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check with the labor board. Would they pay you double

Posted By: try on 2005-08-23
In Reply to: Withholding half your check if you quit without notice... - incognito

if they let you go without notice?

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Check with your state's Labor Board on #2
One late check, I'd forgive, but the 2nd and I'd on my way to the Labor Board. (nm)
okay I'll double check that - thank you. nm
check with the dept of labor...sm
they might be able to handle it for free
Please, please double check with your doctor before taking
:) NM
Or maybe check with your state's labor department?
Must check your state labor laws
This is what most of them follow is whatever state you live in. I live in a state where you have to get 40 hrs before you can hit OT. No OT for more than an 8-hour day.

But of course, I also live in a state that has $1.95 as its minimum wage still!
I ordered on-line with no problems. Just check and double
check before you hit the submit button.  Their customer service is in India, don't know if ordering is offshored as well, in which case you'd be better off ordering on-line. 
Labor Board
Forget the state - go to the Department of Labor on website - I had to, my company "borrowed" from my IRA and although I got my money, I did not get my interest, cap gains etc. The labor board is helping me now, including filing charges against them for bouncing checks etc. The problem is if no one complains when the check bounces not much you can do. Bounce a check at walmart and go to court possible jail- bounce a paycheck and do nothing if they send out another to you, doesn't matter when they do, just that they do.  If it happens often, don't request a new check file charges and then get your money. They won't do it again.
Labor Board

For those of you who are not getting paid (seems like an epidemic) report your employer to the labor board in your state.  A word on Gant Transcription - this being a company who either does not pay or sends checks with insufficient funds - be wary of any advertisements here or on any other board - it's a bad deal - remember you are not working for free - and this company does not pay unless forced to.  Don't fall into Gant's trap unless you like spending your days and nights working for nothing.  If your company is not paying - keep all correspondence and report them immediately to your labor board - they will straighten things out.  The BBB is not the way to go - they can do nothing to get your past wages to you - but the Wage and Labor Board can and will.

I am an IC so labor board can't help
I will be filing a small claims suit next. Unfortunately this company is in Midwest and I am on East Coast, so I am going to have to look into the logistics of it. Thanks.
This is a lie. Go look at the labor board website.
Funny to me what people ASSUME is covered by The Government! LOL
Two words: LABOR BOARD.
Two words: * LABOR BOARD * - nm

Labor Board Denied
The Labor Board only deals with "Employer/Employee" situations.  I only have and always only had Independent Contractors that I provide a 1099.  She claimed to be an "employee".  If you read up on the ABC and/or the 20-law factors of the IRS, you would understand more on this.  She also claimed some other issues that did not involve the Labor Board as well.  I have all the paperwork.
But you say Labor Board denied this person.
My suggestion is to call the Labor Board for your state. SM
If you are working in a hospital and you have to physically be there, I think the law states they must pay you an hourly wage.  I think they're trying to screw the MTs. 
Call the labor board. They will get you your money as long as

you have documentation to prove you are owed the $$. 

My mistake. Just send Labor Board dismissal.
with such great documentation, it sounds to me like you should be able to call the labor board
or at least unemployment...it is something you really should consider. there are civil service jobs, if you do not want to work at home, and you can get help finding a job that way.

this is what is needed when going to the labor board so they get a clear-cut look at what is happening in this business.

just because it saves a buck, should not mean employees should be able to be treated like dirt...

you have been pushed out of your job, sounds like, and that at least qualifies for unemployment.

believe me, any other job you find out there will be almost the same, but you could collect some money while you look for something with the same pay, am I correct?

SE or not, too, you have lost YOUR LIVELIHOOD. what do people think, like okay you have no way to make a living now...
Get in touch with your State's LABOR BOARD. Years ago I got stiffed....(s/m)
out of one paycheck (that bounced), plus the employer had been lying to me for almost a year about my health insurance! (Was taking $$ out of my paycheck to pay for insurance, but instead kept it for herself.) I went to the Labor Board, paid a very nominal fee to file, and all I had to do was write down what happened, and that I wanted my money that I'd earned, plus what I'd paid for "insurance." Not only was I paid (fairly promptly, too!), but they went into that office and tore it apart, finding many more labor infractions. Business was shut down, and I believe she did some time in jail. Even if I hadn't gotten a time, that alone would've been worth the filing fee!
Check the classified board here and check
E-bay.  Some companies will provide them for free or a small rental fee. 
Labor Stats from Dept of Labor for MT inside

This is quite interesting...it is too long to post here but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the statistics.  Thanks!



Check out the MQ Board!
Our fellow transcriptionists at Medquist are having their editing wages cut effective almost immediately.
Check out Job Seeker's Board

Check New MT/Student board
Check the New MT/Student Board
Go to the company board and check the sm
Set Up Your Alerts notice at the top.  I think that is how you set it up. 
You should check the tax information board--sm
accessible on the gab board site near the top. From my experience as an IC, if this is your first year doing any IC work, I do not believe that you need to do the estimated tax thing, but you still must report any income over, I believe, $400 for the first year on your income tax returns. You should do the estimated tax filings beginning with your second year, though. This would be for your IC job only. Check the tax board though, as there is usually some pretty good info on their.
I will check out the company board sm
Later about the Expander thing.  I am on my way out now, but will take a look and see if I can help.
Check out the ad on the classified board
Check out the MQ board - apparently
check Autoimmune Board
there's one from India there.
Check the Hospital/Clinic MT board right here. nm
Check out the Schools board at this website.
Excellent on-line schools include M-Tec, Andrews, and CareerStep, and you'll find the Schools board right under the Medquist board.

check the equipment board--several listed there--nm
Check the company board. Someone asked

You may want to check the company board and do a search
I think you can do better - and nationals can be great to work for, don't know who hires newbies, though. Good Luck!
I would call IT or check productivity board sm
as would be so much more efficient easier to get IT to work correctly than to try to work back words and get autocorrect to work - IT should work with just about anything - not so with autocorrect
Check company board for archives.
Check out the posting on job board titled "mt job".

This is who we're losing our jobs to?!?!

Check recent posts on Company Board. nm
Check the Company board for recent comments. nm
Search the archives and check the Company board
Check out the Company board, halfway down the page. nm
Check company board. I just asked a similar question, NM
Check the grad board, if you are indeed a grad . . .

There is a thread titled, "RMT/CMT Review classes" posted by Susan.  You are right in that the guide is $49.95, but there IS a fee for the actual classes.  It's just discounted if you're a grad.

So, argue all you want, but it's all right there in that thread.  Perhaps you had one of the "free registration" codes.  There were a few available.  Otherwise, it is $50 for a grad. 

Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Double Wow sm
Could you please e-mail me that recipe, I promise I won't disclose it to anyone!
Double what you'd pay an IC
probably. I'd say the MTSO I work for probably makes double what I do in order to pay me. Makes sense.