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time of post

Posted By: jeeperbelle on 2007-07-17
In Reply to:

Is there a way to tell what time a message is posted?  Sometimes I would like to know when a "Word Help" has been posted....if it is new or if it has been there for too long to help.  Thanks.

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Then how is it that you have time to post here all day long?
so transparent
OMG! Just checked my time sheets regarding the post below
about drop down menu having changed for our stats, and the time sheet is JUST LIKE SPHERIS NOW!!!  The poster below is right - there is no more choice of "correction" for editing versus transcription, and there are a zillion in and out boxes to log in, JUST LIKE SPHERIS!!  Bet the new "pay plan" is now here, and we'll hear really soon....The time sheets are ready - just might help if we knew, too!
Thank you for taking the time to post back....sm
I'm sure he must be depressed, and my brother also. I'll bring up the subject to him and see if I can make him see that they are really needing some outside help here, more than we can do just as family members.  You bring up a lot of good points.  Thanks again. 
This is an example of how at least one company manipulates both the Transcriptionist and their own clients to their detriment and to the company's gain. And it is all true.
Sorry, that is not uncommon at this time of year. Post SM
office employees get greedy.
TERRIFIC POST!!.....thanks for taking the time

Well, collectively it probably took 20 minutes of my time to post today.
My kids are out and about. I did all my work. I'm a good girl, you see! I don't really get your perceived "jab" at me at all.  Why do you think that because I am in favor of someone being an MT and keeping their precious baby at home as opposed to in day care, that somehow that means I say I spend every minute of my life focused on my kids? I really think when you respond like this, its because you are not confident in your own life - I won't delve deeper, but you feel guilty. Guilty enough to have to make fun of me and put imaginary words in my mouth.  I never said a whisper or innuendo that MT mothers with kids at home have to focus every second of their lives on their kids. That's ridiculous! We all know that!  And I assume you're the same poster above about camp? You use the same SM.  I am sorry to disappoint you that I don't understand your "revelation" about my identity! I never said a word here about camp, and don't follow that thought at all.  The OP asked if she could do it - be an MT and have a baby at home. I recognize another poster from below, childfree by choice. She and I have had some wonderful debates in the past, and I think we usually agree to disagree! But certainly nice meeting you, I think??
Thank you for taking the time to post this good advice. NM
That is an interesting site. Thanks for taking time to post it--nm
This is the last time I will post on this subject or back to you beacuse
you are most definitely a very unhappy person who needs something to fuss about...... It can never only cost 7.5% more because your social security and taxes are based on how much you make. When you add your IC income it is different for everyone, depending on what tax bracket they are in, and yes it cost me more. Even if it were 7.5% I would still say it is not worth it for ME but that is my opinion - you are free to have yours.

P.S. I do fill out my own taxes because I also refuse to pay anybody more than it is worth to do them when I can go buy Turbo Tax and fill them out myself. If you really want to see the difference, fill out your Taxes without your IC income and then put it in and see the difference!
Need help on tech board before my post is deleted a third time. Thanks. nm


Best post I've read in a long time.
I tend to go back and forth with my feelings about this profession. In the mornings I am glad I do not have to get up, get ready and go to an office. Many times in the evening, after I have during the day and still have work to do, I feel like stuffing it all. Many times I am disheartened when I get my paycheck, but I am glad to be getting one, while my sister worries about getting laid off from her manufacturing job. MT has advantages and disadvantages.
clicking on your post to see an answer was a waste of time
I am open tomorrow night ......just post a time!
There is NOTHING to post! The boards were trolled for a long time by the lawyers AGAINST MQ, looking
for any lame info in a very unprofessional (not to mention unethical) manner.  They used us and left. Now the law suits are in the "discovery process", where both sides are gathering info, where they can then decide whether to proceed forward or not.  No news at all for us MTs.  Again, the $$-hungry lawyer(s)? were all over this board months back, stirring up the pot, begging us for info, and then VANISHED!
To adminstrators. Love your new format. Could you please back the actual time of the post.
Love the little smiley faces that can be added too.  And the print.  Just bring back the time along with the date of post if possible.
The FUNNY thing is that in the amount of time it takes for them to post a message
Should just post all their open positions in one post and only be allowed to post one of those a day
Amen! Amen! Amen. You have helped me this day, by taking out time to write such a post!
May God bless you tremendously.
NOTE: The above sticky post prize changes as someone wins. Inside that post is
I don't understand what your post has to do with original post of TIMED tests. NM
Not anymore. For some time now, I've been working 32 hours and am considered full time to receive
Working full time at home with small children is hard but part time works great
is almost impossible. You will either have to work when your spouse is home or for only a few hours during the day and then more when they are asleep. I work part time at home and my kids (2&5 now) have done very, very well. They are great kids, very well behaved, don't get into much. I stop working to check on them/give them some attention every hour or so while I work (5 hours each afternoon or so) and they get all my attention in the morning and at night. It has worked out beautifully for us.
Post deleted -- Do not post e-mail addresses. (NM)
Ignore my post. I finally found the post on how to do this. nm
Yeah, our choc. lab does that from time to time - makes it interesting!- nm
Cannot legally require you to commit time to them as an employee and then not pay you for that time.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
I work a full time and a part time, but not sure about 2 full-time...
My hubbie is disabled and I am the only one in my family working also, so I fully understand. You will not have a day off at all working 2 full-time as that is going to be the only way you will get in all your hours. I work one job in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the other from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and do have off one day a week, but if I had to get in the extra 15 hours to make the other job full-time I am not sure how I would do that other than lose my only day off. Also, make sure you have your account specifics in front of you at all times because you will get yourself confused as to who is what and having notes will help in that area. Good luck to you, as it is possible, but forget about your house being clean, having any social life, etc. Feel free to email me personally if you just need someone to talk to, as I have been where you are and still am.
Maybe they will. Give it time. It takes time to set up links.
OSI, Precyse, etc tell us more.
full time, part time, statutory
newly defined full time...

newly defined part time....(which is an added classification)

I believe statutory just was not mentioned because there is nothing new about the definition of statutory.
full time/part time/statutory
The definition of full time is new.

There is a new classification called part time.

I believe statutory was not mentioned merely because that has not changed and they do not receive PTO/benefits.
I work 1 full-time, 2 part-time....nm
Yes, I tried to post same last night about 10 times, and it won't let me post.
I used to breed lab puppies (please no activist flames)! I had a champion female white Canadian lab, and people would be on a list for years if by chance I bred her, which I did twice, and so that I could continue her line.  Anyhow, she's my sweet Skye who passed away 2 months ago? At any rate, we had the same problems with kids in the "hood" who wanted to come over and play once the puppies were old enough to be exercised daily and played with.  At first I thought, how cute, right? Puppies and little kids - what better picture! Well, the majority of kids were adorable, but there were always 1 or 2 sick ones who would smack the pups, smash and hold their heads in the dirt (a real common thing, but I don't know why - psychiatrist anyone).  At any rate, I finally had to ban the whole group due to the 1 or 2 creeps, had to call the police, the whole 9 yards, and that's EXACTLY what the police officer told me - next thing is there will be poison meat or a donut in the yard. He told me to always go out and patrol my yard, especially alone the fence line every day before I let the dogs out, particularly at night. I went out with a flashlight.  It was about a month later, but sure enough - poison meat.  Because there were so many kids involved, we obviously couldn't pin point the exact family, but the police went and read the riot act to them all. It would stop and not happen again for a year or so, but every now and again we would find something. My dogs were NEVER out and barking, so it was nothing like that - it was just over the puppies and the cruel kids.... Not trying to freak you, but that's the way these kids and their families are.  You can really judge someone's character by ill treatment of a PUPPY, of all things. And the parents??  They sound whacked.  Please be careful.
Sorry, I posted this post under the wrong post
The job post has been removed and they are unable to post further.
my post did not all post in the subject, my apologies...
I think you can get the idea.

Excellent post! I copied this post and...
am going to show it to my shrink so he can understand my frustration with my new "profession!" By the way, how much you wanna bet he pulls in 300$ an hour and has two years of schooling on me! Hmmmmmmm. Okay, you flamers, don't tell me to go back to school...I am thinking about it. Hmmmm
Because my post was deleted in reference to the above post, sm
Ladies-once again, I apologize for coming across as a witch in the above post.  I appreciate the links and the time spent on posting them. 
OOPS. Post for magnent post below...nm
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.
Ah, I really meant to post that under the original post
Though it was gourdpainter's post which inspired me to post that suggestion.

Here's an URL for the medical transcription division of PRN Funding, BTW:


what mean post made you post your post
Which mean post was the straw that broke the poster's back.
its a waste of time yet you take the time to respond?

**yawn time for your bed time old thinker*
Hippie??  What pray tell is a hippie?  Im not judgmental..I dont care what another is partying about or with or whom they are with..Im not a cop or the warmonger in the White House..far be it from me to judge another..You, however, by your post seem to have grown old before your time..I recommend you just graze on your back yard grass and leave us **alive ones** alone..**yawn**, time for you to go to bed now, hun?  Bye..bye..old person..
I do believe she is good enough, and has more than proved that time and time again. NM
part-time or full-time
I'm curious. Are you FT or PT? Thanks.
4 week's time or 4 weeks' time
Does anyone know this one. I will see the patient back in 4 week's time, 4 weeks' time or 4 weeks time. Can't seem to find this in any of my reference books. Thanks in advance.
1 full time and 1 part time for now
I am still pretty new, so that is all I am taking on. I may take on more after I get more experience, if possible.
I never denied that I need a break from time to time, but
I was just stating how I took her post and the fact that I am worried about how my son will react since he is already getting quite upset. But, yes, any parent SHOULD be able to admit that they need a break from time to time...we're only human too! :)