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I wish you well Marmann and good health

Posted By: anonny on 2008-11-14
In Reply to: I heard tonight that Obama - Marmann

We may not agree on politics but I wish you all the best in whatever you are going through. Hope you won't have a long hospital stay. Take care.

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Health Insurance/Health Care sm

I figure either one of two things will happen. Either the US will go to a single payer system, i.e., national health care covering all through federal taxes and cost control by the government, or therre will be an implosion of the private system in x number of years with something different emerging from the ashes.

With the exhorbitant cost of health insurance, mandating coverage is not an answer. Anything can be mandated. The question is how does one pay for it?Massachusetts mandated individual coverage, and already has had to exclude 20% due to the cost of a policy, anywhere from $1,200 to $1,400 a month for family coverage.  Employers cannot afford to cover employees either due to the cost of health insurance.  The current system? Well, insurance companies can charge $3,000 a month for a health insurance policy, health care providers can charge $800,000 for a 3-day hospital stay, etc.  In the end no one, businesses or otherwise, will be able to keep "feeding the beast" and the current system will implode.

I think the proposal of being able to buy into Medicare is a noble one, but president Clinton pushed that years ago, and with much opposition and to no avail at that time.

I don't mean to sound so pessiimistic. Actually I'm not. There are 300 million people in this country, they have the ability to change anything, and hopefully they will take the initial steps to do that in November.

Well said Marmann
This is one post I definitely agree with you on. Corruption is on both sides. I don't think any one party has any right to lump the other side into one category. I say if you do the crime you do the time and it doesn't matter what political party you belong to. Name me an honest politician and I'll....well actually I don't know what I'd do. HA HA. There are just a few that are decent but that is a very few.
Hey, Marmann.
Do you ever feel like you are trying to reason with cement? That is how I feel when I respond to some of these posts.
Hello Marmann:  I too hope you will be feeling better
Marmann...the OP would be 3rd under GP's
By OP, I meant "other post." I appreciate your reply which I am still digesting and will answer soon while trying to grab a bath in the meantime!
Marmann......... sm
Please don't ever apologize for sharing. I, for one, don't mind at all and find the information fascinating and useful. CF is such a cruel disease as it does attack so many different systems and causes general havoc. I had not heard about the GI symptoms, though.

May God bless you through your illness and bring about healing for you. There is a cure out there...they just have to find it. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself. I do enjoy your "discourses" (hehe) here. :o)
Thanks Marmann
Oh I've made plenty of mistakes, but I learned a long time ago it's okay to say you are wrong. Keeps us human and humble. :-)

Also, thank you for being nice to me. I've read your posts on this board and you have actually changed my mind about some issues I used to believe in. I love hearing people's different opinions because it gives me a different perspective on things and more things to research.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors of all time. When you can make a character so real it's just amazing. Hard to separate reality from fiction sometimes.

Have a great weekend yourself.
Hey Marmann............ sm
good to see you around. I know you don't get on very often because of health issues, as you have described here, and just wanted to say I hope you are doing better.

It's funny (funny - strange, not funny = haha) how a person's opinion can change based on their life issues. I know you would give almost anything not to be in the position that you are in now, but be glad that there is some help for you out there in the form of Medicaid and other agencies. My best to you!

It is for "people like you" that others fight for Medicaid and other social programs.  The purpose is to help.  You should feel no guilt or shame at all!  You have paid your dues, you have worked for years, and if at this time in your life you need to pull on the reserve of social programs that can help, then you, of all people, deserve to recieve those benefits.  That's what its there for.

I do realize it can be difficult for people in your positions being stuck with the label of "those people," but you should know better than anyone that that is not what its about.  There are people out here who do understand your situation and also understand that most people are only one incident/misfortune away from being in that same situation. 

Hang in there and don't let it get you down. 

Thank you for that, Marmann. s/m

I agree with your assessment of JTBB's posts, as I as well find them illuminating and well researched and knew she would find this movie as intriguing as I did, as I am sure you would, and I encourage you to to check it out and let me know what you think. 

I don't post on this board very much, although I do enjoy reading it, and I very much enjoy the comments that are worthwhile and thought-provoking, (even if sometimes I don't agree), and it's pretty easy to separate out the people who actually have a brain in their heads from the people who accomplish nothing more than being snide, inconsiderate, and really just want to "stir the pot" and be insulting just to satisfy some deeply buried sense of inadequacy by feeling like they need to post a CV which in some way is supposed to prove a person has a clue about anything.

Marmann, I always enjoy your posts as well, as we are usually of the same opinion on most matters, so keep it up!!  

Marmann: s/m

When I tried to send you one through this board, your address came up, but the message said MTStars does not forward e-mail to either comcast.net or aol.com.  For some reason there have been issues with these two carriers.  I had an old work e-mail on here that I used, but I just updated it and it's now under my personal e-mail.  Are you worried about security from this website?  I'm not too worried only because our carrier seems to have pretty tight filters and I have never had any problems.  If you decide to brave it, just holla back.

At any rate, just let me know.  The discussions on here have gotten too toxic for me -- talk about swimming in a river of piranha!  LOL


Hi Marmann............. sm
Good to "see" you! Hope you are feeling okay these days.

In a nutshell, what my statement had to do with was from a biblical perspective. Israel is God's chosen people and anyone who stands against them or harms them is in danger of losing God's favor. I feel, as a country, we are rapidly losing favor with God and I don't want to see what happens when He totally removes His hand of protection from us.
yes, Marmann, sometimes it is best to
takea break to 'clear one's head.' Have a great week, too. See ya...!
Marmann...... Don't know if you will even read this....... sm
but I just wanted to respond to a couple of things you said.

First off, I'm not a big Bush supporter, but he is our President and there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I will say, though, that there was not a question of Bush's citizenship before he even got into office to create for him the stumbling block that Obama is facing. To roughly paraphrase Obama in a speech he gave upon entering the US Senate in late 2004, he stated when asked about plans to run for President that he did not believe in hiring an unqualified person for job and that he himself was not qualified to serve as POTUS. Yet, 143 days later, he suddenly decided that he is qualified after making a couple of Senate speeches and barely raising the blip on the radar during his career thus far.

If the SC does overturn the popular vote, I agree, there will be h-e-double toothpicks to pay in terms of civil unrest, the likes this country has probably never seen before. However, OTOH, the thought of sending an unqualified individual (his words) into the highest office in the land and possibly the most powerful in the world conjures up images of not just civil unrest within our country but global unrest when he brings to pass the items on his agenda, of which I am reserving further comment on at this time.

In all honesty, I sincerely hope that your last statement will be proven true. If Obama is deemed qualified, inasmuch as his birth certificate (let's just put aside his own statement), I sincerely do hope that he is the best POTUS we could have put in, because anything less will prove disastrous for our country.
Well, I try to be kind, Marmann.......... sm
sometimes I do better than other times! HAHAHA

I agree that God favors honesty in His people and I don't mean to infer that the Israelis are without fault, but I also believe that trying to take Gaza from Israel is wrong because it wase given to Judah, one of the original 12 tribes of Israel, by God through Joshua to be inhabited by His chosen people. As a Christian, one thing that I want more than anything in this world is for Christ to come back and take me home. Some Christians believe that, in order for all prophetical events to be in place for Christ's return, Israel must occupy that land that was given to the original 12 tribes as well as the temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem which, as you may know, is in the planning stages and materials are being gathered. The main sticking point with the temple being rebuilt is that the Jews believe the Dome of the Rock occupies at least part, if not all, of the original temple site in Jerusalem.

I said all that to say this. Whether we humans see the treatment of Palestine and Isreal of each other as fair through the lens of the media or not, God sees the whole picture and He is in control.
This is a great article, Marmann........ sm
Thanks for posting it.

Way back when the primary caucuses started, I mentioned Chuck Baldwin on this board but I don't think there was a single reply, good or bad, to my post. I wish he had had a little more exposure during the campaigns and was on the ticket in all states. He was not on the ticket in Texas.

To be honest, I really believe that the reason there is so much noise being made about Obama and none about what Bush has done while in office is that most people, myself included, are not aware of all the intricacies of the US Constitution. It is a very intricate document and most American people are only aware of what they had been taught in high-school or college civics classes and not tne entire document along with the US Code which is the law that helps fill in the spaces and further explain the Constitution. Even if there was an awareness on the part of the majority of the people, most would have been reluctant to bring any law suits against Bush due to the fact that we are (were) mired in Iraq and facing challenges on our homefront as well. Bush managed to get us through 9/11 in a way that made us all feel safe. While things might have gone kind of downhill after that with his administration, most people likely did not want to rock the boat and risk showing America as being weakened by the impeachment of her President. This is not said to excuse Bush's actions but just rather to explain how this American feels about the whole situation, and I doubt I am really alone in my feelings.

Now that a precident has been set with the Obama B/C situation, Americans seem to have awakened and started paying more attention to what is going on in our government and researching and finding out what the Constitution really says and not just what the media tells us. Maybe in 2012, Baldwin (or another Constitutional Party nominee) will step up to the plate and campaign more aggressively and win the presidency. It's time someone started running this country the way it was intended to be run.
Way to go, Marmann, I find it reprehensible
for someone so cowardly as to personally attack you for your opinion.  Just another perfect example of the quality (or lack of) people supporting the McPalin regime. 
To Marmann, Linda and others - see information
Please, PLEASE do not always think snopes is correct. They have been wrong on many occasions. Just type in "has snopes ever been wrong" in Google and many links come up to show they have been wrong. Snopes is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, a California couple who met through an folklore urban newsgroup. And there is no credible sources whatsoever on snopes to prove that this is false. And being from California who are huge Obama supporters...well how convenient they just happen to have this website and can put up information without credible sources and everyone believes them???

To others - If there was "nothing" to this story, Barack would not have been ordered by one of the supreme court justices to submit his original birth certificate which he never did. The phony birth certificate that the Annenberg foundation (P.S. the Annenberg foundation is a staunch supporter of Obama) claims is his birth certificate has too many flaws on it.

I know a lot of Obama supporters are trying to push this under the carpet and pretend it never happened and try to debunk anyone trying to search for the truth.

The truth is that the actual birth certificate was never submitted. And like one of the posters said below "Obama has not shown it. He does not have it and the hospital has no record of birth certificate" the copy they have I do believe will prove he was born in Kenya. If he had it and it was valid he would show it, not have it legally hidden away so that NOBODY can view it. Brother! Talk about sending out red flags. Anyone with any sense can see there is something very wrong with this. If he was legal he would have shown the real certificate a long time ago and proved the "so called rumors" to be false. But because he hasn't anyone with any sense has got to wonder why. Why isn't he showing the true certificate? Why did the DNC give him a pass without checking it out? Who is backing him? Why was he legally allowed to secure the certificate? Too many why's.

But to have the supreme court involved. They don't take "bogus" cases, so there must be something valid to the claim that it will show he was born in Kenya to an American woman and African father and became an Indonesia citizen (and we don't know if he ever applied for US Citizenship).

We will soon find out (I hope). If he does not provide proof then everything he does as a president will mean nothing because it will all be invalid.
I hope you feel better soon, Marmann.nm

Marmann, you're usually smarter than this....sm
You know that Cheney had to give up all interests in this company before becoming VP...he is also in no way responsible for this happening.

And I agree with the previous poster....you've gotten way out of hand with your hatred of Pres. Bush.

I wonder, when Obama is president, and things of this nature occur.....are you going to blame him, just as you are blaming Bush?

I think not...more's the pity....in your eyes, Obama can/will do no wrong.
I have to beg to differ with you on one point, Marmann.......... sm
Biracial offspring have existed in this country for many, many years, dating back to the days of slavery when white slave owners would take a slave to be their mistress or even rape an unwilling black slave just because they could. It has even been said that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by one of his slaves. And if Obama was born in Hawaii as he says he was, the culture there was much different than the mainland US, even though there were miscegenation laws in place at the time of his birth. If I understand Obama's family history correctly, his mother and father did not live together in the US, with the possible exception of Hawaii, during their marriage. Most, if not all of their marriage, was lived out in Indonesia.

But I digress........

Whether the man in the White House is black, white or another race or any combination thereof is of no consequence to me. The qualifications based on the Constitution and experience and knowledge to effectively and safely lead America are first and foremost and should be on the mind of every voting American.

Thank you, Marmann - funny not too many people here had anything to say about THAT..

Excellent post Marmann!!! nm

Marmann - what a great post
Well thought out and worded very well. I hoped for so much from someone who hadn't been in the DC crowd for years and years, but each day am disappointed more and more. I enjoyed the fresh ideas he presented. But, everything has changed from the campaign. It's heartbreaking to see our country headed the same way Germany was with WWII, being run by the same kind of leader.

I do believe you and are I starting to agree on many issues. For me, when I voted for the O I had hoped that things would finally turn around for our country. But slowly any "hope" he offered kept dwindling away. There is no reason to hope anymore because it's just getting worse. He's kept his promise of "change", but he portrayed change for the good, and as we're waking up we are realizing, this is not change for the good. It's getting worse. But he does have quite a way with the words and still makes some people feel good about getting "screwed". But I do not blame the O. He is simply a puppet for the people who are really running the country. He is just a "bearer of bad news". Unfortunately he will be the "fall guy". My best guess is if things keep going this way, he will be a one-term failed present just like J. Carter and Bush Sr. That is of course if they don't change the laws and he be allowed to stay in for 3, 4, 5 or more terms. Don't think they would do it? Well we never thought the constitution would be changed either.
Marmann, I think you need to do a little history review....
Marmann: Would you mind if I sent you an e-mail? s/m
I already tried, but MT Stars will not deliver to your server, which also happens to be my server as well.  I would like to continue an intelligent rational conversation with a grownup and it is just not possible on this board.  LOL
Correct Marmann, and as MTs this will help our pay rate and jobs sm
If companies are rewarded for staying in the U.S., bye bye philipines and barbados and india for MT cheapo transcription. Hello USA hard working MTs finally making DECENT MONEY.
AND.... getting tax breaks.
You made plenty sense, Marmann.... sm
I hope you feel better soon!
For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue!

For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue.  Oh no, let's not go there!

For Marmann's post below..... "big corporations

Why aren't you more concerned about how Obama made 2.7 million dollars last year but claims they are still paying off their student loans?  Pleeze!  That is definitely "selective ignorance" if ever I saw it.  He claims he made most of the 2.7 million on the sell of his books.............. yea, right!   I guess you believe that too! 

AND you don't think for one minute he has the best little 'ol CPA he can find (crooked or whatever) finding him all kinds of loopholes for his big bucks?  Funny you don't seem to care what the leader of your country is doing with his big bucks and where he has his big bucks invested and with what corporations; the same ones he is bailing out big time!    Get a clue.  Oh no, let's not go there!

Watch out, Marmann, here I come kissing your butt again! s/m

You are so right in your description of yellow jackets!  Just a bunch of brainless aggressors that attack blindly and viciously.  LOL

I am enjoying this very much and find it oh so entertaining!  Mob mentality is the only fitting way to describe these people.  I just haven't figured out if it's just mental defectiveness, self-loathing or just plain needing a good 'ole roll in the sheets!!  

Wow, usually people that work in the same industry find a common kinship and are very supportive of each other.  Sadly, I don't feel any kinship with a lot of these people.  In fact, I go out of my way to avoid people like this because their joy is killing other people's joy and that's a "disease" I just don't want to catch!  Besides, I have a feeling that all the negative posts on this thread are all done by the same person.  It must be awkward to be so socially inept.

I look forward to more posts by you and JTBB and, disturbingly, to the putrid spewing that will then ensue!!    Bring it own, bee-atches!

Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha, Marmann
Hope you're feeling better.
thanks, Marmann, I miss JTBB, hasn't post since yesterday evening, you o.k?..nm
health plan
I have an idea, why doesnt Bush stop waging immoral wars and use our tax dollars for something constructive and life saving, like health coverage for those who die each year without it?  You know why I would love a universal health plan?  Because I care about my brother and sister and I care about making every Americans life better.  Of course, you conservatives care about no one but yourselves.  You make a few bucks, buy a home in a gated community, take the other streets so you dont pass the ghetto..and yet you claim you are christian..that is the most hypocritical statement of all.  Do you not realize if Jesus walked this earth today, he would be a liberal democrat, helping the poor, the starving, the sick, the homeless, accepting all.  Im so glad Im a liberal democrat.  I dont think I could look at myself in the mirror or get a good nights sleep knowing my ideology is actually harming America, not helping it one bit.
Health insurance
I'm not sure about that specific point, but in her plan if you don't purchase medical insurance your wages will be garnished. How's that for communism?
Health care
Nope, he didn't say anything as extreme as HRC about health care, but if he's going to enact any type of government funded health care, how is he going to pay for it? Not to mention all the other changes he has in mind. You think the economy is bad now, you haven't seen anything yet. I believe in helping out when people need the help, but there are already too many entitlement programs that people have been on for generations and now there should be another? So that now I not only have to pay for my own (which I do, by the way) but I have to pay for others as well? Does that really seem fair to you? And no, I don't like the war, but realistically, what else can we do at this point? We can't pull out because then things would be worse than they were. I think too many people forget what happened to our country in 2001 (and the many episodes before that) - you don't hear anyone from WWII forgetting about Pearl Harbor. McCain is going to change a lot - don't be fooled into thinking he's just continuing Bush's presidency - it's not even close. Regardless of who wins, I certainly don't envy them the huge responsibilities they're going to face. I do hope that whoever wins doesn't screw it up! Not sure this country can take much more of that.
Not only that, she is a HEALTH reporter and

you could tell that Joe Biden really did think she was joking because the question was so ridiculous, about Obama being a Marxist.  No wonder these things get so inflated by the right-wing media.  Ridiculous questions don't deserve to be acknowledged.  What a waste of time. Someone needs to ask SP why her own home newspaper in Anchorage is supporting Obama, because she is considered too risky to be in a position a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, and the McCain campaign aides have referred to her a rogue diva.  Ouch, that must have hurt!  Now there are some FACTS for you!!

If they really cared about our health
I agree with most - when all the smokers quit, who's next?  Tax all the bars and strip clubs out of existance?  Then the fast food joints?  And then what - up the gas tax so we'll all feel so good about being green when we walk to work?  When all else fails, there's always the churches to tax - there's a lost source of revenue for ya!
With health insurance, though

we are all driving basically the same model and we are insuring it for what could possibly happen, not what will or actually does. 

Way back in the 1960s when I first started working, my company's health insurance did not cover single women for most 'female' issues, especially birth control and/or pregnancy-related issues, which has since been deemed discriminatory.  Now you must cover everyone equally for every contingency. 

The only way to individually ajust coverage costs would to be to exclude coverage based on genetic testing and/or family history, or maybe lifestyle issues such as alcohol or tobacco use or risky behavior like sky diving, which consumers have been fighting for years.  This would probably also be deemed discriminatory.

Clinton health care
President Clinton and the First Lady tried to get a universal health care plan passed but the republicans fought them all the way and it was dead in the water.  That was the first thing they focused on when starting his presidency.  Senator Ted Kennedy also has tried to get a health care plan passed but the republicans once again stopped him.  You see, with a health care plan drug companies, for profit hospitals, clinics, insurance companies wont become multi millionaires over the sickness and death of americans and republicans just cant let that happen, since it is just these types of companies that hire lobbyists who have the republican congress in their pockets.  Yes, it is Bushs fault.  He is the president, he has the power to sway the republican controlled congress.  Instead of focusing on tort reform, bankruptcy law changes, which will affect middle class workers, does nothing to stop the trumps and other big businesses from filing for bankruptcy, privatizing social security, nonbid contracts to cheneys old company, he needs to focus on what affects the american worker, the ones who pay the majority of the taxes.  Yes, healthcare is certainly one of the priorities for americans.  In every poll I have seen it rates right up there with iraq and jobs and gas prices. Bush is going to give iraq free health care..what are his priorities, definitely not for the workers of america. 
Someone has to pay for universal health care....
she knows that. Her plan will cost billions. The only way to pay for it is to force those who can afford it to buy it (as many choose not to so they can use that money for other things...and I don't mean eating...she knows that too). That is the one thing people who want socialized medicine, government-run health care don't realize. It is not FREE. If they don't get you in premiums they will get you in taxes...because who supplies the government with the money it spends...why that would be us, the taxpayers. What a concept. I don't know why Hillary saying she would not be opposed to garnishment should surprise anyone. That way when she hits us with higher taxes, they won't have to be quite as high. And don't think the "rich" can pick up the tab...they already pay way over 50% of the total tax money into the tills as it is, and there isn't enough money to go around. And while we are at it...show me a place in the Constitution where it says the government should provide health care, welfare, or anything like that? You won't find it. The founders were about less government, not more government. I don't understand why people would want to let themselves become tied to the government for their every need. Where does that place all the control? With the government, not with the people. Hello socialism, good-bye freedom. SIGH.
You said it so well! It will bring everyone down too. What about more sliding scale clinics? We have one where I live and the care is quite good. They have patients from all income levels. Maybe we should give more tax breaks to those sliding scale clinics and encourage people with good insurance and lots of money to attend those clinics more often in order that others with less can afford decent care. I wish the Clintons would quit trying to force their health care ideas down our throats. Maybe they want us all to be socialists? By the way in case you have not guessed by now I am a Lifelong Republican, soon to be a right wing independent unless Fred or Duncan Hunter win. No one should be "forced" to get health insurance, especially one of the "crap" varieties that you mention in your post.
Health care reform

What do I think about H. Clinton's mandatory health insurance proposal?

Here's my situation....I'm in my mid 50's, have a few pre-existing conditions, and am an IC doing medical transcription for years. I have health insurance which will cover the pre-existing conditions, however I rarely use the policy and have not been in a hospital for over 10 years. In 1999 my premium for coverage was about $250.00 per month. That same policy now costs me $1,097.00 per month, and that is coverage for one person.

I don't know about Hillary's proposals, or that much about anyone else's for all that goes. I do know however, that health care reform is being discussed again, and from where I am sitting I am a very strong supporter of health care reform, be it mandatory coverage or any other proposals. I frankly cannot afford monthly health insurance premiums that are running over one thousand dollars a month, and if you ask me, monthly health insurance premiums as high as this are criminal, to say the least.

illegal health care
I so agree with you on this. I typed a lot of reports a while back that are similar to what you are typing. Also, I thought it funny how many illegal adults were getting care through the hospital as well. The only way I knew this was those who were illegal did not have SS# when every other patient did. It's sad. I took a 2nd full-time job just so I could have insurance!
We are already paying for the health care

...of those folks you mention.  Who did you think pays for all the uninsured health care in this country?  Santa Claus?  Folks without insurance often wait until the last minute and then utilize ER services which in the end cost more than if they'd been followed in a clinic. 

It also sounds like you believe that kids of welfare abusers should be punished because their parents can't/don't/won't provide for them.  I don't agree.  All children deserve basic care regardless of who their parents are.  We are a wealthy country, after all. 

Personally, I'd be happy to pitch in on my taxes to help provide a health care program for the uninsured.  Better that than funding a war in Iraq.

Mental Health issues

When we finally have universal health care, maybe those suffering from 911 Tourette's and Clinton sex life Tourette's will seek treatment? Wishful thinking or not? I am soliciting opinons.


health care question
I am wondering if all government employees have health care coverage, that would be, for instance, nurses in VA Hospitals, clerical workers, postal workers. I assume all civil servants have health care coverage, but how inclusive is it? If you have taken the civil service exam and have gained employment through that process, what type of coverage is available. Is it just like the rest of us, 5 to 6 convoluted plans offered as "options" or is it more like full coverage with doctors and hospitals of your choice and perhaps even alternative medicine included. Is a respiratory therapist at a VA Hospital for instance, considered a government employee or simply at respiratory therapist who works at the VA?? The reason I ask these questions is that I see a good deal of what I would describe as socialized medicine going on in the present as well as the past. Poor people have Medicaid, older people have Medicare, some states have supplements to both, i.e. TennCare and California something or other. The VA has programs, some lacking, some not; but available to all who seek it. Elected representatives have full coverage. There is coverage for children (though recently nipped in the bud) but still there is coverage available provided by the government so it seems to me that we have partial socialized medicine here already. This is a serious question and I would like to hear, bearing in mind the above  (I admit you could fill the Library of Congress with what I don't know about the intricacies of insurance coverage - please no snide comments here) but I want to know why socialized medicine seems such a threat to people when we already have so much of it which does not concern one iota those who benefit from it.
Obama and health care.

It is human nature to be scared of of something different, People will remain in jobs while their wages sink, afraid that things could be worse if they leave.

There are reasons this time around that the AMA, the American Cancer Society and namy other prominant organizations are encouraging a single payer system, the reason being that the current system in in a shambles, and serving less and less. The premiums are exhorbitant not only for individuals but businesses as well, the current system is severely crippling job grown, and as an aside if one is so fortunate as to have health insurance, well over 70% of legitimate claims are being denied routinely.

When things get to that point, and they have, it is better to swallow the fear and make some changes when the current system is in a complete shambles. The benefits far outway the fear of making changes to a severely flawed system.
universal health care
Sorry, but I don't need that help. Having done my own research, I know that the health care system in Canada (your example) has major flaws, like ridiculous waits for even the most simple testing, not to mention the lack of choices for one's care, and that other countries have substandard care because of their universal systems. All this does is invite "country club medicine." Canadian citizens come to the US and pay out of their own pockets because their system does not work for them. If you think govt control is the answer to health care, you only need to look at what they have done to Medicare and Medicaid. Obama's health plan is one more component in his overall plan toward the socialization of this country. Hope you like it when your hard work and your paycheck does nothing BUT support others. Where is the incentive to work? Don't get me wrong; I do believe every individual should have access to health care. I also think every individual who is capable of contributing (working) should have to do so in order to reap that benefit, and I do not think government intervention is the answer. And your whole statement about the CEOs being rich makes me so nervous. What is your solution there? spread the wealth? She/he is not entitled to have more money than you? Yup, another step toward the socialization of this country. See how well that has worked worldwide.