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well my earthlink account has this...

Posted By: this has kikki written all over it on 2006-06-13
In Reply to: I agree with you, whoever you are-sm - NYOB

nifty spam blocker. I used to have it on yahoo too. And you can block certain addressed so you don't even see them at all. Wouldn't it be lovely if this board had such a feature? She could post away to her heart's content and we wouldn't even have to see them. Ahh, one can dream......

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Earthlink and AOL have the most

access numbers.   I use Earthlink DSL and I get 20 hours of dial-up every month included.  I travel a lot and it comes in handy.   I was once in an area that didn't have a local number and used AOL and I had so many problems with it I had to swipe my hard drive.  PeoplePC and Netzero I think are just dial-up, though they are supposed to have lots of local numbers. 

Some transcription companies will not allow you to have AOL for work purposes, so you might want to check with your company before changing. 

You can still use Outlook with other ISPs. 

If you use Earthlink for your ISP read this.....
EarthLink to cut 180 customer service workers
Work to be outsourced overseas

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/26/05

About 180 EarthLink employees in Atlanta will lose their jobs as the Internet provider completes a move to outsource customer service and technical support telephone lines.

EarthLink cut 1,300 call center employees in 2003 and another 1,300 in 2004 as it began farming out the work to call centers in India and the Philippines.


The latest cuts eliminate the use of EarthLink employees to handle customer calls, said spokesman Dan Greenfield.

The job cuts will take place between August and September. Greenfield said EarthLink would provide severance pay based on seniority as well as assistance in finding new jobs.

EarthLink will be left with 1,020 employees in Atlanta and 1,800 nationally.

Using overseas call centers instead of American employees saves money, the company said.

When the plan to use outside vendors was first announced, Garry Betty, EarthLink's chief executive, said the company was "making hard decisions that are necessary to ensure the ongoing viability of our company."

On Monday, Greenfield said that the latest cuts were needed "to allow us to compete in a very dynamic marketplace."

The overseas call centers handle both customer service and technical support questions.

Okay, everyone, I do have dial-up and it is with Earthlink, because that is all i can get here in my
They changed my access number and I now cannot stay connected - this causes my MT program to hang up and then I have to restart and it is wasting more time than I have! - But my sister has no problem with the same computer, access number, and provider.
I don't have this program, but I have Earthlink

and they have files for know spam and suspected spam.  You can fix it where you don't get ANY e-mails except for people in your address book and then if someone not in your book wants to e-mail you they get an e-mail asking to submit a request.  You can approve/disapprove any request.   I don't use this option because lots of times worms/viruses will attach themselves to  your addy book.  I've never had it happen but know lots who have.

I do use suspected spam and so far the past 2 weeks it has caught 1569 spam e-mails, but it has left through probably 150 week.   I used to have an unmoderated yahoo group and it would get spam posts so it got blocked, but most of it wasn't spam. 


reply to earthlink
 Earthlink is a good ISP, and I believe they do offer dsl. if it is available in your area, I would upgrade.  I have verizon FIOS (fiber optics) and I could not be happier!  it makes cable and regular DSL look like dialup.  I can download work in seconds.  I downloaded an entire movie in just minutes.  I suggest that you make a change.  You will be much more productive and happier if you switch 
Both Sprint and Earthlink have

"air" cards that allow you to go wireless provided you are in their service area.   The service is about $50/mo I think and then you have to buy the card.  I think the card is about $200, but they have deals sometimes where if you commit to 1 or 2 years that you get the card for free.   You can probably go to the websites of both companies to check to see if you have service in your area.  

We also have a service in my area called Clearwire.  They have a modem that you plug into an outlet and you can take it and plug it in and get service anywhere within range.  They have different levels of service, similar to DSL, where the faster the download the more the $$.  I think the cheapest package is $25/mo.   They may have the same service under a different name in other areas. 


Stay away from Earthlink
I have been having major problems with not getting my e-mails. They just filter and delete as they see fit.
I have had Earthlink for about 8 years
with no problems.  The filter based on your settings, which you can change at any time. 
My Earthlink is goofy today too. nm
Reliable Internet Service? Currently using Earthlink and very unhappy.
I've been using Earthlink as my ISP but this past year the service has gone downhill.  I've been without service at least four times this year for anywhere between a few hours to a day.  Plus all tech support is out of the country so you spend more time than necessary asking the tech to repeat the instructions.  I'm looking at Verizon right now.  Comcast is not recommended.  Thanks
What is the difference between an acute care account and a multispecialty account??..nm
I've never had a problem switching from account to account.
The problem I had was being switched too soon. If I don't get one account spec solidly in my memory with QA feedback on mistakes before starting another, I get confused. The other problem I had with former jobs was inconsistent QA. One person tells you one thing, another person tells you another.

Lately, I don't have a problem with it. Right now, my binder has 8 account specs (some I've never had to use) and I'm picking up a new weekend job for a while. The terminology and report formats stay basically the same. It's just all those little preferences. LOL
what is your account and specialty on the account?
no one is watching. tell us all about osi.
Look, if I were on an account that
kept me sending more blanks to QA than was allowed to qualify for an incentive program, I would ask for another account or get with a different company.

I've bid off accounts before; I've also changed employers because of this problem.

I've been there. It's not what I wanted so I fished until I got the catch I wanted.

As well, if your dictators are dictating on cell phones, that can be a real source of contention with HIPAA guidelines and they should be reported. I report that when I run across it; I also tell my supervisor I won't do that physician again if he is dictating on a cell phone. I've never been given a problem with that.
Second account........sm
Does your company base full-time status on line count or on hours?  If line count, it doesn't matter if you do the work in less than 8 hours.  You're still holding up your side of the bargain and you have every right to refuse to work on a crappy second account.  Just tell them you've decided that your one account is enough and keep your second job.  Same goes for the post below stating co-worker is avoiding taking on second account.  Unfair?  I give her credit.  She's a survivor.  We're not the ones who started the game.  But many of us are quickly learning how to play. 
If your account uses the BOS ...>>>

you use numerals for all numbers (and the old way is to spell out numbers UNDER 10).  The BOS says to use numerals for ordinals; 10th, 2nd, etc.  BUT, many accounts have their own preferences, so why don't you check to see what yours wants?


My own account

My own accounts been doing them for over 4 years, it is just one office person that says anything.  I think that she was having a bad day last week and we about went on a minor screaming match with each other not only over this but some other things.   So will let things calm down, check and double check to see if I can figure things out but without showing me, I am in the dark like I explained to her.  When nothing comes back you think all is great.  



I don't do any of that. I have each account in a SM

separate folder on Word and I just click on the appropriate folder. I do 4 hospitals in one state and two more, plus a local.

I never have gotten anything mixed up that I know of.

Take the account and run!
You really need to ask? 
I don't know anything about the account
I am considering an IC position and want to know what is an average rate. I have 9 years experience as an MT and have only wored in a hospital.
Keep that account @ .12 cpl
Keep that account (tell them you will meet or beat the competition). Don't say another word, just keep sending out advertising brochures, etc., until another higher rate really needs you, then tell these cheapskates that your accountant has informed you that not only are you losing money but it isn't fair to those others who do not question your charges nor would they ask you to "cut your rate." I've been in this situation and it has made me very depressed but that's the way these others work, they will undercut you for 1/4 cent, done to me by "friends". Just go along to get along and then you have every right to be the "dumper" instead of the "dumpee." Treat them like a bad boyfriend, until a better one comes along. Had this done to me many times and my only regret is that I let it affect me financially, I used to take the "moral high road" and now I take the "me" high road. If they are thinking only of their wallet, then you should as well if you need the money. Hope this makes sense. Most likely it isn't the docs, just someone in the office trying to say, "See, I saved you some money, so how about a raise?" Don't let them spoil your business accounts receivable, just hang in there and smile a lot.
You must be the OM at this PIA account. (nt)

I am getting .08 on one account and ..sm
.085 for the other acount I work on.
One account, can get only...
250-300 because they are obnoxious.  The other account, can get sometimes over 500 lph.
Usually, each account has a
prescribed method of formatting and if you work for a service you should get all of the specifications for formatting in a document when you start working a new account.  Inhouse, asking the manager will get you the information you need.  It is purely a subjective matter with each and every account; however, AAMT and ASTM are working on best practices in dictation and these of course would include a standardized formatting for all medical records .. making it eaiser for all of us to do our jobs and then ultimately find information in a chart.
I have been on my account
with 15 doctors for the past two years, but I am sure someone else had it before I did. We are about to get a new one in August, as well. I am sure you have just about everyone else beat though.
Pay Pal Account
I have a dumb question regarding my pay pal account.  My new employer pays through Pay Pal.  I do have an account that I've used only for ebay transactions. She's asking for my account number.  I can't find any information in my account as to what my account number is?  Does anyone know what that would be?  Does she want my bank account number associated with my Pay Pal account?  Sorry, I told you this was a dumb question.  TIA.
I have a second account sm

You should never work for only 1 company.  I learned this the hard way.  It's always good to have a backup.

Come take my account
First I get "Mrs. Ed" who talks just like Mister Ed and now I've got a dictator that sounds just like Granny from Looney Tunes.  Gives me a little laugh now and then, guess you gotta look at the little things in life, or you'll become a looney tune! :)  I pray next week is better for you.
If you want an account,
go out and honestly bid for it.....don't "steal" it from your MTSO!!!!! That is just wrong. Bidding on accounts that you don't know the MTSO is a different story. When you take an account from the MTSO you are an IC for, that is "stealing" and you'll get yours when you get to the pearly gates...if you get there!
Nothing really if you want to keep your account. sm
sometimes as an IC and in business, you must compromise. Looks like they are dictating the way they pay. Hey, it would be worse, you could invoice and not be paid for 60 days or longer. So, you will just have to adjust.

own account

I took a small account a few months ago. 3 docs, I do 2 and 1 has his own MT. She is an employee but we cover for each other for vacations. It is lucky they have that other person and they are flexible when I go away (rarely). Some accounts might expect you to find your own coverage. I have had problems with them not paying on time. It's not their fault, they have a large institutional accounting office over them. But MT is my only income so it has been a problem. Make sure you have a cushion in your checking account or whatever that you can live off of if you don't get paid for a while.

Another option might be an IC position if you can find the right one. I also have an outside contractor position with a local hospital that has employees, but I charge them like a service and they make no demands on my time.

Something to consider is how much time you will spend doing administrative things like billing, recordkeeping, marketing, answering emails, picking up tapes if applicable, traveling for interviews or training if you will be working on their system. I find that stuff eats up a lot of my time.

You might want to consider a 30-day trial period in case you dont like them. My account turned out to have a crappy dial-in system, they expected me to fax every report 1-4 times, and they eat up my time with emails and phone calls - each doc has his own secretary and they have another MT and they all tend to call me for things they don't need to bother me with like I'm an employee. Instead of telling them to find one person to deal with me we agreed I would charge by the hour instead.  I have no problem telling a secretary who calls me at 7p I will take down the info and call her back during business hours unless it is an emergency. It is hard to anticipate those things hence the trial period.

New account
Hi everyone.  I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to convince a doctor's office that they need transcription done when they haven't had it done in the past.  This is my first big meeting on my own and I am nervous about what to say.  I have other accounts, but I never had to convince them because they were already using transcription.  Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
Looking for your own account?
It has come to my attention that Travelers Insurance worker comp claims in some states are off shoring their transcription.

Contact your local offices and offer your services. I also know the pay is comparable to ours - (I have been contacted by an off shore agent to handle this for them ) - imagine work off shored only to be sent back to us to handle.

I will be starting with Charlotte NC. - Who is with me?
If you have an account
where you get the same doctors who repeat the same things you can make a template and not have to type anything or just edit a little. Around 15 years ago, I had a great job with a chiropractor who would do a 5-page report and all we had to do was change right/left and some range of motion measurements. Easily made $45-$50 an hour with him as part-time employees. Some people are also really good with Expanders like Instant Text. It really depends on your account. I have a huge hospital, too many dictators, too many bad dictators.
I would do what the account wants, sm
they are the ones signing my paycheck.

Do you really think every health care provider or facility is compliant?
Using it currently on one account.....
don't know what version it is, but it does not use Word. It offers a spell check at the end of the report when you come to send it. It does not highlight misspelled words while you are typing. There is no word expander/macro program with it, but I use SpeedType with no problem.

All in all it is simple, I have no footers/headers to worry about. I navigate through the demographic screen using ENTER/TAB/arrow keys. With the help of SpeedType I have to enter the dictator's name (4-letter code), MR #, date, pick the exam from a drop-down list and then type the report. F12 brings up Spell Check only if there is an error, sends the report, and files it. After a few reports you can get the rhythm down and move right along.
I have more than one account.
By more than one account, I mean I work for more than one person or company. I learned my lesson years ago when I got a $35 check at Christmas.
my account

I don't think my account now is any better or any worse than any others.  I have been doing this for over 15 years and basically 2000 lines a day has been my average for the last 9 years and during that time, I have worked in house for 1 hospital and for 4 different agencies. 

I just make good use of a lot of word Expanders and sit down and work and not answer the phones and talk to people and watch TV, etc.

Already there and above......own account(s). nm
Can you ask to be put on another account? Do they
have account one day not the other
I would like someone else's opinion on this situation.  I started with a company last June that I won't name.  They sold out to another company in August.  I did clinic.  I had a general surgery doctor I did transcription for.  But for some reason it seemed like the work I got was leftovers someone else couldn't do or something because I would get schedules for the doctor showing patient's names and he was seeing alot of patient's but I am being told no work today or something like that. Someone had to be doing the work, right?  Then when they sell out to another company I get put on acute care, which I have never done.  (I dont think I mentioned that I was a newbie when hired, first job)  I get on there and it is this huge hospital with a lot of ESLs.  Very hard.  Well I dont think it was an appropriate account for a newbie.  Great experience but a little too difficult to start out with.  So then a couple months later they say do you want to help on the clinic account you had before?  Well when they put me on acute care I was led to believe they no longer had that clinic account.  Now I see they do.  So obviously they lied to me.  Well I start getting clinic a few days a week, which I love because that is what I am used to.  Then I get it everyday. Now they send me the work and yesterday took it back and obviously gave it to someone else.  If they had the work and I didn't do it someone had to.  Then I tell the supervisor I would really prefer the clinic work.  She says I will keep that in mind.  Then today which is a day we always get clinic work no clinic work again.   I can do hospital, yeah, but I get half the lines.  I know I should just take what I am given but why not give me the account or don't.  Not you have it one week.  Not the next.  I am new at this but aren't you supposed to get an account exclusively or is it just one MT do it one week another the next?  It is constantly switching around.  I feel like I am used when no one else is available to do the work.  But they don't tell me you are just backup on this account.  They lead me to believe that it is my account.  But someone else is obviously doing the work and I am getting what they cant do.   
Sorry - own account
I would not do it for that amount if it is your account.  I would say around 12 as I do 12.5 with pick up and delivery and printing. 
you probably need to ask what the account wants on that one.
and is they says it doesn't matter...then it does not matter.
IC account

 Boy this sounds just like an account I used to have.  I would go pick up the tapes- “Oh the Dr did not dictate”  or “ Oh the Dr took the tape home”.  They never gave me a list with names.  I was always searching my database for the last names, etc. They did stress tests and never marked the names down so when the machine was running and the Dr would say the name, I would get the first or last name, once again, I would have to search my database.  I did this for about two years and asked about 5X please list everyone that comes in, etc on the list. They would do it for a day and quit, so I just left the name blank and did not care any longer. Obviously, they did not care to get me the information.  Oh yeah, I ever called the Dr 2x and asked her to please help me out and talk to them. It lasted 2 days.  For the tapes, I go so sick of driving and wasting gas, I called 15 minutes before they would leave to make sure there was a tape. I did this for 3 years and decided enough is enough.  I gave my all to the job and did not give 1%. It was not worth it. Some offices have no consideration of the transcriptionist.  They think this is not a "Job"-guess again-It is a job where we barely make money and then they are taking what profit we do make- I would try talking to the Dr and calling before hand.

Is that a MI account?
ic, 10cpl, California acct, live elsewhere.
put it this way - it's you or the account. NM
and transcriptionists are dime a dozen out there.
I have my own account(s). nm
If you want to keep this account sm
You need to transcribe the report and immediately forget it.  Wipe it from your memory.  Don't mention a single thing to a family member - don't even breathe  a single ounce of information - that would be in violation of HIPAA. I would not even tell your family you are doing the hospital - that may make them suspicioius and start asking you questions waiting to get a reaction. 
Once you get used to the account...
I don't think that'll be difficult, especially if you plan on actually working FT hours.

To put it in perspective, some FT with nationals are required to get 6000 week to be considered FT.

You may not get that at first, but if you work on the same account with the same dictators, you'll get up to that quite quickly.
new account
I have been on my account for a very long time, so it is frustrating to see people not following the specs because they are very simple. I think I need a new account at a new company. I think there are just too many new MTs fresh out of school in this company, and really believe this is now affecting me and what I can earn.