are very friendly, they are very curious about us.  The slightest show of friendship on your side willl go a long way.  You'll meet lots of American and British employees at the hospital, of course, but sad to say, most of them go on the shopping buses, but otherwise sit home and complain about how there's no freedom and they can't do anything.  Make yourself some Arab friends (female) and you'll be out every night partying!!!  Non-alcoholic, of course :)

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Persistent sadness.

Aack, don't forget to get your thyroid checked when you go into the doc's office for those antidepressants!  You might be hypothyroid.

You have to be persistent. Don't give up...sm

I too was running out of work.  I worked full-time for three different companies in the last five years and none could give me consistent work.  I now have three part-time IC positions and have never run out of work.  Look everywhere you can for a job and send resumes to them all.  Eventually you will hear back.  Don't forget the newspapers and internet.  This isn't the only place to find a job, although I did get one of mine from here.

Good luck and don't give up.  I bet I sent out 30+ resumes a couple years ago when I was looking and maybe had four responses.

Be persistent! The doc is probably not expediting her next appointment
because your mom may not be physically symptomatic. If it were me, I would call to talk to the doctor personally (not his/her nurse or assistant) and maybe he can give her some reassurance that everything is OK. Good luck.
I take rumors with a grain of salt. Usually bad news travels faster than good news and complainers scream more loudly than those with good news.

All 3 of my contacts on hiring (recruiter, hiring coord., and production supervisor) told me I was hired on the new SE plan. It does state that for my region's office you have to maintain 98% quality but no where does it address any amount of reports to QA...just maintain 98% quality on QA reviews. Also, I have to type 1600 lines on weekends (in any combination).

The minimum lines for me as an SE is 6000 lines per payperiod - they told me that was up from 4000.

I'm not worried and I don't think you should either. I just was surprised to get some of the responses I did. There are really some upset people here. Oh well.
I'm not saying that isn't fact ... I just don't believe rumors until
fact is presnted.

I guess I will find soon enough.

They are not rumors. They are opinions. MQ is moving towards something and that is a fact and it may
well be they are going to go with the technology spoken about above totally by other posters and get out of the MT side of it. That has been spoken of many many times by many many people and is not a rumor. It is an opinion. I would rather be forwarned and have my ducks in a row and not sit her getting nasty surprises. No one has to do anything but just be aware that is all. Just be looking over your shoulder and thinking ahead and you will be fine.
I worked there briefly, and also heard rumors sm

of people not being paid.  Not sure what benefits you are talking about, as they hire ICs only, or at least that was the practice in the past. 

I left because of the unfair way they count lines.  They use Bayscribe, but do not count spaces.  They add in 15%, but it still ends up being a lot lower.  The accounts are easy -- clinic work, no ESLs -- but still I only did 150 lines per hour there, compared to 300-350 plus at MDI-MD.  Also, the QA person I dealt with was rather snippy and rude.  that coupled with the substantially lower pay rate (8-1/2 cpl, I think) -- why stay?  Fortunately, I did get paid, although when I left I did send Deb an email telling her about the rumors I had heard and that I did expect to be paid.


Good luck, whatever you decide.

You are spreading rumors not "reporting a story"
It is an inflammatory rumor unless you can prove Walmart did this on purpose.
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