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with such great documentation, it sounds to me like you should be able to call the labor board

Posted By: MTbucket` on 2005-10-19
In Reply to: My sucky timeline. - may be ex-MT

or at least unemployment...it is something you really should consider. there are civil service jobs, if you do not want to work at home, and you can get help finding a job that way.

this is what is needed when going to the labor board so they get a clear-cut look at what is happening in this business.

just because it saves a buck, should not mean employees should be able to be treated like dirt...

you have been pushed out of your job, sounds like, and that at least qualifies for unemployment.

believe me, any other job you find out there will be almost the same, but you could collect some money while you look for something with the same pay, am I correct?

SE or not, too, you have lost YOUR LIVELIHOOD. what do people think, like okay you have no way to make a living now...

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My suggestion is to call the Labor Board for your state. SM
If you are working in a hospital and you have to physically be there, I think the law states they must pay you an hourly wage.  I think they're trying to screw the MTs. 
Call the labor board. They will get you your money as long as

you have documentation to prove you are owed the $$. 

Labor Board
Forget the state - go to the Department of Labor on website - I had to, my company "borrowed" from my IRA and although I got my money, I did not get my interest, cap gains etc. The labor board is helping me now, including filing charges against them for bouncing checks etc. The problem is if no one complains when the check bounces not much you can do. Bounce a check at walmart and go to court possible jail- bounce a paycheck and do nothing if they send out another to you, doesn't matter when they do, just that they do.  If it happens often, don't request a new check file charges and then get your money. They won't do it again.
Labor Board

For those of you who are not getting paid (seems like an epidemic) report your employer to the labor board in your state.  A word on Gant Transcription - this being a company who either does not pay or sends checks with insufficient funds - be wary of any advertisements here or on any other board - it's a bad deal - remember you are not working for free - and this company does not pay unless forced to.  Don't fall into Gant's trap unless you like spending your days and nights working for nothing.  If your company is not paying - keep all correspondence and report them immediately to your labor board - they will straighten things out.  The BBB is not the way to go - they can do nothing to get your past wages to you - but the Wage and Labor Board can and will.

I am an IC so labor board can't help
I will be filing a small claims suit next. Unfortunately this company is in Midwest and I am on East Coast, so I am going to have to look into the logistics of it. Thanks.
This is a lie. Go look at the labor board website.
Funny to me what people ASSUME is covered by The Government! LOL
Two words: LABOR BOARD.
Two words: * LABOR BOARD * - nm

Labor Board Denied
The Labor Board only deals with "Employer/Employee" situations.  I only have and always only had Independent Contractors that I provide a 1099.  She claimed to be an "employee".  If you read up on the ABC and/or the 20-law factors of the IRS, you would understand more on this.  She also claimed some other issues that did not involve the Labor Board as well.  I have all the paperwork.
check with the labor board. Would they pay you double
if they let you go without notice?
Check with your state's Labor Board on #2
But you say Labor Board denied this person.
One late check, I'd forgive, but the 2nd and I'd on my way to the Labor Board. (nm)
My mistake. Just send Labor Board dismissal.
Get in touch with your State's LABOR BOARD. Years ago I got stiffed....(s/m)
out of one paycheck (that bounced), plus the employer had been lying to me for almost a year about my health insurance! (Was taking $$ out of my paycheck to pay for insurance, but instead kept it for herself.) I went to the Labor Board, paid a very nominal fee to file, and all I had to do was write down what happened, and that I wanted my money that I'd earned, plus what I'd paid for "insurance." Not only was I paid (fairly promptly, too!), but they went into that office and tore it apart, finding many more labor infractions. Business was shut down, and I believe she did some time in jail. Even if I hadn't gotten a time, that alone would've been worth the filing fee!
Sounds like he will do great then. Again, best wishes for great success!
Thanks to all. Got some great feedback and ecouragement. This board is great.
My rant passed, ate a late lunch, now back to the trenches.
Labor Stats from Dept of Labor for MT inside

This is quite interesting...it is too long to post here but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the statistics.  Thanks!



Nothing wrong with it. He's a great vet. On call sm
24/7--unlike most of the vets in my area. I'd rather give him the money anyway.
Great for you!!! I am not here to call anyone a liar...
I started this thread and I just wanted to see if I have anything to look forward to in the future. I would love to make even 3,000-4,000 a month. That is still a good figure for me! As of right now I am making about $1000 a month, but I have kids to tend to also.
I would call IT or check productivity board sm
as would be so much more efficient easier to get IT to work correctly than to try to work back words and get autocorrect to work - IT should work with just about anything - not so with autocorrect
Wow! Sounds great. Thanks so much. (nm)
Sounds great, but...
I am in the middle of remodeling my home although we're at a standstill right now. It's an older home that needs a lot of work. I wonder if it would be too much to ask a housekeeper to come in and attempt to clean with all this going on? I'm in a mess and need help desparately. I live with my mother-in-law to be, my finacee, and one child. I am pretty much the sole provider and take care of most of the housekeeping chores. Needless to say, it's quite overwhelming! I wonder if a housekeeper could help us out? I feel sure he/she would take a load off what I have to do.
Sounds Great!
Especially on a hot summer day. You wouldn't want to send some up to WI, would you? lol
Sounds great, thanks!

Sounds great
Sounds great - Compose a letter for me!
All right! Sounds like a great GIG!

That is great, but sounds like you have
your own accts, not the nationals. I care absolutely nothing anymore about working my behind off. I find mine as easy as pie, no printing nor delivering and it suits me. I think you are lucky but I doubt the majority on here do their own accts nor make what you do. I was just giving an example when they were talking about the low pay of VRing. I think some are so afraid of probably what is inevitable, that is why the vents against. I live in a community surrounded by hospital and many medical offices. I would never want to straight type again, even at the price you say you made. Mine is so simple now and simple is what I enjoy in my golden years.
VDI call-in system sounds much better than digital recorders and easier tracking with redundant hard
You can hear a pin drop on this system. The sound is that clear. The system has a redundant hard drive and auditing capabilities. It has the capability to do everything but transcribe it. The better the sound file, the faster you can transcribe. I purchased a call-in system that used digital recorders, and the sound was so bad that I ordered this one the same day. I wasted $1200 on that system. Get the analog that uses a VDI SuperStation or C-phone (the C-phone is more clear). Even though the technology is not as new as the digital recorders, in this case it is better. Good luck!
Sounds great but there is no work!
Well, I tried posting but it disappeared.  Will just say I show up to work but there isn't any (have several accounts).  So the bonus which is what I consider my "sick leave" - is not attainable.  So much for working for MQ.  And now I hear of more accounts they are losing.  But they never tell the MTs. 
The above sounds like a great idea for you
Good luck. Hopefully the friends invited are there because they'd be alone otherwise. Maybe water down the booze hehe.

This year Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are me and my roomie (plus the ankle-biters). Quiet day, small dinner (i.e., turkey roast instead of turkey, just a couple of veggies, rolls (pre-made yikes), and dressing (cornbread, and she's anti-cornbread - sheesh!!!, but tough luck, I'm cooking LOL).

I'm having Christmas with one son and the grandkids the Thurs. before Christmas (he's a roughneck so will be working, plus trying to fit in 2 more sets of us grandparents), one son is in FL (just moved there, I can't afford to visit yet), one is overseas in the warzone. I just lost my dad last year, and lost mother in '91, so a quiet Christmas with my friend/roomie, watching FUNNY movies (and some football!!) is the order of the day.
Sounds great. Can you explain?
My autocorrect has plain text checked and it is grayed out so I cannot change it to format. You must have done this shortcut in formatted text right?
Great idea! Sounds like fun!
I hope moderator will consider it!!!
Sounds great - thanks a bunch! nm
Congratulations! It sounds like a great job.
Haha! That sounds great....
I need to have something to strap my butt in on those days where I get too distracted. :)

I will check that out...thanks.
That sounds so great- where I work
the chairs are unbelievable- they are horrible. They will special order a better chair for you if you need it but it takes like 3 months, and it is always the same kind of chair from the same place and if it doesn't work for you, oh well. The seat pan doesn't adjust, and it needs to. They pay 1200 bucks for these chairs, when they could get a dozen better ones for the same price.

Wouldn't you think a hospital of all places would understand the importance of ergonomics for their employees?? :rolleyes

Interestingly the conference rooms have wonderful chairs and I usually snag one at night and just put it back when I leave.
Sounds like a great marriage you have there...

I am, but by the sounds of things on this board
I'm beginning to wonder if I just got luck.  Been with them for almost a year and absolutely no problems.
From the sounds of things on this board

Even if you are an employee for a company, they can't guarantee work.  The work comes from the dictating arena.  The MTSO doesn't have any control over that!!!  LOL

It sounds **great** ... Good luck! sm
They'll probably already have all the reference materials you need! My hospital did. I don't think it will take you a long time to get comfortable there. It sounds like a terrific gig!
After we donate (I just did) how do we "pull from the bag"? Sounds fun AND for a great cause!
I agree -- go for it. After all, 9 cpl is not all that great for IC work, and it sounds like you nm
We just want to see what you are living, talking about. It sounds great sm
the actual abode isn't as important as the ambience. I am so envious. Obviously, from the pix below of the vacation rental, people buy up the luxury places and rent them out for big bucks.
Sounds great. Hope you love it! (nm)
First, congrats on your new job - sounds great -see inside
One thing I would suggest is the electronic version of Stedman's Orthopedic word book and the Neurology word book. There are others too. Sure beats looking through a paper copy and more professional as it looks as if you are working on the computer instead of stopping and looking in a book. This saves me time also. Again I am sure you will do great! Best wishes!
Sounds great. You gonna pay the bills for
I know this sounds harsh and probably will get slammed by this board, but I would tell him that if
he does not check into a formal rehab program that you are going to call Social Services and have them check about having his children removed.  These kids are too young to be in the situation of "taking care of daddy," and there could potentially be serious consequences.  There could also be more serious complications with his head injury that may be surfacing along with his drinking.
Get Momma's recipe while you're at it. Sounds great! nm

Sounds great! I may make that tomorrow night.
Sounds like a great idea, would flush their "profits" - sm
right down the drain, and may cause them to raise their prices to the same level--the only down side I see is that if they turn in "superior product" and are equal to or better than what is produced in the U.S. then the argument that the offshore work sucks would go bye-bye, and offshore would continue to get our potential work, possibly more of it IF they keep the price down at their end. The other thing is actually getting on of those offshore companies to pay that kind of money; for it they will get mucho production, probably 500-800 lines an hour churned out, which would be difficult to do IF the work is in bad shape. I love the idea but not sure it would help U.S. MTs in the long run (presuming you are trying to do that).