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too much time on re-checking

Posted By: MTBlab on 2006-08-10
In Reply to:

I was just thinking.  If I spent 10 minutes per hour rechecking what I have already typed, 10 x 8 hours = 80 MINUTES.  That's a lot of time.  And I know sometimes I check more than that.

I need to learn to just trust and let go.  What is your rule?  Do it right the first time, trust yourself, and just move on, or do you pore back over and worry too much? 

I have got to speed up a bit.  Seems I have always had this problem! 

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please do keep me posted. Thank you very very very much.
Thank you. I'm checking them out. (sm)
My most recent experience was more than the 5 years ago that they ask about on the website. Is that going to keep them from hiring me? Is there a test of some sort? Thanks again.
just checking
to see if post worked
My reports are from 1 to 50 pages. I can't afford to go over the entire report at the end. I do it as I go, using the highlighter on MS Word to mark the last line of each section or several at a time, once they're reviewed. I use a different color to flag things for the doctor or remind myself to go back and review something I need to verify. I just go back and undo the marker points when I'm done. I can't move along without proofing though, maybe because I'm still new at this, or perhaps it's my personality type.
if you have been doing this for awhile and have not received negative feed back from QA, then I would suggest you lighten up a bit on yourself. I leave my grammer checker on and when I am finished with a report, I give it the once over for any *dreaded green lines* pointing out any grammar errors and if there are not any, I send it on. I get very little feed back on my work, negatively. I also check, quickly for any number transposes, as sometimes I get them backwards, but that is a personal thing for me. It saves alot of time if you learn to trust what you do. good luck.
The reason you hire these people is to help you out not add on more work. Believe me been there. There are plenty of good MTs out there, in fact this one is looking!
What about checking
Windows Task Manager? Would this work while you are connected to VPN? Hit CTRL, ALT-Delete once and up pops the window. Choose USERS tab and would that show you if somebody else was on your computer? Just a thought. VPN is supposed to be somewhat protective, but there should also be a firewall and a program like AVG. Where I have worked the IT people do have to know a lot about the computers. IT people tend to be very stressed out because they get blamed for everything IME.
From my checking around,
it seems like you MUST go out on your own and find your own accounts, if you want to make any decent money and STILL have a life! Physicians by themselves pay much better than the MTSO's AND less account specs, cesspool, etc. Cuts out the middleman.
Definitely worth checking into.....
left office to work here. NEVER regretted it. Good tech support, wonderful, easy going supervisors, great accounts, few ESLs, platform is easy to use. Check it out.
Just checking. It's great to see someone who is
checking my smilies
Make sure you right click on the picture, choose copy then come here and paste.  If this works, that's what I did.
I got a DBA for the checking account...sm
but did not get a business license. However, I do not live within any city limits. I was told by the bank that I should register with the state but never did and I do not recall paying any fees. I eventually got big enough where I incorporated which of course makes all the above points moot.
checking out a surgeon?
is there a way to check out a surgeon or doctor before making an apt with them?  (complaints, track record or anthing else).  I've never been comfortable with the "referral" from your primary or whoever it might be because I can't shake the idea of friends referring to friends and not based on qualifications.  thanks
Checking the dictionary?
Are we watching the same Judge Joe Brown!?! Not the impression I get, at all. LOL!
are you checking references?
yes very helpful - I was just checking
them out at Transcriptiongear, and you can even get pink ones, how cute.
I got my own accounts by checking the want ads.
Any advertised position for a medical Transcriptionist received a phone call from me. I would ask if they would consider allowing the work to be done off site. If they said no, I would thank them and move on. If they said yes, I made an appointment to see the person in charge. I landed a physician's office that was part of a larger physician's group. Through their network, I landed three other offices just by word of mouth from the original office manager. The quality, timeliness and price of my product was valued and through it I received the other referrals. I have never looked for a job since then; they have all come to me. In this job, "quality is job one".
OMG! Before doing all this checking for scam AVs, I'd
rather pay

$ 30.--

for a yearly subscription with McAfee and am safe.

It costs $ 40.-- McAfee PLUS for 1 year and if one subscribes early for the coming year, McAfee gives a discount of $ 10.-- and it comes to $ 30.--.
Firewall is included. The scanning is very strong so that it does not let through programs that I want to install and it asks for permission.

Again: for Tech Support: Why do you not favor McAfee?

checking resources on computer

Does anyone know how to check resources on Windows-XP, also on Windows 98?  Thanks

Probably because someone can empty out your checking account before
Try checking out the IRS website. Maybe there's a list there. nm
Have you tried checking the IRS website for their definition?
If there's a standard anywhere, it should be based on that.
I remember checking a document

where the dr had said I was depressed, not because I showed symptoms, but because of something he perceived in a question I asked him.  Needless to say, I found a new Dr. That one was obviously mysogynistic before he even got his practice off the ground.

What is your process for checking your work
Just wondering what everyone does to check their own work before they send it off.  Do you read back over the whole thing, read after each paragraph, ....
Completely untrue. I'm checking on the problem. NM
Thanks for the info. I will be checking out the fuzzytummy.com before I order. sm
Is heartworm medication, such as the sentinol, a drug that would require the Rx from the vet?
DH pays the big bills and know he won't have more taken out on him, we don't share checking ac
I have mine and he has his but like I said before, he pays for my car, his and the house note. Just moved here in 2004 and not planning a move, ever hopefully! But, as in my previous post, I have as regular employee been told to take off everything that pertains to my working at home (before becoming IC), room, DSL line, phone (have to have to use the DSL), computer, printing materials, all so I keep all receipts in all years plus we have 3 tax bills for 3 different properties for this past year (just sold a home where I used to live) but all that is kept. What I am saying is I have been told for years as an employee working from my home ok to exempt these. I do not like TAX TIME!!
It means lots of people are checking it out....
in other words, a HOT topic!
Post your resume on all the various job boards and keep checking the
help wanted ads.   There are companies who will hire from posted resumes that don't post jobs.   Of course you can be more productive with just one speciality, but it is also extremely boring.   If you are happy with your current company and they have other specialities ask them if you can do something else. 
EditScript - Checking QA line counts
I'm doing QA for the 1st time in EditScript and when I go into Transcription Metrics to check my line count, it says zero.  Is there a different way to check line counts in QA?  Or is something really wrong? 
WhenI first got out of college and first got married, I had my very first checking acct. sm
And needless to say, I was HORRIBLE with my money! I never balanced my checkbook and went on "what I thought I had in the bank." Yes, I bounced a few checks (blushing) BUT, the local business would just contact me and I would have to go and pay the check or fee, which I always did and then it was done with. I did that at K -mart 15 years ago mind you - young and dumb, paid for my bad check, my fee, and then turned around and paid for my purchases with a check. How hilarious is that???
Since then, we have overdraft protection in case we ever need and it and Thank God for the last 2 years or so have never used it. But, in answer to your post, the businesses WILL try to collect before anything negative is posted!!!! It is when you run and hide and don't answer calls or doors that they will have to do it!

You can pay off a bad check and be okay.

We are landlords. A tenant bounced a huge check and then left the house for good. We just went straight to the DAs office and gave them a copy of the bad check. About 3 weeks later we got a letter with a check from the DAs office said that THEY COLLECTED FOR US and that future payments would ensue and then some. Sure enough - we collected!! Got that advice from our attorney! Oh, the DA will collect alright!
If you'd done a little checking on this board, you'd see that all kinds of topics are discusse
Thank you for posting. Tech support is checking on this now and will respond.
Probably too late, but checking Ebay for a local seller sm
might be an option. Ya never know!
Yes, some hospitals are now checking applicants credit records (sm)
and some hospitals are finger-printing for background checks.

I encourage you not let your credit record keep you from applying. You will hopefully have the opportunity to share your situation.
They are checking accounts with higher interest, minimum balance required, I believe.
Thanks. Just checking out options in case SE does not exist anymore next year for MQ. I dont really
need benefits and dont really want to be an employee with set hours and the amount of hours you can work. I dont know what part time employee will be because it does not exist now but just checking around. Thanks all. Of course, no one knows what the cpl will be next year for MQ either. I dont know how many hours part time employees are allowed to work and still be considered part time or how they monitor that.
You don't need to close Word after checking the auto numbering option. It works right away. nm
Try checking the grocery store for reduced buggies, reduced
counters in the meat and produce departments. Quite often, you can find perfectly good foods marked down (be careful about pork). My husband is a meat cutter and we quite often have meat that has been reduced and it is just as good as what was cut that day. Buy double roll toilet tissue. For whatever reason, it seems to last longer at my house. Buy cheaper brands of shampoo and hand soap. The stuff from Wal-Mart works just as well. The same can be said for scented lotions. Make your own potpourri. Mix cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg in water and keep it simmering in a small crock pot. Smells really good and is less expensive than candles. Believe me, I can pinch a penny, but it's really not so bad.
Not anymore. For some time now, I've been working 32 hours and am considered full time to receive
Working full time at home with small children is hard but part time works great
is almost impossible. You will either have to work when your spouse is home or for only a few hours during the day and then more when they are asleep. I work part time at home and my kids (2&5 now) have done very, very well. They are great kids, very well behaved, don't get into much. I stop working to check on them/give them some attention every hour or so while I work (5 hours each afternoon or so) and they get all my attention in the morning and at night. It has worked out beautifully for us.
Yeah, our choc. lab does that from time to time - makes it interesting!- nm
Cannot legally require you to commit time to them as an employee and then not pay you for that time.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
I work a full time and a part time, but not sure about 2 full-time...
My hubbie is disabled and I am the only one in my family working also, so I fully understand. You will not have a day off at all working 2 full-time as that is going to be the only way you will get in all your hours. I work one job in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the other from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and do have off one day a week, but if I had to get in the extra 15 hours to make the other job full-time I am not sure how I would do that other than lose my only day off. Also, make sure you have your account specifics in front of you at all times because you will get yourself confused as to who is what and having notes will help in that area. Good luck to you, as it is possible, but forget about your house being clean, having any social life, etc. Feel free to email me personally if you just need someone to talk to, as I have been where you are and still am.
Maybe they will. Give it time. It takes time to set up links.
OSI, Precyse, etc tell us more.
full time, part time, statutory
newly defined full time...

newly defined part time....(which is an added classification)

I believe statutory just was not mentioned because there is nothing new about the definition of statutory.
full time/part time/statutory
The definition of full time is new.

There is a new classification called part time.

I believe statutory was not mentioned merely because that has not changed and they do not receive PTO/benefits.
I work 1 full-time, 2 part-time....nm
its a waste of time yet you take the time to respond?