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they prob can dictate a schedule

Posted By: I was a statutory for about a week on 2009-04-06
In Reply to: statutory vs. IC sm - nemt

no tx...  find a new job that is IC and doesn't demand a schedule; quit feeding the hungry MTSOs that only want to pad their pockets...  UGGHHH! 

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Actually, they can dictate a schedule and even pay.
It's not a black and white line on those issues. It is very gray and very subjective.

A client/company can state when they want the work done (time frames) or even how much they are willing to pay and even other issues.

Our working at home blurs the line and casts so much problem in defining this accurately.

But yes, they can definitely define those factors.

Yep, they dictate in noisy nursing stations, dictate in the ER, dictate in the OR when they are
cleaning up banging around and we are supposed to hear them. So much for HIPPA.
No prob...I go with what...
...I remember.  For me "bothkids" works - to each her own - especially since I time 100 wpm anyway.  Actually, I didn't say I didn't like Shorthand.  You asked who has worked on each and for info, and I indicated that I like ShortKeys better because...
No prob. Thanks for the explanation! sm
I work really hard to make my work accurate, spending probably too much time researching. I read medical books for fun and learning on my own time, and I am very particular. However, I see stuff all the time that indicates that a lot of MTs don't care too much about quality or don't know how to achieve it. I wonder about legal liability and the safeguards in place in hospitals and nursing homes to make sure meds are correct, etc. I personally do not think MTs have ultimate responsibility for patient safety and if we do accept this onus, we are going to start getting sued for malpractice and having to buy insurance, which I don't think we should have to do. Just some of the things I wonder about and wanted to get opinions, especially from people with hands-on patient care experience. Thanks again for writing back and explaining.
I've had that prob. too. SM
When I re-booted, all seemed ok. Don't remember if I hit re-start or actually waited for an extended period of time before I powered the 'puter back up.
had same prob with Linksys... -sm
I had the same issues with the Linksys router that we bought. Couldn't connect to the company and couldn't do any file transfers. I gave that one away (couldn't find the receipt) and bought a Belkin router. It was a bit more expensive, but OH SO worth it!! I set the whole thing up in no time and with no help and no calls to tech support for the router...all just using the CD they sent. It has worked from day one without a hitch!! My suggestion: Trash the Linksys and get a Belkin. You won't regret it!
My prob is reading it how it SHOULD be and not
He prob. makes $XXX,XXX.XX & U $XX,XXX.XX
I've had same prob
I've had the same problem. Google will look fine and then once I go back to it, it will be all tiny. All of mine still fits on one page though. I haven't figured it out but if I close it out and go somewhere else and then come back to Google, it usually resolves itself. If that doesn't work, I think restarting your pc will straighten it out.
was knocked off and he has drug prob...nm
syntax prob? your dream 5 ft 2 in..nm

Dictaphone prob, and they are working on it.
But they tend to work on these problems late at night and on weekends, so that stretches out the length of time it takes for them to actually solve the problem. They don't want to take the entire system down during the busiest work times. They did replace the server over the weekend, which apparently didn't help. At least they know the glitch isn't a hardware issue. Sorry. I'm waiting and waiting for line counts, too. It is frustrating.

since there are a lot of them who really put forth the effort to be understood; I don't mind being a little more patient with them.  But the ones who KNOW their English sux and insist on rambling on a 78 rpm (as well as their American counterparts).  What I would really like to ask them to do is to SPEAK LIKE YOU SPOKE AT YOUR JOB INTERVIEW WITH THE HOSPITAL.  I'm sure they had no trouble being understood then. I'd still rather have a good ESL who's reallying trying than a sloppy US doctor - we KNOW he/she knows how to speak correctly; it's just carelessness.  What are they going to do with the few extra seconds they save?

Most hospitals I worked at would not tolerate lousy dictators - and from my experience, mgmt. almost always sided with the MT.  I even overhead one administrator tell a sloppy dictator to .."Either clean up your act or get someone else to dictate for you.  We're not getting into a lawsuit bec. of your carelessness...and my desk is stacked with resumes. 

MY PET PEEVE WITH ALL OF THE DICTATORS?   PLEEEEZE take the 2-3 seconds it takes to SPELL ANOTHER DOCTOR'S NAME, esp. with a CC.  I'm born knowing how to spell it, right?  But I'm not jumping hoops looking it up ... just leave blank.  They'll get the message.

But we know the MTSOs won't touch that subject.  Better see US tear our hair out and loose $$ with s---y dictators than confront the client.

She is scared about turn around time of her business. Prob nothing you can do other than what you d
She does understand, just frustrated and wanting to prob, poke, intimidate, make you feel bad. Just stay calm, when giving her choices just stay calm and say which would you want me to handle for you. Say, I can HELP YOU with thus and thus. She knowwwws just scared and just remain calm, stick to your "Calm Guns" and don't take personally. Say, I know you are worried, this is how I can help, which will it be (so to speak, she will soften and might end up apologizing a bit. Remain at least another month and see how pans out.
prob priviledged info but under the category of (small)
whatever they want either way.

do they toy with the figures? probably. research line count software.
put leg straight out. Pull gently on toes. More pain? Prob DVT.
Could be pulled muscle. Don't need cellulitis with DVT, but generally will have some swelling, warmth MAYBE. Try the toe pull thing with the leg stretched out, see if it hurts. If it does, see a doc today, please.
Choose any menu, prepare, serve and enjoy. If they don't want to eat, their prob. This should
I don't have a set schedule

My responsibilities are this:
1.  Account A - make sure all of Monday's dictation is due back by Tuesday morning 6 a.m. (they're time). Same for the remainder of the week.
2.  Accounts B and C - make sure all of the H&Ps dictated on Monday are transcribed and returned by Tuesday morning 6 a.m., they're time. Same for the remainder of the week.
3.  Anything I transcribe Monday is due back 6 a.m. (they're time) they next business day. Ditto for the rest of the week.

This only changes when there's a stat reports.

As long as I meet "the deadline," I can work whenever I want. And I do.

my schedule
I am a hardworking MT who used to be in a managerial position.  I am scheduled for 9-1/2 hours daily because I prefer to take breaks rather than work straight through 8 hours.  Today, however, I only took a 1/2 hour break, and stopped working an hour earlier than my shift was to end.  Now I'm wondering if that was the "wrong" thing to do.  I have only been in this job for a few months, and wherever I have worked before, holiday schedules were always pretty "laid back."  Now I'm wondering if I will be in big trouble tomorrow.  If it makes any difference, my production was higher than usual today, I think because I was trying so hard to get done an hour early.  What about this one?
Schedule C

Your schedule C should give you all the deductions that they have taken off of your business income.  When you print out all the forms it is there.  Have used it for almost 15 years now and (knock on wood) had a problem at all.



i work sun through thursday for 2 nationals
I have a set schedule, but...sm
I work 10 hours in a 12 hour window...5-5...working 10 hours in between. I believe this is what she was asking, correct?
My New Schedule

I also know what you're going through...I had the same issues ALL summer last year.  It sounds like my kids may be a little older than yours and are in school, so the last last 9 months have been wonderful, but now summer is back. 

I spent a lot of time hashing over a schedule that would work out for me, my family and my account and came up with this:  M-F 6-9 am and then 6-9 pm and a few hours early Saturday morning.  I am able to vary this schedule a little bit so that also helps, but so far I LOVE my new schedule.  It gets me up and going in the morning and I really don't miss sleeping in a little longer like I thought I would.  It gives me the whole day free with the kids or for getting odd jobs done around the house, and and then I just work a few hours in the evening which gives my husband some summer time with the kids too.  Then we have the weekends as a family. 

I know everyone's needs/schedules are different, but I just thought I'd share this schedule in case it would work out for you.  I really dreaded summer coming, but now I'm really enjoying it.

Also, don't stress over the house...it just gets messy again anyway.  It's SO not worth worrying about.  I used to keep a spotless house, but now I'm just expecting my kids to help out more (which is good for them) and I have to accept the job they do and be thankful.

Good luck.  

Also, the MQ does not have IC, only PT and FT, so they do set schedule. (nm)
you do not need a tax ID # - just use the Schedule C - sm
and Sch. SE on your taxes. Write off as much as you can in your expenses, phone line, computer, paper, ink, chair, desk, electricity, etc. ---and no you do not need to incorporate; unless you become a big company I would not bother with that.
IC = no set schedule
The IRS will tell you the same thing. If you meet TAT there is no need for further restriction. If it was to log in to check for stats or something I might be okay with it and understand it but if this is not the case, you need to stand your ground because if you start being treated as an employee it is bad news for you and those you work for if the IRS decides to audit.
my schedule...
I said I worked 55 minutes and took a 5-minute break... I only work a 6 hour shift anyway. If I have to go to the bathroom, I go. I usually go when I get up to stretch my legs though if I have to.

Yes, I have a man in my life, and yes he interrupts me a lot, which is one of the reasons I don't get a lot done. No, I do not have kids at home, they are grown.

I don't know what the problem is? I only posted what happened to me when I decided to see how productive I actually could be.

I did not say this had to be done all day every day, I did not say there were not exceptions to the rule, I did not say that this was what MTs had to be forced to do.

One of the problems with MTs not being considered professionals anymore is because we want the job, but we do not want the responsibilities that come along with being a professional.

Do you know that when I used to work with children at home, the kids were always asking me why I could not play with them instead of playing on the computer all day. Well, you know what, I changed to 3rd shift so that they would not think I was playing by myself all the time instead of playing with them.

This is still a job. Some of us have to earn a living at it and not just do it for the extra income. You are running your business like you want to, I am running my business like I want to.

I don't consider anything about this a sweatshop. I want to make at least 2000 lines a day and I want to do it the fastest and easiest way I can - I do not want to spend all day in front of the computer. I want to be able to turn it off and be done with it at some point.

Now, sorry if I rambled, got off point, got off subject, but darn, I am kinda getting ill now with everybody jumping on me!
800 dictate can help you set it up.

Cannot dictate for MDs
You cannot dictate for a physician unless you have a PA or MD degree.  We volunteered at the last in-house position I held to dictate the discharge summaries instead of paying quite a bit for interns/residents to do the dictating and were told it is not legal.
If they dictate
your hours, you are not an IC and the IRS will sooner or later jump on it.  Do you file a schedule C with your income tax?  Be careful, because if you're not a real IC your deductions may not be allowed.  
I often dictate for a doc sm
that will send his patients to a therpaist named Candace Jones, but he always sends them to Candice Bergan.
If they dictate them, they want them on there.
what? i have a schedule to work.
i said it sounds like a mgmt problem. it does. mgmt is who allows people to work off schedule.

geez, get over it.
If MTs were working their schedule...
management would not have to STOP them from taking another MTs work.  It's pretty simple .  Oh, and by the way, why exactly are you being forced to become an employee in January?
I'm an SE. I decide my schedule.
That is my current contract with my employer.

I don't even have to ask to work past my schedule. I don't have ask off. All I have to do is say I'm not working my planned schedule. That's all. However, I don't do business that way.

I keep my schedule and then I am usually asked to work more so I do.

I've worked at this place for years and I have never been limited on how much work I do. That will change shortly but after several conversations with upper management, there will be opportunity for overtime.

If you are an employee, not statuatory or IC, then you are more restricted in what you do. That is very true.

It's just not what I have been working as all this time for this particular employer.
re below: working out of schedule
i work all different hours throughout the week and on the weekends.  I dont ask permission to get on and type whenever I want.  My company knows when I am typing and when I am not.  No one has ever complained about the money I make them.  I don't ever think about any other MT when I am trying to feed my family.  I think about what I need to provide for them and how I need to go about doing that.  If an MT cannot get their line count in during their scheduled shift, then that MT needs to be more flexible with their shift and work different hours to make up for it just like the rest of us.
If you try to control your IC's schedule
in the eyes of the IRS?  If that is the case, I would encourage your "ICs" to ask for benefits.
To Working Your Schedule

I'm not trying to flame you but just ask a question.  How is it you know for sure this "greedy" MT is "him"?  What I mean is, how do you know specifically who THE person is?  Does your system allow you to see who is on at the same time you do?  If not, has that information been given to you by someone in the company?

Again, I'm not flaming.  I'm just wondering how you know to place blame on a particular person and have knowledge that someone is getting your lines rather than it just being a lull in the work flow.


I always work off-schedule when there
is the need. What I am talking about is those who not only work their schedule, but other MT's schedules as well and take work away from others. To answer your question, the type of MT business where other MTs are allowed to infringe on someone else's schedule after already working their own, is definitely not my idea of how the MT business should be run. Greed is ugly no matter how you try to dress it up and make it pretty.
working without a schedule
Does anyone know any good companies that allow you to work with a flexible schedule?  I'd like to do a certain amount of work in a day/week/pay period without being obligated to a certain time frame every day, especially when it seems to be that the times I am scheduled are the times that the work is caught up or you can't get into the system.  It would be nice to work different times on different days.  Thanks for any input.  P.S. Loving the snowflakes. 
Do you want to make your own schedule,
ICs make their own schedule, employees punch in and out as a regular employee would with a schedule, but you would possibly get benefits, etc. It is just really a personal preference.
following a set schedule is only one of several criteria used by IRS
to determine if person is employee or IC.  Regardless, I think you would not find many IC's jobs that actually let you work whenever you feel like it. I mean, the work is promised back to the client by a certain time so how is that going to happen unless people follow a schedule?
work schedule
Is it just me? Every single company that I have investigated is now insisting on a schedule of either Sunday-Thursday or Tuesday-Saturday. Why can't I work Monday-Friday?! I don't mind a rotating weekends a couple times a month, but I'd really like to have my weekends for me and the kids! Okay my vent is over...I feel a little better now.
Frustrated with schedule
I work for a large national company. I was told that EVERY time I was away from my computer, I needed to have Pre-approved time-off.  Even if you are gone for 15-20 mintues to taxi your kids somewhere.  We only get 2 flexes per month.  I am part-time and have no benefits.  I also have trouble making the daily line counts.  Sometimes with kids things come up and you need to take them somewhere and this can happen more than 2 times per month.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Any suggestions are welcome!!   
How about when you give a schedule but...
pretty much have to be available 24/7 because there is not enough work during your scheduled hours to meet quota?
my crazy schedule

work for company A: Mornings (Tues-Sat) approximately 10-12 sometimes 9-12. Monday 2-6 , then make dinner , 7-11 pm work again  go to bed "early" on Monday night.  Usually work 2-4 hours on Sunday afternoon/evening.   Sunday morning church, Sunday night watch a DVD or something (love Netflix)

company B (this company has plenty of overtime available): sometimes do a few hours Monday morning, Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-pm 6 - dinner  - 7:30-12 am , Friday and Saturday 2-6 - dinner - 7:30 - 1 am. 

don't take too frequent breaks - once in a while to make tea.  too many breaks is bad for my concentration.  and so is checking my e-mail on my PC. (but sometimes I do).




Beg to differ - Schedule C with your sm
business expenses - 100% deductible. 
If the only problem is the apt schedule being-sm
hard to read, I would have the boss speak with the clinic and see if some improvment/change can be made on that end.

If that is not the only reason and you are happy with the amount of time/money I would ask to be changed to another account.
I used to work the same schedule.
This is what worked for me:

You have to stay in the graveyard shift even on weekends. It won't work trying to change on weekends. If you choose to work through the night, you'll need to live that schedule 7 days a week.

If you are sleeping immediately after your shift, you might need to allow about an hour to relax or settle a bit before attempting sleep. I always allowed myself to get a hot shower before going to bed. Helped me relax.

Don't drink any caffeinated beverages the last 4-5 hours of your shift. Don't drink/eat anything the last 2 hours before you plan to go to bed. It all interferes with sleep.

I had sound/light-cancelling window treatments in my bedroom and used a sound machine with nature sounds, not music. Music tends to engage your mind rather most of the time.

The ear plugs, I tried and did not like. Dark mask, I tried and did not like. I sure did not want to take any drugs just to get sleep.

You might have to have a few rough days/nights to get into it. Don't nap. Only sleep when you're supposed to.

Not everyone is cut out for it. And it is damaging to the body. I remember seeing a news documentary on the effects of 3rd shift on heart disease being as significant as smoking a pack a day.

holiday schedule?
Just wondering how other companies/hospitals handle the holiday schedule so as to where you will not be working the same holidays two years in a row.  I am working at a hospital and this is my second year in a row working Christmas.   I have worked two July 4ths in a row, too.  When I asked about it, was told it is just how it falls, but if i could come up with an easier solution, to let her know.  There are some companies that ask you to choose 1 winter holiday and 1 summer holiday to work, and the next year you do another.  Any other suggestions on how this can be handled fairly?  TIA
work schedule - sm
Last summer, I was running out of work all the time, using PTO and time off without pay and making up time at night to try to make my lines. After much soul-searching, I decided to change my schedule to evenings. My CCM allowed me to "try" the new schedule for two weeks and see how I liked it. Like you, when I run out of my BOB, I work on other accounts. I have only run out of work a few times since last summer (mostly when the system went down for some reason). There is plenty of work during my shift, and I consider myself quite malleable when it comes to covering other shifts (like you) when requested, working overtime when the work is heavy, and picking up new accounts. I do not consider this an injustice. I consider it an opportunity. I guess that is why I have lasted in this field for so long. MTs have to learn that they are not self-employed. They work for a COMPANY. That means they are committed to the company's needs. At least that's my attitude. I enjoy my work, have good rapport with my CCM, and have a sense of pride in what I do, and - did I mention? - I am also making a living at it.