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update & question on wireless router & trouble connecting to clients

Posted By: katy on 2007-06-23
In Reply to:

I posted last week about hooking up a new laptop & wireless router & then not being able to connect to remote VPN and Citrix clients.  Someone helped me by suggesting a Belkin router instead and I got that and now I can connect to the VPN client but still not to the Citrix one.  I asked their tech support for help & they said we'll find out, but our own people cannot use wireless so we don't think it works with our system.  They're not getting back to me.  Has anyone solved this problem before?  This client uses Meditech and I can connect while the wireless is active, but it loses connection every 30 seconds.  I would just rather not have to unplug the thing & have no one in the house be able to use the laptop every time I work for this client if there is something else I can do.  Apparently I'm not going to get help from the client!

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tech help, new wireless router, now can't connect to clients

I am using a wired PC with a DSL connection.  Last night I set up a new wireless router and a laptop.  I had to have Linksys help me so I know we did it how they told me.  Both computers can connect to the internet, but now on my wired PC I cannot connect to my clients.  I have one I connect to with VPN and another over the internet through Citrix.  That one I can connect to initially, but it keeps disconnecting itself.  Help anyone?

Has anyone instilled spyware and then had trouble connecting to the internet. What is the best

spyware that seems to be a trouble free download. Microsoft beta says you may have trouble connecting to the internet after installing it and I dont feel like dealing with that because I am not that computer literate.

We had this trouble with a Lynxus router,
and the cable company said the problem was probably the router. We replaced it with a Netgear router, and no more problems. It also has a longer range, so DH can use the laptop anywhere in the house now.
wireless.. do you have a router
I have wireless in my house too, but I work off of the main computer where the router or hub is connected to the cable. I have tried working on the other computers in the house connected to wireless and it is tramendously slower, obviously because takes time for the signal. I would try to connect your work computer directly to the router. DQS downloads superfast normally. I have found a delay in sound and keyboard with wireless.
Wireless router

When you use a laptop or desktop computer for that matter, and a "wireless" router is involved, you still have to hook up an ethernet cable from your computer to the router in order to be able to get a signal.

On a laptop computer, there is a slot for a wireless PC card, which you can get through Sprint and Verizon and possiby other cellular carriers. The card works in much the same way and has the same type of signal as a cell phone does and since I am out in the country for the time being, that is what I use.

Hope this helps.



wireless router
Not sure about that I do have a laptop, and have DSL with wireless router. Works good.
wireless vs router

Any suggestions for anyone out there that uses more than one computer that is either wireless vs plug into a router.  I have three computers in my house that run off a plug into a router.  I am going to be starting for a local hospital from home and will need the internet and I have to use their computer.  I have so many wires going everywhere that I thought it might be easier to go wireless with all the computers or maybe just put the hospital computer on a plug in and the other three wireless.  I also have to have another computer that I do my two other Docs on the side, but cannot use the hospital computer to do this work, so I have to have that computer in the same room.  Any suggestions on the easiest plan for all four computers. Two of the computers are in different rooms and then I need the hospital computer and my other work computer in one room.  There are also only two outlets in this room, which makes it a little tricky when you have to plug all this stuff in.  I cannot use the hospital computer for any of my side work.


Thanks for any comments.

wireless vs router
I use a KVM switch for two of my computers, so 2 CPUs run off the same keyboard, monitor and mouse. Two KVMs on 2 computers each would help a lot. I also have another computer upstairs that I have connected to a wireless printer and my home PC is the server for the printer, and my linksys router is hooked to my DSL connection. Hope this helps.
i have a d-link wireless router with my
broadband service.  i have 3 computers at my house and 2 at my next door neighbors house all networked. it's very very simple to do.  whatever you do, make sure to password protect your network! 
I have a secure wireless router and
broadband service.  I use wav files so I'm not connected to a phone line.   being wireless, you're going to still be restricted to the signal strength anywhere you go kind of like using a cell phone but if you have a broadband connection on that mountain top with a wireless router connected to it, then your signal is coming from the router and not a tower that will have interference from trees, mountains etc.
Wireless router setup sm
Does anyone have any experience with setting up a Linksys wireless broadband router? I have a cable hookup coming tomorrow and have had to buy a wireless router and another wireless setup for a second computer. I heard the cable company will install only one modem on one computer and I must make my home wireless for other computers. The "Geek Squad" at Best Buy in my area warned me that it would be wiser to pay them to come out than try to do it myself. E-mail me if you have experience doing this. The box looks self-explanatory but I'm a little hesitant. Thanks for any help.
best buys wireless router
they will set it up for you but they do charge to do it.  The one nice thing is that they now how to encrypt your files so no one can get into them.  They told me that some people want to install this themselves and don't think they have to worry about the security issue.  I will be getting a laptop and I want to do this also.  Hope this helps :)
I like my TRENDnet wireless router....
I believe I got it online from either New Egg or Tiger.

I used to have a Linksys wired router....I'll never go back to a non-wireless. My Linksys crashed pretty much every other day, too. I don't need an extra wire cluttering things up.
I use a Belkin wireless router
for mine. Signal is strong from the router to the wireless too. It comes with instructions on how to hook it all up, pretty simple. Remember you have to set up BOTH computers when you do it (router to main PC, then USB card to the other). But I have broadband and not sure how it works with dail-up.

I don't understand why people use dial-up anymore or even DSL with limits. I have RoadRunner via Brighthouse and my entire cable/phone/internet package is $130/mo, and that's with HBO,Showtime,Cinemax. Unlimited calling and no restrictions on my internet usage. Now they offer to bump up your connection speed for a fee but I've never needed anything more than the basic connection.
Are you using a wireless router for networking or

do you actually have wireless internet?  We got a Wii last Christmas and I use a wireless router and we haven't had any problems at all. 

If you are using a router you may need to adjust the channel settings on it.  I think Nintendo recommends channel 11.  You can go to Nintendo.com and see if you can find a solution or Google it and if no help there call Nintendo.  Their customer service isn't in India. 

How do you use the wireless if you use a router between computers?
I use a wireless router and use 3 comp on mine
I do have a router. What speed is your wireless servic?
I am thinking of trying the next speed up which will cost me more.  What speed are you operating on?  I know I lose a lot of time with the uploading and downloading of files and need to do something different. 
Wireless router setup/laptop

You don't say what kind of router your have but your wireless router DOES NOT need to be connected by ethernet cable to your computer--you only need to connect by cable when you initially install the router software.  Next, if your router has WEP or WAP security enabled, your laptop wireless will not be able to just connect automatically.  Copy your router settings from your main computer (the one you installed the router software to) onto a USB flash drive if you have one and load those settings on your laptop.

The easiest way to set up your network if you have Windows XP is to go to control panel, then go to the Wireless Network Setup Wizard. It will prompt your on how to set up a secure wireless network if your router has it and how to add other computers to your wireless network.  It is very easy if you have a USB flash drive--otherwise you'll have to manually add in the settings. Good luck!!

You can get a combo wireless AND plug in router sm
Linksys makes one and even Walmart has them. I would not go wireless for MT because it is too slow. If you have, say, a wireless laptop that you want to sit on the couch and play with or take to the bedroom or whatever, having a dual router is convenient. You still want to MT on a plug in Ethernet cord.

They are very easy to set up. Linksys has instructions and I have never had a problem. You don't really need to tell you cable company, they aren't going to know or care. Your modem has a set speed and having a router will not increase that speed. Routers make a kind of virtual partition of cable signals. If you have a 112 modem like we can get where I live, you'll find yourself very slowed down. I go up 2 notches and have a 512 speed cable modem and when my kids are here and they all plug into the router to play games over the internet, I can still MT because the signal is pretty fast (well okay until they piggyback another router and hook up 8 computers for a LAN party).
Wireless router with your home phone line?
Is it possible to use a wireless router and your home dial up phone line so that you can be mobile around your house with a laptop? 

Wireless router is not working properly. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. This morning I had
plug my main computer directly into the phone company's DSL box.  No settings are changed, ever, when this happens.  Anyone have any ideas?
I have all kids' computers and laptop on wireless router.
My work computer is directly wired into the router and is kept out of the wireless network for security reasons. Make sure if you do install a wireless network that you make it secure!
Problems after installing Netgear wireless router. sm
A few weeks ago I installed a Netgear wireless router.  All of our computers are running very slowly, hang, and do not show pictures.  Can anyone give me any help on how to correct this?  Firmware is up-to-date.  Thanks.
Plug a WAP into the router and make sure your computer has a wireless card
A laptop, wireless router or a card from say Sprint, good battery
you could work anywhere. Being wireless has great benefits, say if you are in the hospital, dying, why you could make a few bucks to pay for the funeral.

DocShuttle is just for connecting to FTP

It's a program for connecting to an FTP server to download voice files.  It's not a program that you transcribe in or anything.

You need to Ctrl + A, then hit F9 to update all fields. To update header,
you need to switch to print preview and back or print the document.
you need a router
Get you a Linksys router. We have cable and have 5 computers on 1 router, all going at the same time. You plug the router into the modem and then you other line from the router to the computer.
I don't know why they told you you can't use a router. I would and I do! You can get a switch that will switch the keyboard, mouse, and monitor for about 20.00
You definitely can use a router if the router itself has ... SM
places for more than one computer to plug into. I have a LinkSys series, and mine has places for up to 4 computers. I just had to buy an extra ethernet cable (I got a colored one to connect to my 2nd computer) and connected this from the router to the 2nd computer. No problem whatsoever.
Yes you need a router. How this works is the internet connects to the router and then it acts like an extension cord and you can hook in multiple computers. I would recommend Lynksys. We have 5 on one router.

Then you need the KVM switch. You can buy one online for about 20.00 that also lets you switch the keyboard and mouse at the same time.
Not sure if it's from your router...sm
I am by no means intelligent when it comes to this stuff, but I have a linksys router and have used both a VPN and Citrix to work with no problem. If you are able to connect to the internet, the cause may not be your router. I know that doesn't really help you though. I'm sorry! Maybe contact Citrix? and tech support for the VPN? They may know if it could be caused by your router.
I think is the router because...
I am having to take it out of the equation when I am working. Then I have no problem connecting. I may have to call Linksys again, I just thought there might be someone with a similar setup who could shed some light
router help
I need to get a new router. My 2-year-old Linksys router crashes at least twice a day. Customer service is no good, since they want $30 to open a service call (it's past the warranty period). What type of router should I get? Should I get a wireless or wired? What brand name do you like? Thanks - you guys are the best and I trust your opinions!
I was told by my provider that my main email could only be on one computer. Call your provider.
You would need a router.

Need a KVM plus router

K(eyboard)V(ideo)M(ouse) switch lets you share those three devices across 2 (or more) PCs, using a hotkey or a button on the KVM to toggle which one is active.  Best Buy* has them for $35 or so.

You need a router to share the DSL connection.  There are options for hardwired only or hardwired with wireless -- so if you want to have your primary work machines connected with an ethernet cable, but also have the ability to have your (your kids, your guests, etc.) laptops connect to the internet using wireless.

Again, Best Buy has routers -- price depends on options per above, also have tech support to help you configure for your DSL provider.

*Not endorsing Best Buy specifically;  any local computer store or national electronics chain should be able to provide.  You could probably shout out "Anybody here a hardcore gamer?" in a local mall and get help configuring the router from the first teenager who replies....

Best Router?

I need to get a new router (not wireless).  Does anyone know of a good one?  I don't want to spend any more than I need to but would rather spend a bit more if it makes a big difference in the quality.


It could be a router if you have one. Mine went bad. sm
I also have Comcast. I use a broadband router also. If you do also, you might have to unplug a few times and if it still goes on and off, you need a new one.

I got a new one and it has been fine ever since.

phones through router
I have Vonage (see above) and I have a C-phone connected to my phone line on the Vonage router box, but I still have regular phone lines connecting my home phone, so basically 2 different phone numbers, 2 different services.
it would still have to recognize your router
somehow. It cannot be a "mind reader" so to speak. I still think it would need to have access to your router to work. sorry. just my opinion.
need advice on router

Does anyone use 2 different computers for two different jobs and have a router to connect both to cable internet?  What do I need to get and is it easy to hook up?  Brands?  Computers are right next to each other if that matters.  Thanks for any and all help.

Router problem - sm
I had a similar problem when my two PCs were connected to the Internet by a router. The problem was the VPN - it required that I have a single separate connection, not a shared one. I had to get and pay for a separate IP address for that work PC.
Might need a more powerful router, but I don't know
another computer on a family network is downloading movies, games, and music, they will cause the router to knock the connection out, too. This happened to us all the time here, so kiddos are not allowed to download except when I'm not working. But at some point, I was told that we need a more powerful router to handle all the puter action here. NM
router problem, what I did.sm

We have a Netgear wireless router.  I hook my computer directly to the router but we have two computers upstairs on the wireless plus my husband has a laptop.  It worked fine for a while but then kept losing the signal.  We tried lots of fixes.  Finally I went to Best Buy and purchased these plug in signal boosters,  It plugs into an outlet on the wall and then into the computer.  You plug one in by the router, and into the router, the other one goes upstairs plugged into an outlet and into my son's computer and my other son is still on the wireless but has not had a problem since the booster is making the signal stronger.  It works great and there is no more of the maybe it will work, maybe it won't that seems to happen with wireless.  I love it.  Came two in a box for like 80.00.



I need to get a router - any suggestions?
I can't have my work computer wireless, but I also have a laptop that I would like to have wireless.  Don't know what to do.  If I get a wireless router is it possible to "plug in" my work computer directly and then have my laptop be wireless? Also don't know which brand to buy, Linksys, Netgear, etc. Any help or opinions would be appreciated.
router setup

i set up a router on my main computer to my son's computer.  i then set up the e-mail account on his to match the ones on mine.  now, my son's computer is getting all the e-mails and mine gets none.  How can i set it up so both computers get all the e-mails.


I use Sprint & have it through a router sm

My Sprint USB card is in my husband's PC, connected to a Linksys router and then to mine with Ethernet cables. You just have to run the internet connection sharing wizard on XP. I've been using this for almost 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. Also, Verizon has a cap on how much bandwidth you can use each month (5 GB) and you have to pay for overages. Sprint has unlimited usage for the same amount per month ($60). If you have any questions about it, I can give you the website where I purchased my equipment. My e-mail is pixie.chick@earthlink.net.

Absolutely....do it yourself. I have two on the router
i have kvm and router if anyone is interested.
you can e/m me. I'm wireless now and don't need them.