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Posted By: Dawn too on 2006-07-27
In Reply to: There's an ad sm - passing through

Just a heads up for Webmedx -- they're a great co. but find out how much of their work is ESL and if that's what you really want.

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can anyone tell me their experience with this company????? Desparate for info.
Webmedx allows a window of time for the MT to work their required hours.

Definitely Webmedx! 

Has anyone worked for MebMedX?   Was thinking about applying.
Have worked for Webmedx now for many years - great company!!  They have treated me very well as an MT - flexible schedule, good pay, great incentive pay, etc., plus they have very affordable insurance.  I say go for it! 

Their highest level is 4.  I was just hired at that level.

I'm a level 4, and I don't make 10 cpl - how did you swing that?
Webmedx - do they have ICs?
Any info about this company would be appreciated.
Webmedx. nm
About WebMedX
Does WedMedX provide a computer too? What about for PT? Thanks.
Webmedx uses their own proprietary program, not Dictaphone ExText.

In fact, Spheris just downgraded their insurance this year to where its a joke.  Corporate kept the good policy and MT's got the crap policy "because they use it too much".

Webmedx has very decent BCBS, and costs less than Spheris because Webmedx pays a large portion of the premium for the employee.  That shows they care about their MT's.  I'm glad I made the change.


According to a recent WebMedX ad on the Job Seeker's Board, they DO NOT ACCEPT Satellite. 

Fax: 1.614.839.3706

Method of Sending/Receiving files: Internet. Cable modem or DSL required. Cannot use a dial-up or satellite connection.

Can anyone give me information about WEBMEDX.  Also, does anyone know anything about their VR program and how user friendly it is.  Also, anyone know their line rate for VR.  Thanks
I'm using it with Webmedx. nm
WebMedx does
Try Webmedx and Spheris
Working for WebMedX
I have worked for them for over 6 months now.  I really like working for them.  Pay and benefits are good.  I haven't seen much overtime and sometimes they are low on work (only around Labor Day), but they will train you so you have backup accounts.  Good people. They treat you well and have good communication, but don't nag at you.  They are flexible for your working hours.  They pay shift differential and weekend differential.  Pay is based on experience level...and the tests are a little tough for some people.  The accounts they have are all great, as far as I can tell, with good dictators for the most part.  I'm a high level 4, so I get ESLs, but they aren't too bad.  Training is easy to understand and their platform is so easy to use.  They use Shorthand.  I give them a thumbs up!!  My experience has been pretty good.  I have worked for several nationals before them and they are, by far, my favorite and seem to be the most fair pay-wise.  Hope the info helps.
Webmedx offered me 10 cpl
They require at least 1000 lines per week.  Incentive of 11 cpl over a certain amount of lines per week.  This was for their highest level (3).  I think they have a lot of ESL though. 
Not my company, but I think WebMedX has you do this. nm
OldTymer, are you still with Webmedx?
I saw one of your old posts searching archives, I think 2003.  You said you were very happy with company.  Still hold true? 

Check out Webmedx.

WEBMEDX - reviews?
Not enough work at my current job - need a company that offers ER-only work.  Anyone work for them that could share an opinion?  Would love also to hear how much they pay.  Thanks so much!
Webmedx has the best benefits, all around sm
that I have encountered with a service. I end up using my PTO for sick days and other, but if I didn't, I would have 10 paid days of vacation; 5 days the first year, 10 days the next 4 years. No sick leave, per se, just all called PTO. Health insurance is reasonable for an individual, high for family. But the insurance is really good coverage.
Webmedx will take anyone. They even take recent sm
graduates and pay them to do acute care, with no experience.  I don't think they would care that your acute care was in the past.  Just empathize it, and demand a decent line rate.  It is all going to ASR, anyway, and you will become an editor, just like the other very experienced MTs.
I got a job with WebMedx from this site.

Webmedx shifts

Is it set in stone that you have to work a weekend day with Webmedx?  Is there any way around that?


I bet the company is Webmedx too. nm
WEBMEDX is a joke
This company is bologna.  They expect you to be released from QA within 1-3 days, even though you need to learn an entirely new platform.  The QA mentors in training will pick your work apart, take hours upon hours to get back to you with feedback, and then you will be blamed by your Supervisor for POOR QUALITY.  DONT WASTE YOUR TIME with this SCAM.
Does anyone know--Is Sean Carroll at Webmedx..
the same Sean Carroll who was CEO of  a company by the name of Transquick out of Atlanta about 10 years ago?  Just curious.
does webmedx hire clinic
Need to hear from successful MTs at Webmedx
I heard about their incentive program.  It is really that good?  Can you make a lot of $$ there?  Do they run out of work?
Webmedx 10 cents a line for IC.
Webmedx, probably about 300 MTs. is that large or small?
Webmedx supplies all equipment. They do have a (sm)
pretty high ratio of ESLs, but the QA is really good here. They DO NOT penalize for blanks or sending reports to QA. I don't know about family insurance, but single is very reasonable, BCBS. They also offer dental and vision.
WEBMEDX Rad accts-anyone know platform..
is it all internet based or do you have to have a phone line, C-Phone, etc?  Very interested in applying but work now strictly via internet.  Thanks for any input!

Does anyone know if any of these 3 companies use the Dictaphone ExText platform?  Thanks

I only know one company who calls it ASR, and that is Webmedx
No, not Webmedx, I asked them, no satellite nm
Webmedx & Instant Text
I use IT and Chartmatrix and I do have problems. Lots of extra spaces, doubled letters. I think it might be a problem with Chartmatrix though, not just IT because some of the templates and reports by other MTs I have read also have extra spaces. IT is still worth using, but it does get frustrating at times.
Has anyone received their W2 from Spheris or Webmedx. Yes, I work for both.
5+ years at Webmedx (Rodeer before it) and still happy. sm

Same primary account as before, but with more secondary accounts added.  Company appears to be still growing.  If you need PTO and insurance benefits, Webmedx is a good place to work.  I don't know if they are hiring for clinic work but definitely they are for acute care. 

I agree, WebMedx would do better just removing that drivel.
Webmedx-Enterprise and Instant Text HELP!!!
I am a hopelessly devoted IT user.  I have been honing (sp) my IT glossaries for 5 years now, and am very proud of them.  I just recently started at WMX, and I find I am having a lot of problems using IT.  For anyone else who has used Enterprise with IT, what are your thoughts?  Does it get any better or should I just try to switch over the SH.  I am really enjoying WMX, but I am just not sure I am ready to let go of my faithful friend IT
Try Webmedx. Decent company, good benefits. sm
What a blow.  Good luck
Webmedx 10 cents a line sounds good!
Do they have lots of work and not run out a lot?  Can you have a more "flexible" schedule as an IC?  Last but not least - the tax issue:  Is it difficult doing your own taxes when an IC?  Thanks for any help you can give.
Webmedx radiology is 7.5 cpl. The only difference is shift differential. sm
I turned them down.
I have Blue Cross through Webmedx. Office visits are $20. nm
WebmedX, Keystrokes, Axolotl uses Speed Type which
is just another name for ShortHand. 
Webmedx has shortened all the hours too, for which they pay a differential. Bottom line, always.